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Publication information
PublisherMarvel Comics
First appearanceGiant Size X-Men #1 (May 1975)
Created byLen Wein
Dave Cockrum
In-story information
Notable aliasesThe Living Island Logo.png Search Krakoa on Amazon.

Krakoa is a fictional island depicted in Marvel media franchises. It was originally depicted as a very small island in the Pacific Ocean that was located close to where some nuclear bombing tests were done. The radiation somehow mutated the island's ecosystem into a hive-mind entity.[1] Sergeant Fury and his commando team were accidental witnesses to the bomb drop which created Krakoa in early 1945, and soon afterwards crashed on and encountered the island's collective intelligence, with whom they arranged a peaceful parting in exchange for keeping its existence a secret.[2][3]

However, Krakoa later became hungry for the unique life energy created by mutants. It was responsible for the deaths of a team of young mutants, composed of Petra, Sway, Darwin and Kid Vulcan (the latter two were able to survive, but became trapped inside Krakoa), from a parallel X-Men team led by Moira McTaggart.[4] It was later able to capture the original X-Men (then consisting of Cyclops, Angel, Havok, Iceman, Jean Grey and Polaris), which led to the subsequent formation of the new team of X-Men (namely Colossus, Nightcrawler, Storm, Sunfire, Thunderbird, Banshee and Wolverine). The new X-Men team found the original X-Men and by using her powers, Polaris was able to launch Krakoa into outer space.[1]

Krakoa was later apparently found and captured for study by the cosmic entity known as The Stranger, as seen when Quasar visited one of his 'laboratory worlds'.[5] Krakoa was eventually freed along with many other specimens[6] and was last seen orbiting around Earth until the energy wave from M-Day and the Collective awakened Vulcan.[7] It is also revealed that before it was shot into outer space, Krakoa released several spores from itself, which later plagued the X-Men.[8]

The spawns of Krakoa[edit]

There have been several spawns of Krakoa:

Vega Superior[edit]

The first known spore was Vega Superior, who took control of an island, later christened Wagner's isle, whose inhabitants began to worship him. When Nightcrawler crashed his plane there, he found Vega-Superior in the caves under the island, who had inherited his father's memories of the X-Men's genetic code, including that of Nightcrawler. He tries to choke Nightcrawler, but the latter manages to escape. He makes versions of the X-Men which Vega-Superior dubs the Vega-Men, out of natural materials, such as a Colossus made of stone, a Wolverine of ice, an Angel made of leaves and vines, a Nightcrawler made of mud and a Cyclops that shoots lava. However, they are much weaker than the original X-Men, and Nightcrawler easily defeats them all. Vega-Superior then chases him into the ocean before realizing he cannot swim.[8]

Krakoa II[edit]

Another spore of Krakoa took control of a construction site on a tropical island, and was discovered and defeated by the Young X-Men when they were investigating the disappearance of 56 construction workers.[9]

Krakoa/Brood Hybrid[edit]

Another spawn of Krakoa would be fabricated by the anti-mutant tech genius Kaga, creating his own hybrid out of Brood DNA to attack the X-Men at a later date. Eventually, the creature was cut down in the dawn of its conception by Cyclops in one shot.[10]

Krakoa III/X-Men's Krakoa[edit]

Later when Wolverine and some of the X-Men splintered away from Cyclops' group, it is discovered that Beast has built the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning on top of a "male" spawn of Krakoa.[11] After Quentin Quire manages to reason with him, the Krakoa spawn contacts Rachel Summers who ends up translating for him when Rachel tells Wolverine that the Hellfire Club made Krakoa attack them and that he is a mutant like the X-Men. Rachel discovered that this Krakoa was grown by Hellfire Club member Maximillian von Katzenelnbogen (a descendant of Victor Frankenstein) in his artificial supergarden. When Rachel mentions that Krakoa keeps apologizing and wants to join the X-Men, Wolverine ends up letting Krakoa stay as a part of the school.[12] Not soon after the school began having money difficulties, it is Krakoa who solves the school's financial problems by growing great quantities of giant diamonds on the trees he produces.[13] Krakoa's school grounds, the Bamfs, and Doop were able to prevent Swarm from invading the Jean Grey School.[14] After the Terrigen Mists were released into the Earth's atmosphere and began causing the M-Pox plague which was deadly to mutants worldwide, the X-Mansion was moved to the dimension of Limbo where it acted as X-Haven. Krakoa was not part of the displacement and moved his bio-matter offshore to function as an independent island in the Pacific Ocean.[15] After Kid Omega, whom was his only companion for a time, returned to the Xavier School on Thor's suggestion. Krakoa came back to New York searching for him as the son of the living island missed his friend.[16]

