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Beluga (youtube channel series)

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Created byAretz
Based onPolite Cat meme
Developed byAretz
Written byAretz
TXP Studio
Story byAretz
TXP Studio
Directed byAretz
Creative director(s)Aretz
Presented byAretz
Voices ofTXP Studio
Narrated byTXP Studio
Music byToby Fox
Kevin MacLeod
and many owners
Country of originUnited States
Russia (videos made in TXP Studio)
Original language(s)English
Russian (videos made by TXP Studio)
No. of seasonsN/A
No. of episodes240
Executive producer(s)Aretz
News editor(s)Aretz
TXP Studio
TXP Studio
Running time1-6 minutes
Production company(s)Beluga (youtube channel)
TXP Studio
Original networkYouTube
Picture format1080p
Original releasepresent
Related showsPolite Cat meme
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Beluga is a American web series on YouTube created by Braden Boyko, Their content mainly revolves around skits within the messaging application Discord, The main characters are Beluga (often misspelt Begula within their videos), Hecker, Eugene, Pablo, Snowie, Skittle, Skittle-chan and Scemer. This series follows the main protagonist is Beluga is based on Polite Cat meme in 2018, designed by Aretz, with his best friends are Hecker (now/current/after and before he was enemy of Beluga and calling him misspelled "Begula") and Skittle, his love interests are Skittle-chan, Snowie, Pepper, and Snowball (frenemy), his parents are Belu-Mom, Papa Beluga and Grandma, and his son is Beluga Jr. to go adventures and love and care for each other in every situation in where they don't know or something else whether to laugh or cry. Each episode in the series is uploading new episode(s) every 2 or 3 days. In the some Russian language videos is made by TXP Studio.

Cast and Characters[edit]

Main/Starring characters and cast[edit]

  • Beluga - The Main Protagonist of the series who is invincible and is a polite cat.
  • Hecker - A Professional Hacker who was originally Beluga's enemy and now they are best friends and Hecker is a big floppa.
  • Skittle - Dog who is Beluga's best friend and Vladimir's brother.
  • Skittle-chan - Anime Girl and clone of Skittle who has a crush on Beluga and can make any male listen to her by saying "I'm a girl btw" or "uwu".
  • Snowie - Anime Girl who Beluga has a crush on and blocks Beluga because he will not stop talking to her.
  • Eugene - Discord Moderator who is an egg and also works at Chuck E. Cheese.
  • Pablo - A Discord Moderator, and Weather Moderator who used to work at McDonald's before becoming a Mod.
  • Scemer - A Scammer who kidnapped Beluga Jr. and tries really hard to scam Beluga but usually fails.

Secondary/Minor/Major/Featuring characters and cast[edit]

