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Jean M. Nelson

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Jean M. Nelson
Jean M Nelson.jpg Jean M Nelson.jpg
Jean M Nelson posing for a shoot
Born (1976-06-07) June 7, 1976 (age 48)
🏡 ResidenceNew Jersey, United States
🏳️ NationalityHaitian
💼 Occupation
Songwriter, Singer and film producer
Known forFilm production and music
👩 Spouse(s)Natasha L Nelson
🥚 TwitterTwitter=
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Jean M Nelson (born: 7 June 1976, Haiti), is a Haitian American artist, cinematographer, director, editor, filmmaker, musician, photographer, producer, singer and writer, based in New Jersey, USA. Being well known artist in the fields of cinematography, editing, singing, and films and music production, Nelson has also won numerous awards.[1]

Nelson has broad range of interests ranging from cinematography to producing music and creating NFT artworks. As of 2022, he has released about seven albums with a total of 45 tracks, many films and art works. He is also owner and CEO of the social media platform, Vumview.

Personal life[edit]

Jean Nelson was born on June 7, 1976 in Haiti. His mother died during his early childhood, which left long lasting effect on him. According to Jean, this was time he started to look at the options to heal from grief and pain. And as escapism, he started developing more interest in music. In his early teens, his love and passion for the music peaked, when he started to take interest in various genres and singers, such as Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Brian McKnight, Michael Bolton and Kenny G. He soon after released his first track “Remember You”, in the love and remembrance of his late mother.
Nelson currently lives with his partner, Natasha Nelson, in New Jersey, United States of America.[2]


Nelson is a musician, singer, filmmaker, director, writer, photographer,[3] editor and visual artist. He is also owner and CEO of his self founded company Vumview, which is a social media platform.[4]


Nelson has written, sung, produced and audio engineered many of his tracks. Nelson had made use of various genres in his songs, but his musical style has been mainly cinematic.[2]

Nelson released his first track “Remember You” in his early teens. This track was in the remembrance of his late mother. He released his first album “Hope" in April 2020, having 2 tracks. In July 2020, Nelson released his second album named “Conception”, which had seven tracks. He then went on to release “Immortal”, his third album, in January 2022. The album had 10 tracks in it. Featuring nine tracks, his fourth album, “Rising of the Morn” was released in October of the same year.[2]

Nelson later on released his first-ever R&B pop album, “Unforgettable”. Nelson has released two albums in 2022, one only has a single track “I'm Ready to Love” (released: February 2022), while his second and latest album, entitled “Enchanted Love,” was released in June, with five tracks. As of 2022, Nelson has released a total of seven albums, with a total of 45 tracks.[2]


Year Name Type Notes
Remember You Single
2020 Hope Album 2 tracks
2020 Conception Album 7 tracks
2021 Immortal Album 10 tracks
2021 Rising of the Morn Album 9 tracks
2021 Unforgettable Album first ever R&B pop album
2022 I'm Ready to Love album/single 1 track
2022 Enchanted Love Album 5 tracks


In 2018, Nelson released his first self produced and directed film “The Passion of Love”, co-written by Mr. and Mrs. Nelson. The film is a romance drama narrating the story of two lovers who met in a past life and are trying to navigate their love in the 21st century. The film received the "2019 Platinum Award" by Hollywood Film Competition, as well as the “Best Feature Film” by Hollywood Forever Film Festival.[5]

In 2021, his film project “The Wonders of the Witches” was released. The film was co-created by Nelson and his wife Natasha Nelson. The plot centers around a dark witch and her friends fighting to release her demon brother from the underworld. Both Nelson and his wife co-wrote and directed the film. They were also seen acting in the film as side characters.[2]


Year Name Type Award(s) Notes
2018 The Passion of Love Romance drama film
  • 2019 Platinum Award
  • Best Feature Film
Co-written with Natasha Nelson
2021 The Wonders of the Witches Fantasy Co-written, directed and produced with Natasha Nelson


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