List of Big Brother 7 (American season) houseguests

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A total of fourteen HouseGuests entered the house to compete in the All Stars edition of the American reality series Big Brother. This was the first season to feature returning HouseGuests competing for the grand prize, and is one of six seasons to feature previous HouseGuests competing. At least one HouseGuest from each season is featured in the All Stars edition. Big Brother 1 had the lowest number of participants, with only HouseGuest George competing. Big Brother 6 had the highest number of HouseGuests competing this year, with Janelle, Howie, James and Kaysar all returning to compete.


Alison Kemerer Irwin (born August 7, 1980), 39, was the Runner-Up in the fourth edition of Big Brother. She became well known for her manipulative gameplay, as well as the fact that she "hooked up" with numerous male HouseGuests to advance herself farther in the house. During the first week in the house, she became a part of the plan to make Jase disagree with Janelle's nominations, thus nominating the two of them. Despite this, Jase and Janelle nominated Alison and Danielle for eviction. Following the nominations, Janelle wanted Alison evicted. Despite HouseGuests Mike and Will campaigning for her to stay, Alison was evicted in an eight to two vote on Day 11. Following her eviction, she was questioned in the studio by host Julie Chen, and her answers helped determine the new Head of Household. She briefly appeared later in the season during the "Ghost of Seasons past" competition.


Danielle Reyes (born January 22, 1972), 47 ,was a property manager from Vacaville, California, married with two daughters. Danielle was the Runner-Up in the third edition of Big Brother, losing in a nine to one Jury vote. Danielle is often seen as one of the greatest players to never win the game, a title that led her to seek "redemption" for her loss. Danielle was nominated against Alison in the first week, after the two devised a plan to get rid of HouseGuest Janelle. Danielle later survived the eviction, and Alison was evicted. Despite acting as though she had friendships with the members of the "Season Six alliance", Danielle was often seen campaigning to get them out. Following Diane's eviction, Danielle formed the "Legion of Doom" alliance with Mike, Will and James, with the goal of evicting Janelle from the house. Danielle was the fifth Head of Household of the season, and nominated Janelle and James for eviction. When Janelle won the Power of Veto, Kaysar was nominated in her place. Kaysar was evicted that week. The following week, Janelle became Head of Household and nominated Danielle for eviction. The following day, however, Danielle won her first Power of Veto competition, and saved herself from eviction. Danielle was later nominated in the eighth week by Head of Household Erika. On Day 60, Danielle was evicted in a three to zero vote. She came in 6th place, and voted for Mike to win.


Diane Nicole Henry (born March 1, 1982), 37, is a cocktail waitress from Burlington, Kentucky. She came in 3rd place in the fifth edition of the series. Diane became a fan favorite, and was voted into the house by viewers. Before entering the house, Diane formed the "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" alliance with Jase, keeping it a secret until the finale. She also had a close friendship with Nakomis, who Diane had been aligned with throughout the fifth season. After voting against the majority during the first week, both Diane and Nakomis found themselves nominated in the second week. Nakomis was evicted that week, with Diane surviving the eviction. She was later nominated by Janelle in the fourth week as a replacement nominee for Mike. Diane was ultimately evicted on Day 32 in a seven to one vote. She came in 11th place.


Erika Michelle Landin (born December 5, 1969), 50, is a Pilates instructor from Chicago, Illinois. She was originally a contestant on Big Brother 4, coming in fourth place. Since Big Brother 4, there has been a common dislike between her and fellow All-Star Alison Irwin, who was the sole Houseguest responsible for Erika's eviction in that season. In Season 7, Alison was evicted first, and Erika has faced little animosity.

As a Pilates instructor, she occasionally led Pilates lessons for the houseguests in the backyard of the house. Another contestant, Marcellas, has compared Erika's gameplay to that of Amber Mariano in Survivor: All-Stars, as she is playing under the radar. Because Amber went on to win Survivor: All-Stars, Marcellas claimed that Erika should be closely watched. Many houseguests consider her a strong competitor, but she is frequently nominated as a pawn instead of as a target.

