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Creatures in the Metroid series

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This page is intended to be a master list and information base for all Metroid series species. Except for articles on major characters, like Samus Aran, the Chozo, and Ridley, most individual pages about such animals should redirect to here. If such pages do not, please help by merging their content onto this page and redirecting them.

This is a list of Metroid series species, organized by first appearance.

Major characters[edit]


A young Samus and an elderly Chozo from Metroid: Zero Mission.

The Chozo are an anthropomorphic species of avian bipeds, known to be of great intelligence. Chozo scientists were the ones who designed Samus Aran's Power Suit.


Samus Aran[edit]

The protagonist, equipped with a Chozo-made Power Suit and known as one of the best bounty hunters in the galaxy. She was orphaned at a young age and raised by the Chozo.

Galactic Federation Troopers[edit]

These troopers wear powered armor and are the infantry of the Galactic Federation. In the game they appear as enemies in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes when an entire crew is possessed by the Ing. Players can scan some of their corpses to access their journal entries. They also appear briefly in the opening clip at the beging of Metroid Prime: Hunters Where they are attacked by "Sylux". They also appear briefly in metroid fusion, in the opening cinematic, following behind samus just before she is attacked by an x-parasite.


File:Metroid 1.jpg
A drawing of a Metroid from the concept art of Metroid Prime.

Metroids are a fictional species of alien predators and the series's name-sake, originating from the planet SR-388. Metroids feed on the "life energy" of their prey in a manner similar to leeches draining a host organism's blood. However, Metroids normally drain enough energy to kill their victims. What the Metroids actually drain is not known. According to the Metroid Fusion instruction manual, the Metroids were engineered by the Chozo to stem the spread of the X Parasites and "Metroid" is the Chozo word for "ultimate warrior".

Space Pirates[edit]

This bipedal race specializes in raiding starships and planets in a quest for dominance in the galaxy. Space Pirates wield various types of arm-mounted guns and scythes in combat. Every game (excluding Metroid II: Return of Samus) has at least one Pirate in it, whether it be the Pirate armies of Super Metroid and Metroid Prime or the lone hunter Weavel in Metroid Prime: Hunters.


Kraid is an extremely large, reptilian general in the Pirate forces on Zebes. Whether he is a particularly intelligent animal or merely tamed is one of many debated topics over Space Pirates, although the Metroid Galaxy Guide suggests he does possess advanced intellect.

Mother Brain[edit]

Mother Brain is a biotechnological being who leads the Zebesian Space Pirates. Whether it or Ridley has more power in the Pirate heirarchy is the topic of many arguments.


Ridley is a Dragon-like animal who is the leading general of the Space Pirates. He is also easily assumed to be the "Supreme Commander" of the entire Pirate society. Ridley has been in more games than any other general, and has gone through many incarnations throughout the Metroid time-line.



Also misspelled Desgeega or Desgeenga, the Dessgeega is a cousin of side-hopper found in parts of Norfair in both Metroid, Super Metroid, and Metroid: Zero Mission. An X Parasite mimicry of the dessgeega (which can now shoot thorns from both sides) can be found in the TRO (tropical) sector of the Biologic Space Labs of Metroid Fusion. The Dessgeega is also the creature within an observation chamber you find on the Space Pirate Frigate, Orpheon in the intro of Metroid Prime. When passing nearby its chamber, it will violently damage its door trying to escape. It can be scanned, but does not give biological research for it, only that it is a Xenotech & some other information on it.


The Dragon of Norfair looks more like a seahorse than a typical dragon. Seen in Metroid, Super Metroid, and Metroid: Zero Mission; it appears from a pond of lava and shoots fireballs. It can only be damaged by super missiles, fully charged shots, and screw attack. They are quite easy to kill and do little more than annoy players in the games mentioned above, however, in select scenarios in Metroid: Zero Mission it can cause death by knocking the player into lava.


Found in the lower levels of Norfair and in some areas of ridley's domain, Nova are best described as living fireballs. Despite this flaming nature, they can be frozen quite easily. They come in three varieties.

Green Nova[edit]

Slow moving Nova inhabiting in Ridley's lair. They have a perpetual frown, and their face disappears from time to time. When it appears, the Nova looks like it is letting out a silent moan. They behave exactly like Zoomers.

Red Nova[edit]

Red versions of the Green Nova. They travel faster than their weaker green counterparts. They are the equivalent of Geemers in their area.

Flying Nova[edit]

These orange-red Nova bounce around inside the room they are contained in. They are the only Nova with visible flames around them. Flying Nova are rare, but are the only Nova that appear in the region of Norfair outside Ridley's lair.


Small floating beetles which move horizontally back and forth and can only be killed with the Super Missile or Screw Attack. Rippers are commonly frozen and used as platforms to reach otherwise inaccessible areas. They are found on Zebes and come in many different forms, though they are most commonly brownish, with two main segments - a smallish, pointed head section, taking up approximately one tenth of the body, and the main body, which is protected on the top by a smooth roundish shell in the manner of a turtle.

Rocket Ripper[edit]

Red or purple-colored Rippers which travel much faster and have exhaust flames behind them. These generally have more bulk than common Rippers and are boxlike in shape compared to normal Rippers' more ovaloid appearance.

Winged Ripper[edit]

A unique Ripper with small wings that allow it to travel in a circle instead of back and forth. The Winged Ripper is used as a platform in the boss fight with Imago's cocoon in Metroid: Zero Mission.


Shriekbat concept art

Shriekbats are bat-like aerials who hang upside-down from ceilings. They have an extremely high body temperature and are very territorial - if anything wanders into their territory they fly towards the intruder and explode.

Shriekbats vary in appearance depending on the planet they are found on; on Zebes, Tallon IV, and the planets of the Alimbic cluster, they look nearly identical, with the only difference being that Zebesian Shriekbats release shrapnel from their bodies if they impact the ground, while the others merely release a wave of heat. The Shriekbats of Aether look nothing like the others, and resemble a floppy purple horseshoe. Technically, the Zebesians are not Shriekbats, but possibly a subspecies called Skrees.


Sidehoppers are insectoids found in Metroid: Zero Mission, Super Metroid, Metroid Fusion and Metroid Prime (although not as live enemies in Prime). They have two armored legs and jump side-to-side, hence their name. In Prime, the only Sidehopper is a Phazon-infused experiment locked behind an impenetrable door on the Orpheon, but this may be a Dessgeega instead. Later, its tank becomes infested with the vine-like Aqua Reapers.


Mysteriously, Brinstar (and many other areas in Zebes) are covered in green pipes which look similar to the pipes in Super Mario Bros., another Nintendo game. The Zeb flies out of these pipes at the enemy. However, it is very lightly armored and does not do much damage. They continue to attack in infinite number, so standing in front of a pipe and repeatedly killing them for their health or missile powerups is an easy way to recharge in the absence of an energy station or missile station. There is a unique pipe enemy for each region of Zebes.


Samus blasting the first of five Zebetites.

Zebetites, sometimes called Zeebetites, are Mother Brain's life support units. A rapid barrage of missiles will cause them to shrink and eventually disappear, clearing the path for Samus Aran to advance. However, if the attack is stopped prematurely, they will grow back. Zebetites are extremely resilient and hard to destroy without Missiles, thus making their secondary purpose defense.

Theoretically, the energy provided by these Zebetites are required to keep Mother Brain alive. However, she does not seem to die spontaneously after the Zebetites are destroyed.

A Zebetite appears to be a tube filled with a red organic substance, connected to metallic pipes.

Zebetites have appeared in every Metroid game featuring the Mother Brain: Metroid, Super Metroid and Metroid: Zero Mission. The Metroid password contains a bit for each Zebetite, indicating whether it has been destroyed.


Zoomer concept art

Small semi-circular mollusk with spikes along their backs. Their intellect is limited to walking in set patterns along the terrain, meaning that Samus Aran must accidentally run or jump into them in order to be harmed. In Metroid Prime Hunters, shooting them with the power beam gives out 30 units of energy each.

It should be noted that the Zoomer and Geemer scans in Metroid Prime Hunters tell us that Geemers are known for rooting around in waste and that Zoomers are known for spreading disease (most notably a type of flesh-eating bacterium which wiped out many native species to Zebes), which is comparable to the real life rat.


A version of the loomer cousin Zoomer which, in Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime Hunters, is indestructible if shot by the Power Beam. When attacked in this fashion, it defends itself by protruding spines. The only way to destroy a Geemer in Metroid Prime Hunters is to shoot it with any of the six sub-weapons or a missile, and in Metroid Prime, to shoot it with a charged beam or missile. When scanned in Metroid Prime Hunters, the readout says: "A small but dangerous creature that exposes sharp spikes on its back when threatened. This scavenger is known to forage through human refuse and is an infamous pest on Zebes." In the side-scrolling games, Geemers are merely able to take more damage before dying. They are red instead of black.

Artificial Intelligence[edit]

The AI routine is as follows: The Geemer begins by moving in either the left or right direction. When the Geemer encounters a vertical wall, it rotates by 90 degrees and walks up the wall it hit. Conversely, if the Geemer walks off of a ledge, it rotates -90° and walks down the wall. This allows Geemers to move in simple circles around a complex room or object.

There is a flaw in the Geemer AI in the original Metroid. If the object the Geemer is standing on is removed, the Geemer continually spins in place, as the AI is constantly rotating by -90°. This is fixed in Super Metroid, as the Geemer unceremoniously falls to the floor.

In Super Metroid, a Geemer of the ordinary blue/purple type is one of the first enemies encountered. It does minimal damage. When Samus Aran fires a Super Missile at a wall or ceiling, the resulting shockwave causes all Geemers in the area to fall off the ledge they were on.

Geemers are also seen in Metroid Prime, as three dimensional creatures resembling a turtle. They follow a very similar AI modified for three dimensional movement.


