Benefits of European power outlets

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This essay explains why the power outlet design of power outlets used in European countries such as Germany (also used in several countries in Asia, such as Iran) has a superior design compared to those used in Great Britain and the American continent.

Compact design[edit]

The design of the European plug allows for more compact outlet multiplier hubs[1][2] and also for a non-bulky design of USB wall chargers and reversible insertion.

The British plug has a bulky design. Even more compact chargers need to have a separate earth prong, usually made out of plastic, to unlock the hot and neutral ports in the outlets. In addition, the prongs are more far apart.[3]

Not only does the British plug have a bulky design, but it also is not reversible.

On the European plug design, the earth contacts are integrated on the side of the plugs that need one.


The North American outlet design allows the metal contacts of the plugs to be exposed while they touch the metal contacts inside the outlet.

Not only is this a safety hazard[4], but it also allows natural deselection by the outlet challenge, a January 2020 Internet challenge of which participants drop conductive materials such as a coin in the exposed gap, which could cause sparks and poses a fire hazard.

The European outlet design is designed in a way that the metal contacts of the plug can not be exposed while connected to the outlet.


The American and Australian outlet design uses thin prongs that can be bent far more easily than those used in the European and British plugs.

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