Erika won Week 2's Power of Veto, but did not use it to save either Diane or Nakomis from the nomination block. On Week 4, Erika was nominated by Janelle as a pawn against Mike. After Diane became the replacement nominee, Erika foiled Diane's plans to sway the houseguests's votes. Erika only received an eviction vote from Will that week. Erika later won Week 6's HoH competition. Unfortunately, the competition was replayed due to technical glitches during the original competition, and Janelle became the new HoH instead. Janelle attacked Erika gameplay as a "floater" and nominated her. In the Diary Room, however, Erika claimed to be "a simple girl from a town called Chill." Erika again avoided eviction, after vigorous campaigning for replacement nominee Marcellas' eviction. Immediately afterwards, George won the Head of Household and had to nominate two people on the spot. He chose to nominate Erika and James. James saved himself with the power of Veto and was replaced by Howie. For the third time, Erika survived the eviction by receiving only two out of five votes.

Erika finally officially won a Head of Household competition on Week 8. She celebrated wildly upon winning, along with ally Danielle, whom she told was "so safe." Erika's original nomination choices were Janelle and Chicken George, with the intention of removing Janelle. Janelle won the Veto yet again, however, and Erika found herself in a difficult position. Her "showmance" Boogie urged her to nominate Danielle, and was strongly set against Will's elimination. Despite being confused with Mike's loyalties, Erika chose to nominate Danielle, who claimed it was a "betrayal." The controversial decision led to much animosity between the two women, and Danielle was evicted.

Immediately following that, the Houseguests learned another contestant would be gone within the next forty-five minutes. After a quick Head of Household competition, Janelle was crowned the HoH. She nominated Erika and George, with the intention of eliminating Erika, but Erika won the Power of Veto. Mike took Erika's place, but George was evicted 2-0.

After Mike won the Head of Household, and Janelle the Power of Veto it would be between Erika and Will to be evicted. Despite Will's wrap on Janelle throughout the game, Erika decided to reveal all to Janelle in hopes of saving herself. This led to the two of them finally figuring out what Chilltown was doing and they formed a final two alliance. Erika survived the eviction again and Will was out.

After Erika won part one and Mike won part two, she decided to reaffirm her alliance with him. She still liked him, although he had called her a "ho" in the Diary Room following his friend Will's eviction. Mike won the final part of the Head of Household competition and evicted Janelle. In the final two many jury members disliked Erika's gameplay and felt Mike played better. She lost the final vote 6-1, only receiving the vote of Marcellas.


George Allen Boswell, also known as "Chicken George," was originally a contestant on Big Brother 1. He was the only Houseguest from that season eligible to enter the All-Star house. This is likely in part to the fact that Big Brother 1 was a much different game than the seasons that followed. As well, winner Eddie McGee and fan favorite Brittany Petros were both approached and declined the invitation to return. Big Brother 1 had lower ratings and played more like the international versions of Big Brother. Despite this, George was chosen to enter the All-Star house by the producers. He became the eighth male to enter the house, leaving the gender division in the house at 8-6 instead of the usual even split.

In the early days of the game, George was often ridiculed and dismissed as a minor resident of the house. As time passed, however, he began gaining recognition as a potential threat due to his under-the-radar personality. Some houseguests have compared him to Michael "Cowboy" Ellis, who many believed was taken to the final two of Season 5 because he was unlikely to win. On Week 3, James nominated George for eviction alongside Will, stating that having caught George eavesdropping on his conversations. George was unhappy about his nomination and began harbor some animosity for James. Seemingly against all odds, George won the Power of Veto. On the downside, he won the veto by choosing to eat only "slop" for the remainder of his time in the house. George made a very touching speech at the Veto Ceremony, claiming to feel honored to play with each and every Houseguest, and then he vetoed his own nomination. He was allowed to eat regular food for a week when Marcellas gave him the slop pass he won during Week 5's HOH competition. During Week 6, Head of Household Janelle was angry at Chicken George for having sworn on his kids that he wouldn't vote to evict Kaysar yet doing so anyway. However, George actually promised no such thing—he actually told Kaysar he was unsure what he was going to do. Despite intentions to name George as a replacement nominee after Danielle Reyes won the Power of Veto, she chose instead to nominate Marcellas Reynolds, giving George safety for another week.

At the beginning of Week 7 on Day 46, George won the Head of Household competition in a tie-breaker against Danielle. As part of a surprise double-eviction week, he was forced to immediately nominate two housemate for eviction live. He nominated James and Erika. However, James won the veto and George then nominated Howie.

At the beginning of Week Eight, George was nominated alongside Janelle by Erika. Janelle won the veto and removed herself from the block, causing Head of Household Erika to nominate Danielle. Danielle Reyes was evicted the following Thursday, day 60.

