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2019 Iranian protest movement

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Script error: No such module "AfC submission catcheck". The 2019 Iranian protest movement was mass protests and rioting across Iran in the second half of 2019. The protest movement that rocked nationwide second half of 2019 would be part of the 2018-2019 Iranian general strikes and protests and the lead-up to the 2019-2020 Iranian protests.[1][2]

Prisoners, students, farmers, teachers, pensioners, workers and creditors all held protests in Isfahan, Ardabil, Karaj, Khoram Abad, Yazd, Tehran and Baghmalak over lack of job security, poor job contracts, the non-payment of their wages, poor living conditions, lack of water for growing their crops, which is contributing to a food shortage in Iran.[3] The IRGC attacked and attempted to quell protests by teachers and farmers along the Zayanderud River in Isfahan and chanted: • "ملتی هرگز چنین بی عدالتی را ندیده است"

• "معلمان ترجیح می دهند بمیرند تا اینکه بی آبرو شوند"

• "دشمن ما اینجاست؛ آنها دروغ می گویند وقتی می گویند آمریکا است ": این اعتقاد بر این است که مردم ایران رژیم را به جای آمریکا ، دشمن خود می دانند meaning • “A nation has never seen such injustice”

• “Teachers would rather die than face dishonour”

• “Our enemy is right here; they lie when they say it’s the US”: This is believed to mean that the Iranian people see the Regime as their enemy, rather than America. The protesters had come out to demand that the Iranian Regime not continue to divert the Zayanderud's water to other areas of Iran; a practice that has left the river completely dry. Thousands of angry protesters took to the streets in several cities across the country, including railways workers in Ahvaz, young people in Tehran, farmers in Isfahan, dam workers in Gachsaran and teachers in Karoun and Bavi over unpaid wages and non-payments, yet pitiful conditions for them during work.[4][5]

On 12 April 2019, angry flood stricken people in Ahwaz, the capital of southern province of Khuzestan, took to the streets protesting the government's inaction to divert flood into the lagoons of Hour Al-Azim away from towns and villages.[6] On 4 April, protests over flood relief became anti-regime protests as daily street protests over president Hassan Rouhani’s lack of tackling the devastating flooding, in Dasht-e-Azadegan, one protester was killed when the IRGC opened fire on protesters and on 26 March, anti-government protests broke out in Ahvaz calling for better work to control the flooding.[7] University students protested the restrictions of women clothing in Tehran on 13 May.[8]

In Azarab, protests and strikes continued and spread nationwide for the 3rd day, and is met with extreme force and repression. Thousands of workers blocked railways and chanted anti-government slogans during protests and demanded the release of arrested workers during previous rallies. The strike action was met with clashes in which the security forces fired tear gas at demonstrators. Families of those arrested held rallies in Arak and Azarab and the police's response was tear gas.[9] Farmers held protests over water rights in Isfahan and Golestan[disambiguation needed]. Universities was shut down amid protests and large anti-regime protests in 12 universities in 7 cities nationwide. Prisoners staged protests, demonstrations, unrest, strikes, rallies, hunger strikes and marches over:

  • Denial of medical treatment
  • Prison conditions
  • Unfair charges
  • Abuse by authorities
  • Non- implementation of release orders
  • Denial of furlough

Many were arrested and injured during protests in Lordegan. After a HIV outbreak across southern Iran, angry protests triggered by rumours of the spread and blaming the ministry of health for infecting them. Days of protests and rioting ended in violent clashes and tensions, while protesters hurled stones and chanted anti-Islamic Republic slogans, storming offices of Imams and clinics and was dispersed by tanks, tear gas and water cannon.[10][11]

On 7 August, thousands of telecommunications employees were on strike to protest the decision of the state-run TCI to refrain from giving them full-time employment contracts in Tehran.[12] Weeks of sugar worker protests occurred in early-August and late-September. Workers and students marched on 24-28 September to call for the government to step down. Protests by commercial complex investors in Rasht and Protests by disabled people in Tehran occurred as week as days of scattered contract worker strikes for higher wages, protesting poor working conditions and overdue wages. After the announcement of the firing of at least twenty workers, thousands went in strike for weeks in September in protest and in August, protests against the non-payment of their outstanding salaries.[13][14][15][16]

