List of Marvel Family enemies (N–Z)

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Through his adventures, Fawcett Comics/DC Comics superhero Captain Marvel and his Marvel Family gained a host of enemies, including the following:

Niatpac Levram[edit]

Only appearing in "Captain Marvel Adventures" #139. Niatpac Levram was the creation of the devilish Wizzo the Wizard! The wizard created Levram as a mirror duplicate of Captain Marvel by casting a spell and animating Cap's image from a mirror. Wizzo used Niatpac Levram to wreak havoc on Captain Marvel's city for the sole purpose of graduating from the School of Black Magicians! Cap was able to defeat Wizzo and send Nia back to the mirror universe![1]

Night Owl[edit]

1948, "Mary Marvel" #24. Henry Stibbs is the cunning and ruthless Night Owl. As a man with his face bandaged up from a terrible burn accident, he takes a room under Mrs. Bromfield's roof from which he can plan his crimes. With huge oversized eyes, he can see perfectly in the dark but is almost completely blind during the day. He goes about the city pretending to be a blind beggar, hiding his eyes with dark shades. When darkness falls, he commits daring robberies armed with his darkflash, a flashlight that casts blackness instead of light. His hair style, beakish nose and oversized eyes make him look the part of a human owl but no explanation as to where he got the extraordinary eyes or the darkflash. His crime spree is halted by Mary Marvel.[2] He later appears in Shazam #12. When Mary Marvel uses her lightning to see in the dark while the Night Owl is robbing a factory she turns back, but is knocked out before she can transform, then bound and gagged and placed under an automatic presser. But she removes her gag on a spike from the guard gate, escapes, and captures him.[3]

Night Owl in other media[edit]

Night Owl appears in The Kid Super Power Hour with Shazam! episode "The Airport Caper." He heads to an airport where he robs some gold and two tiger cubs.


A master swordsman and spy for the Japanese. Member of the Monster Society of Evil. Nippo from Nagasaki was a Japanese agent who used blackmail to force Japanese Americans to help him. He first appeared when, after killing an air force officer, he tried to impersonate him with a rubber mask. A master swordsman and martial arts expert, it is unclear whether or not he survived the war. After his battle with the Marvel Family, he may have returned to his home city by the time the second atomic bomb hit.


The self-styled "World's Mightiest Immortal", he was a major recurring enemy of the Marvels in the DC Comics stories published before the continuity-resetting Crisis on Infinite Earths miniseries in 1985. Oggar was a pupil of Shazam, and under the wizard's tutelage attained godhood and for a time joined the six gods and heroes who would empower Captain Marvel, but turned against Shazam after teaming up with Circe and giving her immortality, who cast him out and cursed him with horns, and cloven hooves instead of feet. He has divine strength and durability equal to Captain Marvel's and magic that enabled him to do nearly anything, like turning Captain Marvel back with lightning, or muting people, although each spell could only be used once. However, Oggar's power cannot be directly cast against a female target, as Circe cursed him. Thus Mary Marvel was usually called upon to deal with him. He creates the Cult of the Curse, and uses his hooves to bind men to it, if they leave his service they are driven mad, however if already mad they are cured. Unfortunately, he only gets 4 men to join him, all lunatics thinking they are: Samson, Nero, Napoleon, and Julius Caesar, and throughout the series they all leave. He joins the last pre-crisis Monster Society of Evil for an assault on the Rock of Eternity and helps Black Adam raise an evil army in Egypt.

Pandora Pirates[edit]

Sterling Morris discovers a treasure map. He and the Marvels in their normal forms go into a desert at the Barbary Coast. They open a bottle, releasing pirates. They reveal they fled inland and used magic to place themselves in suspended animation. They escape the Marvel Family by summoning smoke from the bottle. The Marvels dig up a ship to lure the Pirates over and Sterling Morris puts on their Captain Abdullah's hat, Abdullah not included among the pirates, and starts acting like a real pirate. The Marvels, who have turned back to lure the Pirates over, are knocked unconscious. When they come to they are bound and gagged and it is revealed Abdullah claimed whoever put on his hat would become a second Abdullah. Morris has the Kids tied to cannon barrels, so they will be killed when they fire. However the Pirates encounter another ship, causing water to wash over them, and making the Marvels think they will be crushed by the cannons. Billy removes his gag on Morris's sword and transforms, freeing the others. However the Pirates still escape. Morris proves a poor leader, so another Pirate puts on the hat and leads the Pirates successfully. They decide to bury the treasure, and force Morris to dig a hole on a desert island. He gets the bottle and makes a smoke signal that gets the Marvels over to save him just before the Pirates chop his head off. The bottle is smashed in the fight and the Marvels imprison them.

Plundering Pasha[edit]

Only appearing in Marvel Family #81. A flying carpet flies over the city. On it is a man speaking in an unknown tongue, who lassos people onto the carpet. The Marvels are rowing, and when the man tries to kidnap Mary, they transform into the Marvel Family. They fly towards the carpet but it flies away. Jr. wonders if it is the magic carpet of Arabian stories, and Captain Marvel says they should keep guard. That night the carpet appears again, and Cap grabs the pilot. Possessed of the Wisdom of Solomon, Cap speaks Ancient Arabian to the man, who introduces himself as 'Pasha Plunda...Emir of Bagdad....Caliph of Araby...Lord of the Palace...Defender of Islam...Scourge of the Infidels...Mogul of Mecca...Exalted Prince of...' Cap stops him and asks what he is doing here, why he grabs people, and where he takes them. Plunda says that is his secret. He opens a magic bottle, releasing black smoke that becomes a powerful genie that he orders to keep the Marvels busy while he escapes. The genie uproots a factory chimney and blows soot at the Marvels. Mary flies down it to get to his face, but the genie moves the funnel so she flies into a wall. She gets the smokestack, telling the other Marvels to keep after the Genie. The giant picks up cars and piles them on each other. Jr. uses an emergency ramp to get the cars down. Cap finds the genie is smoke and he has trouble fighting it, so he disperses the genie by making a tempest, however Pasha Plunda got away. Next day people are being taken though the carpet is not seen. The Marvels find Plunda is hiding above the clouds. Seeing them, he rubs his magic lamp, and wishes for the city below to spin like a top, faster and faster. The ground under the city starts turning—the Marvels unable to stop anything without wrecking it. It spins faster and faster. At least one man wonders whether the Marvel Family has deserted them, but they have got to a factory. Cap tells them to grab tools and materials for work, though Mary is getting dizzy. Cap tells her to fight it so they can finish a giant brake. They press the rim where the ground spins under the city, stopping the spinning. Then they start travelling from Earth for a new mission. Cap thinks Plunda takes his captives back to the past, so they go to the Rock of Eternity and travel to 1000 AD when Bagdad was at its height. When getting to the Queen City of Old Arabia they find it deserted. They find a sign saying 'Beware the Black Plague! Flee if you can!' and Mary thinks a dreadful epidemic has struck here. However Cap then hears American English, and the Marvels see the kidnapped English from their own time. They are told the Menfolk have to work in the palace as slaves. Quite lucky the Marvels arrived at exactly the right point in time. Meanwhile, the men are being forced to work, and when one is whipped, he says he's a free American citizen and will not take this from the Pasha or anybody else. The Marvels then burst in and attack the Pasha, who reveals that his former people rebelled against him, calling him a tyrant. Even his guards did so, so he used his lamp to kill them all with the Black Plague. But he was then King of an empty city, and so raided the Future for slaves for his Kingdom. His lamp can give him Jewels, Riches, Palaces, but not people. When Cap says they will stop this, he uses the lamp to summon Demons, who will attack the people unless the Marvels chase them down. Mary sends one into the fire by pulling the carpet from under him, Jr. decapitates one with a scimitar, and Cap uses his strength to knock down many. Another creature, a huge pterodactyl-like creature, attacks so the Marvels use a minaret as a weapon and impale the Monster's chest. Cap says while the Pasha has the lamp they cannot get near him, and Mary says they need the carpet and lamp to get the people back to their own time. Cap says they should transform into the kids to get the lamp, and they so do. At night they sneak into the palace. They hear the Pasha is asleep, so Billy says they will get the Carpet, Lamp, and Bottle. But his magic mirror warns him as it never sleeps, so he uses a ball and chain to knock the kids out. When they come to they are his helpless prisoners, bound with their mouths gagged, and being locked in a cell. From his bottle he calls a fire genie, that touches the Iron bars of the dungeon, making them glow red hot and radiating heat at the trio. The cell becomes hotter, cooking the Marvels. Suddenly they see a boy at the bars of the neighbouring cell, who is speaking Arabic which they cannot understand. Billy then realises the boy wants a ring and uses his feet to give it to him, causing him to cool the bars, making them icy. But the genie burns its way through, however the Marvels stretch forward and let their gags burn away first, allowing them to become the Marvel Family, who blows the genie out. Cap frees the boy, who claims he is Aladdin, rightful owner of the magic lamp and carpet. After the Pasha stole them he placed the boy in there. Cap asks if Aladdin can create a smoke or fog through the palace with his ring, so Aladdin fills the palace with fog. The Marvels take the magic from the Pasha, who is left with only his magic mirror, with which he finds out that the Marvels have taken the other magic items. He uses an axe to smash the mirror, causing the city to crumble like the mirror. The Marvels place the people on the magic carpet. The people claim in all the past or future there will never be anybody like the Marvels. When everybody is safe Cap says they will get the Pasha, but Jr. says it is too late, as the whole city collapses, meaning the Pasha caused his own downfall and death. Aladdin uses the lamp to return the people to their own time. He then goes back to restore the damage done by the Pasha. Jr. wishes Aladdin had stayed long enough to see the wonders of their time, but Cap tells him he will be more happy back in Ancient Times where his good magic is really needed.[4]