In addition, Day 60 included "Big Brother Overdrive", a game element where a full week's worth of play took place in an hour. George Boswell was nominated alongside Erika, but Erika won the Power of Veto. She was replaced with Mike, and George was then evicted by a 2-0 vote. Once evicted, George received a bucket of classic KFC chicken from a man dressed as Colonel Sanders, and was sent to the jury house.


Howie Gordon (born January 7, 1971), 49, is one of many All-Star contestants to originate from Big Brother 6. He placed fifth that season and was the last remaining male contestant. Known for his crazy and funny antics, Howie was typically perceived as a light-hearted goofball. There were times throughout the season, however, when Howie became extremely upset and uncharacteristically serious. One such occasion is his infamous "Busto" rant, in which he claimed fellow contestant April was thoroughly useless. Despite this, his popularity rating was consistently very high throughout the season.

During the first days in the All-Stars house, Howie very enthusiastically made mention of the wonderful variety of "boobies" in the house. Howie's strategy has been very similar to his original strategy in Big Brother 6. Always joking, he has once again become known as the goofball, and is usually viewed in a favorable light. However, Howie did run into some conflict with Will, as the two constantly seemed to insult one another - sometimes in joking spirit, other times not. Julie discussed this on the first eviction night, and it hasn't been mentioned since. Howie largely considers himself a "Jedi," and he is usually seen with a lightsaber. This season, he took Chicken George under his wing as a "Jedi Apprentice." Howie sparked mild controversy during Week 6's Head of Household competition. During the competition, Howie's cubicle did not light up during one of the questions when he pressed his buzzer, leading host Julie Chen to believe that Howie had not answered the question. Howie left in protest that he did hit the button but his box didn't flash due to technical errors. This problem, along with other technical problems, led to a re-do competition, which was won by Howie's ally, Janelle. The following week, George named Howie as a replacement nominee when James saved himself with the Power of Veto. During that night's eviction, Howie received three votes to Erika's two. Howie's exit from the Big Brother house was one of the most dramatic to date, where he physically confronted Boogie on the way out the door. He became the second member of the All-Stars jury. Upon arrival at the sequester house, Howie told fellow evictee Marcellas, "I couldn't beat a chicken".


James Allen Rhine (born December 6, 1975), 44, was a contestant from Big Brother 6, coming in seventh place overall. During that season, he was constantly targeted but proved quite difficult to eliminate, as he won more Veto challenges than any other Houseguest in Big Brother US history. James was often targeted because he was perceived as deceptive. James was finally evicted when the two opposing alliances in the house - between whom James had meticulously played the entire game - came together to eliminate him.

Although he entered the house as part of the Season Six alliance, he did not have much trust that they wouldn't turn on him again. He decided to try protecting Diane and Danielle as well. On Week 3, James won the HoH Competition. His original nominations were Will and George, but when George vetoed his own nomination, James made the controversial decision to put Jase up as a replacement nominee for floating between the two early alliances. In Week 4, after Janelle named Diane as the replacement nominee instead of Will, James said, "As far as the BB6 alliance goes, I'm done," and also, "I'm going to do whatever it takes to make sure Janelle gets screwed." Although James openly remained a member of his originally alliance, he secretly aligned himself with Danielle as well as Will and Mike, forming the Legion of Doom alliance. During the next week's Head of Household competition, James won the power to nullify an eviction vote and Danielle became the Head of Household. She nominated James as a pawn alongside Janelle. Danielle believed James would be able to beat Janelle in the Veto competition. Janelle won instead and saved herself. Danielle chose to nominate Kaysar in her place. Before the eviction, James nullified Janelle's eviction vote, as he knew it would be against him. Kaysar was subsequently evicted 5-1.

George won the first Week 7 Head of Household competition during a double eviction week and had to make his nominations on the spot. George went after James and Erika. However, James won the veto. Howie became the replacement nominee and was evicted. Mike "Boogie" won the next HoH competition, choosing to nominate Janelle and James. This was the second time that Janelle and James were nominated together. Janelle again saved herself with the Power of Veto during a controversial competition. James claimed that Janelle stole a doll from him and thus, cheated. George was placed alongside James as a pawn. Mike "Boogie" has stated his intention is to evict James and on day 53 he was evicted by a 3 to 1 vote.


