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Alternative versions of Psylocke

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Alternate versions of Psylocke
File:Future Past Psylocke.png
The "Red Queen" version of Psylocke with Wolverine and Magneto in Wolverine: Days of Future Past #3 : "Chain Reactions" (art by Joe Bennett)
PublisherMarvel Comics
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In addition to the mainstream incarnation, the Marvel Comics character Psylocke (Elizabeth "Betsy" Braddock) has had been depicted in other fictional universes and alternate timelines. These alternative representations sometimes differ from the details and events of the main story.

Age of Apocalypse[edit]

The "Age of Apocalypse" (Earth-295) incarnation of Psylocke was created by Akira Yoshida and Chris Bachalo. She is an Asian ninja (wearing a mask), though no explanation is given as to the circumstances of her ethnicity. She possesses the ability to generate psychic blades (an ability that the Earth-616 Psylocke only manifested after switching bodies with Kwannon) that can affect physical matter as well as living beings. She frees the captured X-Men and has a brief reunion with Logan, for whom she bears an obvious grudge.[1] Psylocke later battles Dagger, defeating her quickly, and uses her psychic blades to counteract the brainwashing of some of the X-Men; first on Jean, who is released from Mr. Sinister's influence, and then on Kirika, which allows the young mutant to remember that Logan and Mariko Yashida are her parents. At the end of the series, Psylocke and the other Japanese members of the X-Men (Sunfire, Kirika, and Silver Samurai) depart for Clan Yashida's refugee colony in New Japan.[2]

Age of X[edit]

In Age of X (Earth-11326) storyline of X-Men: Legacy, Psylocke, created by Mike Carey and Clay Mann, Psylocke is still in her original body of Elizabeth Braddock, having never switched with Kwannon. She is depicted as a member of the Force Warriors, a select group of telekinetics who rebuild the telekinetic shields that protect Fortress X on a daily basis. Prior to the mutant/human conflict she lived a privileged life among the upper class of British society, similar to her Earth-616 counterpart. Along with others (such as Megan Gwynn and Jonothon Starsmore "Chamber") was part of a general expulsion of X-Gene positive families from the United Kingdom. The plan was to exile them on a series of small islands in the Irish Sea, but was foiled when the Irish separatists bombed one of the ships carrying the transportees. The Mutant Liberation Front seized control of the other ship (with Chamber on-board) and was ultimately able to berth it at the Canadian port of Saguenay. As a member of the Force Warriors, Betsy used her telekinesis in concert with the other members to rebuild the walls around Fortress X every evening in preparation for the next morning's attacks. She is in a relationship with the Age of X version of Iceman.[3]

Days of Future Past[edit]

The dystopian "Days of Future Past" (Earth-811) version of Psylocke was created by John Francis Moore and Joe Bennett. Psylocke has not only the Crimson Dawn tattoo over her left eye, but also additional tattoos on the right part of her face. Psylocke is first seen as a mysterious hooded female that sneaks up undetected behind Logan and telepathically destroys his consciousness. She is the new Red Queen and one of the Lords Cardinal of the new Hellfire Club. Psylocke is seen by Shinobi Shaw’s side as they watch the trapped Scarlet Witch. As Shinobi brags about world domination, Betsy reminds him that without her help he would not have been so lucky and he tells her that her name is never far away from his thoughts and that they will rule the world side by side. Suddenly, Psylocke cries out in pain and says that Wolverine has reawakened and that Emma Frost is responsible for bringing him back.[4] She summons the female ninja Midnight (Amiko Kobayashi) and instructs her to kill Wolverine, in spite of their past together.[5] Baron Zemo makes his way back to Shinobi and Elizabeth to celebrate their victory, just as Magneto makes his way into their base. Betsy senses betrayal from one of the workers, whom she stuns with her psychic knife and find out to be Jubilee in disguise. As she is preparing to kill Jubilee, Synch and Leech use their combined powers against Psylocke to intervene. Wolverine finally knocks her down with one punch, commenting that during the years she has grown a bit “rusty” with her martial arts skills. She is taken back to Emma Frost’s base of operation and Emma later tells Jubilee and the rest of the team that Betsy will be transferred back to her brother in England as soon as her recuperation is completed.[6]

