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Founded 📆1964
Founder 👔
Headquarters 🏙️Aachen, Germany and Campbell (California), USA
Area served 🗺️
Key people
Stefan Auerbach (CEO),

Malte Pollmann (CSO),

Martin Stamm (CFO)[1]
Revenue🤑 83.2 million Euro[2] (2020/21)
Number of employees
362[2] (2021)
📇 Address
📞 telephone

Utimaco (UMG group) is company active in the sector of Cybersecurity and Compliance with headquarters in Aachen, Germany and Campbell, CA, USA.


In mid-1983, Horst Görtz acquired the computer centre company Utilisation des Machines Comptables, and renamed it uti-maco software GmbH (an abbreviation of the original name).[3][4]

In 1990, the company moved from Frankfurt to Oberursel.[5] One year later, Utimaco established its first subsidiary in the USA.[3] In 1994, the company merged with the Austrian Safeware Ges.mbH in Linz[6] and subsequently changed from a private company (GmbH) to a joint-stock corporation, the Utimaco Safeware AG.[7] By 1995, the company had a turnover of 25 million DM and employed 68 people.[8]

Later that year, Utimaco took over the Dutch distributor D&R, which had been Utimaco's sales partner since 1988 and continued after the acquisition as a wholly owned subsidiary under the name Utimaco Safeware BV.[9] Till 1998, further subsidiaries were founded in Austria and Belgium,[10] France, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Norway,[11] as well as in Sweden and Finland,[12] and the US company Mergent International was acquired[13].

In February 1999, Utimaco made its IPO as Utimaco Safeware AG at the Neuer Markt, a segment under the Deutsche Börse.[4][14] Later that year, Utimaco took over the operating business of Kryptokom GmbH in Aachen.[15]

In 2000, Utimaco introduced a card reader for online payments.[16] In the same year, ACG and Utimaco founded the joint venture Omnikey AG.[17] By 2000, the company's SafeGuard Easy software was used by companies and authorities like the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Deutsche Post AG and the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency, amongst others.[5]

In 2001, Utimaco entered a strategic partnership with Precise Biometrics, an European company in the field of biometrics.[18] In 2002, the company was restructured. The profitable business units Personal Device Security (PDS), Digital Transaction Security (DTS) and the system house for customer-specific security services - the core of former Kryptokom - were retained. The two loss-making business units Network Security and Security Modules were discontinued.[19] In the fiscal year 2005/06 Utimaco reached a revenue of 41.7 million EUR.[20]

In 2008, Sophos announced to take over Utimaco through a voluntary public tender offering.[21] By 2009, Sophos had acquired 92% of Utimaco's shares and subsequently established a profit and loss transfer and domination agreement.[22][23]

In 2012, Sophos conducted squeeze-out proceedings against the minority shareholders of Utimaco and delisted the company from the stock market.[23] In the same year, the annual general meeting amended the Articles of Association and transferred the registered headquarters from Oberursel to Aachen.[24] In 2013, Sophos sold Utimaco to management and financial investors Pinova Capital GmbH (Munich) and BIP Capital Partners (Luxembourg),[25] and since January 2017, the investment company EQT Partners has become an additional shareholder.[26] In 2018, Utimaco acquired the US company Atalla and its product lines from Micro Focus International.[27]

In 2014, Utimaco Safeware AG was dissolved,[24] and in 2016, Utimaco Management GmbH was founded.[1]

In February 2020, Utimaco announced the acquisition of Geobridge (Virginia, USA). In December 2020, Utimaco acquired UK-based MYHSM, a global provider of payment hardware security modules. In April 2021, Utimaco acquired exceet Secure Solutions GmbH, a provider of secure services for IT security and the Internet of Things (IoT).[28] Furthermore, in May 2021, Utimaco acquired all shares in Realia Technologies, S.L. (Realsec), Madrid, Spain and the corresponding subsidiaries. REALSEC is a Spanish IT security company and provider of hardware security modules.[2]

In August 2021, Utimaco was acquired by SGT Capital[29] and finalised in early May 2022, after receiving all necessary clearances[30]. Soon after, Utimaco acquired Celltick, a provider for public-warning and mass notification systems.[30]

Corporate structure[edit]

Since 2022, SGT Capital is the majority shareholder of the group and is complemented by the minority stake of Utimaco management, employees and EQT; alongside Bain Capital Credit and Tyrus Capital, as well as other institutional investors including Capital Dynamics, Commonfund, Flandrin Capital, University of Wisconsin Foundation, and UBS Global Wealth Management.[30] Utimaco Verwaltungs GmbH is the group's mother company, which holds liability for Utimaco Management GmbH.[31] Utimaco Management GmbH is responsible for the operating business of the group, with all its subsidiaries.[32][2] It is led by Malte Pollmann (2017), Stefan Auerbach (2019) and Martin Stamm (2020).[1]

Revenue (in million EUR)
2017/18 2018/19 2019/20 2020/21
34.8 44.4 66.1 83.2

Source: Bundesanzeiger[33][2]

Business segments[edit]

Utimaco develops IT security services for corporate and government customers, including software and hardware products. Today, it consists of the Information Security (IS) and Telecommunication Solutions (TS) divisions. The information security business unit comprises activities to secure sensitive data and includes HSM, tamper-protected, software-based security services, as well as services for key management, or data encryption (data protection). Utimaco's HSMs secure electronic identities in connection with the German identity card.[34] The telecommunication solutions business unit develops software tools for network operators and telecommunications providers for the lawful monitoring and evaluation of telecommunications services (LIMS).[2]

Affiliated companies[edit]

Utimaco has corporate locations in Aachen, Ashburn (USA), Aylesbury (UK), Campbell (USA), Milan (Italy), London (UK), Madrid (Spain), and Singapore with the following companies (as of 2021):[2]

  • Utimaco GmbH, Aachen
  • Utimaco IS GmbH, Aachen
  • Utimaco TS GmbH, Aachen
  • Utimaco Inc., Campbell, USA
  • Utimaco TS S.r.l., Milan, Italy
  • Utimaco TS UK Limited, London, UK
  • Utimaco IS PTE. Limited, Singapore
  • uti-maco safeguard systems international GmbH, Aachen
  • Geobridge Corporation, Ashburn, USA
  • MYHSM Limited, Aylesbury, UK
  • Realsec, Madrid, Spain


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