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Adrorium is a 3D Spacehip management / Space survival game in which you travel from sector to sector, fight enemy drones, explore stations and bases, upgrade and manage your ship and trade with the locals.
This is a collection of informations regardin: items, blocks, recipes, procedures and tips about the game.
The informtion in this page is valid for version 0.7.1
Currently I added the information from the Game manual but in the fture I wil add the configuration files informations here as well(properly formatted)

Asteroid rarity[edit]

Depending on the region of space, certain star-systems can have asteroids with rarer ores.
The further you venture in the galaxy (closest to the center), the rarest the asteroids will be

Crafting ammo[edit]

It's always cheaper to craft your ammo rather than buying it, even if you buy the raw ingredients.
This is true with basically anything you craft.

Ship size[edit]

In the end there is nothing stopping you from building a massive ship BUT: the larger frame will be easier to target, will require more shields and armor to protect, the speed will drop logarithmically with size, it will be a lot harder to maneuver and most of the systems will require and consume more power.
The avialable ship sizes are:

  • shuttle
  • corvette
  • frigate
  • destroyer
  • light cruiser
  • heavy cruiser
  • battlecruiser
  • battleship
  • dreadnough

Power grids[edit]

There are 2 electrical grids and one plasma grid.

  • Plasma is used to power engines, turbines and heavy weapons.
  • Main electrical grid is used to power devices that require a lot of power.
  • Auxiliary grid is used for smaller consumers.

Starting the ship[edit]

First thing you have to do is power the auxiliary grid with bateryes and/or solar panels.
With minimal power you can start the low consumer systems( consoles, gatlings, rocketL, cockpit, elevators etc...).
Only turbines can provide enough electricity to power the main grid but they require plasma from the reactor so you have to start the reactor and provide plasma to the plasma grid and for the turbines.

Quality vs quantity[edit]

It is always better to build one equipment of higher level rather than multiple weaker ones.
One R2 LKrocket is a lot more powerful than 2 R1 LKrockets, it's faster to craft, it takes less space and requires less ingredients.
The only difference is that it requires rarer ingredients and proper research.
The same thing applies to blocks and enemy ship targetting.

Ship weapons[edit]

To be able to deal damage other ships or asteroids, your ship requires weapons. Currently there are 4 types of weapons: Gatlings, Rocket launchers, Rail guns and Plasma cannons.

  • Gatlings require close to no power, have a high firerate, are effective against exterior systems but don't do much against shields; they use 2cm bullets as ammo.
  • Rocket launchers are best against shields and exterior systems, don't require much power and also deal considerable damage to the hull; they use LockOn Rockets that hone in on targets as ammo.
  • Rail Guns need a lot more power than the other 2 but they can pass through shields and are best effective against internal systems; they use electricity and railcones as ammo.
  • Plasma cannons consume plasma from the reactor, are very effective against shields and require the most ship resources to operate, but they are worth it.

Ship HP doesn't matter[edit]

The purpose of space warfare is to disable the enemy ship, not to destroy it, actually you can't destroy ships, on the sea they sink but in space they remain there.
Also, it is not in your interest to damage it more than necessary because you might destroy precious resources that you can loot.

Your home[edit]

Your ship is your home, take care of it and it will take care of you.
So build all the necessary devices for maintaining, protecting and repairing it.
In the same time you should build blocks that provide for your everyday needs and facilitate your survival.

Player propulsion in space[edit]

-Magnetic boots are great for walking on metalic surfacess.
-You can still move by pushing and pulling on blocks if the mags are not enabled.
-Your spacesuit has a integrated thruster usable to transverse space. (atm it works even without suit)(pres G to toggle it)
-You can also use a O2 canister to push yourself through space but beware, you will be going with your back.

Dangerous sectors[edit]

The rarest resources and structures a sector has, the more danger you will encounter there so avoid red sectors if you don't have the proper gear to defend and to mine. Pirates/independent scavengers or drones can be found in such sectors.

Equipment rarity[edit]

Each item can have 11 rarities:

  • Basic (grey)
  • Common (brown)
  • Uncommon (white)
  • Impressive (green)
  • Rare (cyan)
  • Exceptional (orange)
  • Epic (red)
  • Legendary (blue)
  • Impossible (magenta)
  • Etherical (pink)

On top of those certain items can have levels and modifiers


Have you bought a new ship weapon and you can't assemble it on the hull? That is because you don't know how. Before you can use/build any equipment/blocks you need to research it, that can be done either by reading its manual, reading a course or by taking the device apart and learning how it works, possibly destroying it in the process. Good luck trying to live in space without learning.....

Human needs[edit]

You are not a robot, I hope, so you will need food and water to stay alive. You will also need to use the toilet after that but it is not mandatory, your underwear will have to do in a pinch, at the cost of morale. As you might have guessed sleep is absolutely mandatory, do it on a chair, on a bed or on the ground I don't care, to help out the Advanced Sleeping Chamber will emit frequencies that promote regeneration and memory cementing thus reducing the sleep time requirements. Lastly we have the morale, eat cakes and sweets, watch movies, play games to increase your morale because most things you do will diminish it and with no morale you will refuse to do anything productive.

Build controls[edit]

-Lclick:(build item equipped) creates the block
-Mmouse: change rotation axis
-O: save the ship design(while looking at it)
-R rotate block(while holding a build item)
-G change between jetpack and gravity boots;

Vital ship components[edit]

You will need:
-A reactor
-MFM Drive
-Crew quarters:bed/toilet
-(NYI)Fuel/atmo/water Tanks

-Docked rover(NYI)
-Docked ighter(NYI)
-Research ports(NYI)

Save/Load/Spawn Ships[edit]

To spawn any ship:
1)Enable creative panel[V](click on any ship to spawn it) (creative or debug mode must be enabled)
2)Open chat[T/Enter] and write: '/spawnship [nameofship]'
[nameof ship] must be one of the ship from the game or your custom design saved in the Ships folder


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