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Honey Bunny Ka Jholmaal

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Honey bunny ka jholmaal
Opening themeHoney Bunny Ka Jholmaal (Title Track)
Ending themeHoney Bunny Ka Jholmaal (Instrumental Track)
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hindi
No. of seasons4
No. of episodes52 (104 segments)
Running time9-11 mins
Production company(s)Toonz Animation
DistributorSony Pictures Networks India
Original networkSony Yay
Audio formatMkih
Original releaseMarch 17, 2017 (2017-03-17) –

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Honey Bunny ka Jholmaal is an Indian animated comedy television series that currently airs on Sony Yay. The show is available in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi Bengali.[1][2][3][4][5]


The story revolves around the adventures of pets who live in a cozy house, owned by Miss Katkar. When the owner is away, the pets set off on fun and crazy adventures together. While they are usually sweet and well-mannered, Popat becomes talkative, Honey becomes mischievous and Bunny becomes frantic.



  • Popat - Popat the parrot is full of himself and believes that there is no one better than him. He enjoys adventures and only wants to have fun. But he does not like to eat green or red chili. He has a catchphrase: "Koee shak" (meaning "any doubt"). He also gets angry when his friends are in great trouble or danger. In some episodes, a big Eagle tries to catch and eat him but fails every time. As he can fly, he is the fastest among the four heroes.
  • Honey and Bunny - Honey and Bunny are twin cats. They love to team up and play pranks on everyone else. They are also protective of each other. Bunny is the smarter cat of the two, while Honey is always clueless and naive. As Honey is called a fool, he does not know he's good-bad and is the bravest among the four heroes. Bunny plays the main role to save others.
  • Zordaar - Zordaar is an obedient dog, who is friendly and disciplined. He always helps with the household chores. While the other pets in the house are up to mischief, he tries to find a way out and often ends up landing into trouble himself. He loves Honey, Bunny, and Popat dearly. As a dog, he is the strongest among the four heroes but sometimes he gets scared.
  • Miss Katkar - Miss Katkar is the owner of the house and takes equal care of her four pets. She works in an office and is completely unaware of the mischief that takes place in her house when she is not around. She loves her pets as her own children.
  • Mr. Khanna - Mr. Khanna (known as Khanna Saahab) is the owner of the house next door to Miss Katkar. He is a bank manager. He is also more fun-loving, in comparison to Miss Katkar. He also disturbs everyone with his poetry (Shayari). He also thinks of Popat, Zordaar, Bunny, Honey and Miss Katkar as his own family. He also loves Kitty like his own daughter.
  • Kitty - Kitty, a female cat, is Mr. Khanna's pet and Honey, Bunny, and Sunny have a crush on her and always try to impress her, getting everyone into trouble, including herself. Kitty is generally impressed by Honey and Sunny and very few times by Bunny. Honey impresses Kitty accidentally while Bunny does the hard work. Some episodes have depicted her as being extremely athletic, a fact which often lands her in acting roles of strong female characters.


