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Barn Jams, Volume II (2021)

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Barn Jams, Volume II (2021)
📅 ReleasedApril 20, 2021
🎙️ RecordedMarch 19, 2021
⏳ Length46:30
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Barn Jams, Volume II is a live release by John Spignesi and Christopher Andrews. It is their second release together.


As with the first installment, Spignesi approached Andrews with the idea of doing a live instrumental set. Jeff King, bassist for The Kings and Creek Tribute, Something is Forming (which also features Spignesi & Andrews) assumed the bass role alongside Steve Provost & Ryan Lizotte Live mixing was done by longtime Desert Rain Soundman, Andy Rock and Dave Allen. Joe Jeffery mixed the tracks and sent them to Spignesi for distribution. The five song instrumental EP was released on April 20, 2021.

Track listing[edit]

All music performed by John Spignesi, Jeff King, Steve Provost, Christopher Andrews, & Ryan Lizotte

1."Follow Me"10:16
3."Good Days"9:24
4."Blues 19"6:14
5."The Professor"8:40