There are several varieties of Geemer. There are the ordinary blue/purple ones found in Crateria, a gray type (also found in Crateria) that can only be harmed by heavy weapons like Power Bombs or the Plasma Beam, and other Geemer-like creatures which follow identical AI routines but look more like crabs or insects. Geemers in Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime Hunters are actually different from Zoomers, Geemers have retractable spikes and are only damaged by missiles, Super missiles, missile combos, power bombs, and the plasma beam. However, Zoomers are damaged by all weapons.

Red Geemer[edit]

There is also a unique quirk involving Geemers in Super Metroid. In Crateria, there is a small enclosed room on the right side, close to the Wrecked Ship. It is visible on the map as a small rectangle surrounded by a much larger room. When Samus enters this room, a Reddish Geemer is visible above her. This Geemer follows a different pattern from normal Geemers, as it will match Samus' horizontal movements on top of the tube. This Geemer can be killed by the Wave Beam or Power Bombs, but the item dropped by it (usually energy or missiles, like any other enemy) can never be collected. Further, this particular passage can be approached from above, but when the player reaches it, the Geemer is absent. Since no programmer has specifically said why they put this Geemer here, it is likely that it is an easter egg.

Metroid: Zero Mission[edit]

Acid Worm[edit]

A long, tentacle that appears in Kraid's lair after activating the ziplines. It appears from a shallow pool of acid and attacks by shooting its entire upper body out of the acid, while leaving some still submerged to serve as an anchor. Samus must wait for it to wiggle its tentacles (the sign it will attack) and ride the zipline in the room to another platform. The worm gets stuck in the block Samus was standing on, exposing a weak exoskeletal joint that is highly vulnerable to missiles, however, damage can be dealt via beams.

Bio Barrier[edit]

The Bio Barrier is a living blockade- a large smooth sphere suspended in the air by veinlike appendages. It will not attack players and cannot be defeated by any of Samus' weapons. The only way to destroy it is to carry the small parasites called Blootiks who attach to Samus. When she approaches a Bio Barrier with blootiks on her, they will leap off and quickly eat away at the barrier. It should be noted that unless Samus has the Varia suit, these bugs will damage her as well if there are at least four on her.


Tiny parasites who attach to Samus if she touches them, but do not do any damage to her unless there are many attached to her at once. The Varia Suit seems to nullify this damage. They disappear if the Morph Ball Bomb is used or if Samus walks to another room. The Blootiks can be used to destroy Bio Barriers.

Charge Beam Beast[edit]

This spiny worm of incredible size appears at different points in the Brinstar region until Samus defeats it or it appears five times. It uses its long body to box in Samus, then shoves its head at her. Upon returning the head to the ceiling , it opens its eye to find Samus. The eye can be damaged during this time. As the name suggests, killing the creature gives Samus the Charge Beam.


A giant bee-like organism who is originally fought in its cocoon, but is later fought inside a cave to obtain the first Super Missile pack. As a cocoon, the player must use the Winged Ripper to jump up and hit the "vines" holding it up, making it crash through the floor. In its final form, the player must repeatedly hit Imago's stinger to kill it and cause it to destroy another wall and obtain the Super Missile.

Ruins Test(also called Warrior Shrine)[edit]

When Samus finally works her way through Chozodia and escapes the Space Pirates, she reaches a room that she once visited as a child. This room contains a massive painting of a Chozo warrior. Samus engages in battle with this painting; four emblems are present on the surrounding wall, and they are "absorbed" by the orb the warrior is holding. The orb will occasionally flash an emblem, and Samus must shoot the orb during this brief period of time. When an emblem is not showing, the orb has a mirror image of Samus. If the orb is shot during this time, Samus damages herself. Shooting all four emblems (they return to their respective location on the wall after being shot once) will give Samus her new Power Suit, and activate the three Unknown Items.

Security Eye[edit]

Eye-like robots which emit a beam of light. If the beam is disrupted, they alert the Space Pirates of Samus's presence and begin shooting energy beams. They can only be found in Chozodia.

Metroid Prime[edit]


Color-inaccurate concept art of a Beetle

Burrowing insects from the planet Tallon IV that attack in groups of two or more. These insect burrow no less than ten feet below the surface of Tallon IV, if they feel movement aboveground they reapproach the surface and attack the intruder by ramming it with their tusks.

Plated Beetle[edit]

Very much like its smaller relative, the Beetle, it will attack any intuders by ramming them. Plated Beetles are stronger than normal Beetles, and are made more difficult to injure by a stronger exoskeleton that covers its front and sides, which are now impervious to damage. Plated Beetles are vulnerable, however, in their back: a red tail-end is exposed and susceptible to damage. Plated Beetles are best defeated by sidestepping to avoid their ramming attacks, and using the opening that results to attack the weak spot.


Small scavenger insects which use frozen water to form an icy shell on their backs which deflects beam weapons and can only be destroyed by a missile or the plasma beam. They build this shell by hanging upside-down during early development, forming a stalactite on themselves.


Flaahgra is a giant mutant plant poisoning the waters in the Chozo Ruins in Metroid Prime. It is located in the Sun Chamber and drops the Varia Suit when defeated. Flaahgra's energy comes from sunlight reflected from four dishes set around it. It has four tentacles that retract when no sunlight is pointing at Flaahgra, exposing its base to explosions from morph ball bombs.

It attacks by swiping at Samus with scythe-like arms and shooting a line of poison plants in her way. Flaahgra can also smack an already flipped dish back so it is directing sunlight back at it. Attacks from missiles and charge beam shots can momentarily stun Flaahgra giving Samus a chance to flip a dish before Flaahgra starts resetting the dish positions.

In the game Samus's logbook counts Flaahgra's tentacles as a separate organisms. The tentacles are the roots of Flaahgra that are protruding from the base of his structure where its central nervous system is located.

Hive Mecha[edit]

A large, bulbuous security unit which houses the Ram War Wasps; a design flaw makes it weak around the points where it discharges the attacking wasps.

Incinerator Drone[edit]

The Incinerator Drone is a garbage disposal robot. It consists of a somewhat bulky vertical, heavily armored column that houses the majority of its parts, and rotating flamethrowers, placed opposite to each other. These flamethrowers are normally horizontal, but can tilt 45 degrees up or down. The Incinerator Drone's armor is impervious to weaponry, but in order to locate garbage and prey it must raise a red optical sensor which is vulnerable to concussive blasts such as missiles. When this is hit, a column of flame is projected vertically into a nest of barbed war wasps.


The Jelzap is a fish specie of carnivorous underwater sea creature found in Metroid Prime. Jelzaps are vaguely triangular in shape, with two electrically bound skeletal sections, the top containing the brain, and the bottom containing the stomach and digestive tract. The Jelzap is at the top of the aquatic food chain on Tallon IV. To destroy one, players must wait until its middle core is revealed, then use the ice beam to freeze it and shatter it, or hit its core with a fully charged beam shot.


Magmoor concept art

Magmoors are lava serpents that dwell in the lava of the Magmoor Caverns beneath the crust of Tallon IV. These creatures are unable to see, however they do have a very accurate sonar. When prey is sensed they rear their heads from the lava and attack their prey with fire that they project from their mouth. When their skull has taken a large amount of damage, blood rushes to their head and it explodes.


These small insects are native to Tallon IV and are dangerous in packs, although harmless by themselves. According to Space Pirate research entries and the Ice Parasite logbook data, Parasites are remarkably fast at adapting to new environments, becoming completely adapted to any change in their surroundings and (apparently) food supply in as little as three generations, although it is implied that exposure to Phazon greatly shortens this time.

Ice Parasite[edit]

This adapted form of Space Parasite, found in Phendrana Drifts, has what appears to be a coat of ice covering its body, though this probably just an exoskeleton. This form is more durable than regular Parasites, although it only takes a few shots to kill.

Parasite Queen[edit]

The first boss in Metroid Prime, the Parasite Queen is located on the Space Pirate Frigate. The Parasite Queen was made by genetically combining phazon with the Parasite genome. As a result the Parasite Queen is huge and has the ability to shoot acid from its mouth. It can also create multiple Parasites very quickly. After three Parasite Queens escaped on the Space Pirate frigate Orpheon they killed most of the crew. However, one was killed by being burned to death while another was killed in battle lying dead in the emergency evacuation area. The other one was fought and killed by Samus in the nuclear reactor of the ship. This was a grave mistake because as soon as the Parasite Queen was defeated it fell into the reactor core causing a meltdown and ultimately the destruction of the frigate. Most of the Parasite Queen is quite resilient but it can be injured by firing on its mouth which is its weakest point. It is surrounded by rotating shields.

Plated Parasite[edit]

An armored variant of Space Parasite, Plated Parasites can only be harmed by Morph Ball Bombs and Power Bombs. They appear in abundance on the Spider Ball track that leads to the Plasma Beam.


The Plazmite is a small glowing firy insect like fire fly that lights up and is attracted to sources of heat. Although not too dangerous it can attack an enemy by ramming it.


A creature resembling the Bull, which floats in the air and emits puffs of poisonous gas.

Reaper Vine[edit]

Reaper Vines are long, plantlike creatures with scythe-like "noses" that hide in recesses in walls throughout the Chozo Ruins. Only their eyes are vulnerable, although only a charged Plasma Beam can kill them. All other shots cause them to retract into their holes, which is really all that is needed to bypass them.

Aqua Reaper[edit]

The aquatic cousins of Reaper Vines. They are long, tentacle shaped beings who have the exact same weaknesses as their dry land relatives. Aqua Reapers do have one ability that Reaper Vines lack; they can grow vertically and swing their entire body, and are not limited to the horizontal, hacking motion that is the Reaper Vine's only defense.


Small, blue bugs which travel in swarms and embed themselves in the ground when an enemy comes near. They violently explode when touched or shot at.


