Wild Wes (Rapper)

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Wild Wes
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Unedited version of Flood Warning Cover
🏡 ResidenceWilkinson, IN
Wild Wes. Trey
💼 Occupation
📆 Years active  2018-present
🥚 TwitterThaBoiWildWes

Wild Wes is an american rapper.


Wes went to EH schools and graduated in 2021. He began making his own beats in 2018, when he found a website titled Soundtrap after he was using Soundation for two years. Then, he went on in 2019 to make 4 studio albums and released one last studio album before he restarted his career in 2020.

Wes stated that he'd restart his career cause he wasn't happy with how 2020 was going for him at that point. So he released his most popular single, New Ice, the single gained positive reviews from his labelmates. He was then signed back to Icy Records, which was known as CRZRecords, but now known as Billion Dollar Records, which was bought off by Flex Entertainment in late 2020, they got Wild Wes back.

Wes continued to release 6 more singles for his debut studio album, Flood Warning. Flood Warning was his most anticipated project and the album gained mixed to negative reviews.

He continued to drop 6 more singles the same year for his second album, Moonquake, It released in 2021. The album did better than Flood Warning one week after it released but later on in the year, people saw it as too repetitive and boring with every song sounding the same. He took a break from music since June of 2021.


Studio albums[edit]