Janelle Marie Pierzina (born January 10, 1980), 40, is one of the Houseguests whose original season was Big Brother 6. Janelle likes to think of herself as a buxom blonde. On Big Brother 6, she finished third, losing to Ivette Corredero and Maggie Ausburn. During her time in the Big Brother 6 house, she was quite popular in the public's eye, winning numerous America's Choice prizes and having an extremely high popularity rating of 93% on the second-to-last week of Big Brother 6, thus, establishing her as being the most popular female Big Brother Houseguest of all time and tying fellow Big Brother 6 contestant, Kaysar, who is the most popular male Big Brother Houseguest of all time.

In the first week in the Big Brother 7 house, Janelle shared the Head of Household power with Jase, and the two collaborated to nominate Danielle and Alison for eviction. Janelle also won the Veto that week, but chose not to use it.

Janelle became Head of Household again on Week 4, marking the fourth consecutive week that an All-Star originating from Big Brother 6 was in power. Janelle found it difficult to choose between nominating floaters and nominating Will and Mike, the components of Chill Town. Perhaps swayed by several different Houseguests, Janelle nominated Mike "Boogie" and Erika, one from each of the groups. When Mike won the Power of Veto and subsequently saved himself, she replaced him with Diane. This was to ensure that a floater would leave that week. This move was controversial among the Houseguests, as it seemed Chill Town had major input in the decision.

On Week 5, Danielle won the Head of Household competition. Having been quite frustrated with Janelle's actions the previous week, Danielle chose to nominate her alongside James, whose role was that of a pawn. Janelle proved tenacious, however, when she won the Power of Veto, allowing her to veto her nomination. Janelle used the Power of Veto and Danielle nominated Janelle's ally Kaysar in her place.

On Week 6, a live competition was shown that revealed that Erika had won the Head of Household competition. Throughout the competition, however, there were several technical errors, including Howie's buzzer malfunction. Because of this, the competition was re-run, and Janelle emerged as the winner. She nominated the two other remaining women in the house, Danielle and Erika. Danielle won the Power of Veto, and Janelle was forced to make a replacement nomination. With much persuasion by Howie, James, Will, and Mike, Janelle finally agreed to nominate her good friend Marcellas. Under the impression he would be spared and Erika would be evicted, Janelle was disappointed to see Marcellas get evicted. Immediately following Marcellas' eviction, the Houseguests learned that another of them would be leaving the following night. Chicken George won the Head of Household competition and chose to nominate Erika and James. When James won the Veto and used it, George put up another of Janelle's allies, Howie. He was evicted over Erika. Was on current season.

On Week 7, the HoH competition was won by Mike "Boogie," who chose to nominate James and Janelle. Janelle won the Veto competition yet again, saving herself from eviction for the second time this season. James was evicted on Day 53 by a 3-1 vote.

On Week 8, Erika became Head of Household for the first time this season. The following day, Erika nominated Janelle and George for eviction, stating that her intention was to get Janelle out. Janelle went on to win her fourth Veto of the season the following day, however, and took herself off the block. She wasreplaced with Danielle. On Day 60, Danielle was evicted by a 3-0 vote. Also on day 60, Janelle won her fourth HoH of the season and nominated George and Erika. Immediately following her nominations, the Veto competition took place, and Erika won the Veto, saving herself. . Janelle replaced Erika with Mike "Boogie". On Day 60, by a vote of 2-0, Chicken George was evicted from the Big Brother: All-Stars house.

On Week 9, Mike "Boogie" won the Head of Household competition, nominating Erika and Janelle. On Day 62, Janelle won yet another Veto competition, once again saving herself from possible eviction. With only Will left to fill Janelle's spot, Mike was forced to nominate his Chill Town ally. As the sole voter, Janelle was all set up to evict Erika, as Will had done his best to influence her like usual. Some conversation with Erika, however, lead to the revelation that both women had been told they were part of Chill Town. Feeling as though she'd been played, Janelle voted to evict Will, leaving the final three as her, Mike "Boogie," and Erika. This unlikely trio were the participants in one of the most bizarre moments in Big Brother history.

The final Head of Household competition was set up in the traditional three-round format, with the first round again being an endurance competition. Contestants stood on pegs on the side of an improvised mountain, grasping with both hands keys placed above their heads. It promised to be an hours long ordeal, but immediately upon the start of the competition Mike, somewhat cryptically invoking the name of Survivor contestant Richard Hatch, intentionally abandoned his post, stating aloud his belief that even if he were not to win Head of Household he was assured a spot in the finals as both women would rather face him than each other.

