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Fourteen houseguests in total participated in the thirteenth edition of the American reality television series Big Brother where the houseguests were observed by television viewers 24 hours a day. Each week, one or more of the houseguests was evicted by votes by the remaining houseguests until the winner was left.

In this season, eight houseguests are new players to the game. However, an additional six are players from previous series: Dick Donato and Daniele Donato from Big Brother 8, Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd from Big Brother 11, and Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly from Big Brother 12.[1] An additional houseguest, Jason Thomas, dropped out of the season before entering the house.[2]


Adam David Poch (born August 7, 1971), 47, is a music inventory manager from Hoboken, New Jersey. He describes himself as "The Heavy Metal Teddy Bear". On Day 1, Adam became partners with Dominic. In Week 1, Adam voted along with Cassi, Dominic, and Lawon to evict Porsche over Keith, who was evicted when the remaining newbies (Kalia and Shelly) and the veteran HouseGuests voted against him. In Week 2, Jordan became the HoH and Adam and Dominic were nominated. However, Dominic won the PoV and took themselves off the block, being replaced by Cassi & Shelly. In Week 3, Rachel became the new HoH and Adam & Dominic were nominated for eviction for the second week in a row. On Day 27, Adam's partner Dominic was evicted in a 7-1 vote. Since then, Adam has been floating with the power, mostly to Jeff, Jordan, Brendon, Rachel, and Shelly's side. In Week 6, Adam was nominated for eviction by Daniele, but as a pawn along with Shelly. On Day 43, Adam won his first Power of Veto in the competition, Big Brother Cornhole, and took himself off the block, being replaced by Brendon. In Week 8, after his ally Jeff was evicted in a double eviction episode, Adam floated to Porsche and Kalia's side. After Porsche opened Pandora's Box, Adam and Shelly became partners for the week. After Rachel won the Power of Veto, Adam was put alongside ally, Shelly, up for eviction. Adam then won the Power of Veto the following week and chose not to use it on Kalia or Porsche. Adam won his first HOH competition of the summer and put Jordan and Porsche up for eviction. Rachel, who won the final HOH competition, evicted Adam, making him the 7th and final jury member. He voted for Porsche to win Big Brother.


Brendon Josef Villegas (born July 2, 1980), 38, originally appeared in Big Brother 12, and was one of the returning houseguests in the "Double Trouble" twist. His partner is his fiancée, Rachel Reilly. On Day 1, Brendon became immune from eviction when Rachel became the first HoH, and later became a part of the Veterans alliance. Brendon and Rachel won the Power of Veto as a team in Week 1 in the competition, Faster than a Speeding Veto, but chose not to use it. In Week 3, Brendon again won the Power of Veto in the competition, Hot Legs, after spelling the word "Understanding", the same word that won him the veto last season. He chose not to use it, angering ally Daniele who had wanted him to use it against Jeff, causing a split in the Veterans alliance. In Week 4, Daniele became the new Head of Household, nominating Brendon and Rachel for eviction. On Day 29, Brendon won the Power of Veto for the third time in four weeks in the competition, Time's Up, but later decided to use it on Rachel. On Day 34, Brendon was evicted by a vote of 5-2 against Jordan, gaining the votes of Rachel and Porsche. However on Day 41, Brendon defeated Lawon in a competition entitled That's How We Roll to return to the house. On Day 48, he was re-evicted by a vote of 5-1. Brendon is the second houseguest in Big Brother history to be evicted three times, the first being Big Brother 6/7 Kaysar Ridha. In the jury house, he seemed to be very good friends with Jeff. Brendon was the 5th evicted HouseGuest and the 1st Jury member and voted for his fiancee, Rachel, to win.


Cassi Lynn Colvin (born 1985), 33, is a model from Allen, Texas (living in Nashville, Tennessee). Cassi is of Scottish descent, and she describes herself as a Southern girl who practices Christian values. She doesn't believe in altercations between contestants, she doesn't wish to be in a "showmance", and she plans on keeping her morals, and she values being truthful and genuine. On Day 1, Cassi became partners with Shelly. During Week 1, Cassi formed an alliance with fellow houseguests Dominic, Lawon and Keith, known as "The Regulators." In Week 2, Cassi and Shelly were nominated for eviction by Head of Household, Jordan. She was evicted on Day 20 by a 9-0 vote, being the third person to leave the Big Brother house. In result of her eviction, Shelly won the third golden key of the season. Her partner Shelly called her "beautiful inside and out", as Cassi was evicted. She was a candidate to return to the house on Day 41, but she finished third in "America's Vote".