In Excalibur, the Earth-9620 Psylocke has no tattoos at all and her eyes are completely blue, with no visible iris or pupils. One thing that connects these two storylines with each other and with the original Days of Future Past, is the death of Warren Worthington (Angel). Psylocke is a member of the underground resistance against Black Air, the security service that rules Britain. She is first seen as part of the Excalibur team that goes on a mission to rescue Douglock from the Black Air headquarters. Inside the Black Air HQ, Psylocke fights off techno-organic Brood replicas and uses her psychic knife to open up a neural linked brain-lock. Inside the locked room, she finds herself trapped together with the rest of the team. What happens to her afterwards is unknown. This story, "Days of Future Tense," revealed the final fate of the "Days of Future Past" timeline's Excalibur team.[7]


Several versions of the character appear in the Exiles comics:

  • Earth-1081: This Psylocke, created by Judd Winick and Mike McKone, is a member of the X-Men and appears to be identical to the one from Earth-616.[8]
  • Earth-2182: A minor character who is an X-Men affiliate with all-blue colored costume, hair and powers, created by Jim Calafiore.[9]
  • Earth-7794: A minor character who was murdered by Slaymaster; created by Chris Claremont and Paul Pelletie.[10]
  • Earth-51489: A barbarian female warrior killed by Slaymaster; created by Chris Claremont and Paco Diaz Luque.[11]
  • Earth-72911: Created by Chris Claremont, she was another Betsy Braddock murdered by Slaymaster.[11]
  • Earth-80827: Created by Chris Claremont and Tom Grummett, this version of Psylocke was a Japanese woman affiliated with Ogun and known as Lady Mandarin, who was also killed by Slaymaster when they fought.[12]
  • Earth-80911: Married to Victor Creed and murdered by Slaymaster along with her husband and children; created by Chris Claremont and Paco Diaz Luque.[11]
  • Earth-89145: In this reality, Braddock was a British pilot, who was murdered by Slaymaster as part of his attempt to kill every version of Betsy Braddock throughout the Multiverse; created by Chris Claremont and Paco Diaz Luque.[11]

Earth X[edit]

It is unknown if the Betsy Braddock version of the Earth-X (Earth-9997) future timeline ever switched bodies with the Japanese assassin Kwannon or if the effect was undone somehow, but she was entirely European when she was brought to Otherworld to further hone her telepathic and precognitive powers under Merlyn and Roma’s tutelage. Her abilities boosted, Psylocke's telepathic signature, the butterfly image, was much bigger than before and constantly “on,” bathing her head in bright, pink light.[13] Her training completed, she rejoined her brother, King Britain, on Earth at some later point, as she, Merlyn and Doctor Strange used their powers to weaken Mephisto, allowing Brian to kill him.[14]

House of M[edit]

In the House of M reality (Earth-58163) created by the Scarlet Witch, Betsy found herself as Princess Royal named Elizabeth Glorianna Braddock, sister to the monarch of Britain. In fact, Betsy was actually the rightful heir of the throne, being a few minutes older than her twin brother Brian, but she had stepped down in his favor, as she preferred traveling and adventuring with her lady-in-waiting, Rachel Summers. Nevertheless, she still had an Asian body, and possessed the same powers as the Earth-616 Psylocke.[15]


Although not seen on-panel, Psylocke's counterpart of the Marvel Comics 2 universe (Earth-982) was at least mentioned. Apparently, this Psylocke acted as a godmother to Wild Thing, the daughter of Wolverine and Elektra, and she also trained her in the use of her psychic powers. Wild Thing had no real claws but psionic ones that she could use in similar ways to Psylocke's psychic katana.[16]

Millennial Visions[edit]

Several versions of the character appear in the X-Men: Millennial Visions comics:

  • Earth-1003: Created by John Paul Leon, Betsy Braddock is good character affiliated with the X-Men and a member of Professor's Secret Service. She, Magneto and Quicksilver are all murdered at a peace summit.[17]
  • Earth-1011: Created by Sean Chen, Psylocke is an evil cyborg affiliated with the X-Sentinels.[17]
  • Earth-1017: Created by Pablo Raimondi, Psylocke (Code X 11095) is an Asian ninja affiliated with the X-Men, with short spiky hair and a different red tattoo over her left eye.[17]
  • Earth-3933: Psylocke was bitten by a monster which ate her family in their sleep, and is empowered with super human strength and makes her virtually immortal, though she now hungers for human flesh.[18]

