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Dilophosaurus Assets

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Name: Dilophosaurus "venenifer" nublarensis

Gene variant: version 3.5

Diet: Carnivore (mostly hunts small prey like rodents, possums, baby dinos etc but thanks to it's venom, it's able to tackle larger prey like humans, hadrosaurs, other theropods etc)

Era: HOLOCENE (1987 AD to possibly 2017 AD)

Size: 6-7.7 meters long and roughly 1.8-2 meters tall at the hip

Weight: roughly around 400-500 kg (1102 pounds)

Habitat: Tropical island jungle/Rainforest

Animal's location: the island of Isla sorna (from 1987 to late 2003) and isla nublar (from 1989 to 2018).

Bred by: INternational GENetic technologies (INGEN for short) on the isla sorna facilities in 1987.

Initial purpose: to be an attraction at jurassic park.

Genetic Purity: 75.9%-“pure” dilophosaurus, 12%-spitting cobra (or gila monster, that's not quite clear), 09.7%-Frilled Lizard, 02.4%-Yellow banded dart frog (also a bit of African reed frog) 2%- Smurfette