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Helper Shibeta[1] is a manga drawn by a Japanese artist Ayaka (あやか), which tells a story how a husky and a shiba inu met and started to help others in a dog civilization.
Except the main chapters, the author has also drawn some extra chapters and a large number of short stories that can't be called chapters, the total amount of which is even larger than the main chapters.

P.S.: The manga's Japanese name, 助け屋 シベ太, has a dual meaning. That is, "助け屋" altogether means "helper"; however, "助け" has a meaning of "help" and "屋" can be interpreted as "shop". So this manga can also be called "The Helping Shop of Shibeta". And you'll see in later chapters that the main characters actually did set up a "helping shop", which offers help and charges a cheap fee afterwards.[2]
Helper SHIBETA.jpg
Cover of Helper SHIBETA
助け屋 シベ太
(Tasukeya Shibeta)
Written byAyaka (あやか)
Published bySelf-published


Click the references on each chapter's title to read the manga.[4]

Main chapters[edit]

Chapter 1: An Unexpected Meeting[5]

In a rainy day, Shibeta the husky was going home. Suddenly, he saw a shiba ready to jump into the river to commit herself.
Though the shiba eventually plunged into the river, Shibeta managed to save her and brought her home.
After knowing why the shiba wanted to commit suicide, Shibeta began to comfort her...

Chapter 2: Open for Business[6]

A month later, Shibeta and the shiba, Kyappy, who was already Shibeta's friend, appointed the bridge for an appointment.
But what they saw was a pup who couldn't find his mom.
Therefore, Shibeta and Kyappy started to help him. They took him to Ms.Hanako's bar for dinner, who adopted Shibeta when he was young.
After that, Kyappy came up with an idea about setting up a "helping shop" to help others.
That's what was open for business.

Chapter 3: The First Customer[7]

After the opening of the Helping Shop, Shibeta and Kyappy were trying to make the shop more formal.
However, a knock at the gate interrupted them.
"Hello. Is here the 'Helping Shop'? "

(P.S.: After finishing chapter 6, the author added a new chapter between chapter 2 and chapter 3. So the original chapter 3~6 became chapter 4~7.)

Chapter 4: Reunion[8]

Shibeta was woken by a nightmare.
"It was me...It was me who my relatives' death was due to..."
The next day, Shibeta and Kyappy came across another husky in the street.
But, beyond belief, he is Shibeta's elder brother who was thought to be dead!
Shibeta fainted in shock.
Then, his elder brother told Kyappy and Hanako how he and Shibeta had separated...

Chapter 5: The Present Connected to the Past[9]

Shibeta's brother told the whole story.
That is: Shibeta's mom died because of giving birth to Shibeta; his father died, too, in order to protect Shibeta and his brother; and finally, his brother did the same, but fortunately he didn't pass away, beginning to search for Shibeta afterwards.
Then Shibeta woke up. Whereas he still thought he was to blame.
Eventually, His brother enlightened him.

Chapter 6: I Want To Get Stronger![10]

Natually, Shibeta's older brother, A-Chan, joined the Helping Shop.
But when they started to deal with their first business, they found it hard to do so.
As a girl, Kyappy was blamed for hindering them. And of course, Kyappy wanted to prove that she wasn't like that, hoping to be stronger.
Can she make it?

Chapter 7: A Fierce Battle: Dog Sled Race[11]

Inspired by Kyappy, Shibeta and the other two went to take part in the Dog Sled Race.
But they were laughed at by the captain of a skilled team, saying they were not able to win.
Then started the race.
Unfortunately, an accident happened, and members of the skilled team were badly hurt.
What should the helpers do? Help them, or continue the race?

Chapter 8: The Creeping Shadow[12]

One day, without work to do, Kyappy was sitting in a park, enjoying the weather. Abruptly, a stranger came up to her and enquired about the Helping Shop, which he learned about from website.
"Eh-? That's MY place for business!!"
So the stranger, Seshirio the weimaraner, was lead to the Helping Shop. And what he was asking for is to escort him through the domain of some gangs.
However, when they reached the place, there was something unusual: The ruffians, standing in the way, didn't appear to be local ones...