Ultimate Marvel[edit]

In the World Tour story arc of Ultimate X-Men (Earth-1610), Agent Betsy Braddock was created by Mark Millar and Adam Kubert. She was introduced as a colonel for the British Secret Intelligence Service along with her partner Agent Dai Thomas. As in the mainstream Marvel Universe, Betsy is the twin sister of Brian Braddock, who is now a member of the European Defense Initiative (the European Union's equivalent of the Ultimates), code named Captain Britain. Her father, Professor Sir James Braddock, is still alive in the Ultimate universe, and oversees the EDI's super-soldier program. She is a telepath and, judging by her own assertion, the most powerful in England. The "psychoblast" power she possessed in her British form in the Earth-616 universe was manifested as a "psychic grenade" that she "detonated" in the minds of others. Agents Betsy Braddock and Dai Thomas, were assigned to aid Xavier in his search for his son, David, a powerful mutant who could physically possess the bodies of others and manipulate reality. During the investigation, however, Agent Thomas was killed and Betsy's body was possessed by David, who set about wreaking havoc and killing innocent humans while in her body. She eventually managed to resist his control, albeit briefly, and pleaded with Xavier to kill her. Xavier could not bring himself to do so, but Colossus dropped a car on her, killing both Betsy and David Xavier.[19]

Betsy's consciousness survived, however, somehow moving into the comatose body of a Japanese girl called Kwannon. Kwannon was glad to be able to move on to the afterlife, and willingly gave Betsy her body. Betsy regarded her near-death experience as intensely fascinating. The change has also led her to bear a less formal look, as she was seen after her body-switch with a number of cosmetic piercings. She somehow retained her telepathic powers in Kwannon's body and even gained the new ability to create a blade that can cut through most materials, even a Sentinel. She was said to be aiding in the formation of S.T.R.I.K.E., the British division of S.H.I.E.L.D.[20] Later, though, she was revealed to have been working undercover for Charles Xavier as a spy investigating the activities of Fenris.[21]

Betsy officially joined the X-Men as Psylocke. Her employment with S.T.R.I.K.E. had ended because the body she currently inhabits is that of a minor, making her too young to serve as a government agent. She was recruited by Bishop into his new X-Men after angrily informing Cyclops that he had turned his back on the X-Men and the good they can achieve after he refused to help a group of mutants being attacked by Sentinels solely because he thought it would make the Xavier Institute look bad.[22] Bishop later referred to Psylocke as his wife, when the Fenris twins threatened to kill her. Psylocke confronted Bishop about his comments about their future marriage, and from what he says, it is implied that Psylocke was killed before Bishop traveled back in time.[23] Eventually, Bishop is stabbed and killed by Wolverine.[24]

Xavier returns from the future revealing himself to be alive and Psylocke begins living at the Xavier Institute as a student. She is seen again after the Ultimatum wave hits New York. While the main X-Men go after Magneto, she stays at the Institute.[25] When Reverend William Stryker attacks the school planning to kill every student, Psylocke uses Cerebro to send a telepathic message to any mutant that can help save them. Ultimately, she survives the school massacre alongside Rogue, Toad, and Firestar,[26] though, for some reason, she and Toad are listed among the deceased in the final issue of Ultimatum.[27]

Subsequently, a young woman appears claiming to be Psylocke, having "jumped" her consciousness into another body before her death (however, oddly no one recognizes or remembers her). She sides with Mach Two (Nomi Blume) to leave Reservation X, which was given to Kitty Pryde by President Captain America after the fight with the Sentinel, though Kitty wins the vote to stay as the leader of Reservation X.[28] She was then seen manipulating Rogue by using telepathy while she is sleeping, teasing her about Quentin Quire.[29] She eventually leaves with Nomi after the Seed is "destroyed". In Ultimate Comics: X-Men #24, it is revealed that she has enlisted Warpath (who is in love with her) to betray both Kitty and Nomi. In Ultimate Comics: X-Men #27, Jean Grey (herself in disguise) unmasked Psylocke as being a fake, revealed her to be Mothervine, who set out to destroy both Utopia and Tian.