Daniele Donato (born August 20, 1986), 32, originally appeared in Big Brother 8 and was one of the returning houseguests as part of the "Double Trouble" twist. Her partner is her father, Dick Donato. Daniele is often called "Dani" by her fellow houseguests. In Week 1, Daniele became a part of the Veterans alliance, and became the first recipient of a Golden Key when her father Dick voluntarily left the house because of an urgent personal matter. In Week 3, Daniele made an attempt to backdoor her original ally, Jeff. Daniele and her friend Dominic attempted to form a new deal with Brendon and Rachel, in an attempt to remove Jeff from the game. Her plan failed and backfired, and Brendon refused to use his Power of Veto, resulting in Daniele being excluded from the Veterans alliance, and Dominic being evicted from the house. In Week 4, Daniele became the Head of Household, nominating Brendon and Rachel for eviction. After Brendon won the veto, and used it on Rachel, Daniele nominated Jordan as a pawn, resulting in Brendon's eviction on Day 34. Two competitions later, she won the HoH competition on Day 48 and evicted a newly returned Brendon again. Jeff won HOH on Day 48 and he decided to nominate Daniele's two allies, Kalia and Porsche. Later, Jeff also won the Power of Veto competition and replaced Porsche with Daniele, with the intention of back-dooring her. She was later evicted by a 3-2 vote. As the 6th evicted HouseGuest, Daniele became the 2nd Jury member. Daniele voted for her friend and ally, Porsche to win. In January 2013, Daniele married fellow houseguest, Dominic Briones.


Richard Louis Donato, known as "Evel Dick" Donato (born June 24, 1963), 55, was one of the returning houseguests as part of the "Double Trouble" twist. He came in with his daughter, Daniele Donato, from Big Brother 8. He and Daniele were in an alliance with the other "Veterans", Brendon, Rachel, Jeff and Jordan. During Week 1, Dick offered Porsche a spot in their alliance. On Day 6, Evel Dick had to leave the house for urgent personal reasons, leaving Daniele without a partner. As a result, she was given the first Golden Key of the summer. In Week 4, Dick weighed on his daughter's gameplay, stating that she's been playing a terrible and messy game, but she still had a shot at the $500,000 prize.


Dominic Phillip Briones (born 1986), 32, is a student from San Mateo, California. He is "Italipino" (half Italian, half Filipino). Dominic has been frequently said to resemble musician Bruno Mars. He plans on being the comic relief to the house. He wants to go into the Big Brother house to have fun, and to enjoy himself. On Day 1, Dominic became partners with Adam. During Week 1, Dominic formed an alliance with Lawon, Cassi and Keith known as The Regulators and formed a flirtatious friendship with Daniele. However, the alliance was a failure, as their alliance were the first four houseguests evicted, with the exception of Dick walking in Week 1. In Week 2, Adam and Dominic were nominated by Jordan, the Head of Household, but Dominic won the Power of Veto, saving the pair, being the first newbee to win a competition. In Week 3, Adam and Dominic were again nominated by new Head of Household Rachel, and Dominic was evicted by a vote of 7-1 on Day 27. Dominic had a chance to return to the house by the "America's Choice" vote, but was beaten in the voting by Brendon, by 8.5%.[3] He married fellow contestant Daniele Donato in January 2013.


