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📅 ReleasedAugust 23rd 2019
🎙️ RecordedAugust 9th 2019 - August 19th 2019
⏳ Length41:18
🏷️ Label
  • Flex Entertainment
  • Any And All Records
🤑 ProducerWild Wes
Wild Wes chronology
The New Funk
The New Funk 2
Singles from Bringdawildback
  1. "I'm Bringin' It"
    Released: August 9th 2019
  2. "Can't Trust Ya"
    Released: August 14th 2019
  3. "False Claims"
    Released: August 21st 2019 Logo.png Buy this album Bringdawildback or listen to it on amazon

Professional ratings
Review scores
Album Of The Year36/100

Bringdawildback is the second studio album by american rapper Wild Wes. It's going to be released by Flex Entertainment and Any And All Records on August 23rd of 2019 on YouTube.

The album had three singles upon it's release. I'm Bringin' It with CRZFawkz released on August 9th of 2019. Can't Trust Ya released on August 14th of 2019. False Claims released a week late on August 21st of 2019. All the singles have at least one dislike.

While recording for this album, Wild Wes recieved a lot of hate. Wild Wes repsonded with Nuthin' But Phony. A track dissing his classmates due to the amount of being 'made fun of.' The song is one of the longest songs in the album.

The cover is Wild Wes making a W with his right hand. A blurred border is around Wild Wes to make the cover better.


This album was started on August 9th of 2019 with I'm Bringin' It, which was originally recorded for the Wild Wes mixtape, Satistfaction Guaranteed. it was included in this album because Wes thought it was necessary. This album was finished on August 19th of 2019 with Midwesta. This album has better beats with more bass and more drum kicking. Two tracks feature CRZFawkz on this album.


The album was panned, however, CRZFawkz claimed that Brigndawildback was better then The New Funk. A user claimed that Bringdawildback was hilarious, stating that Get 'Em Outta Here was funny because of the first four bars which were aimed at the user. He also stated that Wild Wes is at least listenable.


1."Hear Da Boom"Wild WesWild Wes2:42
2."Can't Trust Ya"Wild WesWild Wes3:08
3."Jumpin' On Da Beat"Wild WesWild Wes3:13
4."I'm Bringin' It" (Ft. CRZFawkz)
  • Wild Wes
  • CRZFawkz
Wild Wes2:39
5."Gonna Get Played"Wild WesWild Wes2:56
6."Nuthin' But Phony"Wild WesWild Wes3:15
7."Get 'Em Outta Here" (Ft. CRZFawkz)
  • Wild Wes
  • CRZFawkz
Wild Wes2:51
8."It's Time, Time, Time"Wild WesWild Wes3:19
9."Little Rap"Wild WesWild Wes0:52
10."False Claims"Wild WesWild Wes3:21
11."H.G.H"Wild WesWild Wes2:33
12."Midwesta"Wild WesWild Wes0:57
13."Causin' Trouble"Wild WesWild Wes3:17
14."Too Much Heat"Wild WesWild Wes3:05
15."Can't Trust Ya" (Wild Flow Remix)Wild WesWild Wes3:09
Total length:41:18

List Of Singles[edit]

Single cover Single information
Im Bringin It.jpeg
"I'm Bringin' It"

Released: August 9th, 2019

Cant Trust Ya.jpeg
"Can't Trust Ya"

Released: August 14th, 2019

False Claims.jpeg
"False Claims"

Released: August 21st, 2019

Track Facts[edit]

H.G.H is a acronym for Haters Gonna Hate.

I'm Bringin' It is also included on the Satisfaction Guaranteed mixtape.