Uncanny X-Force[edit]

Several versions of the character appear in the Uncanny X-Force comics:

  • Earth-11045: In this reality, all superhumans were converted into the cyborgs Deathloks and were converted into a global police force for a global utopia. Psylocke was among them and was sent to the past together with the rest of X-Force in order to secure a high-tech, self-contained research facility known as The World and kill X-Force of the past.[30]
  • Earth-12218: Betsy Worthington is an elderly version of Elizabeth created by Rick Remender, Jerome Opena and Esad Ribic. After living a good life with her husband Warren and their two daughters (one of them named Jean), Betsy was present at Warren's deathbed.[31]

The Earth-12928 version of Psylocke, an elderly woman known as Magistrate Braddock, was created by Rick Remender and Julian Totino Tedesco. In this reality, Evan Sabah Nur ascended and became Apocalypse, the greatest threat the Earth had ever faced, which forced Wolverine to create an X-Force composed of various heroes. Together, they managed to defeat Evan and save the world. In order to prevent someone like Evan from threatening the Earth again, X-Force were elected as the new rulers of Earth. Psylocke, in her Asian body, became the leader of X-Force and the world. They first killed every villain and criminal, and then began killing people preemptively, as soon as they made up their minds to commit a crime. At some point Elizabeth and Logan fell in love. When X-Force from the past came to the future, Psylocke ordered X-Force to track them down and send them back. The past Psylocke, horrified with the future, decided to kill herself in order to prevent it from happening. Magistrate Braddock began fading from existence, but the past Psylocke was saved, which prevented her death. Magistrate Braddock spoke to her past self, talking mostly about their loss of Warren and Fantomex, before sending her and the rest of X-Force back to the present.[32]

What If[edit]

Several versions of the character appear in the What If comics:

  • Earth-957: Appears to be basically the same as the Earth-616 ninja Psylocke in Kwannon's body; created by Tom DeFalco and Leo Fernandez.[33]
  • Earth-983: Created by Stefan Petrucha and Greg Luzniak, this version of Psylocke is very similar to the Earth-616 ninja Psylocke in Kwannon's body, but with a modified costume.[34]
  • Earth-34922: When the X-Men were attacked by Sentinels, Psylocke (postbody swap), along with the other members, reluctantly attempts to wake up Wolverine in order to battle them.[35]
  • Earth-77995: Created by Benny Powell and Warren Ellis, this Psylocke is an evil version the Earth-616 ninja Psylocke from X-Men: Legacy. Three months after the deaths of Charles Xavier and Apocalypse, Psylocke joined the Followers of Apocalypse after they were nearly destroyed by Phoenix.[36]
  • Earth-89721: An armored and cloaked version of Elizabeth Braddock in her original body, created by Roy Thomas and Ron Wilson. Due to the Evolutionary Bomb she is now able to read the thoughts of everybody around her.[37]
  • Earth-95169: This Psylocke appears to share her body, power and costume with the Earth-616 X-Men: Legacy version.[38]
  • Earth-98193: Captain Britain is briefly seen in an interview with Vulcan as a member of the X-Men. This version of Elizabeth Braddock appears to still be in her blonde, British body.[39]

Psylocke of Earth-21993 was created by Kurt Busiek and Tod Smith. Her past history mirrors that of her Earth-616 counterpart until just after she crossed through the Siege Perilous. After Charles Xavier escaped Skrull activity and returned to Earth, she is among the many teams of X-Men gathered by Xavier, who express his disapproval with the state they had left human/mutant affairs in his absence. This meeting erupts into violence due to an argument between Cable and Xavier over what direction to take. Psylocke joins the other X-Men in attempting to incapacitate Cable and the New Mutants, but the New Mutants flee. Following Cable's assassination of Xavier, Psylocke joins a group of X-Men led by Wolverine in tracking the New Mutants down to their new headquarters, where, as she battle the remaining New Mutants, Wolverine kills Cable. Wolverine then leads his team of X-Men on a mission to slay all their enemies. After killing Mr. Sinister and his Nasty Boys, Psylocke has enough with the mindless killings and defects over to another team of X-Men led by Storm. By this point, the U.S. government unleashed the Sentinels in response to Magneto taking over Washington. Betsy comes across Storm just as most of the X-Men on her side either defected over to Magneto, or found themselves killed or captured by the Sentinels. Realizing that current events might lead up to the nightmare future (Earth-811) where mutants have been either enslaved or wiped out by the Sentinels, Storm and Psylocke seek to try and talk Magneto into stopping his aggressions. Breaking into the United States Capitol, Psylocke and Storm attempt to warn Magneto of the possible apocalyptic future ahead of them, but he scoffs at the idea and attempts to destroy another attacking squad of Sentinels. Mentally detecting that one of them carried a nuclear warhead, Psylocke attempts to warn Magneto, but she is too late. The bomb goes off, killing them all.[40][41]