Prof. Dripp and Slugg[edit]

Two crooks who try to get money from rich lady Bromfield, Mary Marvel's adoptive mother. Prof. Dripp is the more intelligent one, while Slug is a fat, stupider, thug. Slug tries to break in from the roof to get the money, and though Mary hits him he escapes. Bromfield telephones to say she is sending Mary over with the check. Slug wants to get rid of her as she is suspicious, but Dripp has a better idea. When she gives him the check, he tells her to step in to give her a receipt, but Slugg then seizes her and stops her from speaking. She is securely tied to a chair and gagged. Dripp hopes to use her as a hostage, if her Mother stops payment, she will stop breathing. Mary realizes she was right about the two, but is in no position to do anything about it. They'll get away with the stolen money. When they get back, Slug says with all the money they will be living on Easy Street when they hit Mexico, before realizing his mistake. Dripp calls him a 'Dumb Fat-head,' as now Mary could tell the cops they are heading for Mexico. Slug says he will make it all right using his large sharp knife. Dripp was not planning on this, but it is their only chance for a clean getaway. Dripp tells Slug to get it over with then they will clear out. Not forgetting what 'her pal' did to his head on the roof, Slug claims it will be a pleasure and advances on Mary, seizing her hair to keep her still. Mary realises she has a chance, and jerks her head so the knife cuts the gag instead of her throat. She transforms, breaks her bonds, 'slugs' Slug, and defeats her foes.[5]

Professor Gorling[edit]

Only appearing in Marvel Family 14. A Professor who while exploring in the Ajak Mountains discovers a society of giants. He kidnaps children, planning to sell them to the giants for bags of gold. Mary Marvel stumbles onto his plan, but is captured herself and taken to the giants. However, when the giants free her she rescues the other children and takes them and the gold away, leaving Gorling to the giants.[6]

Professor Grabbe[edit]

Only appearing in Captain Marvel Adventures #124. Captain Marvel is acting as a translator for Station Whiz, when suddenly he hears a language he cannot understand, but it sounds like an appeal for help. The operator says it seems to be coming from Europe, so Marvel flies there. He thinks it must be a small nation hidden in the mountains, and finally in a remote valley he finds a town with strange houses and strangely clothed people, where the streets are paved with solid gold. The people ask him for help but he cannot understand a word. They point towards the mountains, so he flies there and finds a cabin on a big glacier. There he meets language expert Professor Grabbe, who claims to have stumbled on the hidden valley a year ago and stayed to study the language. But he still cannot understand it, and says he is ready to leave, as he advises Cap to do. But Cap decides to learn the language, although Grabbe says they have no written records. First Marvel learns the word for gold, Pokko. He keeps learning using his brilliant mind, but suddenly a knife is thrown at an inhabitant. Though Cap stops it, learning Jek is knife, the culprit escapes. Soon after a bomb is thrown over a house, but Cap smothers it. Soon he learns the people are survivors of the Ice Age, and their language is 25000 years old. Only their valley escaped destruction in that age. They have been cut off from the outside world, except for a radio from ancient times, which is made of gold. It must be thousands of years old. Cap realises why Grabbe has all the digging equipment, and when a native tries to tell him of the doom, Cap says he can figure it out. He zooms into Grabbe's chalet, finds a tunnel Grabbe was digging ever since he came there, and very luckily stops him just before he sets off a charge to loosen the whole glacier, which would have plunged into the valley and ground the people to atoms. After the ice melted, he would have claimed all the gold for himself, and since nobody knew of these people the massacre would be undiscovered. Worst of all (according to Cap) the people were helpless to get outside aid as nobody could understand their language until he came along. He hits Grabbe, then as Billy reports, apparently to the hidden valley as well, Grabbe is in jail and Cap is writing up a dictionary of the language. They will soon be invited to join the United Nations.[7]

Professor Logan[edit]

Only appearing in Mary Marvel #9. An archaeologist who plans to rob a museum as he has gotten barely anything from his work. He donates a Trojan horse model to the museum which he plans to use for a robbery. Two thugs try to rob the Van Dyke jewels, worth millions from the museum, but Mary Marvel and Pinkey happen to be there and try to stop them, however they are delayed when the crooks push a statue over. They are told by some people they ran into the Trojan Horse room, but cannot find them, despite searching the museum. They wait in the museum and find the crooks later committing another robbery. They once again disappear in the Trojan Horse room, but Mary then remembers the story of warriors hiding in the Trojan Horse and finds a trapdoor in their belly. She gets through and defeats one, while Pinkey defeats the one who jumps out. They change into their civilian forms, but realise they cannot find the loot. They discover a second door from inside the chest leading to the horse's neck, but are both knocked out when they open it. When they come to they are bound and gagged and Professor Logan reveals his plot. His thugs then push the Horse from the museum to kill the two while they rob the museum. However Pinkey kicks of Mary's gag, she transforms, stops the Horse, then with Pinkey she stops the criminals.[8]

Professor Thorne[edit]

Only appearing twice (his first appearance in The Marvel Family #50 and final in Shazam! #16), Gilbert Thorne is a brilliant scientist known for his Speech Scrambler Machine, which made communication nearly impossible,[9] and the Injustice statue, which compelled a judge to make poor judgments, and even led to Captain Marvel being jailed for 50 years for flying through a traffic light. However he threw his hammer from the rockpile, smashing the statue.[10]

Professor Zynn[edit]

A scientist who creates Silicon Man, an artificial being with superpowers. He sends a fake message which is claimed is from the planet Dorth, which is overrun with crime, and needs Captain Marvel to help. Cap says he can't leave Earth, then Professor Zynn shows him Silicon Man, and asks Captain Marvel to train him so he can go to Dorth. Finally Captain Marvel has trained Silicon Man, even bringing him along to help stop a robbery, and as Billy Batson calls Zynn. Billy tells Zynn Silicon Man will be the champion for Dorth. He doesn't notice Zynn is holding a cloth behind his back. He tells Billy 'Don't be silly,' and then says 'First I'll stop you yelling for help.' He gags Billy with the cloth and ties him up. He then reveals his plan, thinking Silicon Man can now defeat Captain Marvel. He orders him to kill Billy Batson, who thinks he is about to mangle him. However Silicon Man ungags Billy, saying 'Crime is evil.' Billy realises his time with Captain Marvel made him good. Billy is freed and Silicon Man goes after Zynn. However Zynn throws an acid at Silicon Man's face, removing his memory. He tries to rob a bank, but Billy has summoned Captain Marvel. Silicon Man is again clumsy, and Captain Marvel destroys him with a single blow. Zynn is then jailed.[11]


Only appearing in Whiz Comics #98. A man who can see vision of the Future. In they year 1898 the Prophet goes into a periodic trance. He sees the Future, and then something which he thinks will make him and his two men the Richest men in the world. A super atomic-grenade worth Ten thousand cannon is invented in 1948, and the Prophet says with it rule the world. He says he had a vision where a great scientist of the Future invented pills that enabled him to travel in time and he remembers the formula. He says they will go 50 yrs int othe[clarification needed] Future and steal it. They swallow the pills and their bodies fade away to be chemically reassembled in the Future. In 1948 Billy is interviewing Professor Bander, who says his principle came up from Louis Zweistein who was too old to do the work. Meanwhile, the three men have appeared and are 50 yrs older. They knock over a test tube, alerting Bander and Billy, who summons Captain Marvel. The villains are easily defeated, a gun fired at Cap does not hurt him, causing the man to think this is what men in the Future are like. When Cap asks who they are, one of the men says they are too weak to talk, and will first take a pill to restore their strength. They also throw a pill into Bander's mouth, causing them all to be transported 50 years back. Cap wonders if they have gone to get the secret from Zweistein and flies off. But 'at this moment' (?) in the year 1898 the Time Kidnappers find out Bander has become a baby, having become 50 yrs younger. Oddly enough his clothes have gone. The Prophet says if he had not been over 50 he would have ceased to exist, and says they should go to Dr. Zwenstein to get the secret of the Atomic Grenade from him. While Cap gets there the Time Kidnappers are moving toward the house. They see Captain Marvel and try to escape, though one drops a Time Pill, and after they have gone Cap takes it. As he was created by the magic of Shazam he cannot grow older or younger. He chases the two men, the last thug not appearing for the rest of the story. The Prophet goes into a trance and sees the Earth burning, the sun coming closer, the end of the world. The shock of this kills the Prophet. The thug says he knew this would happen, and wonders what he saw that killed him. Cap says he can lead him to Bander, and then use the last of their Time pills to get back to their time. Bander thanks cap for stopping him living his whole life over again, and Cap thinks he will never forget this adventure because of the Prophet's last, terrifying vision.