Mike's unexpected actions and bizarre words further discombobulated an already confused Janelle, who never seemed entirely certain of the rules. Straining to see and comprehend what he had done, she accidentally, barely but perceivably removed one of her hands from her key. Julie Chen had no choice but to announce her elimination, leaving Erika as the winner of an endurance competition that lasted less than five minutes. In the second round, titled "Fly by Night" and involving firing simulated lasers while suspended from ropes attached to harnesses, Mike defeated Janelle, advancing him to the round 3. He beat out Erika in a question and answer competition to clinch the last Head of Household competition, and he chose to evict Janelle.

Janelle set or tied a great variety of records this season. Julie Chen announced (on Janelle's eviction night) that Janelle had won the most competitions in a single and double season of any BB series. She won a total of 4 Head of Household competitions, 5 Power of Veto competitions and 2 America's choice, in this season alone, tying the record for most Head of Household wins set by Drew Daniel, and setting records for most Veto wins (since tied by Daniele Donato) and most America's Choice wins in one season. In season 6 she had won 2 Head of Households, 2 vetos and 2 America's Choice. In total (from both seasons), she had won 17 competitions, excluding the luxury prizes she had won in season six.

On finale night, Janelle was announced as the winner of the last-second America's Choice prize. She walked away with $25,000.00.


Jason "Jase" Wirey was originally a contestant on Big Brother 5. It has been a common misconception that his name was Zach but On Big Brother Happy Hour with Chelsia and Missy, he revealed that his name was not actually Zach but just short for Jason. Because of his over-the-top, rambunctious nature, Jase was not well received by viewers or HouseGuests during that season. He was difficult to eliminate, however, as he was quite a competitor for Veto Challenges. This sparked Nakomis' infamous "Six-Finger Plan," a method of removing someone that leaves them defenseless. This is commonly referred to as "backdooring."

At the Veto, however, Chicken George saved himself, and, after some deliberation, James agreed to target Jase instead. Jase was not too happy about the turn of events, as he hated the idea of being "backdoored" again (though, in this case, it wasn't originally a planned backdooring). After a controversial outburst in the backyard, several HouseGuests felt much animosity toward Jase. Particularly, Marcellas and Jase had a confrontation that proceeded inside the house as well. Despite his efforts, he was indeed nominated in George's place. Though he hated the method of his elimination, Jase was evicted unanimously (9-0) in Week 3. He requested that only Diane and Danielle escort him to the door. Also he has been on an episode of the TV show The 5th Wheel which airs on Fox Reality.


Kaysar Ridha (born August 10, 1980), 39, was a Houseguest on Season 6 of Big Brother. He was the first Muslim-American in the Big Brother house, as well as being of Iraqi descent. While this did possibly lead to his nomination on Week 1, he was not evicted. He went on to evict the leader of the house's majority alliance, gathering a group of under-dogs and forming "The Sovereign Six." He was evicted the following week when the opposing alliance came into power. In a twist, Kaysar was voted back into the House with 82% of America's votes. That same week, he allowed a member of the opposing alliance to become Head of Household and was evicted again. Kaysar is one of five contestants to ever re-enter the Big Brother house in one season, the others being Amy Crews from Season 3, Sharon Obermueller and "Crazy" James Zinkand from Season 9, and Brendon Villegas from Season 13. Kaysar became one of the most popular Houseguests in Big Brother US History, along with Janelle. At one point, he held a 93% popularity rating, thus becoming Big Brother's most popular male houseguest of all time.

Kaysar was voted into the Big Brother 7 House, where he was immediately perceived as arrogant by Mike "Boogie" Malin and Will Kirby. As one of four contestants from Big Brother 6 to enter the All-Star house, Kaysar's alliance had an immediate target. On Week 2, Kaysar became Head of Household and he chose to nominate "floaters" Nakomis and Diane. Throughout the show he has been closely linked to Erika, though this is likely to have been through editing especially as Kaysar's Muslim beliefs prevent him from dating. (Erika has since claimed to be romantically linked to Mike "Boogie," even before the game and claimed Kaysar was her best friend in the house.) With Big Brother 6 alumni constantly becoming HoH in the first four weeks, Kaysar didn't have to worry about facing nomination early on. On Week 5, however, Kaysar was nominated during the veto ceremony after Janelle used the veto on herself and was evicted by a vote of five to one (Janelle's vote being nullified). Coincidentally, he left the house on his 26th birthday. Kaysar is the only one to have come back in both his seasons and to have been evicted 4 times in 12 months


