Episode 14: What’s The Catch?

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"What’s The Catch?"
The Letter People episode
Episode no.Season 1
Episode 14
Directed byThomas McDonough
Written byThomas McDonough
Production codeFebruary 15, 1977
Original air dateDecember 29, 1977
Episode chronology
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"Meet Miss Purple"
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"The Tryout"

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A new TV station is open for business in Letter People Land, and Mister H is busy recruiting new talent. Mister T sings country music, Mister N blows some serious jazz on his noisy nose, Mister M attempts to sing calypso, Mister F tries his feet at juggling, and Miss A tries to tell jokes. Mister M criticizes Miss A's comedy and she gets upset, and the two argue over who has the better sound. When the two of them bump into each other and make their sounds at the same time, Mister H likes what he sees and agrees that "sound catching" should be the Letter People's ticket to stardom, but Mister M angers Miss A (who needs to be in all the sound catches), and has to find her after she walks out. He and Sophie subsequently does find her and there is a reconciliation, and the Letter People are on their way to fame and fortune.


  • Sophie
  • Abigail Stiles
  • Kathryn O'Dell
  • Eugene Glover
  • Mister H
  • Mister T
  • Mister N
  • Mister B
  • Miss A
  • Mister F
  • Mister M
  • Miss Blue
  • Miss Red
  • Miss Yellow
  • Miss Orange
  • Miss Purple
  • Mister Green