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The Letter People (Season 1)

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Season 1
Country of originUnited States
No. of episodes16
Original networkNBC
Original releaseDecember 14 (1977-12-14) –
December 31, 1977 (1977-12-31)
Season chronology
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Season 2

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The following is a list of episodes from the first season of the PBS series, The Letter People, which aired in December 14 to December 31, 1977.


Humans (Color People)[edit]

Name Actor/Actress Characteristic Color
Miss Red Wanda Cheever Red Rodeo  #FF0000 
Miss Orange Lolita López de Lacalle Orange Fiesta  #FF8000 
Miss Yellow Melanie Verrill Yellow Garden  #FFFF00 
Mister Green Andrew Sickler Green Garden  #00FF00 
Miss Blue Kimberly Rathbone Blue Eyes  #0000FF 
Miss Purple Davina Proudfoot Purple Jewelry  #800080 

Humans (Non-Color People)[edit]

Name Actor/Actress
Sophie Miller Andrea McArdle
Abigail Stiles Wim Bilroe
Kathryn O'Dell Bonnie Scott
Eugene Glover Mel Winkler

Puppeteers (Letter People)[edit]

Name Characteristic Voice and Puppeteer
Mister M Munching Mouth Jerry Lambson
Mister T Tall Teeth Michael Martin
Mister F Funny Feet Andy Hollingsworth
Mister H Horrible Hair Patrick Clear
Mister N Noisy Nose Randall Arkwright
Mister B Beautiful Buttons Waldo Powell
Miss A A'choo Tallulah O'Brien


No. in
TitleWritten byDirected byOriginal air date
11"Meet Mister M"Thomas McDonoughThomas McDonoughDecember 14, 1977 (1977-12-14)

Sophie meets Mister M and he sings his song. after singing his song, Mister M and Sophie goes to the market and starts munching away on all the food that begins with his sound, however, when it comes time to pay for everything, he comes up short. Later, Sam Gump from Lucky Day Enterprises visits Mister M and quizzes him on words that start with his sound.

Starring: Mister M, Sophie, Melissa the market manager, and Sam Gump.
22"Meet Mister T"Thomas McDonoughThomas McDonoughDecember 14, 1977 (1977-12-14)

Mister T sings his song, then meets Sophie and Mister M. Mister T tells some tall tales about his tall teeth, then visits the dentist for a toothache. The dentist then quizzes him on words that start with his sound to take his mind off his toothache. There's also a cute live-action segment with some little kids and instruments that begin with the letter T.

Starring: Mister T, Sophie, Mister M and a dentist.
33"Meet Mister F"Thomas McDonoughThomas McDonoughDecember 14, 1977 (1977-12-14)

After meeting Sophie, Mister M and Mister T and introducing himself in song, Mister F does some shopping. First he tries to find a pair of shoes that will fit his funny feet (but doesn't), then he and Sophie goes to Ferguson's General Store to get some flowers, but he can't remember which kind. There's also a brief interlude where Mister F makes a commercial-type reminder about capital F and lowercase F where he's interrupted by a monster who steals his frisbee.

Starring: Mister F, Sophie, Mister M, Mister T, a shoe salesman, Mr. Ferguson, and a monster.
44"Meet Mister H"Thomas McDonoughThomas McDonoughDecember 15, 1977 (1977-12-15)

Mister H accompanies his new friends Sophie and Harold to Hairless Herbert's barbershop, so Harold can convince Mister H that haircuts don't hurt. While Mister H sees that nothing bad can happen during a haircut, he still doesn't get one anyway. Later, Sam Gump returns to visit Mister H and Sophie for a quiz on words that start with his sound. Mister H and Sophie gets them all right and wins a hippo!

Starring: Sophie, Mister H, Harold, Hairless Herbert, Horace, and Sam Gump
55"Meet Mister N"Thomas McDonoughThomas McDonoughDecember 15, 1977 (1977-12-15)

Mister N causes a disturbance during story hour at a library because every time the librarian reads a word that begins with the letter N, his noisy nose makes a noise. Later, Mister N assists Nardo the detective in sedating a Nasty with words that begin with N, turning him into a nice Nasty (who ends up singing "Me and My Gal" off-key).

Starring: Sophie, Eugene, Mister N, Nardo the detective, Ned the Newsman, the librarian, a nurse, and the Nasty.
66"Meet Mister B"Thomas McDonoughThomas McDonoughDecember 16, 1977 (1977-12-16)

It's Mister B's birthday, and he meets lots of new friends. First he meets Boris the Bulletin Board, who shows him some puppets with human heads engaging in activities that begin with the letter B. Later, Mister B meets the five Letter People and two Live-action people we've met thus far, as well as a capital B and lowercase B who argue about being invited to Mister B's party. All is settled and Mister B's birthday goes off without a hitch.