Jeff Schroeder (born June 5, 1978), 40, originally appeared in Big Brother 11 and was one of the returning houseguests as part of the "Double Trouble" twist. His partner is his girlfriend, and Big Brother 11 winner, Jordan Lloyd. In Week 1, Jeff became a part of the alliance formed between the six returning players. In Week 2, Jordan won the Head of Household competition, guaranteeing Jeff exemption from the eviction procedure. In Week 3, Rachel became Head of Household, and despite an attempt by Jeff's original ally, Daniele to ensure Jeff's eviction, Jeff continued in the game. In Week 5, Jeff was nominated for eviction by HoH Kalia alongside Rachel, but he later earned his first victory of the season in the Power of Veto competition. In Week 7, Jeff won the Head of Household competition All Washed Up, becoming the first male HoH after six consecutive weeks of female HoHs. On Day 49, Jeff nominated Porsche and Kalia for eviction. On Day 50, he won the Power of Veto. Jeff used the POV to take down Porsche, one of his original nominees, in order to backdoor his former ally Daniele. This resulted in Daniele being evicted on Day 55 by a 3-2 vote. On Day 55, after Daniele was evicted under Jeff's HOH reign, Jeff was nominated alongside fellow alliance member, Rachel by the new HOH, Kalia. POV winner Porsche chose to keep the nominations the same. The voting result was a 2-2 vote which forced HOH Kalia to break the tie, causing Jeff to be evicted. Jeff was the 7th evicted HouseGuest and became the 3rd Jury member. He seems to be good friends with Brendon. Jeff voted for Rachel to win. On the season finale, Jeff won the $25,000 America's favorite houseguest prize, the second consecutive time Jeff has won the prize.


Jordan Haley Lloyd (born November 21, 1986), 32, originally appeared in Big Brother 11. She is one of two former Big Brother winners in the cast. She returned to the game with her boyfriend Jeff Schroeder as part of the "Double Trouble" twist. In Week 1, Jordan became a part of the veterans alliance. In Week 2, Jordan became the Head of Household, and chose to nominate Adam and Dominic for eviction. However Dominic later won the Veto, and Jordan nominated Cassi and Shelly in their place, resulting in Cassi's eviction. In Week 4, Jordan's former ally, Daniele, named Jordan as the replacement nominee when original nominee, Brendon, decided to use the PoV on his fiancée, Rachel. Jordan survived eviction by a vote of 5-2 with only Rachel and Porsche voting against her. In Week 6, during the Power of Veto competition, she was forced to wear the "Humilitard" for a whole week after winning it. Following Jeff's eviction during the latter part of Week 7, Jordan teamed up with last remaining veteran, Rachel and the two formed a close bond. Jordan was nominated for eviction in week 9 by ally, Adam. When Porsche won the POV, Adam was forced to put ally, Rachel alongside Jordan for eviction. On Day 69, Jordan was evicted by a single vote cast by Porsche. Jordan placed 4th and became the 6th jury member. She voted for her friend and close ally, Rachel, to win.


Kalia Lynne Booker (born 1980), 38, is a writer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She planned on flying under the radar as a strategy to get far in the game. She says that Big Brother has never seen a person like her, and says that if anyone hates her, it is due to pure jealousy. On Day 1, Kalia became the partner of Lawon. In Week 3, Kalia became unpopular in the house due to her role in her friend Daniele's attempt to get Jeff evicted, but was saved when she and Daniele became the final two in the subsequent Head of Household competition, with Daniele ultimately winning. In Week 5, Kalia became the HoH for the first time. Kalia told Jeff that he would go up as a pawn, but Jeff did not take it very well and told her he was coming after her. That day Kalia nominated Jeff and Rachel for eviction. Jeff won the Power of Veto, removed himself, and Kalia chose former partner Lawon as the replacement nominee after he asked to be nominated and evicted, believing that he would come back into the house with "special powers" after Julie announced a new twist. On Day 49, Kalia was nominated for eviction for the first time by HoH Jeff, as retribution for her nominating him. Kalia was originally on the block with her ally Porsche, but Jeff won the PoV and was able to replace Porsche with alliance leader Daniele who was evicted. Kalia won her second HoH of the season on Day 55, choosing to nominate Rachel and Jeff for eviction. When her ally Porsche, the POV winner, chose not to take either nominee off of the block, a 2-2 tie vote resulted between Rachel and Jeff. Kalia, the tiebreaker, chose to evict Jeff. On Week 9, Kalia and Porsche were nominated for eviction by Rachel. On Day 67, Rachel, as HoH, broke the 1-1 vote and evicted Kalia. She was the 9th Houseguest to be evicted and became the 5th member of the jury. She cast her vote for her ally and friend Porsche to win.