A Sheegoth is a creature that appears in Metroid Prime. Sheegoths are found in the Phendrana Drifts area of Tallon IV. They are bipedal reptile-like creatures with a large mouth filled with razor-sharp teeth. Baby Sheegoth have a shell formed from ice which they use to protect their vulnerable back. Baby Sheegoth are fairly resilient, as they are generally only susceptible to damage on their aforementioned backside. Adult Sheegoths are much larger than baby sheegoths, and their invulnerable, spiked shells can absorb beam weapon energies, which the Sheegoth collects and fires at an enemy when built up. Sheegoths can also blow super-cooled air from their mouth, freezing prey solid, though in beta versions of the game, a Sheegoth was seen breathing fire. Sheegoths have poor endurance however, and hyperventilate after performing this attack, leaving their mouth vulnerable to weapons fire. Their soft underbellies are also vulnerable to concussive blasts.

In the sequel, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, a creature called a Grenchler is similar to the Baby Sheegoths.

Tallon Crab[edit]

Tallon Crab concept art

Small crabs which travel in very large numbers. They are harmless by themselves, but can be dangerous if encountered in packs. Tallon Crabs inhabit the wreckage of the Orpheon, on the Tallon Overworld.


Thardus (cinema)

Thardus is an experiment created by the Space Pirates who used Phazon on inorganic objects to make sentient beings for weapons, but the Pirates gave up trying to pacify it since it became too dangerous. Thardus is locked in a quarantine cave from which it is too large to exit. Thardus has the ability to control the weather, roll into a ball, hurl large phazon-infused rocks, and encase enemies in ice. However, the Phazon experiments resulted in structural weaknesses within the rock that make up Thardus. In the combat visor, it has no visible weak point, but the thermal visor reveals the rock that will damage it. After dealing enough damage to it, the outer coating of the rock will break and the heat coming from it will overload the thermal visor, rendering it useless. Switching back to the combat visor reveals that the rock has turned the neon blue color of Phazon ore. A few more hits dealt to this rock will destroy it, advancing the round of the battle. Once the rock is destroyed, another will become weak, and therefore visible to the thermal visor. After the first few rocks are destroyed, Thardus will summon a snowstorm, which greatly impairs visibility with the combat visor. When the battle is nearing the end, the storm will be repelled, and it is very easy to defeat Thardus's largest ("heart") rock, which takes quite a few more hits to shatter. After its defeat, Thardus yields the Spider Ball augmentation, which is necessary to leave Quarantine Cave.


A small hunter-gatherer insect with tripartite jaws. It is commonly used as a hazard in Morph Ball mazes, and will pick up the Morph Ball and bring it back to the start if touched. Their habit of collecting objects can be used against them, however, by dropping Bombs which the Triclops will then pick up.

A robot version of the Triclops, called Mechlops, was created by the Luminoth when they found that they could not domesticate the creatures. They are identical, except for their appearance - while the Triclops is mostly red and orange, the Mechlops has a gray, metallic colour.

War Wasp[edit]

War Wasp concept art

War Wasps are large wasps that are fiercely territorial. There are three types of war wasps cousin in Metroid Prime:

  • War Wasps
  • Barbed War Wasps
  • Ram War Wasps

Additional types which were added in Metroid Prime: Hunters include:

  • Blue Barbed War Wasps
  • Red Barbed War Wasps

Barbed War Wasp[edit]

The most aggressive of the War Wasp family. This War Wasp has the ability to launch its stinger up to twenty meters and regrow its stinger in seconds. This War Wasp is found with the mini-boss, the Incinerator drone, in which the drone disturbs their hive, causing them to attack the player. In Hunters, the wasps were found on an inactive door, and came out of their hives when electricity passed over them. The hives wouldn't stop producing the wasps, and also had to be destroyed.

Red Barbed War Wasp[edit]

A species of Barbed War Wasp which shoots an extremely hot projectile.

Blue Barbed War Wasp[edit]

A mutated version of the Red Barbed War Wasp capable of surviving in a frozen environment and launching freezing stingers.

War Wasps in Echoes[edit]
File:War Wasp 2.JPG
War Wasps as they appear in Echoes

The second Metroid Prime game is missing Barbed War Wasps. However, both the Dark and Light forms of regular Wasps can shoot a weak energy blast from their stinger, making up for the true Barbed War Wasp's absense.

Ram War Wasp[edit]

The fastest and smartest of the War Wasp family. The Ram War Wasps will surround an enemy and attack it by moving in circles around it, then attacking in unison. They are part of the boss fight against the Hive Mecha, which is a defense system that shelters Ram War Wasps and makes use of their coordinated attacks against intruders.

Metroid Prime: Hunters[edit]


The Alimbics were highly intelligent civilisational animals who were all but wiped out by Gorea after a meteor it was traveling on impacted one of their homeworlds. Alimbics' brains possessed large frontal lobes and they were quick decision makers, as well as proficient in psychic abilities such as telepathy and essence transference . Their heads hover in the air without use of a neck, like the Kriken. The Alimbics built two large space stations, called the Celestial Archives and the Vesper Defense Outpost. The Alimbics were the first to discover "essence transference", by using "essence transference" the Alimbics turn their bodies into concentrated psychic power. This was used to seal Gorea who was too great to be slain by conventional weaponry.

An interesting feature of the Alimbic's appearance is their striking similarity to Gorea's first form. This is likely due to Gorea's ability to suck the life-force straight out of organisms and adapt them to it's own needs (this is strangely reminiscent of the Metroid Prime's Phazon mutations), and since it's first victims were Alimbics, it took on their appearance.

Alimbic Turret[edit]

Stationary turrets, these point-defense systems are equipped with DNA-scanners. When the scanners pick up something that is not Alimbic, the turrets will activate (their activation is indicated by a rather loud chirping sound) and fire at the target. The Alimbic Turret 1.0 fires regular shots and missiles, the Alimbic Turret 1.4 fires shots similar to Battlehammer blasts, and the Alimbic Turret 2.7 fires shots that parallel the Imperialist. V2.7 has better aim than any other enemy with an imperialist. Turrets are usually found in groups.

Arctic Spawn[edit]

The Arctic Spawn is similar to the Fire Spawn in appearance, except for the fact that it's blue, and the Fire Spawn is red. The Arctic Spawn dwells in the ice of Fault Line, Arcterra. It throws ice from its hands, capable of freezing its target solid. The Magmaul is effective against the Arctic Spawn. The Arctic Spawn yields the Imperialist when defeated.


A piece of Alimbic defense technology shaped like a totem pole and with a rectangular "brain" on top. The many rotating turrets on its side can fire plasma or chemical laser beams; when they are blue they can be destroyed, but when they are red they are invulnerable. If all turrets are destroyed, the "brain" rises out of the top of the structure to fire energy bursts and can be shot to damage Cretaphid. The turrets and brain can most easily be destroyed by circle strafing, a technique that allows the player to dodge their slow shots while jumping over the lasers. The most advanced model of Cretaphid can move around the room, using its outer casing as a weapon.



Diamonts are an ancient silicon-based race whose bodies are composed of organic rock. Mondreus was their home planet. The Diamont are now extinct, however, the reason is unknown. The entire race had simply vanished, leaving no clues behind. This was possibly due to genocide by an unknown evil foe.


Spire was the only remaining Diamont. His name is derived from a spire of rock, three of which he has on his back. Spire's life as a bounty hunter took him from one end of the galaxy to the other, while he continually searched for some information on the location, or fate, of the rest of his people. When he received a message from the Alimbic Cluster, he raced to the system with the hope that finding the Alimbics' source of ultimate power and solving the mystery of their lost race would help him solve the mystery of his own. His weapon is called the Magmaul and his alternate form is a large, spiked boulder called the Dialanche which can scale walls and orbit two thick slabs of rock around it for attack, revealing the spiked, crystal like center. Spire can also walk (or roll) in lava without taking damage. Spire's Magmaul was copied by Gorea.

Weapon of Choice: Magmaul - A fiery grenade launcher weapon. When Spire charges it, it can ignite opponents.
Alt. form: Dialanche - A rock-like sphere that can climb walls and orbit rocks around it as an attack.


Enoema are a fictional alien race from the Metroid series. The only Enoema seen are Kanden and his weapon, the Volt Driver. Enoema is not truly a species, but is what anything coming from the Enoema Living Weapons Project is called an Enoema


Kanden was an experiment to create a so-called supersoldier: a soldier that could battle and kill anything, and was indestructible. However, Kanden's mind and psychology were still no more than a mere mortal's, thus meaning that his brain could not withstand the awesome and complicated neural combat encoding sequences. This completely transformed his mind, leaving him as a ferocious, unbelievably powerful and dangerously unpredictable superhuman. Kanden escaped the research lab, killing the scientists that made the enhancements and surgical modifications and also destroying the reaserch lab. Kanden then took great advantage of his strength, near-invincibility, and near-immortality by trying his hand at becoming a bounty hunter. It would be impossible to trick him into not doing something violent; anything he sees, he kills at his own unpredictable will, and his conscience is rendered useless by the neurological enhancements. Built with programming to hunt, combat, and destroy, he could be the ultimate super-soldier. When Kanden received word of the Ultimate Power in the Alimbic Cluster, Kanden sees a great advantage that he can grasp in his superhuman hands. His part of the opening clip shows him escaping from a burning building then screeching with somewhat victorious body langauge after it explodes. At the very start of the fight with Gorea, it copies Kanden's Volt Driver.

Weapon Of Choice: Volt Driver (A power shot that absorbs energy from a planet's electromagnetc field. When charged by Kanden, homes in to the opponent disrupts the opponent's visor. A charged shot can hit more than one hunter including himself if too close to the exploding radius.)
Alt Form: Stinglarva (When attacking, a piece is broken off from the tail and homes in on a target ready to explode. Can only break off one bomb at a time )

Fire Spawn[edit]

A Fire Spawn is a miniboss in Metroid Prime Hunters. It dwells in Council Chamber, Alinos. It is a giant lava dwelling, humanoid creature with a hexagonal maw. It attacks by throwing rocks of molten lava at its target, which also set the target on fire. Its only weak point is its mouth, and it can only be damaged when it is open. The Judicator is particularly effective against the Fire Spawn. When the Fire Spawn is defeated, it yields the Magmaul.


