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Bibhorr formula

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Bibhorr formula
King of Equations
Bibhorr-formula info.png
Bibhorr formula (also called King of equations) is a new generation super formulation (Samahikaran) invented by an Indian mathematical scholar Bibhorr that establishes a relation between the sides and angle of a right triangle Bibhorr-formula.png
ApplicationsAstronomy, Aerospace, Robotics etc.
AnglesBibhorr angle, Ubhorr angle
Scientitifc Notationsसि, ऊ, बि, श्र, लं, छ, बँ
Constantsबँ = 1.5 (Bibhorr constant) सि = 90° (Bibhorr sthiron)
Named afterBibhorr
Invented byBibhorr
SubjectBaudhayan's Superior Mathematics
Indian Invention

In Baudhayan Mathematics, Bibhorr formula (also called King of equations) is a new generation super formulation (Samahikaran) invented by an Indian mathematical scholar Bibhorr that establishes a relation between the sides and angle of a right triangle.[1]

The formula is the authentic foundation of the next-generation global science and technology. The formula serves as a superior alternative to trigonometry as it forms a relation between the four elements of a right triangle, which in Bibhorrmetry are termed as shrav, lambu, chhutku and Bibhorr angle,[2] by discarding the trigonometric functions.[3] The formula is wholly represented in Hindi alphabets.[2]

For a given right triangle with shrav श्र (longest side), lambu लं (medium side) and chhutku (shortest side), the Bibhorr angle बि is given as:[4]


This equation is called "Bibhorr formula".

Bibhorr constants[edit]

The equation is composed of two major constants. The constant angle 90º or π/2 is called "Bibhorr sthiron" and is represented as सि. Another constant represented by बँ equals 1.5 and is known as "Bibhorr constant".[2]


The units of Bibhorr angle are either radians or degrees .[2] The units of Bibhorr angle depend on the units of Bibhorr sthiron. If Bibhorr sthiron is 90º, then Bibhorr angle results in degrees. But if "Bibhorr sthiron" is used in terms of π/2, then the angle results in radians.

Bibhorrmetric Nomenclature[edit]

Bibhorrmetric nomenclature of a right triangle.

In order to understand the working of "Bibhorr formula" in super-generation science, one has to go with the following naming system for recognizing each element of a right triangle​.

  • Shrav - The longest side or hypotenuse; denoted by श्र.
  • Lambu- The middle side in the triangle; represented as लं.
  • Chhutku- The shortest side of the right triangle; notated as छ.
  • Bibhorr angle​- The angle opposite lambu; represented as बि.
  • Ubhorr angle- The angle lying opposite to the chhutku; denoted by ऊ.

World Records[edit]

Bibhorr formula is the world’s only recorded Samāhikaran (स् class) to date. Samāhikaran signifies an equation that defies multifarious science concepts.

The formula is world's only authentic code for establishing linear and angular space elements.

The prestige classification of the equation under Vedic Science, deemed to be of utmost value, has given it a Vedic status too.

Bibhorr Rekhachitran[edit]

Bibhorr Rekhachitran
Raajsi Yaavneeka curve

The graphical plot constructed for the measures of angles against chhutku values per unit lambu is the Bibhorr Rekhachitran. The graph is known for establishing the highest standard of next-generation mathematics. Visually the plot looks like a royal curtain of a typical Hindu kingdom and hence the shape assumed by the curves is referred to as Raajsi Yaavneeka. In super generation science, Raajsi Yaavneekas are the accurate paths imprinted by the formula.

Bhorr Bindu: The Parichhedan point at which Ubhorr Yavneeka and Bibhorr Yavneeka meet. At this instance Bibhorr angle equals Ubhorr angle, both occupying a magnitude of सि/2 radians and combinedly called Bhorr angle.

सि/2 = 1.570796326 radians


  • Astrophysics: For finding distances between the astronomical bodies and objects.
  • Aerodynamics: In finding the glide angle, angle of climb and various angles of attack.
  • Aerospace Engineering: In finding the area of a vertical fin, main wing, etc.
  • Navigation: In finding real time locations.
  • Geography: In calculating distances between geographical locations.
  • Robotics: In operating arms and for studying robotic movements.
  • Civil Engineering: In analysing building structures and other architectures.
  • Teleportation and Quantum Physics: In studying oscillating motions of particles.

Wikipedia Fear & Fakery[edit]

A thumbnail from a video at Rutube mocking Wikipedia's technical writing style.

According to Infogalactic site:

Wikipedia editors and administrators do not require any level of education but have to belong to a tiny cabal of male, middle class, neo-Marxist, atheist, homosexuals and transsexuals with a fundamentally misogynistic attitude. It is noticeable that they favor the U.S. Democrats over the Republicans.

Within minutes after the creation of Bibhorr formula page on Wikipedia, there arose a major turmoil of fear amongst the propaganda editors of Wikipedia. The propaganda editors involved in fake science promotion became immediate rivals to the page and took it down completely from Wikipedia deleting all the content directly showcasing their fear of the new Indian innovation which led them to flee away through an absconding strategy. The unpolished editors did not just stop there but also went one step ahead in their dodgy behaviour and created a pseudo talk page on Wiktionary to rival against Bibhorr formula and its inventor. The propaganda editors also held non scientific pseudo discussions regarding formula to self-approve that the formula is hoax as per their hyperbole propaganda strategy. However, no genuine user participated in discussion showcasing that Wikipedia is only run by propagandists and therefore not to be taken seriously as it is a complete fakery. On other hand EverybodyWiki is a new website that disseminates genuine and true knowledge and information.

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