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Bundeloafe II: The Return of Jaffar (film)

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Bundeloafe II: The Return of Jaffar
File:Bundeloafe II poster.png
Directed by
  • Max Wilson
  • Gus Dieker
Produced by
  • Max Wilson
  • Gus Dieker
Written by
  • Max Wilson
  • Gus Dieker
Music byRees Finley
CinematographyMax Wilson
Edited byGus Dieker
Release date
  • July 27, 2013 (2013-07-27)
Running time
112 minutes
CountryUnited States

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Bundeloafe II: The Return of Jaffar is a 2013 American surreal comedy musical film directed by Max Wilson and Gus Dieker. The film acts as a loose meta-sequel to Wilson and Dieker's 2010 short film bün-dé-løafé, with Dieker playing a heavily fictionalised version of himself who is abducted into space and forced to enter a film-making competition that will decide the fate of the universe itself. The film was shot entirely in Columbus, Ohio.


Set around 2011, Gus (Dieker) is a man in his late-30s with a childlike demeanour, still living with his mother and attending high school with his best friend Devon (Max Anthony). On the day of his 38th birthday, after hosting a party with the enigmatic "party people", Gus finds Devon in the bathroom violently giving birth to a fully grown man, Henry (Henry Randle). While looking for something to feed Henry, Gus finds a man named Max (Wilson) waiting for him. Max explains that he has moved the entire house into space and sent Devon to the hospital. After performing a series of odd tests on Gus, Max takes him to the Offices of IB; seemingly adjudicator-like figures presiding over the entire universe, consisting of the Eel King (Victoria Adams), Gerry of the Gingerbread Desert (Jonathan Carter), and Jenny Hauser (Zoey Wilson) ("The Offices Of IB"). Max explains to Gus that Tim Burton (Allan Labanowski) has challenged a fellow filmmaker to a blood duel, wherein whoever makes the best film shall decide the fate of the universe, and it is up to Gus to help the other filmmaker defeat Burton and thus save the universe. Max also gives Gus a Poké Ball, telling him that he'll know what to do with it "when the time is right". After pining over his desire to return home ("Little Blue Ball"), Gus has a flashback to his mother washing him, and it is relieved that Gus has four penises.

The next morning, Gus has a lunch date with the second filmmaker in the blood duel, Spike Lee (Wilson). Upon returning to the house, Max reintroduces a fully healed Devon, accompanied by the mysterious Colman (Colman Hickey). When the group brainstorm ideas on how to finance their film, it's eventually decided that they should rob a bank. To assist in this, Max introduces Gus to Jelly (Alan Smithee/Amanda Loch), a woman seemingly with the demeanour of a dog. Together, the group manage to infiltrate a bank, and upon entering the vault, Gus finds a packed cinema playing a short clip of him reciting the line "Let out the dog and sing the blues" on repeat with the title "Bundeloafe II: The Return of Jaffar" superimposed over it. While the audience is distracted, Gus manages to steal $40,000 for the movie's budget. In response to this, the Offices of IB send a negotiator (Rees Finley) to talk with Gus. However, Gus uses his Poké Ball to unleash Asslion (Finley), who gives Gus a piggyback ride to safety, before leaving. Gus meets the King of the Space Forest (Ian Abell) who takes Gus on a tour of the space forest, until Gus starts to suffer from "bored fatigue", irritating the King and causing him to leave. After a brief while, both the King and Asslion return and proceed to beat Gus to death.

In a strange limbo-like state, Gus meets God in the form of Smokey the Bear, who tells Gus that his four penises give him "four chances at life", that he will lose one each time he "dies", and that he will truly die once all four are gone ("Smokey The Bear"). Gus wakes up in Tim Burton's office, and quickly makes his exit. Meeting with Spike again, Gus suggests that they make a sequel to Do the Right Thing, but Spike instead insists they make a sequel to Gus's earlier film, bün-dé-løafé. After Gus and Spike hold a series of auditions, the film then cuts between the various parties involved singing about their situation ("Bundeloafe Medley"). Gus posts an advertisement online offering to pay a man or group of men to do "TABOO-FREE THINGS" to him. The ad is answered by a man named Greg (Nate Slavin) who is paid all $40,000 of the movie's budget to slice off and consume one of Gus's penises. In the aftermath, Gus passes out only to reawaken in a room with Elvis Presley (Adam Herbst), who explains that he was kidnapped by aliens several decades ago and tasked with "writing every song in the universe". Elvis explains that he is Gus's real father, and tells Gus that he's the last hope to save the universe.