Keith Henderson, 33, is a human resources manager from Bolingbrook, Illinois. He says that he wants to align with women due to the fact that women alliances can go far in the game. On Day 1, Keith became partners with Porsche Briggs. On Day 5, Keith and Porsche were nominated for eviction by Head of Household Rachel. On Day 13, Keith was evicted by a vote of 6-4, becoming the first player to be evicted, and the second to leave the house overall. Keith was also a candidate to return, but he received only 1% of "America's Vote".


Lawon Kehinde Exum (born December 5, 1971), 47, is a data entry clerk from Inglewood, California. He says he has a high fashion sense, and wishes to bring new fashions to the house. He wants to keep an under the radar strategy to get him to the end. On Day 1, Lawon became partners with Kalia Booker. During Week 1, Lawon formed an alliance with houseguests Dominic Briones, Cassi Colvin and Keith Henderson, called "The Regulators." The alliance, however, proved to be highly unsuccessful, with Keith, Cassi and Dominic becoming the first three players to be evicted from the house. Lawon formed a close bond with Dominic and was a part of "The Pajama Jammers", often staying up late with Kalia, Daniele, and Dominic. Following Jeff's win at the POV challenge, Lawon volunteered himself to Daniele and Kalia to be nominated, with the intention of being evicted, as he believed that he would re-enter the game with a special power. However, this plan backfired, as Lawon was evicted on Day 41 by a 6-0 vote and had to compete against Brendon for an opportunity to re-enter the house. He lost the competition and was eliminated from the game.


Porsche Lee Briggs (born October 27, 1987), 31, is a cocktail waitress from Miami, Florida. She stated that men are tricky and always change their minds. She also believes that women are hard to align with, because they are too emotional and are jealous of each other. Porsche is close friends with popular Big Brother alumni, Janelle Pierzina. On Day 1, Porsche became partners with Keith Henderson. On Day 5, Keith and Porsche were nominated for eviction by Head of Household Rachel. On Day 13, Keith was evicted by a vote of 6-4. Due to her partner being evicted, Porsche was awarded the second Golden Key of the season, ensuring her safety until there were only ten house guests remaining. During the week of Daniele Donato's HoH reign, she began a closer relationship with Daniele and Kalia along with Lawon. The following week, during the Check Mate HoH competition, Porsche chose Jeff and Shelly to go head-to-head in the knockout style competition, ultimately resulting in Kalia winning HOH. Porsche claimed she selected them because they had not competed yet. The questioning of her allegiance to the veterans (especially from Jeff) caused Porsche to align with Kalia and Daniele, as she felt betrayed by her closest friend, Rachel. On Day 49, Porsche was nominated for eviction along with her ally, Kalia, by HoH Jeff who also won the Power of Veto and replaced Porsche with her ally, Daniele. On Day 55, Porsche won her first Power of Veto competition, and she chose to keep ally Kalia's nominations the same, resulting in Jeff's eviction. In Week 8, Porsche won her first HOH competition of the season. She chose to open Pandora's Box, won half of a $10,000 prize, but caused the Duo Twist to return for the week. When her nominations were vetoed by Rachel, she put up Shelly and Adam. Shelly was eliminated. Porsche then was put up for eviction alongside ally Kalia, after Adam chose not to use the Power of Veto on them, Kalia was eliminated. Porsche again was nominated for eviction the following week by Adam, but she prevailed and won the Power of Veto, securing her a spot in the final 3. She won part 2 of the final HOH competition then competed against Rachel in part 3. Rachel won part 3 and took Porsche to the final 2 with her. She placed second and won the $50,000 runner-up prize. Porsche got 3 out of 7 votes to win Big Brother from Adam, Daniele, and Kalia.


