Walker (Danny Phantom)

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Publication information
First appearance"Prisoners of Love"
Created byButch Hartman
In-story information
Alter egoWalker
Team affiliationsBullet, Ghost Police, none
Notable aliasesnone
AbilitiesFlight, invisibility, intangibility, ectoplasmic energy blasts, overshadowing, ability to make illusion of his self and other primary ghost powers

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Ghost cop Walker is a fictional character from the animated children's show Danny Phantom. He is voiced by James Arnold Taylor. His name is a possible reference to Walker: Texas Ranger.


A very strict skull-faced vigilante ghost and warden who runs the prison of the Ghost Zone with the help of his numerous lackeys, he first appeared in "Prisoners of Love" where he sentenced Danny to 1000 years in the prison for violating one of Walker's rules (Danny allegedly brought a non-ghost item into the Ghost Zone). Walker lives and exists to keep his 'fellow' ghosts incarcerated in his prison. Most of Walker's "rules" are made up off of the top of his head and change as the situation demands, all so he has an excuse to lock ghosts up. However, Danny escaped while at the same time letting loose every ghost in the prison, prompting the warden to have a personal vendetta against him.

Marshall Walker later returns for revenge in "Public Enemies", for Danny Phantom when he released all of his prisoners. So, he sent his lackeys to overshadow the main people of Amity Park, planning to frame Danny by making him Amity Park's #1 public enemy. Walker ultimately succeeds when in City Hall, he tricks the town into thinking that Danny was attacking the mayor (who Walker was possessing). In the end, Walker, his goons, and Wulf (a prisoner of his) were banished back into the Ghost Zone by the Fenton Bazooka, with Walker vowing to return.

He later had cameos in "Reign Storm" and "The Fright Before Christmas". He then appears in "Claw of the Wild" where he kidnaps all of Danny's classmates by using escaped ghost convicts just to have Danny for himself.

Walker's final appearance is in the series finale, Phantom Planet. He (as well as Wulf, his assistant, Bullet, and several Ghost Cops) is one of the many ghosts who helps Danny and Skulker turn the entire planet intangible, so that an asteroid can pass through it.


Being a ghost of law, Walker takes it upon himself to remain on top of said law. Strict, well enforced, and demanding, Walker enjoys law and order on his side and whoever even as so much as disobey one tiny rule from his law book is in trouble ("I am your judge, executioner, jury, executioner, jailer and, if necessary, executioner"--the last part he loves about his job). As such, he'll do whatever he can to torture said victim with his harsh rules, making some up on the spot if he must, providing an in-your-face sort of attitude.

He isn't above holding grudges and doing whatever he can to get his revenge when things don't go his way. His Ghost cops follow him around like his lackeys, obeying his every whim.