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The Letter People (TV Series)

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The Letter People
Title card
Created byThe Letter People
by Rita Friedman and Elayne Reiss-Weimann
Written byGary Twitchell
William Bailey
Tom McDonough
Directed byGary Twitchell
William Bailey
Tom McDonough
Presented byIvy O'Hagan
StarringIvy O'Hagan
No. of episodes(list of episodes)
Producer(s)Gary Twitchell
William Bailey
Tom McDonough
Production location(s)Kaufman Astoria Studios
Animator(s)Michael Sporn (segments only, 1977–1988)
Joey Ahlbum (segments only, 2002–present)
Running time15 Minutes
Original networkPBS
Original releaseDecember 14, 1977 (1977-12-14) –
Preceded byWords in Two Parts
Related showsUnique New York
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The Letter People is a television series that aired since 1977[1][1] on PBS and other cable channels in the US. It was an adaptation of AlphaOne's Letter People classroom program. This show is making the viewer happy. This show was aired PBS (1977–1990). This show is now aired on PBS Kids (2002–present).

Come and meet the Letter People.

Come and visit the family.
Words are made of Letter People
A B C D, follow me!
- The Letter People Theme Song


In each 15-minute installment, the Letter People (relatively primitive puppets) undertake various adventures in Letter People Land, a cute and featureless place populated by strange people and creatures. Episodes usually focus on introducing new Letter People or new sounds formed by combining two Letter People together (such as /TH/ or /OU/). Other episodes take the Letter People to more exotic (though still featureless) locales such as outer space (eventually, the show can be include more standard scenery, like cityscapes, meadows, Miss O's opera house, etc.), while a few highlight the characters' conflicts over various sounds (such as Mr. C fighting Mr. K and Mr. S for his sound). Another common feature of the shows are "Show Within a Show" and "the Catching Game", a game show hosted by Monty Swell (a character based on Monty Hall) where the Letter People must form words by positioning themselves correctly side-by-side.



Non-Letter People supporting characters[edit]

  • Alan - Carnival barker
  • Alice Antler - Doctor
  • Boris - Talking Bulletin Board
  • Bottomsley Updown - Mister Q's lab assistant
  • Buford "Poopsie" van Murdlesnert - Letter People Land socialite
  • Captain Zemo - Warthog/Zeppelin pilot
  • Cindy - Cinderella-like girl
  • Clancy - Crocodile
  • Claude - Camel
  • Cornelius Cornpole - Mister C's boss
  • Dash Dudley - Reporter
  • Dintra Gloss - Entertainment reporter
  • Dolly - Duke & Duchess Doodlebug's delightful dancing dragon, who sounds like Carol Channing
  • Duchess Doodlebug - Noblewoman/Duke Doodlebug's wife
  • Duke Doodlebug - Nobleman
  • Earvin Underdog - Baseball player
  • Edna - contestant on "The Catching Game"
  • Evelyn - Newspaper editor/Miss E's employer
  • Frantic Freddie - Disc jockey, sometimes referred to as "The Ramblin' Wreck of the Record Rack"
  • Fred Ferguson - Storekeeper
  • Godfrey - Ghost, who steals good green grapes from Gordon's Grocery Store. He sounds like Jim Nabors.
  • Gordon - Grocer
  • Hairless Herbert - Barber
  • Harold - Mister H and Sophie's friend
  • Horace - Hairless Herbert's customer, who wears a hard hat.
  • Iggy - Patron at Miss I's Itsy Witsy Ice Cream Club
  • Ingrid - Aspiring artist/Indigo ink keeper
  • Jasper Jabberwocky - Police Officer/Baseball player
  • Judith Jackpot - Judge *Karen - Daughter of the King of Kabob and the Grand Shish
  • Kernac - Wizard who kidnaps the King of Kabob
  • King of Kabob - Ruler of Kabob, who plays the kazoo
  • Lazy Laura - Mister L's customer
  • Lavender Lollapalooza - Thief, who steals Mister L's lemons
  • Melissa - Market manager
  • Monty Swell - Television star/Host of "The Catching Game". His name is an apparent play on that of Monty Hall.
  • Nanny - Miss U's goat
  • Nardo - Detective/Night watchman at the Letter People Hall of Fame. He looks and sounds like Humphrey Bogart.
  • Ned - Newsman
  • Oscar - Orchestra Conductor
  • Otto - Stagehand
  • Professor Foghorn - Inventor of the Word Machine
  • Professor Smart - Scientist
  • Purple Peekaboo Palookas/Unbelievable Underground Uglies - Periwinkle-furred creatures, who like to play "The Catching Game."
  • Ruth Allen - Contestant on "The Catching Game", from Punxsutawney, New York
  • Sam - Piano player, who accompanies Miss I on stage. He looks & sounds like Elton John.
  • Sam Gump - Agent of Lucky Day Enterprises
  • Slaw Hammerfill - Mister S' cowboy sidekick/Contestant on "The Catching Game". He comes from The Garden Spot of America. He looks and sounds like John Wayne.
  • Terrible Tough Tony - Thug
  • Tom Fargo - TV/radio announcer. His name is an apparent play on that of Don Pardo.
  • Uncle Elmer - Miss U's uncle/umpire
  • Very Very Villainous Vandal - Zorro-like character who puts V's on things that start with "V."
  • Wacky Wally - Willard's pal
  • Willard - Wizard
  • Yolinda () - Young girl
  • Zelda - Forest woman
  • Zero - Owl

Live animals[edit]

  • Gwendolyn - Goldfish
  • Raccoon
  • Kitten Darling

The Color People[edit]

Color Name Role (1977–1990) Role (2002–present)
  Miss Brink Pink Thurza Teegarden Juniper Richardson