Mister Sinister's Krakoa[edit]

Mister Sinister had also obtained a few Krakoa Spores and like Maximillian von Frankenstein, was able to mass-produce the Krakoa consciousness, Essex even turned one into a mobile castle in his underground city. It was however burned down by the Phoenix Five.[17]

Hellfire Club's Krakoa[edit]

Soon afterward it was revealed that Maximillian von Frankenstein had been able to mass-produce Krakoa's consciousness and created several volcanic Krakoas to act in defense of the Hellfire Academy,[18] but were all killed in battle against the X-Men.[19]

Becoming a sovereign nation for mutants[edit]

During the "House of X and Powers of X" stories, Professor X reveals to Cypher that he had approached Krakoa and took his time and efforts to bring forth the true entity of the island and eventually made a telepathic connection with Krakoa to the point that the relationship of mutant island and mutant man has only grown. More so, when Cypher communed with Krakoa at Xavier's urging, Krakoa related its past. According to Doug Ramsey, long ago, in ancient times, there was a single larger landmass called Okkara, which was attacked by an enemy that came from its core wielding a mystical blade known as the Twilight Sword. During the attack, Okkara was broken up and its conscious divided into two islands, Krakoa and Arakko (Arakko is Okkara in reverse and Krakoa an anagram), that seemingly acted as a yin and a yang which created some sort of a portal to a Hellish dimension known as Ameth, and demons poured out into the world. Fortunately, Apocalypse arrived with his First Horsemen and were able to thwart the attack by sealing of the chasm and isolating Arrako from Krakoa. The horsemen were sealed alongside Arakko on the other side of the chasm, to the sorrow of both Krakoa and Apocalypse.[20] As time passed, a mournful and lonely Krakoa eventually became inert until being reawakened in early 1945 due to testing from the Americans nuclear bomb drop.[21] Years later, Krakoa would be later transformed into a sovereign nation state for the entire mutant race. Led by Professor X, hero and villain alike are welcome on the shores of Krakoa, where the mutants are setting aside their old differences to build a new civilization with Krakoa producing flowers with the ability to grow in mere hours, full "Habitat" structures which are self-sustaining environments that are a part of the interconnected consciousness of Krakoa, that served as embassies around several countries on Earth, the Blue Area of the Moon, the Green Area on Mars and beyond the solar system, all the while remaining connected to its hive mind via Gateways, which provided ways to instantly travel from one part of Krakoa to another. The gateways can only be access by mutants but if a mutant brings a human with them voluntarily, that human must ask for permission from Krakoa to use the gateway. The flowers also create No-Place, a habitat that exists outside the collective consciousness of Krakoa and where Moira MacTaggert has been hiding herself. Even Krakoa does not know this place exists. Krakoa is also the only place in the world to have special pills that extend human life by five years, a "universal" antibiotic and a cure for "disease of the mind, in humans". Additionally, while Krakoa's main body lies in the Pacific Ocean not far from Australia, another large landmass of it exists in the Atlantic Ocean which is also connected in the same way as the "habitats" to the hive mind.

The government of Krakoa is headed by the Quiet Council; and an organization called the Great Captains led by Cyclops and consisting of Magik, Bishop and Gorgon. Thanks to telepathic manipulation by Emma Frost, the vast majority of the world recognized Krakoa and established diplomatic/trade ties, with the exceptions of Wakanda, Atlantis, Azania, Canaan, Kenya, Honduras, Brazil, Santo Marco, Terra Verde, Venezuela, Iran, Madripoor, North Korea, Latveria, and Russia, for political and ideological reasons and/or because they belong in the Wakandan Economic Protectorate.[22]

More so, Emma Frost was allowed to carve out a piece of Krakoa so she could be given a private kingdom for herself outside the coast of the bay-area. Likewise, Bar Sinister, though not part of Krakoa, was added to its landmass with Flowers of Krakoa that modify the former secret base of Mister Sinister into a Krakoan Habitat, a diplomatic biome interconnected with the island nation's collective consciousness.

