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Last Day on Earth: Survival is an online survival game developed by Kefir Studio and released as a Beta around May 2017 for Android and iOS. The plot is to survive and build after most of the world was turned into zombies from a flu epidemic.

General Gameplay[edit]

Last day on Earth: Survival is currently a single player game with a multiplayer mode in development. Last Day on Earth: Survival gameplay relies heavily on routine farming for resources to build a base, make tools, and craft weapons. There are also timed campaign style events that offer greater opportunities to win higher level guns and melee weapons as well as high level loot like health kits.

Farming and Scavenging[edit]

The main building items to gather are pine logs, stone, and iron ore. Pine logs, found primarily in forests, are processed into lumber. Stone, found primarily in rocky hills is processed into bricks. Iron ore, also found in rocky hills, is melted into iron bars. Oak logs are found in oak groves and are similarly processed into lumber but an advanced axe is required to farm them. Copper is available in the frigid wooded foothills and is smelted into copper bars. An advanced pick is required to obtain copper. It is also critical to note that cold weather clothing is required in the wooded foothills. All farming locations include leafy plants that provide fibers (for rope and cloths) and sometimes carrot seeds which can be planted and harvested and made into carrot pies, which are particularly good for rebuilding health from fighting. All farming locations also include a number of chests that can be searched for loot like health kits, special components, weapons, tickets, and the like.


Building your base is an important part of the game play because you will need to store items and make food as well as craft weapons and tools. The wood and stone is used to build basic level floors, doors, walls, furniture, and tools such as smelters, sewing tables, etc. In order to build stronger walls such as the brick ones that cannot be broken down by zombies, oak logs are required. If you chose to raid other plays, that opens your base to being raided. Brick walls can be broken down by AI and other players who use C4 which is a lootable item. Currently, the toughest walls are made of metal and require a metal cutter, which is not currently available, to breakdown.

Events and Campaigns[edit]

Kefir introduces special events for holidays and these events are only available during certain times. There are regular campaign events which players can complete. These include dealers, airdrops, and bunkers. Dealers ask for various supplies in return for a crate that has an unknown weapon. Airdrops occur a few times a day. The user will need to reach a crate in middle of the map to loot it. The crate frequently includes melee weapons as well as other raw materials or supplies. The area around the air drops can be farmed for resources. There are numerous bunkers on the map but only the Alpha bunker can be fully explored. After the ground floor is cleared of the zombie horse, the player can loot several lockers. If the player has obtained the access code to the bunker from the radio station they built in their base, the player can go to the first floor and exchange any tickets (red, yellow, green) they have scavenged for crates of loot. There are four floors to be cleared of zombies and significant loot can be obtained throughout. Note that the entrance to the Bravo bunker can be accessed. Once the horde of enemy is taken out, there are several lockers that can be looted. Access to the elevator is not currently available.

Types of Enemy[edit]

There a lot of different enemies but many are special zombies specific to certain areas or campaigns. For example, the Exploder Zombie is only available once the Alpha Bunker has been manually changed to elite mode. Common enemy types include:

  • Floater Bloater – A fat zombie that will try to hurt you by jumping up and slamming near you. Properly timed melee hit can destroy this zombie fairly easily.
  • Toxic Abomination – Another fat zombie that will try to hurt you by jumping up and slamming near you. Properly timed melee hit can destroy this zombie fairly easily. This zombie has a lot more health.
  • Diseased Wolf – A very aggressive wolf that bites very hard. It is best to kill these fast.
  • Crowd Zombie – Very weak and slow zombies. The only danger is when their horde surrounds you.
  • Toxic Spitter – A fast zombie that will chase you and spit at you. The spit will cause you to smell more and more with each exposure. Eventually your body odor will be very high and you will instantly attract everything on your screen. To get rid of it, you have to go back to your base and use the shower.
  • Fast Biter – Fast zombies that are not too hard to kill.
  • Rabid Wolf – Fairly weak wolves that are easy to kill. Looting their bodies will give you a wolf skin, a wolf steak, or both.
  • Roaming Zombie - Weak and slow zombies.


While the game is free and it is very possible to have a rewarding gameplay without spending any money, spending money will greatly speed up the process. Perhaps the biggest immediate limitation is the energy bar that is depleted by traveling to and from other locations. You are given 100 energy that refills one point every 5 minutes. The closest travel point requires 15 energy thus a round trip can cost 30 points. Kefir also entices the players to spend money to buy resources, guns, melee weapons, building supplies, food, and medical supplies. Some of the packages do not contain every item shown but there is a statistical chance that any one or more items will be included in the package.

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