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Elena Ksanti

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Elena Ksanti
Elena Ksanti
Elena Ksanti
Elena Ksanti
BornLevchenko (Ksanti)
Sochi, Russia
🏳️ NationalityRussian
🏫 EducationUniversity of Illinois
💼 Occupation
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Elena Ksanti's abstract works of art evoke a deep sense of introspection and self-reflection beyond the mere canvas itself or our physical reality. As intended by the artist, Ksanti produces non-objective artistic elements, whether by shapes and forms or through colors and lines, allowing observers to search within to find the individualistic meanings of each masterful creation. In doing so, each piece from the artist is open to interpretation, all being correct.[1][2][3][4]

Career & Life Style[edit]

Elena Ksanti began her artistic career in 2005, graduating from the world-renowned arts and design institution, Central Saint Martins College, in London, England. Thereafter, she continued her educational background in the United States, graduating from the University of Illinois. Prior to her art journey, she worked in television and the hospitality industry as both an acclaimed businesswoman and restauranteur, receiving several awards for her unique approach and dedication. Thereon, Ksanti devoted her efforts to humanitarian causes. In 2016, she became the Vice President of the International Children's Health Foundation. After years of traveling the globe, garnering experiences and inspiration from her many explorations and endeavors, Ksanti settled in the historic metropolis of Rome, Italy, as her place of residence, focusing on her creative prowess.[5][6][7]

Artist Elena Ksanti constructs her art pieces highlighting the duality of our planet and the disparities held within. Light and Dark; Yin and Yang; Good and Evil; Love and Hate; Happiness and Sorrow, etc. Ksanti views life as a world full of contrasts, emotions, and possibilities. Touching on these topics and the gray areas in between, the artist actualizes these sentiments onto canvas for individual interpretation. Utilizing vibrant colors, designs, and differing techniques only emphasizes the messages embedded within each work of art.[8][9][10][11]

Artist Statement[edit]

“My view of art is simple in its nature: allow the artwork to speak, acting as a mirror to the soul and our inner consciousness, with my job as but a mere vessel of divine creative energy to express such sentiments. My only hope is that my creations speak to the human condition, the state of our planet, and resonant with the memories we've retained, long since forgotten, or have yet to experience. It is my intention to depict the harmonious dance of life, marrying imagination, emotion, and a sense of connection with the fleeting moments we’ve all encountered in this short existence on Earth — extracting the endless out of the end.” —Elena Ksanti[12][13][14][15][16][17][18]

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