  • Noor - She is a friend of Kitty.
  • Totaram - He is a very strong Parrot and the owner of Power Gym. He is a friend of Popat.
  • Inspector Panda - He is a Police Inspector. There are many others from Panda's family (his brothers) who are in the police.
  • Sunny - He is a muscular cat who has a bike and is a bully to the main heroes of Sab Jholmaal Hai. He also has a crush on Kitty. He has a competition with Bunny to impress Kitty (generally Bunny wins). He also calls them "garebo" (which means poor)
  • Ghoose - He is a wild rat, a friend of Honey, Bunny, Zordaar, and Popat. He comes in Goose (in this episode he makes his debut.), Null, Kabaddi, Bank Robbery.
  • Nandu - He is a mad rabbit. He always says 'Main Nandu, sabka bandhu' (Generally 'Nandu, sabka bandhu' means 'I am Nandu, everybody's friend'). He appears in the movie Bank Robbery. He helps Jholmaal gang when they are in trouble.
  • Spider - He is a spider who lives in Miss Katkar's storeroom. A female lizard also lives there.
  • Chhipkali - She is a female lizard who lives with Spidey in Miss Katkar's storeroom.
  • Kitkit - He is a crab and sidekick of Totaram.
  • Rocky - He is pet dog of Miss Katkar's uncle who has a strong body and appears in fewer episodes.
  • Professor Khanna - He is a scientist and Chacha ji (paternal uncle) of Mr. Khanna.
  • Bhalu Brothers:
  1. Doctor Bhaalu - He is a doctor of madmen. Nandu is his patient. He is the eldest. He always says "idher aao" (come here).
  2. Vaid Bhaalu - He is Doctor Bhaalu's younger brother. He is a Vaid. He is the middle brother.
  3. Pehelwan Bhaalu - He is the third brother who is a wrestling coach. He trained Honey, Bunny, and their team in Freestyle Wrestling.
  4. Khushhaal Singh (A.K.A Commander Bhaalu) - He is the youngest brother who is a Police Commander. He appears in Honey Bunny as Police Patrol.
  • Bad Monkey - He is a monkey. He always says 'Sultan ka beta Bad Monkey'.
  • Sunny- he is a cat like honey and bunny he is mischef he trys to impress kitty but always fail because of honey bunny. He is bodybuilder and rich than honey and bunny
  • Sweety - She is a parrot who's occupation is a reporter. Popat and Totaram have a crush on her.
  • Pinky - She is the camerawomen of reporter Sweety. It is shown in some episodes that Zordaar has a crush on her and she also likes him.
  • Lucy - she is a female dog who likes bodybuilders. Zordaar formerly has a crush on her but now he is with Pinky.
  • Koi - He is an alien and a friend of Honey Bunny. He only appears in Honey Bunny Space Adventure and Honey Bunny Lost in Space.
  • Pigman - He is a pig alien and appears in Honey Bunny Planet of Pig Aliens.
  • Pigola - he is the father of Pigman. he appears in Honey Bunny Planet of Pig Aliens.
  • Chooselee - He is a pig fighter and he appears as the enemy fighter to Bunny in Honey Bunny in Kung Fu Challenge.
  • Raju & Vasu - They are the teachers who taught Bunny the martial arts and are also naive and clueless like Honey.
  • Raj - He is a squirrel Himalayan racer who tries to win with Honey and Bunny, but he loses. He only appears in Honey Bunny in Himalayan Car Rally.
  • Lala A.K.A Uday and Majnu - The duo small-time thieves always try to rob something big but Honey Bunny Zordar Popat always stops them. They appeared in Honey Bunny Crazy Crazy Chase. They also had an appearance in several episodes.
  • Dimilu - He is the main antagonist in Honey Bunny in Mission Dolphin Rescue.
  • Kukreja - He is the sidekick of Dimilu and always mispronounces his name as Damelo.
  • Pretty - She is a dolphin and appears in the same movie as mentioned above.
  • Pigalia - He is the main villain in Honey Bunny Planet of Pig Aliens.
  • Prabhu and Deva - they are the robber baron brothers, the main villains of Honey Bunny Haunted House and again appear in the episode 'Prabhu Deva return'. Like Honey and Bunny, Prabhu is smart while Deva is naive. Their name is a pun on the Indian celebrity Prabhudeva.
  • Dracula - He is a disguised man in the episode Dracula.
  • Jimmy - He is the rock star but some goons try to take his guitar. He is also a friend of Honey Bunny, Zordaar and Popat.
  • Vicky - He is a car racer and also a friend of Honey Bunny, Zordaar and Popat.
  • Bobby - He is a boxer and also a friend of Honey Bunny, Zordaar and Popat.
  • Shaandaar - He is the second chaacha (younger paternal uncle) of Zordaar and a friend of Mini.
  • Mini - She is a ghost and a friend of Shaandaar.
  • Professor Marathon - He is a famous scientist and appears in Super Team X Reloaded.
  • Flamingo - He was the main antagonist of the first Super Team X movie.
  • Jurab - He was the main antagonist of the second Super Team X movie.
  • Ghungroo - He is the diamond smuggler and the main antagonist of Honey Bunny the Rockstar.
  • Gabbar Sardaar - He is the orchestra musical and the second main antagonist of Honey Bunny the Rockstar.
  • Taaya - He is Ghungroo's assistant behaving naive and clueless in Honey Bunny the Rockstar.
  • Taata - He is ghungroo's second assistant and is also behaving naive and clueless in Honey Bunny the Rockstar.
  • Moza - He is a dog and loves Senorita a.k.a Zordaar and also saves Zordaar, Honey Bunny, Popat and his family. He appeared in Honey Bunny in a Crazy Family Adventure.
  • Changu - He is a friend of Don who is chasing Honey Bunny, Zordar, Popat, Khanna and Katkar catching a statue, which is diamond, in the Puncture Island. He appeared in Honey Bunny in a Crazy Family Adventure.
  • Mangu - He is also a friend of Don and son of Changu who is useless. He wants to sign the papers and tries chasing Honey Bunny, Zordar, Popat, Khanna and Katkar catching a statue, which is diamond, in the Puncture Island. He appeared in Honey Bunny in a Crazy Family Adventure.
  • Don - He is the Don in Puncture Island. He kidnapped Kitty and wanted to get the statue, which was a diamond inside. He is the main antagonist of Honey Bunny in a Crazy Family Adventure.
  • Popo manjit - He was a joker and the main antagonist of Honey Bunny in Clownland.
  • Sweety - She was a teammate of Popo Manjit in Honey Bunny in Clownland.
  • Tolo and Molo - They are Popo Manjit's assistants in Honey Bunny in Clownland. Unlike Honey Bunny, they both are naive, with Tolo being a little more naive than polo
  • Dhaniram "Dhani" Dhulakia - He is a businessman and a friend of Honey Bunny, Popat & Zordaar. He is identical to Honey except that he wears a red coat suit with a green tie and has "DE" in gold letters. He has red eyes, 2 hair patches on the head, 3 whiskers on his chin and a mole on his left cheek. Like Honey, Dhani likes to watch cartoons.
  • Guru Ghantal - He is cricket gang's friend that advises him to takeover Honey's grandfather's place and wants to play cricket. He is the main antagonist of Honey Bunny Cricket.
  • Chote and Bade - Chote and Bade are both brothers trying to kidnap richman Tommy's pet, and they are the main villains appearing in Honey Bunny Doggy's Day Out and in Khanna's sleepwalking episode.