Queen of Spies[edit]

Only appearing in Captain Marvel Adventures #147. Delura, the communist Queen of Spies, plagued Captain Marvel briefly while Billy Batson was on a trip to Istanbul to meet with Ming of Tibet. Ming had contacted Station WHIZ about a fantastic device he was willing to give America, and Sterling Morris charged Billy with retrieving the device. During Billy's train ride to Istanbul, the Queen of Spies tried to kill the young lad with a dagger. Luckily, Billy was able to transform into Captain Marvel before the blade struck the young lad! Later Delura's henchman, Ghunga, bound and gagged Billy and threw him in a river to drown. Ghunga then captured Ming per Delura's orders! Delura used torture to discover Ming's secret and then fed him a paralyzing potion so he could not speak or write to reveal his secret. A freed Captain Marvel found Ming but not before Delura escaped. Ming was able to use telepathy to communicate with Cap and reveal the location of his secret. Delura beat Captain Marvel to the location of Ming's secret but Cap was able to track the Queen of Spies to her lair because of her distinctive perfume. Captain Marvel captured Delura and she has not been heard from since![12]

Radioactive Man[edit]

Only appears in "Marvel Family" #22. Prisoner 887432 is given the chance to get off execution in exchange for being a test subject for a medical experiment. He is given radioactive salt to build up immunity to radiation poisoning, like arsenic immunity. Finally he is so radioactive his clothes burn away and he wears a lead suit, finally his chains melt away. He kills the two scientists with a charge of deadly rays. He takes the remaining radioactive capsules as he needs to take one every few hours to keep his powers. At a police athletic meet at the stadium he tries to make the cops leave as he hates cops, they recognize him as an escaped killer, but their bullets melt before they hit him, he then starts burning the cops. Billy Batson is there and turns into Captain Marvel, who is immune to the radioactive rays. Radioactive Man takes another capsule, then starts fires in the stands to slow down Captain Marvel (who stamps out the flames) enough to allow him to escape. He then starts hunting cops and burning them to death. Billy reports on this, then transforms into Captain Marvel and disguises himself as a cop and waits in the neighborhood Radioactive Man has been operating in. When he tries burning him, Marvel reveals himself and puts him in jail. He takes the capsules without which his powers will die out and takes them to a hospital. But Radioactive Man had one capsule concealed in his mouth, he regains his powers and melts the bars. Police arrive at airport that day with radium for Center hospital, Radioactive Man needs more radioactive salt, but Captain Marvel stops the rays from burning the guards and captures Radioactive Man with a lead cable. Billy then says his powers wore off without a new dose, he is once again prisoner 887432, and his death sentence has been changed to life imprisonment.[13]

Raiders from Space[edit]

Only appearing in Captain Marvel Adventures #20. A flaming meteor comes down from space, causing even buildings to shake. Billy goes to observe the meteor, but finds some observers who say it has disappeared. He hears sounds in a cave, and goes in to find a short green frog-like creature hanging from the ceiling, and calls himself "Thoad". He tries to test his radium gun on Billy, who transforms, and pulls the creature off, seeing it has suction cups on its feet. It tries to capture him with its hand suction cups, so Cap pretends to be captive. He is led to a cave where there are other Thoads, led by High Commander Grollo. He shows Cap their spaceship from which they came from Thoad-Thule. Their world was dying, they studied Earth with telescopes and decided to go there as it was the nearest planet, and they realise Earth has a big war every 20 years or so. They did not care that this war is a just war against the forces of evil. Marvel then reveals himself and easily defeats the Thoads. The leader drives the spaceship at Marvel, squashing him against the war. Not wanting to set off the radium torpedo, he turns back into Billy, but after going outside he is knocked out by a Thoad. The Thoads start attacking as Billy has got amnesia. However a storm occurs and lightning strikes him, transforming him to Captain Marvel who drives the Thoads back. As their spaceship leaves Earth, he throws the radium torpedo at it, destroying the Thoads.[14]

Rainbow Squad[edit]

Six females with one power each based on Captain Marvel's six powers, composed of Virago, Dauntless, Sibyl, Gibralta, Celeritas, and Dynamoll. Mister Mind in the robot human of Mr. Wonderful, with the six-armed alien Handyman gave them their powers with a machine. Captain Marvel is creeped out by their love attempts on him during a restaurant robbery, running away as he feels he cannot attack girls. Dynamoll projects atomic energy at him, but it fails. Minute Man attempts to help him after getting advice from Achilles. Mr. Wonderful is angry at Dynamoll, who thought atomic energy would be better to project at Cap instead of lightning like Wonderful said. She asks if it will destroy him, to which he replies it will not, but she would not believe him if he said what it would do. He then says that rest assured she can capture Captain Marvel, providing she bind and gag him securely before he can speak. Dynamoll turns Captain Marvel back by projecting lightning, Billy is shocked, but just as he says he did not even say Shazam, Dynamoll gags and binds him, bringing him to Mister Wonderful who places him on a chair and prepares to drop a 5-ton weight onto him. But Minute Man removes his gag just as the weight is dropped, allowing him to transform, though he is still unable to attack Females, so Minute Man does, but is defeated, causing Mr. Wonderful to laugh in a recognisable way. Cap realises Mr. Mind is inside Mr. Wonderful and then defeats the girls. He then reveals the identity of Mr. Wonderful by smashing the robot apart, revealing Mr. Mind, who finally reveals how he survived the electric chair. He then escapes by slipping through Marvel's fingers and under the floorboards when Cap is distracted, but the Squad is presumably sent to jail.

  • Virago - Invulnerability.
  • Gibralta - Strength.
  • Sybil - Wisdom.
  • Dynamoll - Energy projection.
  • Dauntless - Courage and taking away courage.
  • Celeritas - Speed.

Red Crusher[edit]

1952, "Captain Marvel Adventures" #139. North Korean yellow menace monster-man and foe of Captain Marvel. The Red Crusher is one of North Korea's devilish champions who fought Captain Marvel. In his first appearance he attacked UN forces with huge spiked balls, and succeeded in capturing Billy Batson. Billy was gagged nd tied to one of the balls, but was able to remove his gag and transform. The Crusher was captured, but escaped later.[1] On one occasion he kidnapped Major Baldwin, who had devised a fog machine. He tried to use his fog to stop American troops, but Capfoiled his plots. He saw a sign at an army camp saying if he was seen Major Baldwin would die, so he transformed back. However, as he went through a window he was hit on the head with the butt of a gun and knocked out. When he came to his hands were tied to a pole and he was gagged, while Baldwin was next to him with his hands bound. The Crusher said he would kill Billy if Baldwin did not reveal how to make the fog. However Billy shook his head, causing Baldwin to refuse. The Crusher tried to kill Billy with amber fog that became solid around him. However it became so heavy it pulled Billy's gag away, enabling him to transform. He broke free of the amber fog and freed soldiers caught by it. He also rescued Baldwin, though the Crusher escaped.

Red Vulture[edit]

The Red Vulture was North Korea's mightiest warrior against the Allied Forces during the Korean War. The Red Vulture's secret weapon was a mighty space station, in the shape of a colossal red star, that could rain giant fireballs down on the U.S. troops and her allies. The Mighty Marvel Family came to the aid of the Allied Forces and battled and defeated the Red Vulture and destroyed the Vulture's mighty space station. The Marvel Family turned The Red Vulture over to the U.S. troops in Korea and he has never been heard from since. Only appearing in "The Marvel Family" #78 (Dec 1952).[15]

Note: The Red Vulture was created in a time when racism was more overt in society and popular culture both consciously and unconsciously. The Red Vulture is included here for historical purposes.


A man who plots world domination, having agents placed around the world to cause a war and rise into power. Kenneth Leith is a man who wants peace and with the help of the Marvel Family plans on a Seven Wonders of the World exhibit to unite every continent. However Rex's agents try to sabotage this. At an atomic cyclotron Rex's agents attack. Mary visits and realises an agent disguised as an atomic scientist isn't one. She turns back to Mary Batson and climbs up a drainpipe and sees in a window Kenneth Leith bound and gagged. However he can't warn her off an agent next to the window, and a gun-butt blow to the head knocks her out as she climbs in. When she comes to she is also gagged and tied to Leith. The two agents aim the cyclotron at them, she thinks they'll be blasted to atoms by a charge of billions of neutrons. Jr. goes to where a tapestry depicting the history of the world as told by Buddha, the Asian donation, is. He is tricked into transforming into Freddy Freeman and knocked out with a gun from behind. He is then bound and gagged and left in the tapestry room with a case of dynamite about to explode. Captain Marvel sees another Exhibit, a Rocket capable of travelling to interstellar space. Paul Delacroix, in charge of the exhibit, says he is waiting for Billy Batson to make the announcement. He turns back but in Delacroix's Office he is attacked by Rex's 2 henchmen; one handgags him and Delacroix tells him to gag Billy to prevent him becoming Captain Marvel. Billy is bound and gagged and Rex enters. He tells what has happened to the other two Marvel Family members, and decides to use the Rocket to finish Billy. Delacroix is upset at the killing, and his daughter Annabel tells him he mustn't do this. He takes a gun and tells them not to launch the rocket. Rex walks towards him and is shot dead, but his henchmen shoot Delacroix dead. In the rocket Annabel takes Billy's gag off, he transforms as the Rocket is launched and pushes it back. He ties up Rex's men and leaves to save Freddy Freeman and Mary Batson. Cap saves Mary, and Mary removes Freddy's gag, he says the magic word just as Cap notes the fuse has burned up, the dynamite explodes. The Marvels are thought dead and the Asians refuse to join in the festivities, suspecting other nations of destroying the tapestry there is talk of war, but the Marvels then return having re-woven the tapestry which was torn apart by the explosion, which is why they disappeared. Kenneth then adds an Eighth Exhibit, a statue of the Marvel Family.

Rodney Stark[edit]

Rodney Stark is a sportsman explorer who discovers a race of prehistoric men who have been frozen for thousands of years at the North Pole. They are apparently strong enough to survive a bazooka shell, super-intelligent as "the intense cold has sharpened their intelligence almost to perfection," and explorer Rodney Stark has devised a method of bringing them back to life, using a machine that slowly defrosts them in two hours, planning to use them to build an airforce, copies of stolen U.S planes, allowing him to take over the world. He first throws Billy of his ship when Billy wants to come along. However, Billy goes to the North Pole when he hears that six planes were stolen and their pilots killed. Fisherman Dirk Svenson tells him of primitive men killing the pilots, before trying to kill him with a bomb on the plane, but Billy transforms and is saved. He falls into a crevice and is captured by the primitive men, who take him to Stark, who explains his plan, plotting to attack as within the week he will have 1000 of these men. Billy is thrown into an icy dungeon, but escapes by transforming. The men are all destroyed in an explosion along with Stark when Captain Marvel makes their planes crash.