Template:Spoilers Gorea is the name of the creature that arrived at the Alimbic Cluster on a meteor in gaseous form. It appears in Metroid Prime: Hunters as the final boss. After the meteor impact, Gorea proceeded to copy the Alimbics' cellular structure and destroy their civilization in a swift rampage of terror. The Alimbics were able to contain Gorea by using one of their artifacts, the Seal Sphere, and trapping it within the Oubliette. Seeking a way to break free, Gorea sent out a telepathic message to life forms all over the galaxy that spoke of a ultimate power in the Alimbic Cluster, in hopes that the promise of this power would bring life forms powerful enough to free Gorea from its prison so it could re-enter the galaxy and destroy all in its path. Gorea has three legs, changes color depending on the colour of the weapon it is using, is slightly bigger than Samus, and still possesses the Seal Sphere, located in the middle of its body, from which it draws power. The hunters who found the Seal Sphere had their power drained, and Gorea copied their abilities and weapons. He drained Weavel's and Noxus's the most. Therefore, Gorea was able to use all of the hunters weapons. Gorea is heavily armored, and its body is impervious to conventional weaponry. The color of its shoulders, however, indicate the type of weapon they are vulnerable to, and can be destroyed by the weapon of matching color. When its shoulders are destroyed, Gorea flips upside down and the Seal Sphere rises above its legs. In this form, Gorea may be damaged when Samus uses the same weapons that destroyed Gorea's shoulders to attack the Seal Sphere, damaging Gorea due to its connection with it. The Seal Sphere is slightly vulnerable to power beams and is more vulnerable to Imperialists. It uses tentacles and creatures known as Trocras's that explode on contact to attack. After repeating the cycle of destroying its shoulders and damaging the Seal Sphere enough times, Gorea will be defeated. However, if Samus had shot the symbols on the walls of the battleground with their corresponding weapons in the exact order as prophesized by the Alimbics, Gorea is revived and Gorea and Samus are transported to a new area in the Oubliette that contains a blue raised platform and a shield at the bottom of the platform containing the Omega Cannon, an extremely potent weapon. In this battle, Gorea uses a powerful laser attack and hurls meteors while it teleports around the battlefield. Ultimately, Samus uses the Omega Cannon to defeat Gorea once and for all.


Specifically designed to guard the Alimbic Order, these intelligent sentry automatons are now programmed to serve in its absence. Guardians can shoot a variety of projectiles emulating the weapons of Noxus, Spire, Weavel, and Kanden. These intelligent androids often travel in packs, attacking with energy projectiles produced by three small fusion generators located in the cranium. Guardians are more skilled at fighting than their less advanced robotic counterparts, and will jump around to avoid damage, fight in packs, and use cover. Regular Guardians can be defeated by a headshot from a charged shot. They also have upside-down vision.


Continuing the tradition of bipedal lizard-like reptiles started in Metroid Prime, the Ithrak are found in Metroid Prime: Hunters. It is something of a mix between a Skree and a Sheegoth, in the sense that it waits for the player on the ceiling, and when the player arrives, drop down (like a Skree) and attack in a way similar to that of the Sheegoth. There are two varieties of Ithrak: the Lesser Ithrak, which can be shot on any part of its body, and the Greater Ithrak, which, although it can only be harmed by shooting the backside, can be destroyed with only one missile blast. The Greater Ithrak only appears twice, defending an Alimbic Artifact in the Celestial Archives and another on Arcterra, in Sanctorus. All Ithrak are more vulnerable if shot while hanging from the ceiling.


The Kriken Empire is one of the most hated and feared insect humanoid races in the galaxy of darkness. They move like a swarm from planet to planet, conquering it and adding it to the Kriken empire. The Kriken are giant red insectoid creatures with skinny appendages. Their heads only have one red eye and no other features. Another noticeable aspect of the Kriken is that they have no neck; their heads hover in the air above their shoulders with no connection to their body, much like the Alimbics. A glowing orb is located at the center of their bodies. Trace also has a hand scythe or dagger, which could either be a natural appendenge common to all Krikens, or a surgical enhancement akin to the blades and lobster claws grafted onto the Space Pirate troopers. The Kriken go through exile when young.


The Kriken youth Trace was undergoing a rite of passage in exile, searching for worlds that the greedy and evil Kriken race can invade. Using sophisticated Kriken technology, Trace could morph into a three-legged mechanism called the Triskelion that could lunge at its enemies with vicious needlepoint claws and become almost completely invisible when stationary. In addition to searching the Alimbic Cluster for new worlds for the Krikens to invade, Trace was seeking the Alimbic treasure to give more power to his race, which would result in Trace gaining more power. Due to the likelihood of his high rank, as hinted at in the opening cinematic (he stands atop many Krikens forming a mountain with seemingly no purpose but to hold him up), it is possible he is the leader of the Krikens, or, more likely, a prince of some sort. Trace's Imperialist was copied by Gorea.

Weapon of Choice: Imperialist (A sniper beam that can zoom onto opponents. While the beam is equipped, Trace can become partially invisible if he remains still)
Alternate Form: Triskelion, uses a lunging attack that can inflict very heavy damage (about 50 damage points) if a direct hit. As with using the Imperialist, Trace may become invisible in this form while not moving.


Floating in Samus' view

The Petrasyl are harmless from a distance. On contact with its toxin body can burn through all but the toughest materials. The airborne creature can usually be found in a group of two or much more of its kind. They carry a close resemblance of a Mochtroid.

Psycho Bit[edit]

Small flying robots which shoot a variety of projectile types. They come in 4 versions - the higher versions tend to be more resilient. Regular Psycho Bits shoot plasma, and the green incarnations are more powerful and powered by a nanoscale nuclear reactor. The later versions shoot magma, electricity and ice.


The Quadtroid is a genetically engineered species created from leech and reptile DNA. The creature is built similarly to a Metroid in that it has a large green membrane and nuclei inside of it. It also latches onto creatures and saps energy similarly to a Metroid, and, like a Metroid, can only be removed with a Morph Ball bomb. However, instead of floating like a Metroid, the creature crawls on the ground with its claws and possesses a tail. It is not known if the creature was created by the Chozo or someone else, but it has many similarities to the metroids so it is possible that they were created by the Chozo.


A giant, biomechanical eyeball developed by the Alimbics to safeguard the Octoliths. There are four Slench variants, each progressively harder to destroy. Slench is invulnerable while connected to the wall, and uses three synapses to channel energy to energy turrets. If all synapses are damaged, Slench separates from the wall and fires at the player, but it is vulnerable if shot in the center of the eye. Later Slench models have the ability to charge at the player, roll around the room and shoot different projectiles, and have synapses shielded against all except one type of weapon.


Sylux is a character in Metroid Prime: Hunters. Little is known about Sylux other than that the bounty hunter had an intense hatred for the Galactic Federation and Samus Aran. Sylux's alternate form was a small hovercraft/tank called the Lockjaw, which lays tripwire mines. Two must be laid to create a tripwire, which can be left as a trap. If Sylux lays a third mine, forming a triangle, all three explode on anyone who happens to be in between them, causing massive damage. If one more bomb is laid while someone has walked through a tripwire, it may also follow and attack the victim. His weapon of choice is the Shock Coil, a beam that fires bursts of high-density neutrinos, and when used by Sylux allows him to absorb the victim's energy. It gets stronger after a short time of attacking an opponent. Also, in low gravity areas, Sylux's lockjaw form can fly by rapidly laying mines. Sylux's Shock Coil was copied by Gorea.

The game's log entries state that Sylux's suit, gunship known as the Delano 7, and Lockjaw technology are all stolen Galactic Federation Prototypes, and Sylux's Shock Coil is made out of banned nanotechnology and according to its scan, is also a Galactic Federation Prototype.

Sylux's species is unknown, although the game's starting video reveals that he comes from Cylosis, and he is referred to as a male by the game's developers; in concept art, humanlike hands can be seen, which could mean he is human, but the ankle and knee joints seem to thin. The intro video shows the extent of his hatred for the Galactic Federation, showing Sylux dive-bombing an unsuspecting GF trooper, crushing him, then screaming defiantly (the scream sounds vaguely similar to one version of Godzilla's roar) at two other troopers that accompanied the one he killed. It does not, however, explain the reason that Sylux hates the Federation. Also, since his ship, the Delano 7, makes multiple appearances, and due to the fact that in the extended areas of VDO, there are multiple scenes of battle and decay, it is possible he is the main rival out of the five other hunters to Samus. Since he is the only one mentioned with a particular set of feelings for Samus, and he appears first in the intro movie, has been the most prominient in ads; and his movie is the first shown when the game is booted up, this becomes a very likely assumption. He is also second only to Samus for the honor of all-around bounty hunter.


The Vhozon are an alien race with a fanatical view of morality that exceeds virtually any other race in the galaxy. To enforce their sense of justice, they have sent Noxus to the Alimbic Cluster in Metroid Prime Hunters to make sure the "Ultimate Power" that the Alimbics left behind does not fall into the wrong hands.

The Vhozons' home planet is Vho, a planet that has an extremely cold climate and is covered in ice. Because of this, Vhozon's are born with insulated skin, as can be read by scanning Noxus in-game. However, with the introduction of Rundus, a hunter appearing in the upcoming Metroid Prime 3: Corruption who may possibly be Vhozon, it may be that, like humans, Vhozon have noticably different appearances, and don't conform to a species-wide "look".

Also, due to their radical view on justice, it is possible they are enlightened like the Chozo, Luminoth, or Alimbics.


A spiritual being who walked a harsh, righteous path, Noxus has become a bounty hunter to administer justice to the galaxy's criminals and evildoers. As a Vhozon, Noxus may believe that any other race would be or could become corrupt in the quest for "Ultimate Power," giving him reason to attack all hunters including Samus. Otherwise, it is far more likely he would be allied with Samus. He is seen battling Trace in Sic Transit. Before he notices Samus's presence, you can see him jumping around and firing at Trace. If you let the two just fight each other without shooting Noxus, he will mainly go after Trace more than he does at you.

