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Walid Kowatli[edit]

Walid Kowatli (Al-Kuwatli, Al-Quwatli, Arabic: وليد القوتلي): A Syrian director and an artist with more than 40 years of experience in theater. His work was presented on the stages of the most important local, Arab, and international theaters, such as the Syrian National Theater, Al-Kabbani Theater in Damascus, and the Sorbonne Theater in Paris.

Walid Kowatli
Place of Birth: Damascus

Nationality: Syrian

Theater Director
Institute of Arts Studies (Krystov

Sarafov previously) in Sofia, Bulgaria

About his life[edit]

  •      Origins:

Walid Kowatli was born in Damascus, Syria and grew up in it. He spent the early 1990s between Damascus, Paris, and Sharjah and ended up settling in Dubai.

  •   Education:

Walid Kowatli studied art at the Institute of Art Studies (Krystov Sarafov, formerly) in Sofia, Bulgaria, and graduated from the Department of Theater Direction in 1973 where his interest and love in the theatre deepened especially for experimental theatre and theatre poetry. He later returned to start his professional life in Damascus.

  •     Professional life:

He occupied different positions in his life which could be divided into the following fields:

Academic Field: Walid Kowatli worked as a teacher at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in Damascus from 1979 -1992 where he taught the following subjects: The Art of Acting, The Principles of Directing, Theater Laboratory. He also headed the Acting Department at the same institute in 1991-1992.

As a TV Director: In the meantime, Kowatli worked as a director at the Department of TV Drama at Television in Syria in 1976-1999 where he directed many televised skits and plays. A number of them were directed for children and youth.

As a Theater Director: Since his first passion was to the theatre, Walid Kowatli directed nearly thirty plays within and outside Syria. Many of these plays are experimental and poetic. He has also worked with a number of rising artists in amateur bands such as Waha Al-Raheb. He received the memorial golden shield for the Syrian assembly in Dubai in 2017.

He headed the jury of the Three Theatrical Days in March 2012 in Oman and the jury in Kalba'a sixth Festival for short plays in the UAE in 2017[1].

Refer to Table (1) for the plays.

As a Documentary Filmmaker: From 2013-2017, he worked on a number of documentaries examining the effects of war on Syrian children.

Refer to Table (2) for the films.

About his work[edit]

  •       In theater:
- Table (1) - Walid Kowatli (Plays in Syria)
Number Play's Name Author Date Place
1 Topaze Marcel Pagnol 1974


Al Shabiba Theater . Homs

Al Qabbani Theater. Damascus

2 The story of a zoo Edward Albee 1978 Al Qabbani Theater . Damascus
3 Lek'e Ben Lek'e Emile Habibi 1981 Al Ammal Theater . Damascus
4 The frogs Aristophanes 1981 Al Qabbani Theater . Damascus
5 The story of Vasco Georges Schehadé 1982 National Theater . Damascus

graduation project

6 January Yordan Radichkov 1983 National Theater .Damascus
7 Peace Adaptation by Walid Kowatli 1985 Al Qabbani Theater .Damascus
8 The king dies Eugène Ionesco 1990 Al Ammal Theater . Damascus

A graduation project

9 The fox and grapes Figueredo 1991 Higher Institute for Dramatic Arts. Damascus
10 Inspired by the improvised comedy Walid Kowatli 1991 Higher Institute for Dramatic Arts. Damascus
11 The lesson Eugène Ionesco 1992 French Cultural Center . Damascus
12 Caspar[2] Peter Handke 1992 National Theater .Damascus

A graduation project

13 The origin of the story Bakr Al-Sharqawi 1992 National Theater .Damascus

graduation project

14 The dairies of a crazy person Nikolai Gogol 1994 Al Qabbani Theater .Damascus
15 No comment Walid Kowatli 1996 Al Qabbani Theater .Damascus
16 Stories of the body Walid Kowatli 1997 Al Ammal Theater . Damascus
17 The Eye of the moon Walid Kowatli 2004 National Theater .Damascus
18 Waiting (playing with Becket) Walid Kowatli 2006 National Theater .Damascus
19 Flight attempt[3] Adaptation by Walid Kowatli 2008 Damascus Opera House. Damascus

Damascus Cultural Festival

20 Waiting for the barbarians[4] Adaptation by Walid Kowatli 2010 Damascus Opera House. Damascus

Damascus Cultural Festival

Walid Kowatli (Plays outside Syria)
Number Play's Name Author Date Place
1 Lek'e Ben Lek'e Emile Habibi 1981 Tunisia  : Carthage Theatrical Festival
2 The dairies of a crazy person Adaptation from Gogol 1995 Arab World Institute . Paris
3 The dairies of a very happy woman Walid Kowatli 1995 Stuttgart .Germany

"Khef AlJamal"'s Theater . Paris

4 As you like Walid Kowatli 1999 Theater of the Sorbonne . Paris

Monfalcone. Italy . Mediterranean Sea Festival

5 As you see Walid Kowatli 2000 "The wooden Sword" Theater. Paris . The other side festival
6 Curtains and colors Walid Kowatli 2003 Beit Al Shamsi . Sharjah . Sharjah Sixth Binali
7 Violence Walid Kowatli 2003 A theater workshop for the Department of Culture and Media . Sharjah
8 Waiting (playing with Becket) Adaptation by Walid Kowatli 2006


Amman Theater Festival. Jordan

Okinawa Theater Festival. Japan

9 Waiting for the barbarians Walid Kowatli 2010 Cairo's International Festival for Experimental Theater
10 The Seven Days of Time[5] Nouri al-Jarrah 2012 Doha . Qatar
11 Us and the world[6] Walid Kowatli 2016


Gaziantep . Turkey

Istanbul . Turkey

  •       In television and documentaries:
Table 2 - Walid Kowatli's Documentaries
Number Name Date
1 Syrian children rise to heaven[7] 2013
2 Bird of fire 2014
3 Baptized with fire 2015
4 Maram : The Assassination of a Dream[8] 2016

About the Syrian theater[edit]

Walid Kowatli believes providing opportunities for rising young people is an overlooked avenue for the future development of Syrian theater and considers the inclusion of all parties necessary to achieve sustainability in theater.[9] Kowatli feels for the state of the Syrian theater, which suffers from neglect, distancing it from the public and Syria's intellectuals. He describes his views on the experimental theater as an engaging visual performance: "The show is to be watched not heard." (Al Ittihad, 2009) [10] The theater's role is to essentially be "a visual pleasure with the purpose of entering the viewer's senses, and then leaving his/her mind to think and analyze." (Walid Kowatli, 2011)

Kowatli left his mark on the Syrian theater. Kowatli's theatrical style was described by Faten Hamoudi in 2017 as experimental and innovative, with a focus on the actor's body language and the comprehensive use of the stage. His theater's main characteristics are the dramatizing of poems, for example, The Seven Days Of Time, and social and political foresight, such as in Waiting for the Barbarians.[11]

Examples from his works[edit]

  •     Art and Childhood: In 2014, Walid Kowatli was sponsored by the Arab Business Forum to gather stories and experiences of Syrian children who went through war and refuge in Yalda camp on the Turkish-Syrian border. He also supervised and organized an exhibition for Syrian children's paintings in Gaziantep - Turkey 2017.
  •     Recording from his plays: 1 - Waiting For The Barbarians[12] 2 - The Seven Days of Time [13]
  •       Literature: He translated "A Poem With Water" in 2002[14]
  •       Acting: Kowatli acted in the film "Jamal Abdul Nasser" as Shukri al-Quwatli.[15]


waiting for the barbarians


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