Rip-off Rigs[edit]

Thief who commits crimes, then escapes by throwing newspapers at car windows, and while Captain Marvel Jr. stops the car he gets away. He steals a formula which makes paper tough as steel from a scientist whose house he hides in, makes a suit out of newspaper, and tries to commit robberies with it, using other paper weapons. Captain Marvel Jr. is repelled by an electrical charge in it similar to the Shazam lightning, but keeps hitting Riggs, tricking him into putting so much formula on the suit that it becomes heavy and he sinks into the ground. He is then jailed. It is revealed the paper would burn anyway.

Rowdy Sparkle[edit]

Rowdy was one of the many funny villains introduced before 1985's Crisis on Infinite Earths that Captain Marvel would fight regularly. Rowdy considers himself "The Toughest Guy in the World" after he read a copy of "How to Do Everything." His cousin, Sunny Sparkle, is a polar opposite of him. Rowdy Sparkle appeared only once, in Shazam! #5 in 1973, and loses his powers when Captain Marvel destroys the handbook.[16]


Like Ibac, Sabbac is another magical being powered by the forces of demons. Sabbac gets his powers from six demons (Satan, Aym, Belial, Beelzebub, Asmodeus and Craeteis), who give him powers proportional to those of the Marvels. The original Sabbac, the alter ego of Freddy Freeman/Captain Marvel Jr.'s foster brother Timothy Karnes, first appeared in 1943 as a humanoid figure.

In the early 2000s The Outsiders comic book, Karnes was murdered and his Sabbac powers stolen by a Russian mobster named Ishamel Gregor. When Gregor becomes Sabbac, he transforms into a hulking demon with red skin, horns, fire breath and a scent of brimstone. He later becomes several stories high.

After DC's 2011 "New 52" reboot, a new version of Sabbac was introduced in Geoff Johns & Gary Frank's Shazam! reboot. This version of Sabbac was a physical manifestation of the Seven Deadly Sins of Man, who can simultaneously possess a wicked person (in this case, Mr. Bryer, a rich man who bullies Billy Batson along with his sons) and transform them into a fifty-foot demon who breathes fire.


First appearing in "Marvel Family" #90 (unpublished, synopsis in Best of Alter Ego), Satyr is an evil incarnation of the god Pan that was banished from Earth 2000 years ago by Shazam. He faces the Marvel Family and attempts to replace Captain Marvel.[17]

Another Satyr appears in "Marvel Family" #21 along with a two-headed Hydra and many eyed Argus, as a Trio of Terror summoned from the Netherworld by three carnival brothers using a stolen spell book, who have to return in 24 hours unless three replacements are sent. The Marvel Family are able to send them back although they are nearly sent themselves. This Satyr has superhuman strength, durability, and can control minds with his pipes, although Captain Marvel is able to break free of the music.[18]

The Satyr Archibald was a member of the Monster Society of Evil, and graduated from Monster School with Mr. Mind (as he had briefly lost their memory and wanted a course to make them evil again) after capturing Billy Batson by accident by falling on him after he was knocked into the air, after an echo made Captain Marvel turn back, so as to graduate as the student needed to commit an evil deed. Billy was gagged, and his hands and feet are tied before he is taken of by Archibald. However while Archibald was beating him up before a class with a spiked knuckle-duster, Billy removed his gag, and summoned Captain Marvel who defeated Archibald. Only appearing in "Captain Marvel Adventures" #44.[19]

Seven Deadly Enemies of Man[edit]

The Seven Deadly Sins are seven powerful demons, based upon the seven deadly sins enumerated in Christianity, who can take control of both humans and superheroes. The Sins were captured by the wizard Shazam many years ago, and encased in seven mockingly cartoon-like stone statues. The seven statues housing each demon are on display in Shazam's underground lair in the subway in the original comics, and in the Rock of Eternity in the modern comics. The demons have escaped their prisons several times to cause havoc, usually freed by another villain. In the original Fawcett stories and most other versions, the Seven Sins were "censored" to an extent in keeping with 1940s standards, identified as the "Seven Deadly Enemies of Man" and including Pride, Envy, Greed, Hatred, Laziness, Selfishness, and Injustice among their ranks.

Their first modern appearance is in World's Finest Comics #262 (1980), which shows how they were originally captured and placed in their statue prisons at the Rock of Eternity. [20]

Most post-2000 appearances of the Seven Deadly Sins identify them by their traditional theological versions (Pride, Envy, Greed, Anger, Sloth, Gluttony, and Lust). In the current New 52/DC Rebirth continuity, the mythological figure Pandora was responsible for initially freeing the Sins in ancient times by opening what became known as Pandora's Box.[21]

Seven Deadly Enemies of Men in other media[edit]

  • The Seven Deadly Sins appear in the Batman: The Brave and the Bold episode "The Power of Shazam." They are shown in their prisons until Black Adam frees them upon knocking over a burning flame. After Batman tried to fight them, Billy Batson broke his restraints, transformed into Captain Marvel, and defeated the Seven Deadly Sins by destroying their statues.
  • The Seven Deadly Sins are seen in Superman/Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam
  • The Seven Deadly Sins appear in the film Shazam!, set in the DC Extended Universe, performed by uncredited stunt doubles in motion capture suits on-set during filming and voiced by Steve Blum, Darin De Paul, and Fred Tatasciore.[22] The characters were depicted as CGI characters,[22] each having different characteristics that not only set them apart from each other but also reflect which sin they represent (i.e. Greed having four arms, Lust having a long tentacular tongue, Envy being the smallest and least threatening, etc.). They are initially trapped in statues guarded by the wizard Shazam, but escape and align themselves with Sivana. When Billy Batson shares his powers with his foster siblings, they help to fight the Seven Deadly Sins, which are re-imprisoned in their statues.
  • In the Teen Titans Go! episode "Little Elvis" they are freed by Mr. Mind to help him to rule the world, but eventually his plan was Foiled thanks to Shazam with the help of the Titans.
  • The Seven Deadly Sins appear in Lego DC Super Hero Girls: Super-Villain High, voiced again by Fred Tatasciore.
  • Four of the Seven Deadly Sins (Wrath, Gluttony, Envy, and Pride) appear as playable characters in Lego DC Super-Villains.

Signore Carnato[edit]

An opera singer only appearing in "Mary Marvel" #3, who hates the swing movement. He disguises himself as a night watchman and places choking gas capsules inside a microphone, which causes crooners to lose their singing voice for 24 hours. While Mary is watching he is able to gas her and tie her up, but she held her breath meaning that her voice comes back quickly, she transforms into Mary Marvel, captures him and learns why he placed the gas there, then takes him off to a quiet resort.[23]

Sivana Family[edit]

Composed of Dr. Sivana and his two evil teenaged children, Thaddeus Sivana Jr. and Georgia. The nuclear Sivana family also includes Sivana's ex-wife Venus and his adult children Beauty and Magnificus, though those characters are generally depicted as good-natured counterparts to their villainous kin.

In the classic Captain Marvel and Shazam! stories, Beautia and Magnificus had a different mother than Sivana Jr. and Georgia, and all four shared Dr. Sivana as their father. The elder siblings would assist their father before becoming allies to the Marvel Family. The younger siblings, however, remained loyal to their father and assisted him in his schemes. Georgia and Sivana Jr. both resembled Sivana, physically and mentally and possessed scientific minds like him. The Sivana Family, as a team, first appeared together in Marvel Family #10 (1947).

Slippery Slyke and Hugo[edit]

Two crooks whom Mary meets during the current 24-hr. period every 1000 years when Shazam loses his powers, causing Mary to lose hers as well. Slyke is a smaller, more intelligent crook, while Hugo is larger and stronger. She fails to stop them robbing a jewelry store, but at home Shazam tells her what has happened. She then makes a Mary Marvel costume to go after Slippery Slyke and Hugo. By bluffing she prevents them robbing another jewelry store. When she does not fly after them, Slyke suspects she is a fake. She uses silverware in her house to bait a trap, leaving the back door open, making them come into her house. By firing bricks in the darkness from a machine, she stuns them, but Slyke sees the brick that hit him, and realizes she is a fake. He seizes her, ties her to the chair and preparing to shoot her. However, the 24 hrs finish as she calls Shazam repeatedly, allowing her to transform just before he shoots, and capture the two. Only appearing in "Mary Marvel" #4.[24]

Slug Samson[edit]

A former convict who becomes the coach for the Marvel College team. Eustice Doke, of the class of 1900, promises the college $10,000,000 if they win. Billy Batson is told to investigate by enrolling, which he does with help from Captain Marvel. Billy is able to get into the team as a waterboy, but notices Slug is calling the team a pushover, which a good coach never does, according to him. When the star fullback falls ill Captain Marvel tries to enroll, but he is thrown out for doing so well. Billy later hears that Slug is getting 100 grand for making the college lose and there are 50:1 odds. He sees Slug drugging the water, but replaces it. However, Slug's henchmen take out the players during the game, but finally Captain Marvel appears and plays for the whole team, winning it 9-6. When last heard of, Slug Samson has resigned.

