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📅 ReleasedJune 18, 2022
🎙️ Recorded2023-2024
GenreNu metal, Alternative metal, Groove metal
⏳ Length57 minutes
🏷️ LabelRetaliator
🤑 ProducerGrayson Rupp

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Deathworx (stylized uppercase)[1] is the debut studio album by American nu metal band Deathworx. It was recorded from late 2023 to early 2024 and was released in March 2024 by Retaliator records[2].


The album was recorded in a span of six weeks in late 2023 on Grayson Rupp's record label. Grayson Rupp served as the producer, and Noah Dombroski[3] as executive producer. While planned to release in late 2023, problems with several labels resulted in the album ultimately being released in March 2024.

In 2021, following the band's demo release, Twist, the members of Deathworx continued to write new material and work in OM Audio, a local studio, with vocalist Grayson Rupp. The band began to work on a follow-up, but were never able to go further than pre-production. Songs written and recorded in this period include "Unpopulated", "So Tired", "Nothing to Do", "Boredom", "Deathly", "Darkness Within", "Dragline", "Cut", "Willowing", and "Temper". In 2024, Deathworx was receiving growing attention from record labels, including Lizard Recordings


The album was described to be a fusion of nu metal, death metal, a little bit of alt-metal, and a hint of groove metal, comparing its sound to that of Coal Chamber and Fear Factory. The album conclued to be more of a different turn than what the fans where expecting when they heard that the drummer was the son of 90s classic rock vocalist Vinnie Dombroski.

Musical and lyrical themes[edit]

Deathworx's musical style is constantly contested; the genres in which the band are categorized vary depending on the source. However, this album is regarded as nu metal, while showing influences of other genres. Grayson Rupp stated, "The roots are definitely nu metal, for some reason, people categorized it as rap metal, which it definitely was not." The album also shows influences from alternative metal and even groove metal. Critics have also noted an industrial influence.

In 2023, vocalist had a liking for watching videos about things exploding. "They were just funny." stated Rupp. In result of these videos people either died or gotten severely injured during the making of these videos. Most of these explosion were caused by Gasoline, such as car explosions and lighting a cigarette at the gas station. He also enjoyed videos on people doing stupid things with fireworks on Instagram, "It was the most funny and stupid shit I've watched." stated Rupp.

Track listing[edit]

Album tracklist[edit]
No.TitleLead vocalsLength
1."Get Out"Grayson Rupp 
2."Not Now"Grayson Rupp 
3."Feel This"Grayson Rupp 
4."Several"Grayson Rupp 
5."Want More?"Grayson Rupp 
6."Crust"Grayson Rupp 
7."Respoiled"Grayson Rupp 
8."Gasoline"Grayson Rupp 
9."Do You See"Grayson Rupp 
10."Ear"Grayson Rupp 
11."I'm In"Grayson Rupp 
12."Know"Grayson Rupp 
Demo album Twist tracklist[edit]
1."Unpopulated (Intro)" 
2."So Tired" 
3."Nothing to Do" 
6."Darkness Within" 
10."Temper (Outro)" 


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