Noxus's weapon of choice is known as the Judicator. It fires supercooled plasma nearing temperatures of absolute zero that ricochet off walls, and fires three bursts when charged. When Noxus uses it, the charge shot is instead a very short-ranged wall of ice which will freeze opponents solid on contact. His alternate form, the Vhoscythe, is himself contracted into a spinning "top" with a blade that can extend and viciously slash enemies on contact. It's power mainly rivals the Magmaul, which might have started a rivalry between Spire and Noxus.

Weapon of choice: Judicator (A super-cooled plasma weapon that shoots a single blue beam that can ricochet off a couple walls before disappearing. When charged it shoots three of these. When wielded by Noxus the charge shot is instead a short range wall of ice that when connects with an enemy, freezes them for a few seconds and can also shield blasts if timed correctly.)

Alternate Form: Vhoscythe (He morphs into a spinning top that can extend a dangerous blade out of it, and because it is a top, it constantly spins and covers every side of him. This form however does have a downside, it can't be manuevered as quickly and easily as the other characters alternate forms.) It can also push enemies away from him and cause between 40-49 damage.


Small, drum-shaped robots which are equipped with two turrets capable of firing a range of projectile types. Voldrums roll around on the floor and are much easier to kill than Guardians.


A basic Voldrum is orangish in color. It fires groups of Battlehammer-type projectiles, with a fast rate of fire. All weapons are effective on the basic voldrum.

Electro Voldrum[edit]

The Electro Voldrum is yellowish in color. It fires two balls of electric energy, which can scramble Samus's visor. A rapid-fire weapon is effective against the Electro Voldrum.

Ice Voldrum[edit]

The Ice Voldrum is blue and purple. It fires chunks of ice that can freeze the target solid. The Magmaul is effective against the Ice Voldrum.

Magma Voldrum[edit]

The Magma Voldrum is reddish in color. It shoots two fireballs from its twin cannons. The Judicator is effective against the Magma Voldrum.


Weavel is a former soldier in the Space Pirate army who was severely wounded by Samus Aran on the Pirate Mothership during her first visit to Zebes, leaving only his brain and spinal cord intact. As a result of the injury Weavel sustained, the hunter can separate its torso from its lower body, which becomes a stationary turret. It is unknown if he seeks the treasure of the Alimbic Cluster for the Space Pirates, or for himself, but he will remain with the Space Pirates as long as it's convenient. He enjoys missions that no other Space Pirate could accomplish because of their reptillian physique.

Weapon Of Choice: Battlehammer (A powerful mortar beam that fires explosive shots rapidly in an arc. When Weavel wields it, it does more damage and has more splash damage.).

Altform: Halfturret (Weavel's body is split into two separate parts, splitting his health and making his lower body becoming an automatic, stationary turret that shoots battlehammer-like shots, while his upper body continues to move about freely wielding an energy sword. Damage taken by the upper half will not do any harm to the turret, but if the turret is attacked, it damages Weavel as a whole. If the turret is destroyed, the player-controlled part will still be controllable, but Weavel will not be able to go back into biped form, and one shot will cause his death).

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes[edit]


Amorbis firing a beam attack

Amorbis is a giant, sand worm guarding the Dark Agon Temple in Dark Aether, with three separate bodies. The main power source of Amorbis is a giant black sphere surging with dark energy. Its name is likely a pun on 'amorphous', which means 'having no clear shape'.

Amorbis will break off from its sphere and will leap out of the sand at random spots trying to ram Samus. Once its outer shell is destroyed it will attach to its sphere. Amorbis will then gain armor and a hornlike head. It will use dark energy to destroy the light crystals. It can also charge up to launch a hyper destructive beam attack. Once Samus destroys its head armor, she must transform into the Morph Ball allowing Amorbis to suck the Morph Ball in its mouth, which is vulnerable to Morph Ball Bombs. After Samus repeats the process it will latch two heads on, doubling its attack power. Once she destroys those it will attach three heads to its sphere. Once all heads are destroyed, Amorbis dies and Samus receives the Dark Suit.


A funnel-shaped, black fish predator whose only vulnerability is its mouth. They ram their prey, then use their three mandibles to eat it.

Alpha Blogg[edit]

The alpha male of the Bloggs, this gigantic Blogg is a mini-boss that prevents Samus from leaving the room in which she obtained the Gravity Boost. It fires sonicbooms, rams Samus, and when defeated, allows her to exit the area with her new Gravity Boost.


Chykka in its Dark Adult form

The Chykka is the insectoid boss guarding the Dark Torvus Temple. When Samus enters the temple, the Chykka is still in its cocoon; a larva emerges from the cocoon when Samus shoots at it. It swims around in the water, occasionally splashing dark water at Samus, and sometimes surfacing and trying to drag Samus in its mouth.

Once the larva is destroyed, the adult form of the Chykka emerges. This is by far the most dangerous form, because it frequently spits dark water at Samus. To defeat this form, weak spots on the back of the wings must be destroyed.

The Chykka's final form, the Dark Adult, spews forth dozens of small Chyklings from its eggsac. This is by far the easiest form to defeat, because it can be destroyed with conventional means, and the comparatively weak swarm of Chyklings provide plenty of extra health and ammunition.

The Chykka switches forms from Adult to Dark Adult each time Samus hits its weak spot often enough. After the Chykka is destroyed, Samus is rewarded with the Dark Visor.

The Chykka lifecycle is something of a mystery; its offspring had no larval phase, said to be the result of a mutation in the logs. It appears to reproduce asexually, given the obvious impossibility of it mating between its growth into the adult form and the immediately ensuing battle.

Dark Preed[edit]

Another variant of the Puffer, a floating, poisonous creature. Technically, the original Preed is a patrol creature used by Space Pirates to monitor the subterreanean areas of Torvus Bog, and because the gas inside it is different from that of Puffers, it probably isn't related. Once the Ing possessed them, they took them to the Dark Agon Wastes as well.


Grenchlers are a fictional water based reptilian predator found on planet Aether in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. They are well armored and deadly at any range, however their back shell is vulnerable to concussive blasts. At close range, they will often attack their prey by attacking viciously with their powerful jaws, although if unable to they have the ability to charge and fire a burst of electrical energy at their foes. In water, Grenchlers are faster and their electrical "grapple" attack behaves more like a bomb blast. They have two thick, muscular legs, which allow it to leap very high and far, a weak orange shell on the back of their body, and they are similar to a raptor or t-rex. They also possess powerful jaws and often travel in pairs. They can also apparently hunt in the water and may even live in it, only emerging for prey.

The common variant has many eyes, while the much larger Grapple Guardian specimen only appears to have one. However, this is most likely because of the Ing influence over the Darkling Grenchler.

This species is often considered to be somewhat related to the Sheegoths, a species found on Tallon IV. This hypothesis is based on the fact of the rough design similarities and behavior of Grenchlers with the young form of the Sheegoths. However, the similarity in design may also be attributed to the developers of the game wanting a similar enemy in Metroid Prime 2, however in a different environment in which the Sheegoth would not survive. Some of the few differences besides physical appearance is the Grenchler's ability to leap and their ability to swim and breath in water, both skills that Sheegoths do not possess.


The Ing are a fictional evil dark spider-alien creature race that is the major foe of Samus Aran in the video game Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. Their name is the Luminoth word for 'terror'. Ing generally take on a dark, hideous, alien look, unless they have possessed other life forms, in which the host remains mostly the same, except that it takes on a blacker hue, spines, and Ing-like eye structures. Ing-possessed organisms usually gain the prefix "Dark-", and become stronger from the possession as well.


These huge robots were created by the Luminoth to guard Sanctuary Fortress. Ingsmashers are large humanoid robots, with two spheres held in their hands, one generating shockwaves, one merely used for clubbing. They are armed with rocket launchers, a barrier generator, and the ability to generate shockwaves. These armaments ensured that Ingsmashers lived up to their name. The Ing eventually possessed a few, but the majority simply went rogue. Other than its darker armor, the Ing-infected versions of the robot are virtually the same as their Light Aether counterparts. Ingsmashers may also use the spheres they hold to create a shield of light or darkness. When this shield is up, only the opposing polarity beam may damage it, and even then only when the sphere is hit, however when no shield is up ingsmashers are vulnerable to all weapon fire.


Kralee are small insects with crystals growing out their backs. These crystals give the Kralee the ability to travel back and forth between dimensions. However, the Kralee has no control over this ability (probably due to Aether's dimensional instability) and spontaneously warps in and out of whatever timespace it happens to be in (this seems to be limited to the "real" world and some unknown dimension; they are never seen in Dark Aether). The Dark Visor allows Samus to track them through the dimensions and destroy them across the dimensional "barrier" without use of a portal.

Green Kralee[edit]

Kralees with green crystals instead of the standard red crystals. They appear earlier in the game than regular Kralees, although they have the exact same strengths and weaknesses. Unlike its warping cousin, the Green Kralee is stuck in the "real" world and can't perform the teleport at all (its Logbook data implies that it doesn't really care about that little quirk in its abilities). Whether this is tied in with the crystal's color is unknown.


A race of intelligent, moth-like creature, whose name is a portmanteau of "luminous" and "moth." They are the original inhabitants of Aether and almost lost the war with the Ing - they put all the remaining members of their race in stasis except one, U-Mos, a sentinel, who helps Samus and later gives her the Light Suit.

Dark Luminoth[edit]

A Dark Luminoth is a Luminoth who has been possessed by the Ing and has betrayed its fellow species. One or more were supposed to be in the final version of the game as a boss or mini-boss, but were taken out for unknown reasons. They remain only as references in Luminoth Lore.

A dark luminoth shown in an early trailer of the Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.


Small messenger drones gone rogue, Octopedes consist of eight small robots that function as a single unit. They can usually be found walking in circles on the walls of certain narrow passages, making it impossible to pass. The destruction of only one Octopede is impossible; if one is damaged sufficiently, the entire chain shatters, and the drones selfdestruct after a few moments. The name "Octopede" literally means "eight legs". Using a Disrupter Blast on a group of Octopedes is a good way to earn both light and dark ammo.