Other versions[edit]

  • Earth-161 (X-Men Forever): Elizabeth "Betsy" Braddock in an Asian body, based on Chris Claremont's original story where she was transformed by Spiral to look Asian, but was not bodyswapped with anyone. created by Chris Claremont and Paul Smith.[42]
  • Earth-597 (Marvel Graphic Novel): In this universe, where the Nazis won World War II, an evil Elizabeth Braddock, created by Michael Higgins, Tom Morgan and Justin Thyme, is a Nazi agent affiliated with the Reichsmen.[43]
  • Earth-2107: Created by Robert Kirkman and Yanick Paquette, Elizabeth "Psylocke" Braddock was Bishop's wife in the future Ultimate universe, seen during a flashback when she got killed.[44]
  • Earth-2301 (Marvel Mangaverse): Created by C.B. Cebulski and Jeff Matsuda, this version of Psylocke appears to be of Indian ethnicity. X-Men and has the ability to project numerous green telepathic gremlins by gesturing with her arms. They are able to pass through solid matter and cause severe physical pain to those they struck, but if interrupted, Elizabeth herself seems to experience severe headaches.[45]
  • Earth-2319 (New Avengers Vol. 3): Created by Jonathan Hickman and Simone Bianchi, this Psylocke is, like her brother Brian, using the identity Captain Britain. They are both members of the Illuminati and are killed by Mapmakers during an incursion.[46]
  • Earth-9921 (Gambit): Created by Fabian Nicieza and Yanick Paquette, this Psylocke is an X-Men affiliate similar in appearance to the Earth-616 Asian Psylocke but with a different costume.[47]
  • Earth-8101 (Marvel Apes): A simian version of Psylocke.[48]
  • Earth-11080 (Marvel Universe Vs Wolverine): Jonathan Maberry, Goran Parlov During a mission with Wolverine, Psylocke was attacked by Angel, who had developed the same cannibalistic hunger as Spider-Man did earlier. All he left behind was her right arm, but using his tracking skills, Wolverine soon found her remains. After samples of Psylocke's DNA were studied, Wolverine tracked down Angel and killed him.[49]
  • Earth-41001 (X-Men: The End): The only apparent difference between this version and the ninja Psylocke of Earth-616 is a different costume; created by Chris Claremont and Sean Chen.[50]
  • Earth-70105 (Bullet Points): Psylocke lived virtually the same life as she did on Earth-616, and helped defend the Earth from Galactus.[51]
  • Earth-95126 (Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe): An Asian version, killed by the Punisher along with every other mutant.[52]
  • Earth-807128 (Wolverine/Dark Reign): Psylocke was one of the X-Men Logan was tricked into murdering by Mysterio when the villains got organized and attacked the heroes at once.[53]
  • Earth-TRN037 (Uncanny X-Men): A male version of Psylocke exists on Earth-TRN037. He is a muscular Asian male in a similar costume and powers as the Earth-616 Psylocke.[54]
  • Earth-TRN150 (5 Ronin): Created by Peter Milligan and David Aja. In 17th-century Japan, Elizabeth Braddock is the half-Japanese orphan daughter of a local Japanese woman (who died when she was a baby) and an English expat trader (who committed suicide when she was a child after his business failed), who is forced into the yoshiwara in order to survive and grows up to become the top-ranked prostitute (codenamed "Butterfly") in a high-end brothel. She crosses paths with this Earth's version of Wolverine (who is also reimagined as a 17th-Century Japanese samurai, along with Punisher, Deadpool, and Hulk), who becomes her regular customer.[55]
  • Earth-TRN192 (Astonishing X-Men): Created by Tommy Lee Edwards, this Psylocke is a young Asian ninja character affiliated with the evil Mutant Monarchy. She has a shorter hair and is apparently younger, and fights blindfolded with twin daggers.[56]

See also[edit]

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