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Enochian angels are entities described in the Enochian magic system, introduced in the sixteenth century by John Dee (1527–1608) and Edward Kelley (1555–1597).


John Dee was born a Christian, and this can be seen throughout his journals and his "Enochian" system of Angel Magic. Therein, we find an obvious belief in the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit). We also find a fourth Supreme Being in the figure of "Galvah" (Omega) — who is also called the Mother, Wisdom and "I AM" in Dee's journals. This figure is known in Judaism as the Shekhinah — Divine Presence; to the Gnostics as Sophia — Wisdom; and to the Hermetic Qabalah as Aima Elohim — Mother of the gods. Compare Theotokos, Mother of God, in Catholic beliefs.

Beneath these four Divinities are several hierarchies of angels, or intelligent rulers, set over such things as the Planets, the Stars and the four Quarters of the Earth.

The angels of the four quarters are symbolized by the "Watchtowers" — four large magical word-square Tables (collectively called the Great Table of the Earth). Most of the well-known Enochian Angels are drawn from the Watchtowers of the Great Table.

Each of the four Watchtowers is collectively governed by six Seniors (aka Elders) — making a total of 24 Elders as seen in the Revelation of St. John. Each Watchtower is further divided into four sub-quadrants, where we find the names of various Archangels and Angels who govern the quarters of the world. In this way, the entire universe, visible and invisible, is teeming with living intelligences.

The angelic names contained in the Watchtowers[edit]

The names of the Enochian angels are drawn from a number of enciphered tables, received through the "spirit actions" of John Dee, Edward Kelly, and occasionally another scryer. The Watchtower set of angels is one of the larger and better developed sets. A problem arises in that there are several variations on the Watchtowers themselves and several ways of drawing the names therefrom. The four Watchtowers were first received on 25 June 1584. This arrangement and order is reflected in Dee's prayer - The Fundamental Obeisance. They were then rearranged slightly and corrected in the days following: 26 June through 2 July 1584; this arrangement corresponds to the majority of prayers in Sloane MS. 3191 (The Book of Earthly Victory and Science) and is what is given in the published versions of that text, notably Geoffrey James' Enochian Evocation / Magick and Robert Turner's Elizabethan Magic. Late in the course of Dee and Kelly's work together, on 19 April 1587, the Archangel Raphael, was said to have appeared, and reformed the Watchtowers, rearranging their order and directions and making some minor corrections. It is this arrangement that is used in the Golden Dawn and subsequent derivatives such as Thelema, Wicca and the Church of Satan. The Golden Dawn also follows a slightly different method of drawing forth some of the names from the Tables. The Golden Dawn method of extracting the names, is heavily influenced by the post Dee text contained in Sloane MS. 307 and published by Stephen Skinner and David Rankine as Practical Angel Magic of Dr John Dee's Enochian Tables. For convenience sake, in identifying these variations when they differ, the received set is labelled Received, the set reflected in Sloane MS. 3191 is labelled Orthodox, the set reformed by Raphael as Reformed and the variations used by the Golden Dawn as GD. The Angelic Hierarchies of the Watchtowers are also set out in several visions of Edward Kelly's and enshrined in a Talisman constructed by John Dee, published in A True & Faithful Relation and on display in the British Museum collection.

Enochian angels[edit]

This is a list of the names of Enochian angels.