Chapter 9: Pure White Lover[13]

A-Chan was jogging in the road happily, carrying a bag. Whereas when he crossed the road, a truck came rapidly——
Shibeta and Kyappy came to the hospital in no time. There they saw the bag A-Chan carried with him. There was a memmo in it:
"Kuresaki Park."
Kyappy recalled that when A-Chan left in the morning, he mentioned that he was going to an appointment. And the other dog must had been waiting until now-!
So Shibeta and Kyappy went there by train. What they saw was a figure of pure white...

Extra: Surprise[14][edit]

Christmas was drawing near.
As is known, A-Chan and Mashiro are lovers. So A-Chan was working hard to save money for a Christmas gift to be given to Mashiro. However, Shibeta thought A-Chan hadn't been with Mashiro for days and that he should do less work to spare some time to accompany her. But A-Chan insisted that when Mashiro saw the gift, she would forgive him.
Finally came Christmas Day. But why didn't Mashiro turn up?

Chapter preview[edit]

1. Story about Mashiro (Already became Chapter 9)

One day, A-Chan left home for something important. But an accident happened to him halfway. Amounts of his memory was lost.
Shibeta and Kyappy rushed into the ward. However, what they saw was a kishu staying near A-Chan's bed.
What? It looked like they had a strong relationship--
Will A-Chan's memory be back?

2. Story about Fuuga

On a windy and snowy day, a wolf was found at the foot of the mountain, which caused chaos.
Kyappy went there herself to find out what happened. Realizing the wolf was wounded, she carried him to the Helping Shop.
The wolf, in fact, was Fuga the wolfdog who was seeking for his mom.
In order to help him, the helpers went to the mountains where wolves lived.
Nonetheless, they were stopped halfway...

3. Story about Anna

Jakki the collie, who owned a farm, asked the helpers to help cure his adopted daughter, Anna, of her psychological wound, who is autistic now.
Accordingly, the helpers went to the farm and helped her for a while.
Though Anna was getting better, she still can't make it.
On that condition, Shibeta put forward the idea about hosting a "Dog Convention of Frisbee". (Border Collies are good at playing frisbees, as is known.)

4. Story about Beru

Beru, a criminal, was being chased by the police.
Suddenly, when he crossed the road, he came across Mashiro, whom he hasn't seen for a long time.
After being counseled by her, Beru began to feel guilty.
Eventually, when he was pursued again, he made a choice...


Click the external links to show the pictures of the characters.

Helpers (Members of the Helping Shop)[edit]

Sex: Male
Age: 18
Breed: Siberian Husky
Birthday: June 12th
Height: 175cm
Main character. Cold and strict apparently, he is caring actually. He isn't good at showing his emotion. He has a strong will, and doesn't fear anything. Plus, he is good at fighting, but doesn't like it.
Kyappy's best friend, but not lover now.
Not fond of beer but tea. Left-handed.
"Everyday I want to live ordinarily..."
Sex: Female
Age: 18
Breed: Shiba Inu
Birthday: January 25th
Height: 157cm
Heroine of this manga. A positive and active girl. Brave and hard-working as she is, she may do something rash without thinking about it (Like committing suicide in Chapter 1).
As Shibeta's best friend, she doesn't regard him as a lover, too.
She loves desserts very much. Being strong, she is also a good fighter.
"I'm glad I was able to meet Shibeta!"
Sex: Male
Age: 20~25
Breed: Siberian Husky
Birthday: October 9th
Height: 180cm
Shibeta's elder brother. Uninhibited and optimistic. A playboy who loves porn (not that much actually). But he is also respectable, always there to comfort others. Nevertheless, sometimes he still feels shameful when seeing his girlfriend, Mashiro.
Fond of beautiful girls and food made by Mashiro. He has scars on his face, and his right ear has been cut before.
"Stop being so whiny and bring it on! Because I'm your opponent!"
Sex: Female
Age: 20~25
Breed: Kishu
Birthday: March 2nd
Height: 166cm
A-Chan's girlfriend. Good at doing housework, making desserts and taking care of others. Truly tender. But when annoyed, she'll become the opposite--Fierce... (It's always A-Chan who annoys her, you know.) Proficient in medicine, and reliable in treatment.
Mashiro has parents who run a teahouse. Additionally, she is able to make either Japanese or Western food.
P.S.: She will become dissolute after drinking alcohol.
"Enough, A-Chan! You'll be beaten if you don't behave!"
Sex: Male
Age: 16
Breed: Wolfdog
Birthday: July 29th
Height: 189cm
A tender wolf-dog. "Pure airhead", who always fails to tell lies. Having grown up in the mountains, he doesn't know much of the society, asking questions every day. He's much cleverer than he appears, though. He is extremely good at fighting, and even Sbibeta is surprised at his fighting skills. He can hunt a bear on his own, but won't be that savage when with other helpers.
Fuga likes to eat raw meat of bears and deer.
(Because of looking like a wolf, he must wear a coat while walking in the street, or he may be shot by the police. Why dogs shoot wolves will be explained later.)
"Why does the sky turn red when the sun sets?"