Series overview[edit]

SeasonSegmentsEpisodesOriginally aired
First airedLast airedNetwork
15213April 15, 2018 (2018-04-15) (trailer)

April 16, 2018 (2018-04-16) (sneak peek)

April 17, 2018 (2018-04-17) (official)
July 14, 2018 (2018-07-14)Sony Yay
Sony Liv
22613July 22, 2018 (2018-07-22)October 12, 2019 (2019-10-12)Sony Yay
Sony Liv
313November 6, 2019 (2019-23-06)January 3, 2020 (2020-01-03)Sony Yay
460+ (Running)May 7, 2020 (2020-05-07)Present (Present)




  • Plane Hijack
  • Double Impact
  • Himalayan Car Rally
  • Kung Fu Challenge
  • Super Team X
  • Haunted House
  • Crazy Crazy Chase
  • Doggy's Day Out ( inspired by the American movie Baby's Day Out )


  • Secret Formula
  • Super Team X Reloaded
  • Train Chase
  • Lost In Space
  • Honey Bunny and the Pet Detective
  • Planet of the Pig ALIENS
  • Mission Dolphin Rescue
  • Gangs of Film City
  • Honey Bunny and the Cricket Gang
  • Crazy Family Adventure
  • Honey Bunny in Egypt Adventure
  • Honey Bunny In Police Patrol
  • Honey Bunny In Ghost Palace
  • Honey Bunny The Rock Stars


  • Honey Bunny and the Super Race Car
  • Honey Bunny in the Arabian Adventure
  • Honey Bunny The Millionaires
  • Honey Bunny in Space Football
  • Honey Bunny in Rabbit Island
  • Honey Bunny and the Masters of Disguise
  • Super Team X End of the World
  • The Ghost Warriors
  • Honey Bunny in Clownland
  • Honey Bunny the Time Travellers
  • Honey Bunny and the Mouse Trouble
  • Honey Bunny and Magical Hat. 2021

Lapet Te Raho with Honey Bunny is a 1-2 minute web series that highlights selected comedy clips from Sab Jholmaal Haimainly from Honey.


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