Common enemies in the Agon Wastes, Pillbugs are small worms that live in narrow passages. Upon detecting a possible threat, they curl up into a ball and move at a higher rate of speed. They are more of a nuisance than anything else, as they can make navigation in Morph Ball tunnels much more difficult. Laying a Bomb will stun the bugs, making them drop and exposing their vulnerable underbellies.

Spider Guardian[edit]

A Pillbug that has been possessed by the Darklings that stole Samus's Spider Ball. It is magnetically charged, and must travel by magnet rail. Samus engages it in battle in the Sanctuary Fortress, though the battle itself is more of a puzzle than anything else.

The Guardian's charged nature creates a barrier of energy. When it is hit by a Bomb, it stops, then moves faster. The shield will also change colors. Once its shield has gone from blue to orange, and then from orange to red, the shield goes green. During this time, the Guardian is extremely slow, and it's charge has changed enough to activate Bomb slots in the area. Activating the slot before the Guardian can turn blue again will expose an electrical pylon, which the Guardian rams itself into and takes damage as a result.


Among the most infamous of all enemies in Echoes, Rezbits are small orbs surrounded by many small, blue, square-shaped energy shields. Despite their small size, Rezbits are one of the game's most powerful enemies. They can attack with rapid-fire energy blasts and a long, sweeping beam of energy. They can also focus the shield fragments around them into a shield that repels all weaponry. Their claim to fame, however, is their ability to hack into computer systems. By becoming a being of nearly pure energy (the orb that makes the actual creature stays solid), they can transmit a crippling virus into Samus's suit. This will cause it to shut down and reboot, temporarily hindering her ability to fight. Locking onto a Rezbit while it is preparing the virus is impossible as well. Normally very durable and hardy creatures, they can withstand a pair of Super Missiles before death. Like most Light Aether enemies, they can be frozen by a fully charged Dark Beam and shattered by a Missile quite easily. Rezbits shatter when hit by the Screw Attack in much the same way.


Giant burrowing worms with two heads. Sanddiggers surface when something enters their territory (which is quite small) and attack with sprays of digestive fluids and charges. When the head on one end of its body is destroyed, the other takes over. The second head only has half the energy of the first.

Bomb Guardian[edit]

An Alpha Sanddigger possessed by the Darklings that stole Samus's Morph Ball Bombs. It loses one of its heads in favor of a Bomb-producing tail, and is invulnerable with the exception of this tail. When the tail has taken too much damage, the Guardian will try to generate an exceptionally powerful Bomb in its mouth, but can be shot and damaged during this time.


Ant-like insects resembling Beetles from Metroid Prime, except they dwell in cocoons hanging from walls and ceilings. Upon detecting prey, they break free from the cocoon and attack whatever disturbed them. Although normally rather weak, Darkling possession makes Splinters much more difficult to kill. A Darkling Alpha Splinter serves as the first mini-boss in the game.

Darkling Splinters are responsible for the deaths of the Federation Troopers who landed on Aether.


Sporbs are carnivorous plants that can be found in Torvus Bog. Normally hidden away in their impenetrable base, they spring out when Samus enters Morph Ball form. While in Morph Ball, they will attempt to grab Samus by stretching over short distances to grab her. When in normal form, Sporbs spray acidic darts at Samus. They don't retract once they detect Samus, and can be dispatched with most weaponry quite easily.

Power Bomb Guardian[edit]

This Sporb was possessed by the Darklings that stole Samus's Power Bombs. It has grown to a huge size, and spits Power Bombs instead of the regular Sporb's acid. The Power Bomb energy coursing through it creates a nearly unbreakable shield. But by activating four Bomb Slots nestled at the end of Spider Ball tracks, Samus can deliver enough "kinetic impact" to break the shield. Once the slots have been activated, the ceiling weakens, falling and crushing the Guardian and creating a way out of the room.

Quad (Fusion)[edit]

4-legged robots designed by the Luminoth. They are equipped with turrets and can roll up and spin rapidly to damage the enemy. Each quad is made of two parts: the head (which is called a Quad Command Module/CM) and the spinning base (Quad Main Body/MB). Destroying the head first is preferable, since it requires only a Super Missile when the mechanoid is not spinning, but when separate from a Quad MB, it puts up fields that require alternation between light and dark beam shots to destroy it. There are some Quads that cannot be defeated this way, as the bases will stop and summon another Quad CM whenever theirs is destroyed. Defeating the spinning base is the same, whether or not it has a head to go with it: players need only ram it with a morph ball boost while it is spinning and use bombs to attack the exposed red glow on the stunned base.


Quadraxis is the boss guarding the Dark Sanctuary Temple.

Quadraxis is a high security drone created by the Luminoth, but was taken by the Ing to serve them. Once the energy of the Sanctuary Fortress was taken, the Ing needed to guard their own, so they took this giant destroyer with them to guard the Ing hive's planetary energy. Quadraxis guards the final energy storage module of Dark Aether, which if taken away will lead to the ultimate destruction of Dark Aether.

Quadraxis' attacks include Annihilator beams, dodged by a simple boost in Morph Ball form, missile, and a tornado-like spin attack similar to the one used by the smaller quad robots, except this one draws players in like a magnet, only avoidable by using the Boost Ball. It can be damaged by attacking its leg joints with light beam charge, and foot weaponry with Boost Ball, or Morph Ball Bombs. Once its main body is crippled, the head will lift off and attack on its own. The head will receive shielding from sonic frequencies coming from the transmitter in the main body, and cannot be damaged. The link must be severed by using the Echo Visor to first damage the transmitter in the main body and then attack the receiving antennae in the head, destroying them. While the link is being re-established, the head will summon Dark Quad MB and CM robots. Once all of the receiver antennas in the head are destroyed, the head can be stunned with shots, then, using the main body's legs as ramps, Samus must boost-ball-jump and attach to the head using the Spider Ball, and bomb its two morph ball slots, one at a time.

After defeating Quadraxis, Samus will acquire the Annihilator Beam.

It must also be noted that in the light version of the temple entrance players can see various parts of the disassembled Quadraxis robot scattered throughout the room.

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption[edit]


A bounty hunter with the ability to generate intense cold temperatures from his hands, allowing him to freeze Space Pirate Gunships in midair or create temporary ice slides to travel on. He may possibly be a Vhozon, the icy race that Noxus belongs to, though it is not confirmed. He first appears in the intro stage after Samus defeats a group of Space Pirates on an external platform, and shortly after that, catches her once the falling battle (which looks very closely related to the battle between the Balrog and Gandalf in Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, as well as in the Two Towers) with Ridley has been finished. Rundus has a Phazon infection, like Samus does.

Land Mine(Tentative)[edit]

Small triangular land mines that sit still until intruders are in their area. They spring up and spin to send out electricity-like projectiles. They explode afterward.

Security Drone 1(Tentative)[edit]

Small robots that float in the air and attack any intruders. It is impossible to Lock-On to them, so players must manually aim to hit them. The usually are found in groups of three or in greater numbers. Players must wait for their blue shields to drop before opening fire.

Security Drone 2(Tentative)[edit]

Black tripods that can crawl on walls or ceilings. They fire red projectiles at intruders.

Security Drone 3(Tentative)[edit]

These drones appear when intruders come close to their boundaries. They fly around the intruder(s) and pause to fire projectiles at them. It's difficult to keep a Lock-On these drones, so they must be aimed at manually as with Security Drone 1s.

Metroid II: Return of Samus[edit]


Arachnus is an animal originating from the planet SR-388. The biped is distinguished by its four toothed maw, segmented eyes, elongated neck, the hard shell on its back, and the large claws on its fore-arms. It is known to curl into an armored ball when threatened, and only periodically emerges from the ball in order to attack with either its claws, or by spitting fire from its mouth.

Arachnus made its first appearance in Metroid II: Return of Samus, in the depths of the planet SR-388, near the final area that housed the Queen Metroid. Here it disguised itself as one of the classic item balls held by the Chozo statues. Defeating it yields access to the Chozo statue that holds the Spring Ball.

Arachnus' 2nd appearance is as the first boss of Metroid Fusion. Its attack pattern includes curling up into a ball. Because of this, it carries the Morph Ball upgrade, which is absorbed by Samus when the core is destroyed. This version of Arachnus is only an X Parasite clone, not the original one from SR388. Its attacks include a flamethrower and sonic energy waves.


The Autoad is a jumping toadlike robot built by an ancient civilization. It is programmed to stop intruders.


An indestructible defense mechanism that flies horizontally. This creature activates a flamethrower when Samus comes near.


Autrack is a robot from Metroid II: Return of Samus which travels along a track.

The Autrack can be found in numerous Chozo structures on the planet SR-388, where it acts as a point defense turret. The autrack is typically found hidden behind a wall or small structure, where it is protected when not firing. When it detects an intruder, its track arm extends, and the cannon fires, once it has fired, the arm retracts while the weapon reloads for another shot.

Blob Thrower[edit]

This plant creature is found on Planet SR388. It comes out of the ground and spits out little blobs that hover around, and then it retracts back into the ground. Killing the blobs is a good way to refill Samus' health and ammo.

Chute Leech[edit]

The Chute Leech is seen in Metroid II: Return of Samus, Super Metroid and as an X Parasite clone in Metroid Fusion, being found on both SR388 and Zebes. It has a flat body, and its attack is to jump up into the air, and then glide down with its parachute like body. The variant on Zebes has rows of teeth visible on its underside. They are more a nuissance than a serious threat. The X Parasite variant can release acid.


Gigantic bats that live in dark places. When Samus comes close, the Drivel dives toward her.


This crustaceous creature hides in the floor, only coming out to attack when Samus comes close. Appears in Metroid II: Return of Samus.


Gulluggs have long, needle-like noses and fly around in circles. They are found on Planet SR388. They frequently yield missiles when killed.


This mechanical defence mechanism attacks any intruder with 4 guns on its belly. It is impervious to Samus' weapons because of its hard plating.