Rachel Eileen Reilly (born October 16, 1984[4]), 34, is an Event Hostess from Los Angeles, California and was one of the returning houseguests as part of the "Double Trouble" twist. She entered the game on Day 1 with her fiancé, Brendon Villegas. On Day 1, Rachel became the first Head of Household of the summer after Dick and Daniele Donato agreed to hand her the power. In Week 1, she immediately aligned herself with the veterans (Jeff, Jordan, Dick and Daniele). She and her partner, Brendon also won the Power of Veto that week, effectively eliminating Keith Henderson from the game and keeping Porsche Briggs in the house. Rachel and Porsche began a close friendship in the house. In Week 3, Rachel won her second HoH of the season, Big Brother Online, and successfully got rid of Dominic Briones. During Week 3, Daniele urged Rachel to backdoor Jeff after Brendon won the Power of Veto, but Rachel and Brendon instead told Jeff of this plan, leading to an argument between her, Brendon, Jeff, Jordan, Kalia, Dominic and Daniele. Rachel made it clear that Dominic, Kalia, and Daniele were her targets. In Week 4, Daniele won the HoH competition and nominated Rachel and Brendon for eviction. However, Brendon won his third PoV and chose to save Rachel from the block, being replaced by her ally Jordan. Brendon was evicted by a vote of 5-2, with Porsche and Rachel as the only votes to keep him. In Week 5, Rachel lost her first Head of Household competition to Kalia, who she believed was weak and a "floater". Kalia nominated Rachel for eviction along with Jeff. When Jeff, as Power of Veto winner, removed himself, he was replaced by Lawon. Rachel was spared on Day 41 with a 6-0 vote to evict Lawon. On Day 55, as a result of a Fast Forward Double Eviction Night, Rachel was again nominated for eviction, alongside Jeff, by HoH Kalia. Jeff was evicted. Week 8's HoH, Porsche nominated Rachel and her duo-partner (due to a Pandora's Box return of the duo twist), Jordan. Rachel won the PoV competition and removed herself and her partner from the block. Rachel won the Week 9 HoH competition Rollin in the Dough which was a timed 13-minute challenge of transporting doughnuts from one side of the backyard to the other. Rachel was forced to cast the final eviction vote for Kalia. Rachel made it to the final 3 and won the 1st part against Adam and Porsche. On Day 75, Rachel won the third part of the final Head of Household competition, and elected to take Porsche with her to the final two. Later that night, Rachel was crowned the winner and won the $500,000 grand prize by a 4-3 vote. Rachel held the votes of Jordan, Jeff, Brendon and Shelly, and lost the votes of Daniele, Kalia and Adam. Rachel Reilly is also married to Brendon


Shelly Moore, 43, is an industrial executive from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She is married, with an eight-year-old daughter named Josie. On Day 1, Shelly became partners with Cassi Colvin. On Day 16, Cassi and Shelly were nominated for eviction by Head of Household Jordan, but she was saved by her fellow houseguests, and was given the third Golden Key, when her partner Cassi was evicted by a unanimous 9-0 vote. Shelly claimed her true alliance is with Jeff and Jordan, although she also aligned herself with Adam, as well as Kalia and Daniele. Shelly admitted to playing all sides of the house but stated her sole intention was getting Jeff & Jordan to the final 2. During the week of Kalia's HOH and the new twist she came up with a plan to keep Rachel in the house and evict Porsche. Kalia fell for the plan as she thought Shelly had her best interest at heart, although Daniele deferred the pawn position onto Lawon instead of Porsche who had been gaining her trust. In Week 6, Shelly and Adam were nominated for eviction. After Adam won the Power of Veto, Shelly stayed up on the block when Brendon came onto the block, as a backdoor plan from Daniele. In Week 7, Shelly's ally, Jeff, won the Head of Household. However, Shelly's allegiances shifted once again following the Veto meeting in which PoV winner Jeff replaced Porsche with Daniele. Shelly began to rally for Kalia's eviction, even though her allies Jeff & Jordan planned to backdoor Daniele, as Shelly started to realize that Jeff & Jordan would soar to the Final Two with no opposition. In the live fast forward eviction, Shelly officially deferred to Kalia and Porsche when Kalia won HoH and chose to nominate Shelly's former ally Jeff and rival Rachel. When POV winner Porsche chose to leave nominations the same, Shelly finally voted against Jeff, resulting in a tie, which HoH Kalia broke, and ultimately ending in Jeff's eviction. Her actions resulted in an explosive fight with Jeff. Shelly also got into a fight with Jordan shortly after the eviction of Jeff. On Day 62, Shelly was evicted by a 2-1 vote. She was the 8th HouseGuest to be evicted and became the 5th Jury member. She voted for Rachel to win.


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