Other characters[edit]

Sex: Female
Breed: None
Shibeta's foster mother. She served as Shibeta's mom in his childhood, always very chipper.
"Stop forcing yourself! Geez. You don't even listen to me now."
↓Characters below haven't been seen in the chapters.
Sex: Female
Breed: Border Collie
Living in a farm, she is kind of rude and proud, like a boy. However, sometimes she still show some features of girl.
Anna has once attended a bullfight when young, and saw the dark side of the society. Hence, she was hurt psychologically and turned exceedingly introverted.
"Y're...y're talking too much! It has nothing to do with you! Stop ordering me, idiot!"
Sex: Male
Breed: Groenendael
A villain who has committed many crimes and is now wanted by the police. The most criminous of all villains who are wanted.
Blaming himself for being insensitive to doing crimes, he feels guilty and grieved, and tries to compensate. (So he's usually not regarded as a bad guy.)
(It is whispered by fans of this manga that he is Mashiro's ex-boyfriend. However, the relationship of them hasn't been officially confirmed yet.)
(to Mashiro) "Really envy you...for up till now, you're still pure white."
Sex: Female
Breed: Silver Wolf (Just a fabled breed)
Fuuga's childhood friend. Forthright and impatient. It was she who taught Fuga how to survive in the wild, always being strict to him.
Once she tramped over hill and dale in order to see Fuga off. But because her sister was missing, she came back to the mountain where she used to live in later.
"Geez. Still this stinky and foolish like what you used to be...HEY! What the hell are you talking about? I'm FEMALE! So as I've said, dogs are insensitive..."
A clone of Shibeta, made by Dr.Heruman who has collected some cells of Shibeta.
He has a tag on his left ear. Having been done experiments on since he was born, he escaped from the lab, but is always thinking what he lives for.
"I finally understand after meeting you guys. The reason why I came to live this long... Thank you."


  • Breed Indiscrimination Organization
At first sight of its name, you may think of this organization as a just one. Nevertheless, "indiscrimination" is just an excuse, which is used to cover the vices the organization has done. But how vicious it is still remains unknown, because this organization hasn't even shown up in chapters yet.
1. Chief: Girubaato ギルバート[26]
Sex: Male
Breed: Pyrenean Mastiff
Patient, clever but ruthless. Adored by his subordinates. Tolerant apparently, he can't bear failure, sticking to his aim.
"Compromise? No...I have only one purpose"
2. Secretary: Seshirio セシリオ[27]
Sex: Male
Breed: Weimaraner
A patient gentleman (or "gentledog"). Having been with Girubaato since young, he knows him best and adores him as well.
"You guys are fun...but it's a pity that I can't understand that."
3. Other three members: Omitted
Sex: Male
Breed: Giant Schnauzer
A scientist employed by the Breed Indiscrimination Organization.
Inhumane, thinking about his own profit only.
He keeps doing cyborg experiments and making weapons of this kind, in order to let others know his technique.
He calls the cyborgs he's made "dear", the best of whom is ROSETTA the wolf, who has a metal foreleg and an iron tail.
"There's no impossibility...You fools will never realize how powerful my technique is!"