Marcellas Reynolds , 47, was a houseguest from Big Brother 3.[1] During week 2 Marcellas won HoH. He nominated house guests Josh Fineberg and Tonya Paoni, resulting in the eviction of Tonya. Marcellas won his 2nd HoH during week 8. He nominated house guests Amy Crews and Roddy Mancuso, resulting in the eviction of Roddy. During week 9 Marcellas was nominated for eviction by HoH Jason Guy. Subsequently Marcellas won the first ever Golden Power of Veto competition. During the Veto Ceremony Marcellas failed to use the Golden Power of Veto on himself and was evicted. Because of this move, host Julie Chen jokingly slapped him on the head during his exit interview. He was evicted on day 69.

He hosted House Calls: The Big Brother Talk Show with Gretchen Massey during Big Brother 5 and 6. However, due to his participation in the All-Stars edition, he was unable to host the 3rd season.

A producers pick for Season 7, during Week 6, Marcellas was nominated by HoH Janelle when her original nominee, Danielle, used the Veto. Marcellas was evicted from the Big Brother house on day 46 and became the first member of the Big Brother jury. At the Big Brother 7 finale Marcellas cast the lone vote for fellow house guest Erika Landin.


Michael Robert "Mike" "Boogie" Malin (born on July 16, 1970) , 49, in Concord, New Hampshire. Malin graduated from Bentley College in Waltham, Massachusetts with a degree in finance. He also exercised his passion for theater arts while in attendance. He has a son named Brady. He was a Houseguest on Big Brother 2 where he was in an alliance with Will Kirby known as "Chill Town". He was in a relationship with former season two houseguest Krista Stegall and proposed to her on live television during the season finale. She accepted but several months later the engagement was called off.

Upon entering the house, however, he once again aligned himself heavily with Will, and the two re-established the "Chill Town" alliance. This seemingly created a target for the two, but they both were shocked several times not to be nominated. There has been speculation around the internet that Mike was only chosen because Will refused to participate without his buddy from Season 2. This belief was supported by an admission on the live feeds in the HOH by Will to James and Kaysar that he refused to participate unless Boogie was on the show. The producers cut the live feed soon after this statement. The topic was even discussed on CBS' House Calls, on which he is constantly referred to as "Booger." Mike Boogie was nominated on Week 4 by Head of Household Janelle, alongside Erika. He won the Power of Veto that week, however, earning him the ability to rescue himself. Mike used the Veto and Diane took his place. He and Will formed an alliance with Danielle and Season Six houseguest James- who had felt betrayed by his previous alliance. They referred to this alliance as the "Legion of Doom" but Danielle felt angry at her allies last week when they didn't try in the veto competition- letting Janelle win it. Mike and Will have also formed an alliance with remaining Sovereigns Janelle and Howie despite having declared early intention to see the two evicted. The four called this alliance "The Perfect Storm". He also has an alliance with Erika- who is he rumored to have been romantically involved with before the show began and has recently been making out with inside the house. He is working to save one of his allies Erika in favor of evicting Marcellas who he has referred to as a "cancer". At the end of Week 6, Mike was informed that he had won the new power of Coup D'État, which gives him the right to overthrow the Head of Household on the live eviction night and replace their nominees with any two people he chooses, excluding the Head of Household and the Veto holder. Week 7 was a double-eviction week. Feeling betrayed by "Chill Town," evicted houseguest Howie confronted Mike on his way out the door, going as far as to throw the hat Mike was wearing across the room. Mike won the second HoH of the week. He chose to nominate Janelle and James, with the intention of evicting James. His wish was granted when Janelle won the Power of Veto and James was voted out 3-1.

At the final four, Mike won his second Head of Household of the season and nominated Janelle and Erika. Janelle won the Power of Veto again and the only remaining choice for Mike to nominate was his friend Will. Mike was shocked and saddened when Janelle decided to evict Will over Erika. He threw part one of the final HOH competition telling Julie Chen to remember Richard Hatch (this in reference to Survivor: Borneo when Richard Hatch threw the final immunity challenge as both of the other players would have to take him to have any shot at winning). He faced off against Janelle in part two of the Head of Household competition and defeated her. He also won the final part of the HOH against Erika. As HOH, he decided to evict Janelle, making Erika his opponent in the jury vote. He won Big Brother All Stars by a vote of 6-1.