  • Beluga Jr. - The son of Beluga who accidentally downloaded a virus and is very innocent and dumb.
  • Belu-Mom - Beluga's mother who is very strict and a Karen who has kidnapped and killed Beluga multiple times.
  • Papa Beluga - The father of Beluga who tricks Beluga into meeting a girl named Daisy who is really him in disguise.
  • Grandma - Beluga's Grandma and Belu-Mom's Mom.
  • Beluwuga - Beluga's Disguise to become a mod and Beluga's alter ego.
  • Pepper - An Anime Girl who used to be annoyed by Beluga but now has a crush on him.
  • MrBeast - Beluga's Favorite YouTuber who grants Beluga 1 wish.
  • Walt - Beluga, Skittle, Hecker, Pepper, Skittle-Chan, Pablo, Scemer, and Snowie's very srict teacher who takes Kahoot very seriously and sometimes even murders his students if they answer wrong.
  • Ralph - A Discord Moderator who is actually the first mod and is the first one that Beluga meets.
  • Lester - Discord Moderator and Kidnapper who worked at Burger King and for Vladimir.
  • Big Ed - Guy from 90 Day Fiancé who only said the word "rawr" and also has no neck.
  • Elon Musk - The richest person in the world who owns Tesla, Twitter, and SpaceX.
  • Obama - 44th President who is stronger than Beluga despite Beluga being invincible.
  • Rick Astley - Beluga's Favourite Singer who almost never got rickrolled until he does by Beluga.
  • Apple - A company that tells Beluga that he can't delete the app store but he can.
  • Sweetie23 - Lester's desguise to become owner of Pablo's Pub and Lester's alter ego.
  • Vladimir - A Russian dog and Skittle's brother who works on airplanes with Air Traffic Control and formerly Burger King with Lester.
  • Sbeve - Sbeve is a flat earther who tries to prove to Pablo that the Earth is flat but Sbeve gets rickrolled.
  • Becky - Facebook Mom, Mother of Skittle, and Karen who killed Pablo Jr with minion memes and found Eugene's address.
  • Snowball - A cat who hates Beluga and is the sister of Police Cat and also is a vegetarian and also was killed by Beluga Jr (by accident) with chocolate but somehow survived.
  • Techer - He is a teacher in the Sus Amognus High School and one of beluga's teachers.
  • Docter - Scemer's doctor desguise.
  • Begger - He begs Beluga for money, while beluga says he dont have any, begger know beluga have money. Beluga gives his credit card to him ang begger buys money, and make beluga lose $13,000.
  • Assasin - An Assassin that Pablo tells to rickroll Beluga but he accidentally feeds Beluga chocolate.
  • Rober - He robs beluga, and Beluga tries to protect himself from rober. Beluga, later, actually ratioed Rober and rober never robbed beluga again.
  • Vegan Teacher - Karen who says offensive things when people aren't vegan and died when Pablo, Eugene, Ralph, and Lester ate all unvegan food.
  • Ms. White - Beluga, skittle, and Pepper's substitute teacher that sends Beluga back a grade.

Recurring/Supporting characters and cast[edit]

  • Dr. Meow - Doctor from the 9th Dimension who possibly died after the universe's collapse caused by Belupacito.
  • Ms. Meow - One of Beluga's Teachers who work at Sus Amongus High School.
  • Air Traffic Control - A cat that is Air Traffic Control and works with Vladimir.
  • Tacocat - Cat who dies of eating a snack but was somehow resurrected later for him to reappear.
  • Gregory - A nerd who bets Beluga and Skittle that they cant make sentences with letters like A and E.

Other characters[edit]


  • Japan - Anime Girl and Country that is based on the country of the same name, Japan and uses the exact same PFP as Sweetie24.
  • AmericanUSA - Country who has the same pfp as Dillon 1b021274738 (Fortnite PFP) and is based on the country, America.
  • Canada - Country based on the country of the same name.
  • Britain - Country based off the country of the same name.
  • Chad - Country based on the country of the same name, he has appeared in multiple videos despite being a country.
  • Russia - Country based on the country of the same name who has the same PFP as Skittle.
  • American Samoa - AmericanUSA's alt account.
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo - Country based on the country of the same name.
  • Sweden - A Country based on the same name.
  • Italy - A Country based on the same name
  • Ireland - A Country based on the same name.
  • China - A Country based on the same name.

Locations and Servers[edit]

