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Gasoline (Deathworx song)

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from the album Deathworx
ReleasedMarch 19, 2023
FormatOnline Music
RecordedDec 10, 2021
GenreNu Metal
LabelRetaliator Records
Songwriter(s)Grayson Rupp
Deathworx track listing
  • 1. Get Out
  • 2. Not Now
  • 3. Feel This
  • 4. Several
  • 5. Want More?
  • 6. Crust
  • 7. Respoiled
  • 8. Gasoline
  • 9. Do You See
  • 10. Ear
  • 11. I'm In
  • 12. Know

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"Gasoline" is a song by American nu metal band Deathworx. Gasoline is the first and only single to Deathworx's self-titled debut album, released in February 2024. The single consisted of three tracks including a demo version and sped up version. It is the 8th track on their self-titled album.


In 2023, vocalist had a liking for watching videos about things exploding. "They were just funny." stated Rupp. In result of these videos people either died or gotten severely injured during the making of these videos. Most of these explosion were caused by Gasoline, such as car explosions and lighting a cigarette at the gas station. He also enjoyed videos on people doing stupid things with fireworks on Instagram, "It was the most funny and stupid shit I've watched." stated Rupp.

Track listing[edit]

US promo single[edit]
2."Gasoline (Demo 2021)" 
3."Gasoline (Sped-Up)" 
UK promo single[edit]


Deathworx (stylized uppercase) is the debut studio album by American nu metal band Deathworx. It was recorded from late 2022 to early 2023 and was released in June of 2023 by Retaliator records.

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