Tucker Ford

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Tucker Ford
Publication information
PublisherMarvel Comics
First appearanceSquadron Supreme Vol. 3 # 2 (2008)
Created byHoward Chaykin
Marco Turini
In-story information
Alter egoTucker Ford
Notable aliasesBiogeneral
AbilitiesSuper-Intelligence and Bio-Suit of Armour.

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Tucker Ford, known as Biogeneral is a fictional character, a superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character was created for the purposes of filling the Tony Stark role in the Supremeverse version of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Ultimates. Ford was created by Howard Chaykin and Marco Turini; and he debuted in Squadron Supreme Vol. 3 #2.[1]

Character developments[edit]

Tucker Ford begins as an obvious Tony Stark pastiche,[citation needed] a self-made multi-billionaire, with a privately owned company and a genius level intellect.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Tucker Ford is a man in his early twenties based on Tony Stark, however unlike Tony Stark, Tucker Ford is socially awkward having grown up as being smarter than anyone else around him, he turned introvert and developed a fantasy life and desire to be a superhero, attempting to use his wealth and intelligence to make his fantasy a reality. Having spent his entire life under the thumb of his domineering, strong willed mother, Ford has found interacting with other people on a personal level difficult. He uses his newest invention a suit of armour made up of highly durable, though also highly unstable, nanites to save a Hispanic au pair and her charges during a brush fire in California[1] before making contact with the head of newly formed defense and intelligence organisation, S.H.I.E.L.D. Colonel Nick Fury. He offers Fury his wealth, intelligence and company to help fight super-powered threats and defend America. To this end he fails to win himself over to Fury by attempting to speak "ghetto" to him, due to his African-American origins and then later fails to accept a simple kiss on the cheek from Nell Ruggles, the girl with Spider-Man-like powers. He does however offer to build a SHIELD style Helicarrier as a base of operations for the newly formed SHIELD and offers to operate as a loyal member of the team, in an effort to live out his fantasy as a superhero. Nell Ruggles seems to be someone whom Ford has romantic desires for and she has been the one whom he has struck up the closest friendship with of all the character involved in the Squadron Supreme Vol. 3 "Power To The People" story Arc. Ford's driving force to be a superhero besides his love of comic books as a child and social awkwardness, is that he shared his fantasies with his therapist, only for his therapist to mock him to his colleagues, which Tucker heard having kept his therapist under close surveillance. This combined with his realization of what his life was, having spent a fortune in lap-dances but having no close attachments besides his mother, motivated him to fulfill his dreams.

Character attributes[edit]

Powers and abilities[edit]

Tucker Ford has a genius level intellect which is comparable to the Ultimate Marvel Universe Tony Stark and the Supremeverse Dr Emil Burbank. He wears a nanite based suit of "armour" which allows flight, speed, strength and offensive and defensive weapons. It is able to take direct hits of great force. However, the primary weakness of the suit of armour is the instability of the nanites that make it up, as they can disintegrate into nothingness after prolonged use, thus rendering Tucker Ford an ordinary human being, with only his intellect. He is however a very rich man with near limitless finances and is able to almost completely fund SHIELD on behalf of Nick Fury (in return for a place within the SHIELD team and the chance to live out his superhero fantasies in reality).


Tucker Ford is socially awkward and finds it difficult to interact with either his Peers or Women. He attempts to speak "ghetto" to Nick Fury due to his African-America origins and fails to properly understand the meaning of a simple kiss on the lips from Nell Ruggles. This is very much unlike Tony Stark who is a very social womanising alcoholic. Tucker Ford's problems primarily stem from growing up as a super-genius, skipping years at school, graduating a head of his given years and not being able to form proper bonds with people his own age. Also his domineering mother has also left him somewhat weak-willed and why he attempts to live out his fantasy life of being a superhero through his money and intelligence.


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