  • Aaan
  • Aadt
  • Aaetpio: A senior of Fire associated with Mars.
  • Aanaa
  • Aaodt
  • Aaoxaif: A sub-angelic Watchtower leader in the East.
  • Aavan
  • Aavna
  • Aax: A cacodemon.
  • Abamo
  • Abaoz
  • Abmo: A minor angel ruled by Aiaoai Oiiit.
  • Aboz
  • Acar: A minor angel ruled by Rzionr Nrzfm.
  • Acca
  • Acmbicu: A senior of Air associated with Mercury.
  • Acps
  • Acrar
  • Acuca
  • Acups
  • Aczinor: A senior of Earth associated with Jupiter.
  • Adaeoet: A senior of Fire associated with Jupiter.
  • Adi: A cacodemon.
  • Adire
  • Adnop
  • Adopt
  • Adopa
  • Adota
  • Adre
  • Adta
  • Agb: A cacodemon.
  • Aglm
  • Agmlm
  • Ahaozpi: A sub-angelic Watchtower leader in the East.
  • Aiaoai Oiiit: The divine name ruling the sub-element Earth element Air.
  • Aigra
  • Aira: A minor angel with power over medicine. Aira is ruled by Angpoi Unman.
  • Amox: A minor angel skilled in finding metals and precious stones, ruled by Vadali Obava.
  • Amsox
  • Ancro
  • Animotix: One of the oldest angels, known for being wise and powerful.
  • Anpiel: angel who protects birds.
  • Anvaa
  • Apa: A cacodemon.
  • Apahr
  • Apdoce: A senior of Fire associated with Mercury.
  • Aphr
  • Aplst
  • Apm: A cacodemon.
  • Apst
  • Arizlikit: The sorcerer of light & darkness.
  • Arn: Aethyr of fulfillment.
  • Arzl
  • Arylic
  • Ataad
  • Atdim
  • Ato: A cacodemon.
  • Avtotar: A sub-angelic Watchtower leader in the East.


  • Baradiel: An angel, the ruler of hail
  • Barnabas: Skilled at generating ice from his mouth.
  • Bataiva (knowledge) and Bataivh (justice) (in Dee) and Bataivah (in the Golden Dawn): King of the Eastern Quadrangle or Air Tablet.
  • Bivhd
  • Brap: Skilled at locating precious metals (also known as Briap).
  • Briap: An alternative name for the angel Brap.
  • Brcn


  • Cadaamp: An angelic king, ruling in the North-North-West.
  • Camael: Angel of joy
  • Cassiel: Speed of God; known for simply watching the events of the cosmos unfold with little interference.
  • Cms: A cacodemon.
  • Cnabr: A minor angel.
  • Cnbr: A minor angel.
  • Cpsa: A minor angel.
  • Cpusa: A minor angel.


  • Diari: A minor angel.
  • Dimt: A minor angel.
  • Dimnt: A minor angel.
  • Diom: A minor angel.
  • Diri: A minor angel.
  • Dixom: A minor angel.
  • Dmx: A minor angel.
  • Dmitri: A minor angel.
  • Dolop: A minor angel.
  • Donpa: A minor angel.
  • Doop: A minor angel ruled by Cbalpt Arbiz.
  • Dopa: A minor angel.
  • Dtaa: A minor angel.
  • Dtoaa: A minor angel.
  • Dxagz: A minor angel.
  • Dxgz: A minor angel.


  • Eac: A cacodemon.
  • Eboza: A minor angel.
  • Ecaop: A minor angel.
  • Ecanus: Angel of writers
  • Ecop: A minor angel.
  • Edlprnaa: King of the Fire Tablet.
  • Ephra: A minor angel.
  • Erg: A cacodemon.
  • Ern: A cacodemon.
  • Erubey: A minor Angel.
  • Erzla: A minor angel.
  • Eutpa: A minor angel.
  • Exarp: The Spirit of Air Angel - from the Tablet of Union
  • Exr: A cacodemon.


  • Faax: A minor angel.
  • Fmnd: A minor angel.


  • Gabriel: An archangel, the ruler of fire
  • Galgalliel: An angel, the ruler of the sun
  • Gbal: A minor angel.
  • Gbeal: A minor angel.
  • Glma: A minor angel.
  • Glmma: A minor angel.
  • Gmdnm: A minor angel.