  • SUS AMOGNUS HIGH SCHOOL - a school that Beluga, his friends, enemies, and teachers go to. It is a school that appears every time Beluga goes to school. The school is a server that all students go to when they got to school, it also appears in every school episode. They have a kahoot called "Grade 6 Animal Kahoot".
  • The Library - a Discord server in The Beluga Cinematic Universe. The only known admin of the server is Eugene. It was released in February 22 2016 aka presidents day in 2016.
  • Among Us Sussy Town - a fake town that only beluga and daisy🌹 where video called When a online friend wants to in real life. The video is a lost because Among Us Sussy Town don't actually exists anymore.
  • Havard - is a Discord Server in the Beluga Cinematic Universe. It's icon is unknown. It is featured in When you have a Substitute Teacher....
  • Lester's Minivan - a Discord server in The Beluga Cinematic Universe. The owner is Lester. Founded when Smile Pretty Cure came out (2012).
  • The Land of The Dead - a location in When Your Phone Dies....
  • 9th Dimension - seen in When Your Favorite Song Comes On.... After Beluga played Belupacito, he got sent to the ninth dimension. Beluga tries playing Belupacito again but Dr. Meow comes and says that in the 9th Dimension, there is no sound. Then hecker makes Beluga an admin and Beluga is able to play Belupacito, however, this leads to the universe to collapse. What happened to the 9th Dimension is unknown, but it is most likely destroyed due to the entire universe's collapse.
  • Discord Female - launched on 2045, owned by Female Discord CEO, and it only females.
  • The Roman Empire - a server in Discord in 420 BC. A bunch of Egypt Rules bots pour into the roman empire and begin spamming "#egyptrules" this annoys Caeser. Beluga tells the roman emperor to just get anti-spam bots but Caeser refuses and tells his guards to fight the spam bots which they begin doing. Beluga is then messaged by Pharaoh, who asks Beluga to be his spy, Beliuga agrees to do so only because Caeser kind of annoys him. The pharaoh then asks Beluga if Caeser has anti-spam bots and Beluga tells him he doesn't, this makes pharaoh happy and he begins spamming the server with text walls making Caeser lose the war abd give the server to pharaoh. In which the server's name is changed to Egypt Gang. Beluga wants a reward for helping the pharaoh and asks him for the mod role, because this is 420 BC and the word "mod" has been created yet pharaoh doesn't know what he's talking about. Pharaoh tells him that they have royal guard and explains what that does, Beluga tells pharaoh that everything he said about royal guard is what "mod" means so pharaoh gives him the role. Beluga joins voice chat when an old man named Socrates does to, Socrates begins talking to Beluga however he keeps talking over himself so Beluga doesn't understand him which annoys Beluga. Beluga tells Socrates to be quit but Socrates refuses eventually Beluga gets so mad he bans Socrates who tells Beluga that he will regret this as in 2000 years there will be books written about him. Beluga doesn't listen and bans Socrates and then laughs at him behind his back. Pharoah as a favor to Beluga for helping him tells Beluga he will give him a list of girls as a choice to marry, Beluga thinks this is messed up but decides to choose Princess 🌷 anyway. Unfortunately as it turns out Beluga and Princess don't have much in common, however to make up for that Beluga tries to give Princess a love song which turns out to be a rickroll. Unfortunately due to this being 420 BC rickrolls don't exist so it doesn't work.
  • Ralphville - a server in the Beluga Cinematic Universe
  • E-Girl Paradise - a server in the Beluga Cinematic Universe.
  • Despacito's Fortnite Club - a server in the BCU.
  • Pablo's Pub - a discord server in The Beluga Cinematic Universe. It is owned and run by Pablo. It's one of the main discord servers of the series after Theodore's and Lester's ones. It was founded on April 28, 2000. It was struggling since 2001, 2005 and when the Begula Clones came inside the video, Discord Raids Be Like... .
  • United Nation - a server in the Beluga Cinematic Universe that first appears in Countries Portrayed by Discord.

Songs and Music[edit]

  • Belupacito - the official song made by Beluga himself. It's first appearance is in When Your Favorite Song Goes On. It seems to have the ability to destroy the Universe, the more the song is played. Belupacito was actually created by hunterGray but Beluga decided to take it and rebrand it as his own. The song's name was based on/inspired by Despacito and a orchestrated remix of Running in the 90's. The song is very much as an inspiration for it. It was created as Beluga's most favorite song, but for unknown reasons, the song was so powerful that it reversed the Universe's timeline and went past the time when The Big Bang happened, destroying The Universe and life as we know it. For unknown reasons, The Universe was restored unknowingly.
  • Belupacito 2 - a song that appears in Guess the Logo (99.99% fail). It is the sequel to Belupacito but it hasn't been released yet.
  • Relaxing Music for Deep Sleep - a song played by Lester.

Official Store[edit]

Official Store is a merchandise website created by Beluga in collaboration with an unnamed artist. It was launched on 18 December, 2021 and simultaneously announced through the video "Apology".


The website utilizes a Discord dark theme colour scheme. Currently, there are four items available on the store:

  • Beluga T-Shirt (25 USD)
  • Beluga Premium Hoodie (49 USD)
  • Beluwuga Sweater (32 USD)
  • Hecker Mousepad (19 USD)

Areas outside of the United States, Canada and United Kingdom cost an extra shipping charge and offer two delivery options. It has a Cart feature and currency conversion is not yet available.

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