Smiling Swordsman[edit]

Only appearing in "Shazam" #19. A criminal who hid a bomb in the Whiz radio building. While Uncle Dudley was preparing for his show he stopped him yelling with his hand and told him to help him or he would set the bomb off. Dudley was able to convince him to let him appear on his show, during which he emphasized different words and syllables to send a message to Mary. As Mary Marvel she flew with such superspeed she became invisible. The villain told Uncle Marvel to rob a painting of 'The Smiling Swordsman,' Mary got it while making Uncle appear to fly. She then follows the thief underneath the car to his mansion, but turns back so he will not set the bomb off if his servants will not see her. But she is then knocked out by a hammer and when she comes to she is gagged and tied to a chair. The Smiling Swordsman is now dressed as the character in the painting and decides to finish her off with his sword. But she moves her head so the sword slashes her off her gag, and then turns into Mary Marvel. She allows him to use up his sword on her invulnerable body, before knocking him out. Next day Uncle retells the story, but edits it to build up his own part.[25]

Snake Samson[edit]

Only appearing in Marvel Family #14. A master criminal who the Marvel Family stop the Jewel robbery of. Dr Cardiff then tells Captain Marvel he wants him to undergo a physical examination to make sure he is the World's Healthiest Man. However he tells Mary and Jr that Captain Marvel is a very sick man due to his heart and blood pressure and any excitement could cause his death. They refrain from telling him in case of the shock, and Marvel thinks they are being jealous in stopping him exerting his powers by saving a girl from a runaway horse. Mary and Jr. stop Marvel going out to search for Snake Samson and make him sit down, and Mary goes to the Samson Athletic Club, really Snake's crime headquarters, but transforms to Mary Batson so as to not frighten him away. While planning a bank robbery with tear gas bombs, one of his henchmen realizes someone is outside; he opens the door causing Mary to fall in, and handgags the girl. Samson says she shall be their 'guest' until they pull the bank job. Jr. is worried she is taking so long and goes to the Club, but to avoid suspicion transforms to Freddy. However he is knocked out. A henchman prepares to finish the two bound and gagged children who are tied together on chairs with one bullet through both their heads. Marvel arrives just in time, and ungags them, allowing them to transform. They then defeat the criminals themselves, and take Marvel to Cardiff's as they think he has over-exerted himself. Both Mary and Jr. volunteer for a blood transfusion, but Cardiff then finds out he made a mistake as all three show the same heart action and blood pressure as Marvel. They cannot all be invalids, therefore they must all have the strongest hearts he has ever seen, which is why they reacted differently from the normal heart. Therefore, they are chosen as the World's healthiest family.[26]


Only appearing in Captain Marvel Adventures Issue #117. While walking through the park Billy is caught in Quicksand. He transforms and saves other people from the Quicksand. He hears a chugging sound from below. There is a machine pumping Quicksand oil concentrate in one of the huge city sewer pipes. The villain manning it and wearing protective clothing says it will make all dirt and oil soften into Quicksand. He has enough to turn the whole city into a bed of Quicksand. Cap smashes the machine, but the man escapes through one of the many pipes. Cap's blind guess about which of the many pipes he took does not work, though he leaves the sewer. He sees the Whiz building sinking, so moves it out to the country. Realising the entire city could sink without a trace into a bed of Quicksand he decides to check with the city council. At an emergency meeting someone says their only hope is with the quicksand fighter corporation. Cap flies him there, it is the only one of its kind, run by Snodgrass. He says it will cost a million dollars, which the man agrees to. He says cement poured into quicksand will harden it, but when he describes it Cap realises it will take too long and says he will do it himself. In a cement mixer Cap mixes enough cement to stop the quicksand. With the danger over Snodgrass says he will deduct 50% for Cap's free labour, but he is still owed half a million for the fee. As the man signs it, Cap finds a protective clothing suit that the villain in the sewer was wearing and knocks him out with a single blow. Cities seldom have quicksand beds, so he created his own one. Cap takes him to jail, then realises Whiz is still out in the country.

Space Ghoul[edit]

Only appearing "Marvel Family" #80. The telepathic Space Ghoul came to Earth with one goal: exhume the bodies of dead humans and feast on the decaying flesh! Due to its humanoid features, the Ghoul was able to trick the Marvel Family into thinking it was benevelent. The Space Ghoul also convinced the Marvel Family that its pursuer a ghastly looking creature named Klarz was in fact the ghoul. The Marvel Family eventually figured out their error when they went into the ship and found skeletons there. However they were knocked out, then bound and gagged by the Ghoul, who decided to eat them. However they escaped, captured the Space Ghoul and apologized to Klarz!

Spider Men of Mars[edit]

The Spider Men: April–July 1941, "Captain Marvel Adventures" #2.

Invading Earth from Mars, the Spider Men look like large 4 limbed beetles only about 12 feet tall, and are first found out about by an astronomer. They are easily able to defeat Earth forces. As Captain Marvel fights this invading force, he discovers they are not truly alive but mechanical robots. So, he travels to Mars to fight the human looking ruler there, who first thinks Billy is a fifth columnist and sentences him to execution. But Billy turns into Captain Marvel, exacting a promise never to invade again. He then returns to Earth to wipe out the remaining robots.[27]

Spider Man[edit]

Not to be confused with Spider-Man from Marvel comics. Only appearing in Whiz Comics #89. Two pilots are about to fly a shipment of gold bullion worth a million dollars to Fort Knox with Billy Batson. Round the corner they run into a big sticky spider-web. Spider Man wraps up and gags them with a web gun, revealing he has rosin on his hands and shoes so he does not stick himself. He says his invention shoots out liquid plastic which hardens and forms a sticky thread when it hits the air. He learned this by watching spiders at web and says he weaves his webs of crime everywhere. Two henchmen disguised as pilots then get onto the plane to drop the gold off elsewhere. However they do not know about Billy, who wanted to report on how gold was delivered for station WHIZ. He sees they are going in the opposite direction, but is knocked out. The plane lands on a deserted patch of seashore where Spider Man is waiting. Billy revives and transforms, invulnerable to the bullets he defeats the two thugs. Spider Man warns he has the cunning of a spider and fires sticky plastic in Marvel's face, blinding him long enough for Spider Man to escape. Marvel carries the gold to Fort Knox. Spider Man starts a crime spree in the city, he spins webs in any dark corner of the street, forming them with incredible speed. Then he robs his victims and is gone like a ghost. Marvel searches for him and finally finds him committing another robbery. He frees the guard, but while he is checking they are o.k, Spider Man shoots a plastic rope to the high window of a building and climbs up. He is able to escape as there are many rooms in the building and Marvel decides he cannot search them all. Spider Man meanwhile feels he must find a way to stop Captain Marvel. However he then hears two kids playing at being Captain Marvel and realises Marvel's secret. That evening as Billy is going home from Whiz for a bite to eat before searching for Spider Man when he runs into something in the dark and realises it is one of Spider Man's webs. He is then gagged by Spider Man's plastic thread and wrapped up like a birthday present with web, to which he jokes 'A birthday present to me!' He takes Billy to his hideout, where he wraps him up in a web and releases his pet tarantula, which is poisonous, one bite and Billy dies. Actually venomous is when it is bitten, poisonous is the other kind. Billy remembers the plastic strand across his mouth is sticky, if he presses it against another strand, which is also sticky, they should glue together. He then jerks his head back, freeing his mouth, and allowing him to transform. He kills the tarantula by stamping on it, and hits Spider Man. He then wraps up and gags him with the web, saying 'Now who's wrapped up like a birthday present? And for the police?' Billy later reports Spider Man is in jail.[28]

Steamboat Captain[edit]

Captain of a circus steamboat. When some convicts break out he disguises the convicts as minstrel clowns so they can escape on his boats. Mary attends the circus performance and thinks some of the clowns look familiar. She says she is going out for a drink of water. She goes to the steamboat and see they are robbing Colonel Blossom's warehouse. Before she can say Shazam one of the Clowns seizes her, preventing her speaking. Mary is gagged and bound by the clown, who asks the Captain what he should do with her. He tells him to fix her with 'paddling'. Mary is placed in a room below, which has water in it. It is not high enough to drown her, and it is not known if it is filling with water. She then says Captain Marvel taught her a trick. She is tied with thin strips of leather and leather expands in water. She tries to get them loose enough. There are tense minutes, then she is able to free herself. Mary removes her gag and transforms. She defeats the Clowns and reveals to the police that a robbery would be committed, then powerful engines would get the boat away. She throws water over the clowns, revealing they were the escaped convicts, who are jailed again. The Captain is probably jailed also.


Only appearing in "Marvel Family" #5. The wicked stepfather of poor girl Ella who beats her for thinking of going to a party by her friend Linda instead of working. Mary Marvel stops this and gives Ella one of her dresses so she can go. The stepfather follows her to rob the party on the back of a car, gagging and tying to a chair the girl in the kitchen so he can steal silverware. Mary transforms and stops him, but Ella begs Mary to let him go as he is still her stepfather. He hooks another ride on a car back to follow Mary home. While she is sleeping, he gags her and ties her to her bed, before robbing her house and setting the bed on fire. However, Mary breathes in enough smoke to cough and loosen her gag. She then transforms and goes after the stepfather, who sees her coming and leaves his house. At the next party, Mr. Van Dykeman recognizes a tiny shoe Ella had around her neck as that of his daughter kidnapped years ago, he has the other one. Mary stops the stepfather from committing another robbery by pickpocketing the distracted crows and he reveals kidnappers gave Ella to him to be his drudge. He is then jailed.[29]


Only appearing in World's Finest Comics #259, Dr. Weldon Ambrose uses the serum that evolved Mr. Tawky Tawny from a tiger to a man-tiger to evolve himself, taking the name the Superior of the bahug tate.