  • Habioro: A sub-angelic Watchtower leader in the East.
  • Hbr: A cacodemon.
  • Hcnbr: A minor angel.
  • Hcoma: The spirit of Water.
  • Hipotga: A sub-angelic Watchtower leader in the East.
  • Hraap: A minor angel.
  • Hrap: A minor angel.
  • Hroan: A minor angel.
  • Hru: A minor angel.
  • Htmorda: The senior element of Air associated with the Moon.
  • Hua: A cacodemon.
  • Hxgzd: A minor angel.


  • Iczhiha (knowledge) and Iczhihl (judgement) (Dee) Iczhhcal (GD): King of the Earth Tablet.
  • Imntd: A minor angel.
  • Imtd: A minor angel.
  • Izaz: A minor angel.
  • Izinr: A minor angel.
  • Izixp: A minor angel.
  • Iznr: A minor angel.
  • Izraz: A minor angel.
  • Izxp: A minor angel.


  • Kokabiel: An angel, the ruler of the planets


  • Lairz: A minor angel.
  • Lang: The order of ministering angels.
  • Laoaxrp: A sub-angelic Watchtower leader in the North.
  • Larz: A minor angel.
  • Lavavoth: The angelic king of the South-Southwest.
  • Leaoc: A minor angel.
  • Leoc: A minor angel.
  • Levanael: The angel of Luna.
  • Ligdisa: A sub-angelic Watchtower leader in the North.
  • Lmag: A minor angel.
  • Lmmag: A minor angel.
  • Lsraphm: A sub-angelic Watchtower leader in the North.


  • Madimi: Dark angel.
  • Masgm: A minor angel.
  • Mgam: A minor angel.
  • Michael: An archangel, ruler of large bodies of Water
  • Miz: A cacodemon.
  • Mma: A cacodemon.
  • Msal: A minor angel.
  • Msmal: A minor angel.
  • Mtdi: A minor angel.
  • Mtndi: A minor angel.
  • Mto: A cacodemon.
  • Micah: Angel of unity


  • Naaa: A minor angel.
  • Nanta: A minor angel.
  • Naoo: A minor angel.
  • Naooo: A minor angel.
  • Navaa: A minor angel.
  • Nbarc: A minor angel.
  • Nbrc: A minor angel.
  • Ndazn: A minor angel.
  • Ndzn: A minor angel.
  • Nhdd: A minor angel.
  • Nhodd: A minor angel.
  • Nlirx: A minor angel.
  • Nlrx: A minor angel.
  • Npat: A minor angel.
  • Nrcoa: A minor angel.
  • Nroa: A minor angel.
  • Nathaniel: An archangel


  • Oacnr: A minor angel.
  • Oanr: A minor angel.
  • Oap: A cacodemon.
  • Obgota Aabco: The Divine name ruling the sub-element Air in Water.
  • Oche: A minor angel. Also a soldier of YHVH's army.
  • Ocnm: A minor angel.
  • Omagg: A minor angel.
  • Omgg: A minor angel.
  • Omia: A minor angel.
  • Omsia: A minor angel.
  • Ona: A cacodemon.
  • Onh: A cacodemon.
  • Onp: A cacodemon.
  • Oodpz: A minor angel.
  • Oopz: A minor angel.
  • Opad: A minor angel.
  • Opamn: A minor angel.
  • Opama: A minor angel.
  • Ophaniel: An angel, the ruler of the moon and stars
  • Opmn: A minor angel.
  • Opna: A minor angel.
  • Opnad: A minor angel.
  • Ormn: A minor angel.
  • Oro Ibah Aozpi: A holy name ruling fire.
  • Orpmn: A minor angel.
  • Otoi: A minor angel.
  • Otroi: A minor angel.
  • Oyaub: A minor angel.
  • Oyub: A minor angel.
  • Ozaab: A minor angel.
  • Ozab: A minor angel.