Cypher also developed their own mutant language – Krakoan – which is psychically implanted when mutants come to the island and created an entire system to manage the traffic of the Krakoan network which is overseen by Sage. Since the island itself is sentient, Black Tom's plant-manipulating abilities gave him a unique bond that connected him to the island and all of its surrounding plant life. The subsequent connection meant an expansion of his field of awareness to include the plankton and kelp in the surrounding sea and the bacteria and spores floating in the air itself. In total, Black Tom's plant-based awareness gives him a 25-mile radius of acute sensitivity to all that enters and exits the island nation.

However, Krakoa's current achievements come at a steep price. To sustain itself, Krakoa must consume two mutants a year or take in other forms of mutant energy through a more sustainable workaround. Since Krakoa became home base for an ever-growing number of mutants, the island can sustain itself by taking a minimal, theoretically harmless amount of psychic energy from every mutant on its shores. That process is tightly monitored by two mutant "psychic vampires", Selene and Emplate.

However, even with the island's considerable defenses, it seems Krakoa is still vulnerable. The first major attack on Krakoan soil is made by a shadowy anti-mutant group who were able to easily bypass Krakoa's defenses by capturing Domino and faking her bio signature, and while Black Tom's connection to Krakoa and its defense systems proves to be so advanced that Tom becomes alerted to the invasion before even the resident psychics Jean Grey and Charles Xavier himself, the attack nevertheless causes the death of several mutants.[23]

Another attack was made by a small band of eco-terrorists known as Hordeculture, who proved capable of disrupting Krakoa's ecosystem by hacking Krakoa's biology and access its gates, which started taking a toll on the island's residents. Beyond some unusually aggressive wildlife and a minuscule decrease in landmass, Jean Grey, Emma Frost and the other telepaths on the island have already noticed that Krakoa is taking more psychic energy than normal.[24]

Later, another strange and mysterious island with a large volcano suddenly appeared off the coast of Krakoa making the island to change course and head towards it. With Doug Ramsey off-world, communication with Krakoa is difficult, if not impossible, so Cyclops enlisted Cable and Prestige, to investigate the new landmass. On arrival, they discover the large volcano contains glowing rainbow tentacles popping out of it and encounter thick jungle akin to the Savage Land and populated with otherworldly creatures and an equally other-worldy white, childlike being who identifies himself as a "High Summoner of Arakko", nameless beings that are capable of drawing forth extra-dimensional beings between the dimension where the lost land of Arakko is located and the land beyond the wild borders of Otherworld. After a misunderstanding with Cable, Prestige is able to give the High Summoner knowledge of Krakoan, enabling communication. The Summoner explains that Krakoa and this island are in love, implying that the mysterious landmass appears to be a sliver of Arakko. As Krakoa approaches the strange island, the two islands reach out their floral tendrils and merged into a single much larger island which is now divided between the lush of Krakoa and the forbidden alien terrain of the mysterious island which is named Arak Coral. The Volcano of Arak Coral is revealed to contain a portal to the dimension where Arakko is, which is not currently open.[25]

Rules of Krakoa[edit]

The Great Ring follows three basic rules;
1) Make more mutants;
2) Murder no man;
3) Respect the sacred land of Krakoa.

Notable Locations[edit]