A fairground midget who grows tired of working in the Circus as 'World's Ugliest dwarf'. He disguises himself as a doll and his accomplice, pretending to be a delivery man, delivers him to Mary's house, where he steals her mother's jewels, which she sees, but is finally convinced it is a nightmare. Mary suspects the doll and follows the truck to a museum, where it delivers a small mummy. That night, the mummy steals the Siva ruby, worth thousands. Mary suspects it to be a robot and again follows the truck, finding the loot was hidden in a secret compartment. She defeats the delivery-man and discovers the identity of the doll, before jailing them both.

Terrible Trio[edit]

Only appearing in "Marvel Family" #21. Three monsters summoned from the Netherworld by the three Dingling brothers, after they cannot hire the Marvels to help their failing carnival business, but steal a book of magic instead. They draw a circle, and summon a Satyr, a Hydra, and Argus, planning to exhibit them and placing them in a cage. What they do not realise is that the monsters have to return in 24 hours unless three replacements are sent. The monsters use their strength to break out of the cage, and are able to fight their way past the Marvels who have come to investigate the spellbook's robbery, planning to send the brothers instead of themselves. However, the Marvels are able to defeat them in the second battle, then take them back to the circle. They transform into their civilian forms to meet the brothers and get the book back, but when returning to the circle, the Monsters seize them to prevent them speaking, gag them, tie them up, and place them in the circle, hoping to send them back to the Netherworld. However, when lightning comes down to transport them as the Satyr reads the spell, it instead transforms them into the Marvel Family, who send the monsters back. The brothers then reveal they took footage of the fight and can use it to make money, which they do.[18]

Thanksgiving Thieves[edit]

A trio of criminals who attempt to commit crimes on Thanksgiving Day. During the parade when everybody is distracted, they try to get into a Furs Shop which is closed for Thanksgiving. Tricks, a scientist type figure who seems to be the leader, uses a device that unlocks the door and disconnects the alarm, proving himself to Sneak. He orders them to only take the most expensive furs so they are not overloaded by cheap furs. Bruiser, a large strong thug, worries about Mary, who is in the parade only a block from here, to which Tricks says she's only a girl. However Mary is waiting for them when they get to their car, saying she spotted the crime from her high perch at the front float. She has taken the wheels from their car. Bruiser is ordered to stop her and hits Mary with a heavy no parking sign, but Sneak reveals she's still standing there smiling. Sneak wants to give up as he thinks bullets will bounce of her, but Tricks Trick-Gun does not fire bullets, but smoke. While she is blinded they climb into the giant Mary Marvel balloon's basket, and Tricks uses his tricky extension shears to cut through the cables. However, as they start to escape the smoke clears, and Mary climbs after them, to the astonishment of Tricks. The bullets bounce of her like Sneak said they would, and the bouncing bullets go through the balloon. Mary saves the crooks though and takes the basket to the Police Station. Later at the parade a clown says it's a shame the balloon was destroyed to which another says 'Who cares? We have the real Mary Marvel instead!' Mary wishes Billy and Freddy could have seen her, but says they will get together at Christmas, at Mr Morris's party.[30]

Theo Hagge[edit]

Only appearing in "Captain Marvel Adventures" #150. A witch who planned to marry Captain Marvel, making him get a job and do all her work. Although an old witch, she can make herself look like a young woman. But Captain Marvel was able to realise her plot and not marry her.[31]

Thirtieth Century Dictator[edit]

Only appearing in Whiz Comics #119. A dictator who rules the world in the 30th Century as a tyrant. A group of settlers build a time-ship and travel to the 20th Century, where they start to make a home for themselves with help from Captain Marvel, making a desert habitable. However the Dictator has another time-ship built and attacks the settlement, dropping a bomb towards it. Captain Marvel stops the bomb, and defeats the Tyrant, after which he forces him to sign away his power. The settlers then return to the 30th Century with the former Dictator their prisoner, and Captain Marvel says as the Desert is now habitable they did each other a good turn.[32]

Thought Stealers[edit]

Only appearing in Wow Comics #22. Svengolly and an accomplice plot to steal Secrets with a device called the Thought Stealer, a device that picks up thoughts and reads them out. Mary Marvel battles them. When he meets her he pretends not to be frightened, but the Thought-Stealer reveal him a coward at heart. Mary finds out the plan and fights the thugs, bullets bouncing off her. One of the two crooks asks who she is, and where she came from. She says it is a secret, but he tells her to listen to the Thought-Stealer, which is still turned on. It reveals she is Mary Bromfield, who says a magic word to transform. She is shocked and says that they know about 'Shazam,' causing her to transform unintentionally. Before she can turn back the two criminals grab her mouth, preventing her from transforming. The crooks then gag her mouth, and her hand and feet are securely bound, though she is still standing. The criminals are delighted, and one of them says that the Underworld has wanted Mary dead for a long time. The other one says they can get the Underworld to pay them a $1,000,000 for killing Mary Marvel. While that one is gone Mary thinks she's sunk, as she cannot yell the word due to the gag, and that in a few minutes they will be burying her. The other criminal agrees with her, saying the Thought-Stealer reads out her thoughts. This gives Mary an idea, and she thinks the word, causing the machine to read the word, and allowing her to transform, and defeat the criminals.

Three Faces of Evil[edit]

Offspring of the wizard Shazam, the Three Faces of Evil (Terror, Sin, and Wickedness) were the reason for constructing the Rock of Eternity (using large stones, one from Heaven and the other Hell) in order to imprison them. Further, the gods decreed Shazam must remain in the Rock of Eternity for all time as their jailer. They first appeared in Marvel Family #7 where they break free and steal Pandora's box. Here they are referred to as Evil, who can split himself into three forms. They fly away to attack worlds. Captain Marvel follows Sin, who tries to destroy him in a star but is captured. Another part tries to destroy Jr. by making him crash into an asteroid, but Jr. withstands it and captures his quarry. Mary confronts the last one on a dead world. He releases a hornet from the box that makes her say Shazam, transforming her back. He uses his hand to prevent her speaking, then binds and gags her, telling her he will infect Earth. However the hornet stings him causing trouble for him, his foot pulls Mary's ropes off. She removes her gag and transforms, then takes her foe back. Shazam makes them merge into one being again, then the Marvel Family imprison them under the Rock once more. Shazam tells them it will take thousands of years for them to work up the strength to break free, and by then he will have other means of imprisoning them.

Telegram Bandits[edit]

Only appearing in Wow Comics #11. A group of criminals keep tabs on agencies that send fancy help to rich homes. They grab somebody and send one of their gang. Mary meets the gang, and one of the criminals accidentally reveals their plan. The Boss seizes Mary to prevent her speaking and tell the other crook they will have to get rid of her now. They gag Mary, tie her hands, and place her on a chair. A man called Jives comes along, and because of his accent the crooks think he is English Harry, described as De Slickest Crook in De rackets, who was not supposed to arrive till the next day. His 'arrumph' makes it clearer to the reader who he is. They tell him their plan, and show a bound and gagged prisoner in the adjoining room, a guy supposed to report as Butler to the Van Devan Home, saying he will take his credentials and go instead. Then he will tip them off to the layout of the joint, and they go and clean it out. He sees Mary, and the crooks say the will get rid of her tonight. Joves feels if he tells the Police the thugs might escape,and before they do they will kill Mary and the Butler to keep their identity secret. He decides to arrange for them to walk into a trap, and rescue Mary himself. He telephones the thugs to say the Family is leaving tonight, after which they leave. One Guard stays behind, and Mary apparently faints, causing him to get water. However, when he loosens her gag she transforms and knocks him out. She hears someone coming, and thinks it is the bandits, but it is Jives coming to help her. The criminals then turn up, having escaped the Police, but Mary defeats them.


Tong is the self-proclaimed greatest Asiatic overlord since Genghis Khan. He created the Great Red Brain in "Marvel Family" #80, and apparently died when it fell from its casing onto him.[33] But he returned in "Marvel Family" #82, having devised a way to grow animals to enormous size. He first uses a battalion of giant rats then giant pythons and kidnaps the soldier Hank, but the Marvels use the dog Yank to track Hank while disguised as peasants. They get to Tong's base, an old house, where they are knocked out from behind by a guard whose attention is aroused by the barking of Yank, chained by their thumbs, and gagged. They are nearly eaten by a giant lizard, but while Yank distracts it, Freddy removes Billy's gag with his leg brace, allowing him to free the others as Captain Marvel, although the lizard apparently kills Yank with a deadly bite. They defeat Tong's lizard battalion which is being dropped by parachute and discover Yank is still alive, allowing him to be saved.[34]

Twister Jackson[edit]

A criminal who hears from jailed criminal 'Smooth' Felt that he has hidden the plans for an Infany Jewelry Store in three banana hats, which he attempts to steal with another criminals aid. They steal the hats from Gertrude Greatneck, then Theodore Goswild. Mary stops her hat being stolen by transforming to Mary Marvel, but they start a fire to delay her, enabling them to escape. Mary tries to lure them out by wearing one of the hats. Seeing Mary has one of the hats, they steal the hat and cosh her. They bind her hands and gag her, revealing the plans. They trap her inside a safe to suffocate. Using a hairpin she opens the safe from inside and removes her gag on a chair. She then defeats the criminals as they try to rob the Infany Jewelry Store, and they are jailed. Only appeared in "Wow Comics" #32.

