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Hit The Road (Corde Londin Song)

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"Hit The Road"
Single by Corde Londin
Released17 June 2018
FormatDigital Download
Songwriter(s)H Kielberg
Producer(s)H Kielberg
singles chronology
"Do U" "Hit The Road" "TBA"

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"Hit The Road" is a song recorded by Danish-South African singer-songwriter Corde Londin. It was written and produced by Londin. The song contains influences of dance-pop and pop, with the lyrics chronicling the desire to run away with someone you love. The song was released on May 4, 2018. The song was accompanied by a lyric video, released on to YouTube in June 2018.


"Hit The Road" is a song that was inspired by the romance and hardship of the times during World War II. It tells the story of a relationship and their desire to run away together. The lyrics of the song express his feelings of love and devotion towards the girl and his willingness to face any challenges that may come their way.

The chorus of the song, "Let's Hit The Road, will you take my hand and run? I'm not leaving you behind. Your everything I got. Let's Hit The Road, no matter where we go, I will not face it alone. I will call you on the phone. Let's Hit The Road, you and I. Your everything I got; we're driving out of here. Let's Hit The Road" expresses the couple's desire to leave their troubles behind and start a new life together. The lyrics are uplifting and optimistic, and they suggest that the couple's love is strong enough to overcome any obstacles they may encounter. Musically, "Hit The Road" is a moderately fast song with a tempo of 120 beats per minute. It features a dance-pop sound that is characterized by upbeat rhythms, electronic instrumentation, and catchy hooks.

"Hit The Road" received recognition from the Dutch international internet radio station Hosa Radio, where it was nominated as an 'Attention Grabber'. This nomination is a testament to the song's popularity and its ability to captivate audiences. It also highlights Londin's growing popularity as an independent artist and his potential for success in the music industry.

Chart Performance[edit]

"Hit The Road" received positive reception from the Dutch international internet radio station, Hosa Radio. The song's popularity led to it charting at number 11 on the station's Top 30 chart, which is a significant achievement for an independent artist. The Top 30 chart features the most popular songs on the station and is a reflection of the listeners' preferences and tastes.[1] In addition to reaching number 11 on the Top 30 chart of Dutch international internet radio station Hosa Radio, "Hit The Road" by Londin continued to gain momentum and success. Later in 2018, the song peaked at number 101 on the Top 150 Hosa Radio Charts, which is another impressive achievement for an independent artist.[2]

Chart (2018) Peak


South Africa (RSA) -
Holland (NDL) 11

Track Listing[edit]

Digital download
No. Title Length
1. Hit The Road 3:17

Release History[edit]

Region Date Format Label
Holland 4 May, 2018 Digital download Independent