Drawing style[29][edit]

The drawing style of this manga is created by the author Ayaka and is quite different from the other ones. The introduction below can help you know the details of it. You can look at this picture for reference.
  • Eye
The white parts of the eyes are Omitted. Only the colored parts can be seen. (Actually, if you look at a dog from the front, what you'll see is just like this.)
This kind of eye is made up of 4 parts: iris (the colored part), pupil, shadow on the eyeball and the part which reflects light.
As to the shape of eyes, males have half-moon eyes while females have egg-shaped eyes.
P.S.: Not all dogs have this kind of eyes, but a few of them (like the helpers). Others have eyes like humans'.
  • Nose
Omitted (just like many manga). But some kinds of dog, like Bulldog, still have noses. (If not, they may look quite ridiculous.)
In general, if the muzzle of a dog is short, it will have a nose.
  • Muzzle
Muzzles are omitted in dog's front views, too, while they are drawn in lateral ones. There's no nose on them, though.
With respect to the mouths, they're just like humans'. Honestly, that makes the characters pretty.
  • Paw
In order to make the characters cute, there's no finger on paws. Just imagine a gloved hand (wearing a mitten, which doesn't have separate fingers), and you'll know what those paws are like. And paws can also act as hands, able to grab things.

About the Dog Civilization[30][edit]

Details of dogs[edit]

Life span
The same as humans.
Height and Weight
The same as humans as well. However, dogs' heights vary from one breed to another.
<Height standards>
Small sized dogs: less than 130 centimeters.
Medium sized dogs: 140~170 centimeters.
Large sized dogs: 180~195 centimeters.
Oversized dogs: more than 195 centimeters.
Ways of movement
1. Walk/run on 2 legs
Just like humans, this kind of posture can spare hands to carry things or do something else.
2. Walk/run on 4 legs
Compared with the former, it makes dogs move faster.
Except them, dogs can also move by transportation like vehicles.
Dogs usually don't eat raw food, like humans. They can also make desserts which humans are able to make.
Some senses of dogs are not similar to real dogs' but humans', such as their sense of smell and hearing, which are poorer than real dogs'. (You can consider that as degeneration.)
Dogs can talk as well as bark.
Plus: Dogs usually give birth to only one pup at a time, the same as humans.
That's just like human race.
Usually, dogs tend to choose spouse that are of the same breed with them. But sometimes different breeds of dogs get married, whose children are called mixed-blood dogs.
Discrimination of breed sometimes exists, which may result in conflicts.


The country where the helpers live is governed separately just by mayors of the towns.
And here goes a saying: "Only residents who obey me will be protected".
As a result, the laws are of no use; the mayor can do whatever he can and give instructions at ease.
Thus, the society becomes in chaos.
With robberies and crimes happening once in a while, even the police are exhausted. Thus, it's really inconvenient for residents to seek help from the police.
So, in this social background, the Helping Shop of Shibeta was opened for business.

The town where the stories happened[edit]

Name: 蒼眼町 (The town of Pale Blue Eye)
Source of the name
There used to be discrimination against huskies in this town.
That was because a disease brought there by wolves was spreading.
Just for huskies look similar to wolves, the mayor thought that they were to blame for the disease's spreading.
Thus, the mayor planned to put all huskies in a concentration camp and get them executed.
(Shibeta's dad died at that time in order to save Shibeta and his brother, by the way.)
However, there came a husky with a pair of pale blue eyes.
Child as he was, he defeated the executioners and barked loudly with his body bloody.
That bark was inspiring and powerful.
All huskies were moved and managed to get out of that place shoulder to shoulder, forcing the mayor to compromise.
Here ended the campaign. But that pale-blue-eyed husky was never seen again.
In memory of this husky, the town was named after him.
Information of this town
Countryside town though it is, it's flourishing.
There's a long dam alongside the river, which Shibeta always walks along. Over the river is a bridge, where Shibeta met Kyappy.
In the central park, there stands the statue of the pale-blue-eyed husky.

Other creatures[edit]

No human.
Dogs are the most intelligent creatures.
There're some deer and birds, which can be made for food; bears also exist, which are fierce animals.
In addition, there's still another kind of intelligent animals--wolves.
About wolves
Wolves are much stronger than dogs, but they don't have many weapons (like guns).
Just see the dogs as white men or women and the wolves as indians, and you will roughly realize the situation.
What is well-known is that dogs and wolves used to be living together harmoniously years ago. However, discrimination appeared later, and wolves were expelled from the cities.
Now the wolves are living in the mountains, there territories still being lessened by dogs.
If a wolf came to a city, he would be shot to death ruthlessly.


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External links[edit]

  1. Click here↓to read the English edition of this manga:
    Helper SHIBETA:Chapter 1
  2. Extra:Shibeta&Kyappy
  3. Extra:Fuga&Shirubia
  4. Personal website of the author Ayaka
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