United Criminals[edit]

Only appearing in Whiz Comics #128. Like the United Nations, the United Criminals is organised. It is a band of international crooks called together by 'Mastermins Mike', Kingpin of the Underworld. He wants to promote the biggest crime wave ever known. His first plan is to steal a battleship and sell it for scrap metal worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Most of the crooks agree, but one vetoes it, which according to the rules can throw the whole plan out. He will not change his mind despite the assistance of Mike and a nearby crook and is going to walk out, but an eyepatch wearing crook coshes him from behind,and holds up his hand so he 'votes' yes. The motion is carried. Later Billy Batson reports the small maritime nation of Libania has reported one of its battleships was stolen at port while most of the crew were on shore leave. Some criminals overpowered the few guards and steamed away. Billy thinks it is the most amazing robbery in history and summons Captain Marvel, who flees to Libania to pick up the trail. He is told the direction the crooks went off in, search planes were sent but found nothing. He thinks they could easily change direction into the ocean. As sharks follow a ship due to its garbage, Cap soon tracks down the ship, which is sailing under a new flag. Mike works out a fortune will be made from this. When another thug reports Cap is approaching, a broadside is aimed at him. He is impervious to it, and knocks out some crooks, causing Mike to retreat with other crooks in their Jet helicopter. Cap loses them due to fog, so tows the ship back even though there is no crew. Cap takes the four criminals to jail, and questions them. All remain quiet, except for the one who tried to veto the decision, was slugged, and forced into it. He tells Cap about Mike and the United Criminals, saying they are lined up to rob transoceanic planes, raid a Maharajah's Jewel cave, counterfeit all currency on Earth, 'all big stuff like that!' Cap asks if next they will rob the planes, and his Informant says they will, like Jesse James robbed trains in the old days. Cap realises he forgot to ask him where Mike's secret headquarters are, but before he can his Informer is shot dead by the crook to the left of him, who had a small gun hidden up his sleeve, and cheers for the U.C. Cap hits the murderer, and decides to patrol the oceans. The next day a huge transoceanic airliner drones on its scheduled route between continents, with 80 passengers plus a freight of Jewelry. A 'mechanical vulture' (the helicopter) lands on the airliner with blades spinning so it will not overburden the airliner. Reminiscent of train robberies of a bygone era, the aerial bandits get to work. Mike tells the pilots to keep on the job while his men relieve the passengers of any excess baggage, and jokes they are contributing to the welfare fund for needy criminals. however Cap sees this and hits some criminals. He meets Mike and is impervious to his bullets, so Mike tosses a million dollars of jewelry out of the window. Cap cannot let a fortune in jewels sink forever to the bottom of the ocean, as too many people would be bankrupt by that. He gets it, but the crooks escape in the Jet helicopter, and thick clouds overhead means no sign of the crooks plane. He looks for their hideout and flies towards a tropical island, then towards an iceberg which is not melting in the tropical climate. Cap finds it is not ice, but plastic, an artificial iceberg. He cannot find the concealed entrance, and he claims if he smashes his way in, they may drown. He changes to Billy, thinking they would not open for Captain Marvel, but maybe will for a shipwrecked boy, and calls for help. A crook looking through the periscope thinks a kid got shipwrecked and swam to the 'Iceberg,' so Mick pulls the main doorway lever so he does not attract passing ships. A big concealed doorway opens up, and Billy is coshed by a thug. When he comes to he is in the meeting place, bound hand and foot to a chair and gagged. Mike has recognised him as Billy Batson, who has been carrying a broadcasting crusade against crime. He asks the verdict of the U.C against the prisoner, and is told treason against crime, with the verdict death. He removes Billy's gag as he points a gun at his head, and asks if her has any last words before he dies. Billy transforms to Captain Marvel, and pulls the U.C banner onto the criminals, saying he will put them on ice, then asks 'Or should I say—on plastic?' as he hits Mike. He starts towing the Iceberg (why did he not do that before?) and says 'When they get to jail the U.C will have another meaning---the United Convicts!'[35]

Vampire Burglar[edit]

Only appearing in "Captain Marvel Adventures" #147. He arrived in Fawcett City in order to find and eat the Goody Goody Bars. In order to obtain the Goody Goody Bars, Vampire Burglar ended up robbing the Goody Goody Bars from children and raiding the warehouse where it was stored. The Vampire Burglar was eventually apprehended by Captain Marvel and revealed that the candy bars contained Malakiza (a substance also found in human blood) which satiated a vampire's hunger. With the blessing of the President of the Goody Goody candy bar company, the Vampire Burglar returned to Transylvania to become the local salesman of the candy bars but at a price where he gains free candy bars!

Van Hoek[edit]

In secrecy a meeting of the international diamond merchants of America is being held. They decide Captain Marvel is the only man on Earth for a certain job. Vanderhoof meets Billy Batson, who summons Captain Marvel. He tells him he wants him to go to South Africa, to the Kimberley mines, and bring back a diamond. Cap asks why they cannot send a ship, but Vanderhoff says it is a special diamond and no information must leak out because all the crooks on Earth would be after it. Yanderhoff begs the reluctant Marvel, and when he gives in, he tells him to go to the Kimberley mines and ask for Peter Quentin, who will turn the diamond over to him. He'll cable him that he is coming. Cap gets to the mines, where there is a storehouse surrounded by guards. He is let in, and meets an armed man sitting on a large stone. He asks if the man is Peter Quentin and is told he is. When Cap asks where the diamond is, Quentin says it is the stone he was sitting on, which is uncut so it does not shine. It is the biggest diamond ever mined, with a value of 485 billion dollars. According to Quentin if crooks got it they could ut it up into a million small stones and flood the market. All the diamond merchants on Earth would be ruined. They're sure no information leaked out, but the Manager of the mines wants the diamond, and has the tough mine workers with him. They start shooting down the guards, then the Mines Manager throws a bomb to open the vault.

Quentin realises who the robber is as he gets in, so Cap punches him back. Cap goes out to get the others, but Quentin tells him the diamond is rolling away. Cap does not hear though and defeats the criminal gang. However he then hears what happened from Quentin, and there are big rocks which are the diamond's shape all over the area. One of Van Hoek's henchman spots it, and with Van Hoek he carries it to their plane. Cap sees this and goes after the plane, finally smashing in. Hoek drops the diamond to the city below, planning to follow it by parachute. Cap lets Van Hoek go to get the diamond. People think it's a meteor, but the Jeweller outside whose shop it conveniently landed realises it is a huge uncut diamond worth billions. He claims to collect meteors and takes it inside his shop. When Cap turns up he hears what happened to the stone. Cap goes out through the back door, but is told the man was tending his rock garden, not noticing the black paint he drops from behind his back behind a bush. Cap thinks the man in the street has given him 'a bum steer', but when he goes to notify the Police Van Hoek sees black paint on his suit, and tries to hold up the Shopkeeper, realising he painted the stone black. However the Shopkeeper says they can split on the deal, he will help him cut the diamond into small stones they can sell for a huge fortune. Van Hoek agrees to this, not noticing Cap flying up behind him. He hits their heads together, having noticed the black paint on his suit. Cap calls the Police and tries to take the diamond to America, but as he flies over the sea the wet paint makes it so slippery it slips out of his hands. He is able to catch it and the paint has washed off, though he feels he will be glad to turn it over to Vanderhoff.

He shows it to Vanderhoff who checks it, and then tells Cap to destroy the diamond. They do not want it cut into 10 million diamonds, as it would flood the diamond market with cheap small stones and ruin them all. Cap decides he knows what he is doing and hurls the diamond into space, with such speed the atmosphere sets fire to it and it flashes across the sky like a blazing comet, the most expensive firework the Earth ever saw.


A crooked Oil Baron whose crimes seemed to have been influenced by the Four Horsemen, the Horsemen of Fire (see above). Mary Marvel investigates an attempt to burn some oil wells, and hears where Verndt is from the hotel clerk, so goes to room 7 to question him and transforms to her civilian form so as not to cause trouble, but hears two men talking about her. They say the Oil wells dried up six months ago, but nobody knows it. They hope to claim $10,000,000 in fire insurance if Mary Marvel does not find out the fires are being fed by special chemicals. Mary is about to transform, but is hit on the head from behind with a cosh by another crook. She is bound hand and foot and gagged, and the criminals decide she knows too much to live. Verndt says it's time they replenished the oil wells with some more chemicals, and they sneak Mary down the emergency exit. They fly over the blazing oil fields in a plane and dump the chemicals, which create a special type of chemical fire that no known chemicals can extinguish. Verndt orders the men to throw Mary overboard. She tries to fight the two thugs off, but Verndt, who is piloting the plane, uses his gun butt to knock her out, she is then thrown out by another crook to face death by fire. However Captain Marvel rescues her, and the crooks are defeated, after which the Horsemen are beaten.[36]

Weeper II[edit]

A Bulletman foe, but in Mary Marvel #8 teamed up with Doctor Riddle, another Bulletman foe, and battled Mary Marvel and Bulletgirl before being jailed. He weeps over the sadness of his crimes, and tries to make others sad. He was part of King Kull's gang of villains that attacked the three worlds during the capture of the Elders, and attacked Earth-S with the Earth-Two Joker, transforming people into jewels while robbing jewels.