Back at the Offices of IB, Tim Burton demonstrates that Henry is, in fact, a living bomb that is capable of destroying the entire universe at the push of a button. Burton also announces that he intends to submit seven films into the competition, and that he's hired Devon as an accomplice. Enraged and saddened by his best friend's betrayal, Gus asks Colman to hit him in the head with a baseball bat. Despite Max's pleas, Colman kills Gus. While Max is calm, believing that Gus still has one penis left, Spike explains that due to an incident a few days prior where he took "the biggest poop anyone's ever pooped", resulting in his near-death, Gus gave Spike one of his penises to save him. Spike holds out hope for some divine intervention, but Max reveals that he was Smokey the Bear all along. Knowing that Gus is truly dead, and the universe seemingly doomed, Max makes plans to drive into the sun, and leaves. Colman, with Devon's help, attempts to finish Bundeloafe II anyway, although he kills Devon in the process. Colman presents a disc marked "Bundeloafe II" to Tim Burton, but intentionally destroys it in front of him. After Colman gives an impassioned speech demonstrating how the two of them aren't so different, he and Tim seem to come to some sort of an agreement. Colman and Jelly run outside while Spike flies into deep space, repeatedly proclaiming that "Art is dead!". However, Tim Burton inexplicably detonates Henry anyway, destroying the entire universe.

The cast credits roll over footage of the cast dancing ("This Old, Quiet Town").


  • Gus Dieker as Gus
  • Mitchell Rogers as Gus's Mom
  • Max Anthony as Devon
  • Erik Krause as Ms. Santer
  • Ted Langhorst as Caz / Damon / Shelby
  • Max Wilson as Max / Spike
  • Damon Rothgeb as Twi'gggkgir
  • Jon McAllister as Rooster McPhearson
  • David Radosevic as Johnny Grape
  • Alex Clark as Music Of The World
  • Henry Randle as Henry
  • Jonathan Carter as Gerry of the Gingerbread Desert
  • Allan Labanowski as Tim Burton
  • Victoria Adams as The Eel King
  • Zoey Wilson as Jenny Hauser
  • Ian Abell as King of the Space Forest
  • Colman Hickey as Colman
  • Alan Smithee as Jelly 1
  • Jack Lynch as "Jack"
  • Amanda Loch as Jelly 2
  • Rees Finley as Asslion / Maroni
  • Chuck Wilson as Dr. Ice Cream
  • Nate Slavin as Greg
  • Adam Herbst as Elvis Aaron Presley


Dieker has stated that the title "Bundeloafe" originated from "a nonsense word [he] remembered from a dream", and that he and Wilson "verbally wrote Bundeloafe II" over the course of a "couple of years". Most of the movie was shot in 2012.[1] The film was shot in colour on DV tape before being post-converted into black-and-white.[2]


The film had its premiere at the Grandview Theater in Ohio on July 27, 2013.[3] It was later screened at the Gateway Film Center in Ohio on November 18, 2013. The film was later released on limited edition VHS alongside a soundtrack CD.[4] On June 16, 2015, the film was officially uploaded to YouTube.[5]


Music from the Motion Picture Bundeloafe II: The Return of Jaffar
📅 Released2013
⏳ Length48:05
🏷️ LabelDick Mite Records

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The film's soundtrack received a CD release alongside its home video release,[4] and was later officially uploaded in its entirety to YouTube.[6]

1."Twinkle Toes"0:48
2."Happy Devon Theme"0:24
3."High School"1:21
4."Seven Thirty-One"0:31
5."Party People"1:16
6."Your Friend's Really Something"0:54
9."Title Screen"0:18
10."You OK, Devon?"0:11
11."Welcome To Space"1:05
12."The Offices Of IB"0:14
13."The Auteur"1:18
14."Little Blue Ball"1:48
16."Spike's Tacos"2:00
18."Smokey The Bear"1:24
19."Tim Burton"1:56
21."Bundeloafe Medley"3:22
22."Gotta Piss"0:48
25."Sad Devon Theme"0:38
26."Black Flag"1:00
28."Hopped Up On Bleach"0:45
29."Dark Gus Theme"2:15
30."Don't Believe Everything You Read"1:47
31."Welcome To Space 2"1:23
32."Art Is Dead"3:52
33."This Old, Quiet Town" (Based on "I Feel the Earth Move" by Carole King)2:13
Total length:48:05


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