Hornoads resemble frogs and hop around as such. Their name is a portmanteau of horn and toad. They frequently yield missiles when killed. They are only found in Metroid 2, and in Metroid Fusion in the form of X-Parasite copies. In Metroid Fusion, a Hornoad infects Samus with the X-Parasite. Curiously enough, Hornoads are the only creature in Metroid Fusion that has a non-infected state: it is generally hard to see due to coloring, but green versions of Hornoads wait in the areas that Hornoads appear as enemies, and transform into the red version once possessed with an X-Parasite. However, they are untouchable until infected, merely acting as background.


Moheeks look like fish with tendrils coming out of their heads. They move slowly on the walls of the acid areas on Planet SR388. Although they are not aggressive, they do a relatively high amount of damage if Samus touches them.


The Proboscum is a harmless, invulnerable robotic drone found on SR388. There is much speculation over its original purpose, as it is typically found malfunctioning and clamped onto a vertical wall, where its swivelling arm can be used as a platform.


Septoggs are found on Planet SR388. They hover in one place and do no damage to Samus, so she can use them as platforms. However, their tiny wings can't support her weight, so standing on them causes them to descend quickly.


This immobile sentry is mounted on walls in the ruins of SR388, and becomes active only when an unrecognized lifeform enters range. The Wallfire is capable of projecting fireballs towards any threats, which can be frozen with the Ice Beam. They are also capable of regenerating damage if no threats are nearby.

Super Metroid[edit]


Strange, electrical beings resembling the nucleus of an atom. Whether they are robots or not is different depending on where they are found; those on Tallon IV are implied to be living creatures, while those on Aether are janitorial drones made by the Luminoth. The ones in Ridley's ship in Zero Mission are never explained, but are probably machines.

Pulse Bombu/Harmony Class Drone[edit]

Yellow and blue in color, these creatures release the yellow sections of their bodies in the forms of regenerating explosives. The Bombu in Prime can only be destroyed by the Wave Beam, but the Luminoth-made Harmony Drones of Prime 2: Echoes can be dispatched with conventional weaponry.

In Prime, the Pirates have patrolling certain areas of the Phazon Mines invisible Pulse Bombus. They can only be seen with the X-Ray Visor, but other than that are regular Bombus.

Scatter Bombu/Diligence Class Drone[edit]

Purple and pink in color, these creatures form a trio of energy beams around themselves and latch onto the walls of narrow tunnels. They rotate in the tunnel, and a well-timed Boost Ball can allow Samus to pass between the beams. In Prime, the Wave Beam is the only weapon that can destroy them. In Prime 2: Echoes, the Dark Beam destroys the Diligence Drones, and the Light Beam (when fully charged) can destroy the Dark Diligence Drones.

Zero Mission/Super Metroid Bombu[edit]

An unnamed green and yellow Bombu can be found flying in the Pirate Mothership after Samus clears the Chozo Ruins test. This Bombu moves like a Pulse Bombu, but releases a beam of electricity to attack like the Scatter Bombu. Because the Prime series takes place after the events of Zero Mission, it's unlikely that the two were combined. Perhaps the Pirates developed these (apparent) robots to serve as Ridley's bodyguards, but after his Meta Ridley augmentation, were discarded on the premise that he no longer needed protection.

Identical in appearance yet lacking the energy projectiles of its 'predecessors', the bombu-like constructs found in Super Metroid's Wrecked Ship have an even more mysterious origin, but are much simpler to deal with. They sometimes emerge from glass-encased storage tubes attached to the floor.


Botwoon is an orange snake-like mini-boss in the Maridia area of Super Metroid. Botwoon is a burrowing creature, and is encountered snaking between various holes in the wall. When threatened, it will stick its head out of a hole, much like an eel, and then spit a form of corrosive on its attacker. Botwoon can only be damaged by shooting its head, and although the head is easier to hit while Botwoon is attacking, it can be shot while Botwoon is moving as well, which is necessary to finish Botwoon off when it is heavily damaged. When Botwoon is defeated, the wall behind it caves in and the player can continue.


A round, floating creature, which emits puffs of gas from many exhaust pipes on its surface. It is attracted to Samus and moves toward her, but can only be destroyed with a Super Missile. It lives in the Wrecked Ship and the sand pits of Maridia.


The Cacatac is a plant on planet Zebes, that closely resembles a barrel cactus. It is mobile, which is unusual for a plant, and can shoot spikes. It has appeared in Super Metroid, and bears a resemblance to Seedlings in Metroid Prime

The cacatac is a plant standing roughly 1.3 meters in height, and is found in Brinstar and Norfair. It stands on a number of short spiney legs. The cacatac's body is covered by rows of spikes, which it is able to launch as projectiles. Though normally green, cacatacs can be and are found in a variety of colors, including red and blue.


Covern (sometimes called Koben) are ghosts that haunt the Wrecked Ship in Super Metroid. They are dark brown and have multiple skull-like heads. After the defeat of Phantoon, they will cease to haunt the ruins, suggesting that they were in fact caused by Phantoon. They try to materialize wherever Samus Aran is standing, but the player can simply move and then shoot them to kill them.


Crocomire is a multi-eyed lizard-like creature that guards part of Norfair in Super Metroid.

Crocomire is a large, 8-eyed, reptillian, standing at about twice Samus Aran's height. Its red flesh, though nearly indestructable, appears to be in a perpetual state of melting. The creature's long bony arms are connected close to its back, but are long enough to reach well round its immense girth. Despite its short legs and portly build, crocomire's movements are surprisingly quick, and it is easily capable of charging its prey.

Crocomire's flesh is extremely tough, and he cannot be damaged through conventional means, but shooting missiles, super missiles or regular shots into his mouth causes him to stagger back. He is defeated when he is pushed back onto the weak spot on the floor, causing him to fall into the lava below. Just before he dies, his skeleton will jump out and try to attack, but it simply collapses into a pile of bones instead. If left alone long enough, he will push Samus back into a wall of spikes.

Crocomire was also planned to appear in Metroid: Zero Mission, but it was removed for unknown reasons. While the character artwork and programming was unfinished, the unused sprites have been discovered from the finished game's ROM.


File:Etecoons and Dachora.gif
Etecoons sleeping next to dachoras from Metroid Fusion

The Dachora is a fictional alien species resembling a green ostrich or emu. It first appeared in Super Metroid, then in its sequel Metroid Fusion.

In Super Metroid, Samus Aran encouters the dachora after getting the Speed Booster; the dachora teaches her how to use the "Shinespark" technique.

At the end of the game, during the countdown to escape the planet, the player has the option of rescuing it (it is trapped in the room in Crateria where the morph bombs were acquired and the battle with the first Torizo mini-boss occurred). Doing so results in a slightly different ending.

Regardless of whether or not the Dachora and Etecoons are rescued in Super Metroid, the characters show up in the following game, Metroid Fusion, apparently making their rescue in the storyline official canon.

In Metroid Fusion, the encounter is a required part of the plot; Samus must rescue them for the story to proceed. At the end of the game, the Dachora, along with the Etecoons, return the favor by helping to pilot Samus' ship into space when the Omega Metroid shows up. After Samus defeats it, they pilot the ship back, in effect saving her ship, as well as her life.


Draygon can be easily defeated by electrocuting it with the Grapple Beam

Draygon is a boss that inhabits the far east end of Maridia in Super Metroid. Samus Aran must defeat it in order to obtain the Space Jump and to unlock the path to Tourian.

Draygon is a large, green crustacean with markings that resemble human skulls. Draygon is often referred to by fans as a female because of the several harmless Evirs (which resemble Draygon) that surround the area before the fight and drag Draygon's body away when defeated; however, there is no conclusive evidence of gender. Its attacks include quickly zooming on and off screen, spitting out viscous saliva, and lifting Samus off the ground and lashing her with its tail. Draygon's shell is extremely tough, with its yellow underbelly being its only weak point.

Draygon can be defeated in two ways: shooting charged shots or missiles at its underbelly or (once grabbed) using the Grapple Beam to electrocute Draygon by hooking it onto damaged electrical turrets on the wall. Utilizing the second method causes negligible damage to the player, making it easy to defeat Draygon; however, it is not immediately apparent.


The Etecoons somewhat resemble koalas. They have appeared in the video games Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion.

In Super Metroid, Samus Aran finds a group of three Etecoons deep in the caverns of Brinstar. They show her how to execute the Wall jump technique. If Samus rescues the Etecoons and Dachora at the end of the game, the ending becomes slightly different.

In Metroid Fusion, Samus' computerized CO, Adam, detects signs of life in the Biologic Space Labs Habitation Deck. When she goes to investigate, she finds not human survivors, but a trio of Etecoons, and an adult and baby Dachora.


The Evir is a crustacean who stars in Super Metroid. It resembles a small version of Draygon but orange. There are also green Evirs who circle Draygon. They are also in Metroid Fusion's AQA (Sector 4) in the reef area after the Nightmare is defeated.


Keyhunter drawing from the Super Metroid Instruction Manual.

The KiHunters, also called the Keyhunters, have allied themselves with the chief villains of the galaxy, the Space Pirates.

The KiHunters are insectoids closely resembling wasps. They have four limbs and a set of wings. They are most common in their flying form, where they attack with their claws by swooping down upon their victim from above. All members of the species will lose their wings when damaged. They then revert to a ground-based mode of travel that involves hopping, and at this point they will spit highly corrosive acid at anything that threatens them. The KiHunters are apparently, like the Space Pirates, civilizational animals, as the Super Metroid instruction manual refers to them as pirates from another galactic system who helped rebuild the fortress on Zebes after Samus Aran destroyed it on her first mission there.

KiHunters are found in both Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion, although in the latter game, they are only X Parasites mimicking the true species. The cocoons which the Zero creatures in the TRO sector form after you defeat the Giant Choot boss later hatch into Kihunters after the station-wide power outage occurs. This apparent metamorphosis of one species into another is a result of the ability of the X Parasites to recombine DNA from multiple hosts.

KiHunters can be found in virtually all environments on Zebes, ranging from the damp caverns of Crateria to the hottest pits of Lower Norfair. KiHunters come in several different colors, generally indicative of their strength. The fact that their color scheme is always very close to that of their environment, even in artificially constructed areas, suggests that they may employ some degree of camouflage.