Whale Master[edit]

Only appearing in Marvel Family #46. Freddy Freeman reads that all whales have vanished and are thought to be extinct, as in the past week not one whale has been sighted. Freddy meets Cap'n Gregg, the Whaler and friend of his, whose whaling ship just came in. He claims he has been at sea for months, and no whales have been sighted. All Whalers are going bankrupt. Gregg says the vanishing started a year ago, with catches getting smaller month by month. Freddy thinks the Whales were not all caught and killed as there are not that many Whaleboats operating. He transforms into Captain Marvel Jr. and searches the seas for Whales, even searching underwater, but no Whales are found. However, in the Pacific he finds a Whale and thinks it is the last one on Earth. A whaling ship and its crew (what?) also spot the Whale, and Jr. says they are happy even if they only sack one Whale. He seems more concerned about the threat to the Whaling business then about the Whales themselves. However another Whaler then appears from a submarine and says the Whale is his. Jr. says the other ship sighted it first so they get him. But the Man calls himself the Whale Master and says all Whales are his. Jr. asks why he claims so, since when, and why does he call himself the Whale Master? The Whale Master tries to push him off, but Jr. socks him and asks for an explanation for his talk. However he recovers quickly and decides to harpoon the other ship before they can harpoon the Whale. It has a bomb attached to it but Jr. stops it. However the Whale Master then rams the ship, the harpoon being a diversion, and while Jr. repairs the ship he escapes. Gregg appears to be on the ship, but how did he get to the Pacific so fast? Jr. cannot see the Whale and wonders if it was harpooned and dragged away, but sees a big wake left by the Whale, so he decides to follow. He sees the Whale Master luring the Whale away with a school of artificial fish, as schools of small fish are a Whale's best food. Jr. wonders if the Whales have vanished in the past year due to the Whale Master luring them away alive. Hours later they reach a Pacific atoll, which the 'last Whale on Earth' is led into, revealing all the Whales on Earth are in there, lured by the Whale Master. How was he able to lure every single Whale on Earth there? Why did Jr. not spot this before? Jr. wants to know his plan, but does not see his Sub, so thinks the Whale Master has submerged due to seeing him. He decides to lure him up by transforming, then while on a Whale he attracts his attention. The Whale Master wants nobody to stay alive and know his secret, so moves his Sub towards Freddy. Technically what he is doing is not illegal, the only illegal thing he has done so far was against the Whaling ship. Freddy slides down the wrong way, hits his head on the deck, and knocks himself out. The Whale Master decides to tie him up and gag him, even though there is nobody else around. The Whale Master decides to brag to him about his achievement, by capturing all Whales on Earth he's cornered the Market on Whales. Already the price of Whale Oil has become high, and the Whale Master thinks ambergris, used in the perfume industry, will be worth its weight on gold. He will be the only one on Earth selling these. He throws Freddy into a hungry Whale's mouth, hoping it will grind him up into mincemeat. Freddy thinks though the Whale cannot swallow him whole he will be torn to shreds on its gigantic teeth. But he hooks his gag on a tooth, transforms, and knocks out the Whale Master from behind while he is looking for Jr. He knocks him onto a Whale spout, and while the Whale Master is on there he opens the gates. The Whales start swimming out, and Jr. tells the Whale Master the Whaling Industry will go on as before, and the only monopoly the Whale Master will get is a jail cell, all his very own.[37]

Woman of a 1000 Faces[edit]

Only appearing in Marvel Family #39. Mary after school works as a clerk in a store, a man tells her to watch out for shoplifters who have been operating recently. She sees a Woman stealing a fur and transforms. However the Woman fights and somehow gets away, then causes Mary Marvel to get her head stuck in a trumpet. Mary thinks she hid behind a post, but finds a little old lady who calls herself Dame Deeples. She leaves, but Mary sees a note saying Greetings from the Woman of a thousand faces. The Women changes again, walking past two Policeman describing her as tall, good clothes, society type. However Mary sees the Woman carrying a large pocket book the shoplifter had and follows her in case she's part of a gang. She goes into an apartment house, however there are dozens of rooms making Mary lose the trail. She goes through an open door where a sculptress is working, and asks if anybody here is a criminal, the women says they are all poor hard-working people, however Mary sees a stolen fur hanging from a drawer, but is delayed by the Woman throwing a bust at her. She goes outside and asks a woman which way the lady sculptor went. She is told she went round the corner, and seizes a woman. She tries to pull her wig off, but realises she made a mistake, and leaves as the angry woman says she'll have Mary arrested. The woman has meanwhile reached her room and decides to watch out for Mary, who decides to become Mary Batson in case the Woman is watching out. However, as she opens the door she activates a warning signal, and is knocked out by a statue head that drops onto her head. She is bound and gagged by the Lady who doesn't recognise her but thinks she might give her away and she has another job. The Woman disguises herself as Mary and says she'll play the greatest role of her career. She changes to Mary Marvel then leaves, saying she can hardly wait to pull the job. After she has left Mary thinks she'll hooks her gag on the arm of a statue, though the art makes it look like the statue's finger, and transforms. On the radio she hears the Acme Steel Company's Payroll Truck broke down at the city bank, but Mary Marvel has offered to fly the funds to the Bank. Meanwhile, the Woman has the funds and asks if the guard trusts her, and is told she's the person he trusts most in the whole World. She says she'll start flying round the corner, but encounters the real flying Mary Marvel, who flies her to the Steel Mill. A man is amazed to see two Mary Marvels. Mary then flies them both to a Police Station, where she asks the desk Officer to arrest the Woman for fraudulent impersonation and all her crimes. He asks which one is real, Mary says it is her and takes of the Woman's disguise revealing the Sculptress, who says she failed to win fame and fortune with her sculptures so turned to crime in bitterness. As a Policeman leads her to a cell, Mary says she'll have plenty of time in jail to perfect her sculpting technique and ponder her mistake of trying to win fame through crime.


1949, "Master Comics" #99. 300 years ago, Ebenezer Brewster captured a witch and put her to death, but not before she swore that her daughter would gain vengeance on his descendants. Sure enough, a young woman attempts to do so through her poisonous witch's brew. She is stopped by Captain Marvel Jr. but falls into a lake and apparently drowns.


A caveman Sivana took from the past. Sivana transports the Washington Capitol 100 million years into the past, hoping to ransom them for being proclaimed Rightful Ruler of the Universe. Captain Marvel, after hearing advice from Hercules, realises what Sivana has done and travels to the past using the Rock of Eternity. He thinks that the people inside the building will not survive the Ultra-Light speed travel and turns back to Billy Batson to look around. However while looking around he is seized by Yorgull, who holds his hand over Billy's mouth to prevent his speaking. However Billy bites the Caveman's finger, causing him to be released and enabling him to transform. He then forces Sivana to restore Yorgull to his proper time period and send the Washington Capitol back.

Zakka Jorl[edit]

Only appearing in Marvel Family #57. Leader of a bandit gang that is raiding the tiny island kingdom of Etan. In desperation, the king of Etan, Khan Lamma, sends a letter to the Marvel Family. Billy Batson opens all mail for the Marvel Family, and after reading it calls Mary and Freddy. They transform into the Marvel Family and fly to Etna, which they see is half fertile land and half mountains. They plan to inquire at a small native village, but find the bandits there are planning on looting the treasury. The Marvels easily defeat them, but Zakka fires an incendiary bullet at a thatched roof, catching it on fire. While working as a fire brigade using the well Zakka escapes into the mountains. The Marvels feel it will take too long trying to find him, so go to Khan Lamma and reveal their problem. Lamma says this is always a problem, half his land is flat, and half is mountainous. For years Zakka Jorl has raided his land and escaped into the mountains. Marvel finds they have looted another village and flies after them. A villager tells him the gang is heading for the Poison Sea, which Cap knows is between them and the mountains. However he cannot find them and realises they must have had a boat waiting, and due to the thick overhanging sea mist they escape to the foot of the mountains, Cap unable to see them. He sits on a rock and tries to think of a different way, and when Jr. and Mary Marvel find him he is laughing.

He asks Lamma if the Poison Sea is of any use, and is told its waters are poisonous and useless. Lamma would not mind if the mountains were gone, as only the bandits live there and his crowded people would have more room to live in. Cap then proposes they move the mountains into the Poison Sea. The Marvel Family first placed the biggest mountain into the sea, and Jr. says he will spread out the water and irrigate the surrounding desert sands. Chemical treatment can easily destroy the Poison and make the sand fertile according to him. The bandits are forced to flee deeper into the mountains, but soon the last mountain is uprooted. For some reason, the Marvels seemed more preoccupied with moving the last mountains then capturing the bandits who are in clear sight. Soon the whole of Etan is flat land.

Jr. finds a gold vein that will make the people wealthy. They go after the galloping horses, but find the bandits left their horses. They think the gold will soon attract the bandits and turn back to the Kids. They watch for the bandits on all sides, but attack comes from above, with the bandits leaping from the trees and knocking the Kids out. The moving of the mountains revealed hot underground springs, and Zakka orders his men to toss the Kids, who have been bound hand and foot and had their mouths gagged, in. If the heat does not kill them, they will drown, but Billy twists and removes his gag on a jagged rock, enabling him to transform. He removes the gags of the other two and flies them out of the waters, enabling them to transform. They catch the bandits, who did not get far carrying those heavy bags of gold, and take them to Khan Lamma's prison. Khan Lamama knows they do not accept gold or pay, so there is only one way he can show gratitude, by naming the new land Marvel Province.[38]


An imp from another dimension. In Shazam! #19 Zazzo invented a helmet with a rod on top, which stole Captain Marvel's lightning and gained his powers though with a reversed colours costume like the Reverse-Flash, taking the name Zazzo-Plus. He tricks Cap into turning back, then puts a muffle mask on him to stop him transforming. Billy, with the help of Freddy, turns Zazzo back, becomes Captain Marvel using the helmet, and spanks Zazoo, before Zazzo the Elder takes Zazzo the younger back to his own dimension.


Zotan was a brutal tyrant from One Million AD who was exiled to 1953. Using his technological expertise he took over the mountain Kingdom of Javania and then the world, using weapons that affected the mind. Zotan conquered various time periods, planning to eventually attack One Million AD again. However the Marvel Family created weapons which freed people from Zotan's control and captured him.[39]


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