Hundreds of students rallied in June in many universities in Tehran and Kermanshah, the protesting students called for the abolition of judicial sentences against students and chanted: "دانش آموزان جنایتکار نیستند." meaning “Students are not criminals.”.[17] Protests buyers of imported cars in Arvand, managers of an aid organization in Tehran, and a group of street vendors in Tabriz, took place to protest unpaid wages.[18] From 9-14 July, mass street protests rocked Mashhad over poor conditions and water shortages, Teachers in Kermanshah, Ahvaz, Tehran and Isfahan held rallies, Protests by contract teachers in Shadegan, retirees strike on 17 July in Tehran to protest the lack of response to their demands and chanted slogans like "دستمزد ستارگان [مقامات دولتی] با بدبختی عمومی در تضاد است" ، "اگر اختلاس [دولت] متوقف شود ، مشکلات ما حل خواهد شد" ، و "خط فقر 70 میلیون ریال است ، حقوق ما 20 میلیون ریال است. ", meaning “Stellar wages [of government officials] are in contrast with public misery”, “If [government] embezzlement is stopped, our problems will be solved”, and “The line of poverty is 70 million rials, our salary is 20 million rials.”, riots by metro employees in Tehran, Plundered investors rally in Tehran, Tehran, Shiraz, Assaluyeh, Chabahr, Gachsaran and Ahvaz saw mass anti-corruption and anti-regime demonstrations against corruption and lying/fraud, Protests by relatives of road accident victims, defrauded credentials and others held rallies and protests as well, healthcare workers clashed with police over unpaid wages, retirees and bus drivers held anti-regime protests in June-July as well.[19][20][21][22][23][24][25][26]

Bakers staged protests in Dezful over unpaid wages,[27] customers of plundered credit institutions protested over plundered investments in front of 2 banks in Tehran,[28] Following the police beating of an Iranian Baluch citizen in the southern city of Iranshahr, and anti-police protests and vigils occurred in the city,[29] retirees chanted "جنگ افروزی را پایان دهید ، درباره ما فکر کنید.", "بازنشستگان با شرم زندگی نخواهند کرد.", "زندانی سیاسی باید آزاد شود.", "دشمن ما اینجاست؛ آنها می گویند این ایالات متحده است.protested in front of parliament in Tehran over inadequate pensions and held 3 gatherings in May-June,[30] Tehran Bus Drivers chanted "عوارض برای حمل و نقل عمومی اعمال نمی شود." or “Tolls don’t apply to public transportation.” and led gatherings and meetings over a couple of weeks over New Traffic Tolls,[31] in Dehdasht, taxi drivers participated in protest marches over Low Rates three times in June,[32] Residents of the impoverished city of Zahedan protested over the killing of a man, sparking larger unrest and spontaneous anti-regime protests in which the security forces fired Live shots at protesters,[33] Mahshahr trade unionists staged protests and company workers on the port staged rallies over incomplete wages and unresolved issues in the city,[34] retired teachers and swindled investors protested demanding their stolen savings be returned and chanting "ما در همبستگی هستیم ، از قول های ساده خسته شده ایم."

"حقوق بازنشستگی معلمان و مربیان باید تأمین شود."

"ما تا زمان پرداخت حقوق بازنشستگی خود استراحت نخواهیم کرد."

"افزایش دستمزدهای ما به ریال ، هزینه های ما به دلار است" ، با اشاره به افزایش سرسام آور هزینه های روزانه در ایران ، زیرا رژیم اقتصاد را از بین می برد.

"یک مورد کمتر از اختلاس ، مطالبات بازنشستگی ما را حل خواهد کرد" ، با اشاره به موارد متعددی از سرقت و اختلاس دولت در رژیم حاکم بر ایران' or “We are in solidarity, tired of just promises.”

“Pensions of teachers and educators must be provided for.”

“We will not rest until our pensions are paid.”

“Our wages are in rials, our expenses are in dollars,” referring to skyrocketing daily costs in Iran as the regime destroys the economy.

“One less case of embezzlement will resolve our pension demands,” referring to numerous cases of state theft and embezzlement mushrooming under the regime ruling Iran. and "پول ما کجاست؟"

"به قولها بس است. ما چیزی برای خوردن نداریم! "

"ما با پول خود به شما اعتماد کردیم. تو به ما خیانت کردی! ",[35] fishermen in the city of Chabahar demonstrated after Chinese fishing vessels and polls entered in to the or fishing territory [36]

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