Starring: Mister B, Eugene, Sophie, Boris the Bulletin Board, Mister H, Mister M, Mister T, Mister F, Mister N, Capital B, and Lowercase B.

Parody: 42nd Street (1933)
77"Meet Miss A"Thomas McDonoughThomas McDonoughDecember 21, 1977 (1977-12-21)

Dr. Alice Antler overhears Miss A's song (and sneeze) and tries to cure Miss A's sneezing, with no results. Later, Miss A and Sophie goes to a carnival and plays the game "Wheel of Fortune" (where she has to spot her sound at the beginning or in the middle of a word). She wins a goldfish that she names Alfalfa.

Starring: Miss A, Sophie, Dr. Alice Antler, and Alan the carnival barker.
88"Meet Miss Blue"Thomas McDonoughThomas McDonoughDecember 24, 1977 (1977-12-24)

Mister F thinks Miss Blue can be a star. She has blue eyes and her favorite color is blue. Starring: Mister F and Miss Blue

Parody: Daddy Long Legs (1955)
99"Meet Miss Red"Thomas McDonoughThomas McDonoughDecember 24, 1977 (1977-12-24)

Miss Red sings her song, then meets Sophie and Mister B. Miss Red tells some tall tales about her red rodeo

Starring: Miss Red and Mister B
1010"Meet Miss Yellow"Thomas McDonoughThomas McDonoughDecember 24, 1977 (1977-12-24)

Miss Yellow sings her song, then meets Mister N. Miss Yellow tells some tall tales about her yellow garden.

Starring: Miss Yellow and Mister N
1111"Meet Mister Green"Thomas McDonoughThomas McDonoughDecember 24, 1977 (1977-12-24)

Miss Yellow and Mister Green sings their song, then meets Mister N and Miss A. Miss Yellow tells some tall tales about her yellow garden.

Starring: Miss Yellow, Mister Green, Miss A and Mister N
1212"Meet Miss Orange"Thomas McDonoughThomas McDonoughDecember 27, 1977 (1977-12-27)

Miss Orange sings her song, then meets Mister B. Miss Orange asks about her orange fiesta.

Starring: Miss Orange and Mister B
1313"Meet Miss Purple"Thomas McDonoughThomas McDonoughDecember 27, 1977 (1977-12-27)

Mister F thinks Miss Purple can be a star. She has blue eyes and her favorite color is purple.

Starring: Mister F, Miss Purple and Miss Blue
1414"What’s The Catch?"Thomas McDonoughThomas McDonoughDecember 29, 1977 (1977-12-29)

A new TV station is open for business in Letter People Land, and Mister H is busy recruiting new talent. Mister T sings country music, Mister N blows some serious jazz on his noisy nose, Mister M attempts to sing calypso, Mister F tries his feet at juggling, and Miss A tries to tell jokes. Mister M criticizes Miss A's comedy and she gets upset, and the two argue over who has the better sound. When the two of them bump into each other and make their sounds at the same time, Mister H likes what he sees and agrees that "sound catching" should be the Letter People's ticket to stardom, but Mister M angers Miss A (who needs to be in all the sound catches), and has to find her after she walks out. He and Sophie subsequently does find her and there is a reconciliation, and the Letter People are on their way to fame and fortune.

Starring: Sophie, Abigail Stiles, Kathryn O'Dell, Eugene Glover, Mister H, Mister T, Mister N, Mister B, Miss A, Mister F, Mister M, Miss Blue, Miss Red, Miss Yellow, Miss Orange, Miss Purple and Mister Green
1515"The Tryout"Thomas McDonoughThomas McDonoughDecember 30, 1977 (1977-12-30)

The gang goes to the TV studio, where they meet TV star Monty Swell. Monty likes the sound catches, but thinks something is missing...but soon the Letter People figure it out. Instead of one sound catch, they do two at a time and make words. Monty goes ga-ga over it and decides to make a game show out of it, thus "The Catching Game" is born.

Starring: Sophie, Abigail Stiles, Kathryn O'Dell, Eugene Glover, Mister H, Mister M, Mister F, Mister B, Miss A, Mister T, Mister N, Miss Blue, Miss Red, Miss Yellow, Miss Orange, Miss Purple, Mister Green and Monty Swell
1616"The Catching Game"Thomas McDonoughThomas McDonoughDecember 31, 1977 (1977-12-31)

"The Catching Game" is about to go on the air! Miss A gives Monty Swell and Mister H her blueprint for the set, which includes a starting clue box, a catching clue box (which is the largest) and an ending clue box to let people know which sounds are where in a word. The show debuts successfully because of this design scheme.

Starring: Sophie, Miss A, Mister H, Mister B, Mister T, Mister F, Mister N, Monty Swell and Ruth Allen