The name (which means “life” or “blood” hunter), needle like proboscis and the acid spitting capabilities of this race hint at a spider digestive process, where incapacitated prey are liquefied by digestive enzymes before consumption.


Mochtroids are the unfortunate result of the Space Pirates' failed attempt to clone Metroids. They are distinctly different from their progenitors in that they only possess a single neural brain node, instead of three the (original) Metroids naturally possess. As well, they are no larger than half the size of a Metroid, and most Mochtroids possess only 1/10 the strength of a natural Metroid. The Mochtroids can suck energy out of their prey just like Metroids can, but they can't latch onto anyone.


A green mollusk which can curl up into a ball much like Arachnus to block passages. They are only found in a single area in Maridia.


A large, dark green floating creature, resembling a cross between a jellyfish and the disembodied head of a cyclops. Phantoon is the guardian of the Wrecked Ship in Super Metroid. Phantoon's large head suggests an equally large brain, and its latent psychic abilities. Its attacks consist of blue flame which it can summon in various patterns. Phantoon can only be damaged when it is visible, after an attack - most of the time it is transparent or invisible to Samus. If hit by a Super Missile, which does double damage to Phantoon, it will move to the center of the room and attack with many waves of blue flame, blocking the entire room but which can be easily dodged using Morph Ball mode. When Phantoon is destroyed, power is restored to the Wrecked Ship and Covern stop appearing.


A mechanical digging robot, consisting of two digging wheels on either side, connected by pods to the center control unit. The Shaktool moves by constantly backflipping. It is only found in one room in Maridia, and is necessary to get the Spring Ball. The player must destroy the opposite wall and the Shaktool will dig through the dirt, exposing a path to the upgrade.


Large, gray fish found in Maridia, Skultera are slow-moving powerhouses. They are invulnerable to regular Beam shots. Upon detecting prey (in this case, Samus), they speed up and attempt to kill the target by ramming. They never gain a whole lot of speed during the effort.

Skultera also appear on the B.S.L. station in Metroid Fusion as an enemy in the AQA sector. They form when two X combine with a small, brown fish very similar in appearance to a Skultera. Otherwise, little has changed since Super Metroid.

In Zero Mission, a small part of Crateria has a resemblance to Maridia. In this section, Skultera can be found in abundance, but they appear nowhere else in the game.

Spore Spawn[edit]

The plantlike boss of Brinstar, combining falling spores (hence the name) and a waving motion of its elongated plant-like neck to attack. The falling spores can be shot for energy and missile powerups, and Spore Spawn's direct attacks can be avoided by using Samus' morph ball mode. As Spore Spawn is damaged, it turns a darker color and moves faster. This boss is defeated by shooting into its vulnerable inner core when it opens. When Spore Spawn is defeated, the entire room turns yellow and Spore Spawn shrivels, becoming a platform to reach the top of the room and continue.


A Torizo from Super Metroid

The Torizo was introduced in Super Metroid. Torizos look just like standard Chozo statues, but while Chozo statues are usually beneficial to the player, giving new equipment and items, a Torizo comes to life and attacks the player.

Two Torizos appear as mini-bosses in Super Metroid. The first, which is encountered very early in the game in Crateria, poses as an ordinary Chozo statue holding the Morph Ball Bombs, and comes to life to attack when the bombs are taken. The second Torizo, which is gold and considerably more powerful than the first, is found late in the game, in the depths of Norfair. It holds no item of its own, but defeating it allows the player to reach the Screw Attack.

A third Torizo is encountered just before the end of the game in Tourian. This one, however, is only a dried-up husk that crumbles when touched. It is soon revealed that the creature was sucked dry by a giant Metroid, giving the impression that the player was saved the trouble of battling this final, presumably most powerful, Torizo.

The Metroid Galaxy Guide website claims that the Torizos were simply a biomechanical security system developed by the Chozo to protect some of their most important artifacts from intruders, with the statue activating upon removal of the item, and attacking the intruder.

One of the early bosses in Metroid Fusion is an X Parasite mimicking a Torizo, representing the most recent representation of this enemy.

The word "torizo" is Japanese for bird statue. As such, it is really just synonymous with Chozo to describe the statues that give the power ups. However, since only the referenced statues attack Samus, it produced the misconception that the Torizo is a new, evil race of Chozo.


A giant tortoise as large as Samus which lives in Maridia. If disturbed, it retracts into its shell and spins back and forth. If Samus jumps on top of it, it will fly up to near the top of the room, allowing her to obtain powerups. It will damage Samus if she is hit by the shell while it is moving side-to-side. There are also some harmless baby turtles crawling around it.

Zebesian Space Pirate[edit]

Zebesian Space Pirates are the basic enemy soldiers of Super Metroid, and apppear as tall, insectile humanoids with large crustacean-like claws instead of hands. They have large, glowing eyes, and segmented limbs with softer and differently-colored tissue on the undersides of their arms and legs. Their claws fire a weakened variant of the plasma beam, and they can cling to/climb on/leap between walls. Grey pirates are the weakest variety, dying to a single powerbeam shot. These are found in the Old Tourian areas of Crateria. Green pirates, located in Crateria and Brinstar, are immune to most uncharged shots, while the red-armored ones, found in Maridia, require the plasma beam or the screw attack. Tan-grey pirates, found only near Ridley's lair in Lower Norfair and in the final escape sequence, are the hardest to kill, requiring charged plasma beam or screw attacks to breach their armor. Purple-armored pirates are also found in the B.S.L in Metroid Fusion; these are about as strong as the green ones in Super Metroid. They are most common in Sector 1 (SRX).

There are also variants of the tan-grey pirates commonly dubbed 'ninja pirates'. They are the most powerful Space Pirate in Super Metroid, and are found only in a room near Ridley's, where they function as a miniboss of sorts. They have such powerful armour, they can only be destroyed by charged shots and super missiles, and only once they turn gold (which occurs after they do a spin-jump). They are the generals of the Space Pirates on Zebes. Rather than wielding guns like their lesser ilk, they rely on spinning jumps, a few karate moves, and flying kicks. They also occasionally throw their claws, which somehow respawn a short time later.

Metroid Fusion features similar guardians near Neo-Ridley's lair, but these pirates are always gold, and rather than attacking with kung fu, these act like normal pirates who can only be damaged from behind--usually after performing a spin jump.


Yellow organisms very similar to crabs. They behave exactly like Geemers.

Metroid Fusion[edit]

Drip Lizard[edit]

In certain narrow shafts above Samus, large reptilians move about, spitting out globules of acid that fall straight down. The lizards are slow moving and require only minimal effort to kill, but the presence of the shaft's floor means only the Power Bomb and Wave Beam can reach the nuisances. They are found traveling in rather large groups in all their appearances.

Fake Energy Tank and Missile Expansion[edit]

These beings resemble Energy Tanks or expansions until Samus gets close to them; then, they spread bat-like wings, reveal a set of eyes and fly off, hurting Samus. The result of an X-Parasite possessing an Energy Tank or Missile Expansion. Careful exploration after an encounter with one of these enemies will reveal a real Energy Tank or Missile Expansion, usually in a sealed-off area.

Mermen Pirates[edit]

The result of an X containing fish DNA combining with an X containing Space Pirate DNA. The result is a swimming Pirate with a tail instead of legs. Mermen Pirates fire short, red blasts and swim towards Samus at rapid speed. This makes them better suited to water than normal Space Pirates, whose standard long yellow beams move slowly in water, and who are hindered by the presence of the liquid.


Nightmare is a biomechanical organism engineered in the Biologic Space Laboratories to be an unstoppable weapon. It appears as a X-clone boss in Metroid Fusion, in the ARC sector. Nightmare has an integrated gravity field generator, which causes Samus to lose movement speed and missiles to fall to the ground before reaching their target, and machine guns, as well as heavy shielding. If Nightmare is damaged enough, its field generator is destroyed, and its mask falls off to reveal its face, which is covered in green slime.


An aquatic serpent-/dragon-like animal, also known as Ishtar in the video game Metroid Fusion. It has the ability to swim at incredible speed. It is kept in the AQA sector of the Biologic Space Labs. After the X-Parasites infested the BSL, Serris was killed and copied by a Core-X. Upon its defeat, Samus receives the Speed Boost.

X Parasite[edit]

Main article: X Parasite

X Parasites, often referred to as simply X, are parasites who copy their prey. X Parasites infect a host and eventually kill it. They would seem to take the host's DNA and use it in order to copy its form.

X Parasites are natives of planet SR388, and were seen as a significant enough danger by the Chozo that they created the Metroids in order to control their numbers. Metroids are the only creatures they cannot infect, being absorbed by them instead. After Samus was infected by an X-Parasite and cured via a Metroid cell infusion, she was able to absorb them as well.

They are the main antagonist in Metroid Fusion, most notably in the form of SA-X, an X Parasite that took Samus' form. Outside of its host body, an X Parasite may take several forms, all conferring a benefit to Samus if she absorbs them, except for the larger blue X Parasites, which harm Samus until she gains the Varia Suit.

Destroying a boss in Metroid Fusion results in a spiked Core-X, which flies around the room until enough missiles are used to destroy the outer coating. Absorbing the X from inside the core always results in a new ability being gained. There are two variations of Core-Xs: normal and eye. Normal Core-Xs are faster, and hitting any part of it with a missile will damage it. Eye Core-Xs are slower, and move in more defined patterns. As they are moving, they charge the beam that they have absorbed. While this is in progress, an eye opens facing Samus. Shooting a missile at the eye is the only way to damage an eye Core-X, and it also causes it to fire the beam. Simply waiting will also cause the Core-X to fire. Eye Core-X are noticeably different; their spikes are larger and more orderly. Eye Core-X always yield the beam that they use in the battle.

Zombie Researcher[edit]

The result of an X Parasite that has combined a slime organism and a human's DNA. These beings show up in a few rooms during the very early stages of the game, and can be killed with one shot from Samus's weakest beam.


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