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John Anthony Robles II (born 10 April 1966) is a journalist and presenter on the Voice of Russia[1][2] the Russian government's international radio broadcasting service. He is the presenter of the English Language program Moscow Mailbag which answers questions from listeners all over the world on all aspects of the USSR and Russia. During his work for the Voice of Russia World Service John exposed the Boston Bombing, the Srebrenica massacre, the Boneyard in Arizona and color revolution plans in Russia at the Bolotnaya.

He was born a US Citizen in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico being a US territory and is of Taino Indian extraction.

John and his two American born children were granted full political asylum in Russia in 2007 after the US Embassy in Moscow revoked his US passport.

John was the first US citizen to receive asylum in the Russian Federation. John has since renounced his US citizenship and applied for Russian citizenship in 2010 along with his son John Anthony Robles III and daughter Kayla Marie Robles.

On October 18, 2020 John's son who had also previously been granted asylum was deported from Russia after serving 5 years on a fabricated narcotics charge which the Russian authorities refused to investigate and which John claims was ordered by the US Government after his journalistic work at the liquidated Voice of Russia World Service.

Education and employment[edit]

Robles attended the Pennsylvania State University where he took an undergraduate course in Soviet Studies, majoring in the Russian Language. He taught at the BKC-Ih School for Foreign Languages in Moscow, Russia, for thirteen years.[3]

From 2009 until its liquidation in 2014 John was an investigative journalist, editor and the lead presenter at the Russian government's Voice of Russia World Service in English.

While at the Voice of Russia World Service John served as a WikiLeaks media associate and partner with almost weekly interviews and articles with WikiLeaks principles, including exposing the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement, for which John received an award by Project Censored.[4]

In 2018 John was employed as the head teacher at the higher learning institute Pushgeni in the Moscow Region under the Russian Academy of Sciences. He has worked as a translator for several top scientists in Russia and has translated several books and important studies. [5]

Revocation of US Passport[edit]

In March 2007, John Robles applied to have his US passport renewed at the US Embassy in Moscow. His passport was revoked however and the embassy refused to issue him with a new one. An accusation was made that Robles owed child support in Yolo County, California. Robles disputed this as he had full custody of his 2 children and had raised them on his own. He claimed neither he nor his children had been in the US since 1995. He had been issued a new passport previously in 1998 after it had been stolen. John was told to close his website during the revocation by Joseph Moone the CIA COS in Moscow. It was after his passport was revoked that he was granted political asylum in Russia. Robles had been running a truth ans transparency website publishing secret documents including lists of western intelligence agents and material related to the September 11 attacks. He was also critical of the actions of President George W. Bush. His site has been hosted in Russia since June 2003.[6]

Granting of Asylum[edit]

John and his children were United Nations recognized refugees since 1995. The US Government believed that John was working for the Russians in 1995. Given that John received full political asylum in 2007, something that even Edward Snowden was not able to obtain, sources in the Intelligence Community and former colleagues at the Voice of Russia believe that Robles may have been working for the Russian Security Services. John is the only ex-US citizen with asylum in the Russian Federation. Upon receiving asylum he was required to renounce US citizenship and was also required, under Russian law, to renounce US citizenship when filing for Russian citizenship.

Journalistic Work and Activism[edit]

As an investigative journalist at the Voice of Russia World Service, John worked for years to expose those behind the 911 attacks and the crimes of the CIA and the West throughout the world. His work exposing the CIA orchestrated coup in the Ukraine led to the liquidation of the Voice of Russia World Service and a campaign to destroy his career and family. Most of John's work has been deleted or censored although he has attempted to curate all of it on his own site.[7]

Due to massive work uncovering the CIA orchestrated coup in the Ukraine, his hundreds of articles and interviews with Native Americans and his work exposing the truth about the Srebrenica massacre and the destruction of Yugoslavia and Serbia, John was a frequent expert guest on the Russian Government's RT television channel [8] and the Russian Government's Federal Channel One and other Russian political outlets. His statements in support of President Putin and his anti-American rhetoric were at times even too much for the Russian media, many of whose managers and editors attempt to appease the West.

In 2015 John was actively working with the Russian Night Wolves motorcycle group. This included a public renunciation of the USA on a live televised broadcast seen by millions of Russians in the Russian language.[9]


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