Malin returned yet during a food competition in Big Brother 10 which featured one representative from each season. He appeared on Big Brother 11 (2009) along with three other former HouseGuests Dick Donato, Janelle Pierzina, and Danielle Reyes that were interviewed about the final three houseguests. He competed on Big Brother 14 and later appeared on Big Brother 18 (2016) to talk about Frank Eudy's game in the house.

Preceded by
Maggie Ausburn
Big Brother U.S. winner
Season 7 (2006)
Succeeded by
Dick Donato


Jennifer Jeannene "Nakomis" Dedmon (born April 25, 1983), 36, better known as "Nakomis," made her Big Brother debut on Season 5. During Big Brother 5, Nakomis gained much recognition for a variety of things. One of the biggest twists of her season was her previously unknown connection to half-brother Michael "Cowboy" Ellis. While the two were happy to discover one another, they became parts of opposing alliances, and Cowboy went on to evict her. Nakomis was the inventor of the infamous "Six-Finger Plan," a method of easily evicting a player.[2] This plan was used to evict Jase, another houseguest on Big Brother 7. He derided Nakomis and her methods of eviction during the season.

Nakomis garnered enough of America's votes to participate in Big Brother All-Stars. Upon entering the house, Nakomis said that she was surrounded with beautiful people and that she was not a "girly-girl." [3] During Week 2, Nakomis was nominated for eviction by Kaysar, who claimed to have nominated her because she is very intelligent, as well as claiming to have intended to nominate "floaters" in the game. On Day 18, Nakomis became the second houseguest to be evicted from the Big Brother: All Stars house. Only Janelle and Will chose not to vote against Nakomis, opting instead to vote for nominee Diane.


William "Will" Terence Kirby (born January 2, 1973), 47, (sometimes called "Dr. Will" and Dr. Delicious and The Puppet Master) was the winner of Big Brother 2. He was the only winner to enter the All-Star house, a fact he believed to be a definite disadvantage. Will is nearly universally known for his extremely deceptive gameplay, creating a complex web of bogus alliances that helped him reach the Final Two.

With such a devious reputation preceding him, as well as his position as the only Big Brother Champ in the All-Star house, Will very much expected to be nominated on Week 1. To his great shock, he wasn't nominated, and he found this offensive. It's quite possible that this is merely Will's dry sense of humor. It should be noted, however, that Will has complained about needing to return home - as his career and relationship may suffer from sequester. Will ran into early conflicts with Howie, as the two thrived on exchanging insults. On Week 3, James nominated Will for eviction, alongside Chicken George. George won the Veto, but still gave Will the opportunity to speak. Will used this opportunity to explain to the Houseguests that he was having trouble thriving in the game because he could not find one of them he hated more than the other, as he hated them all so much. He claimed that, if he were not evicted, he would throw food challenges, Head of Household challenges, and Power of Veto challenges until he was. Ironically enough, Jase, the replacement nominee for George, was evicted instead of Will. Will had been perceived as fairly crazy in the house, having done such things as putting on a puppet show in the bathtub - his interpretation of the game thus far. Will was linked with Mike "Boogie" Malin, also an alumnus of Big Brother 2, as well as their original alliance, "Chill Town." The two managed to make several connections in the house. Despite mentioning the desire to evict Chill Town, the Season Six alliance never chose to do so despite winning the first four HOH competitions. This is largely credited to a web of bogus deals created by Chill Town and Will's claim of wanting to go home before sequester and that he would voluntarily leave the week before sequester point. The game reached beyond that point however before Will was evicted. Late in the season, Will seemed to acquire much influence over Janelle, a fortunate truth for him, as she had proven quite versatile in HoH competitions. He was largely responsible for Marcellas' eviction, as well as that of Diane in earlier weeks. Will was placed on the hotseat by Mike, having no other options after Janelle used the veto on herself. Will was evicted out of the house by Janelle on Day 65. Will was redeemed though when his friend Mike Boogie won the final Head of Household and chose to evict Janelle. Will, along with Janelle, Chicken George, Danielle, James, and Howie voted for Will's friend and Chilltown ally Mike Boogie, giving him a 6-1 victory over Erika. Dr. Will is considered as one of the greatest players of all time.


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