  • Krakoa Pacific
    • Academos Habitat (Sextant) – collection of biomes that acts as home, school and training facility for young mutants.
    • Arak Coral – portion of Arakko which was severed from Krakoa millennia ago.
    • Arbor Magna – a massive tree that contains The Hatchery, the location where The Five perform the resurrection protocols.
    • Arena – a coliseum used to perform the Crucible, a ritual where depowered mutants face combat to the death to prove worthy of resurrection.
    • Armory – subterranean laboratory where Forge creates biological machine using Krakoan organics
    • Bar Sinister – home of Mister Sinister.
    • Boneyard – headquarters of X-Factor Investigations.
    • Bower – a place for forlorn and lost mutants to come together and find a connection.
    • Broken Baths – cliffside pools of hot and cold water for relaxation.
    • Carousel – living space for numerous Krakoa inhabitants who reside in lavish tree houses.
    • Cradle – five secret locations where copies of Cerebro are stored.
      • Cradle One – located in House of X
      • Cradle Two – located in Island M
      • Cradle Three – located in the Summer House
      • Cradle Four – located in The Pointe
      • Cradle Five – located in Moira's No-Space
    • Green Lagoon – Tiki bar and social club.
    • Grove – area of Krakoa that house the Quite Council Chamber.
    • Grove of Theoretical Gates – personal laboratory and study location for Apocalypse.
    • Healing Gardens – hospital area where healers and medical staff restore health and heal injuries.
    • Hellfire Bay – stronghold of the Hellfire Trading Company.
      • Blackstone – stronghold of the Black King.
      • Red Keep – stronghold of the Red Queen.
      • White Palace – stronghold of the White Queen.
    • House of M – home of Magneto.
    • House of X – home of Professor X.
    • No Space – secret home and laboratory of Moira MacTaggert.
    • Observation – a chamber where the mutant powers of telepathy, weather manipulation, technopathy and genius-level intellect are used to observe the world and communicate with others.
    • Oracle – underground home of Mystique.
    • Port Genosha – distillery that produces alcohol for Krakoa's residents.
    • Prison Grotto – unofficial penitentiary area.
    • Psychic Rescue Room – an isolated location where telepaths can perform psychic surgeries.
    • Purgatory – headquarters of Hellions team.
    • Quarry – a smaller coliseum where Krakoans participate in organized combat competition.
    • Reservoir – secluded area near a water inlet; home of Kwannon.
    • Sunset Cliff – a series of cliff on the western coast of Krakoa.
    • Transit – location though which mutants can reach any number of habitat and gateways across Earth and universe.
    • Wild Hunt – a woodland sparring area on the western shore of Krakoa.
  • Krakoa Atlantic
    • Bunker – a secret location where non-combatant mutants are relocated during any attack on Krakoa Pacific
    • Danger Island – an interactive training facility
    • The Pointe – headquarters of X-Force team.
    • Transport – gateway for rapid transit to the Pacific Krakoan island.
  • Krakoan Habitat
    • Braddock Lighthouse – headquarters of Excalibur team.
    • Graymalkin Habitat – former home and headquarters of the X-Men; nest for the colony of alien Sidri.
    • Greenspace – a clean energy startup in California's Silicon Valley where human allies experiment with Krakoan technology.
    • Island M – former island base of Magneto; occasional port of call for the seabound mutant-rescuing Marauders.
    • Krakoan Harvest Center – mutant outpost in Antarctica's prehistoric Savage Land where Krakoan flowers are farmed.
    • Mykines – a protectorate of Krakoa off the westernmost edge of the Faroe Islands archipelago; location for the first Hellfire Gala.
    • Red Farm – a facility on Mars where Krakoan flowers are grown by automatons for transport to Earth for processing into medicine.
    • Summer House – Krakoan biome adjacent to the Blue Area of the Moon; home to the Summers family.
    • Treehouse – headquarters of the X-Men team located in Manhattan.

X of Swords[edit]

After creating the External Gate to reach the dimension where Arakko is located, Apocalypse sent Summoner with Banshee and Unus the Untouchable to herald his arrival. When Summoner reemerged with a wounded and dying Banshee, he pleaded for help and the issue of the External Gate was brought before the Quiet Council. Although the majority of the Quiet Council voted to destroy the External Gate due to its security risk, they were overruled by Krakoa who demanded that the Gate remain open.

After the Krakoan mutants defeated the Swordbearers of Arakko, Krakoa was final able to reunite with Arakko, however, as it turns out, they have no interest in unification because they have evolved from what they originally were, with their personalities becoming radically different over the incredibly long period of time that they have been apart, even needing Doug to translate for both of them.[26]

Other versions[edit]

In the Ultimate Marvel reality, Krakoa is featured in issues of Ultimate X-Men. Krakoa Island is south of Genosha (which in this reality is vastly anti-mutant under the reign of Lord Scheele) and the filming location for Mojo Adams' reality TV shows for executing mutants, such as Scheele's killer Arthur Centino aka Longshot.[27]

In What If?: Deadly Genesis, Vulcan's trip to Krakoa saw him kill the rest of the X-Men by accident before the island itself was jettisoned into deep space. Years later, it is discovered by the Silver Surfer, and analysis of the cavern with Sway's powers reveals what really happened to the original team.


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