  • Paco: A minor angel.
  • Pado: A minor angel.
  • Paeoc: A minor angel.
  • Paico: A minor angel.
  • Piz: A cacodemon.
  • Pmagl: A minor angel.
  • Pmox: A minor angel.
  • Pmzox: A minor angel.
  • Powers, the: It is their charge to ensure that the rules of the universe are in balance and to protect the humanity from demons.
  • Ppsac: A minor angel.


  • Raagiosl: King of the Water Tablet.
  • Raph: A minor angel.
  • Raphael: An archangel, ruler of Terra
  • Rbnh: A minor angel.
  • Rbznh: A minor angel.
  • Rcanb: A minor angel.
  • Rcnb: A minor angel.
  • Rda: A minor angel.
  • Rgan: A minor angel.
  • Rgoan: A minor angel.
  • Rlemu: A minor angel.
  • Rlmu: A minor angel.
  • Rpa: A cacodemon.
  • Rrb: A cacodemon.
  • Rrl: A cacodemon.
  • Rsi: A cacodemon.
  • Rsni: A minor angel.
  • Rsoni: A minor angel.
  • Ruoi: A minor angel.
  • Ruroi: A minor angel.
  • Rxao: A minor angel.
  • Rxinl: A minor angel.
  • Rxnl: A minor angel.
  • Rxp: A cacodemon.
  • Rxpao: A minor angel.
  • Rzila: A minor angel.
  • Rzla: A minor angel.
  • Rzionr Nrzfm: The Divine name ruling the sub-element Fire of Fire.
  • Remiel: Archangel in the apocryphal Book


  • Saiinou: A sub-angelic Watchtower leader in the North.
  • Saiinov: The senior leader of Water in Jupiter.
  • Saaiz: A minor angel.
  • Saucp: A minor angel.
  • Sacp: A minor angel.
  • Scmio: A minor angel.
  • Siosp: A minor angel.
  • Sisp: A minor angel.
  • Shonda: An Angel of Major Leaders.
  • Slgaiol: A sub-angelic Watchtower leader in the North.
  • Soniznt: A sub-angelic Watchtower leader in the North.
  • Sandalphon: An archangel
  • Sariel: An archangel


  • Tdim: A minor angel.
  • Tdnim: A minor angel.
  • Tpau: A minor angel.
  • Tplau: A minor angel.


  • Uriel: An archangel, ruler of the Winds
  • Uspsn: A minor angel.
  • Ussn: A minor angel.
  • Utipa: A minor angel.
  • Utpa: A minor angel.
  • Uvb: a minor angel


  • Vaasa: A minor angel.
  • Vasa: A minor angel.
  • Volxdo Sioda: The Divine name ruling sub-element Earth of Fire.


  • Xai: A cacodemon.
  • Xcz: A cacodemon.
  • Xdz: A cacodemon.
  • Xgazd: A minor angel.
  • Xgzd: A minor angel.
  • Xii: A cacodemon.
  • Xnilr: A minor angel.
  • Xom: A cacodemon.
  • Xoy: A cacodemon.
  • Xpa: A cacodemon.
  • Xpaxn: A minor angel.
  • Xpcn: A minor angel.
  • Xrinh: A minor angel.
  • Xrnh: A minor angel.
  • Xxan: A minor angel.


  • Yasen: Also known as Barnabas.


  • Zaabo: A minor angel.
  • Zabo: A minor angel.
  • Zarnaah: An angelic king, ruling in the North.
  • Zarzi: A minor angel.
  • Zarzilg: An angelic king, ruling in the East-South-East.
  • Zazi: A minor angel.
  • Zdaxg: A minor angel.
  • Zdxg: A minor angel.
  • Zedekiel: The angel of Jupiter.
  • Zinggen: An angelic king, ruling in the West-North-West.
  • Ziracah: An angelic king, ruling in the South.
  • Zirz: A minor angel.
  • Ziza: A minor angel.
  • Zurchol: An angelic king, ruling in the South-South-East.


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