List of Marvel Family enemies (A–G)

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Through his adventures, Fawcett Comics/DC Comics superhero Captain Marvel and his Marvel Family gained a host of enemies, including the following:


A Jekyll and Hyde-type who fought Captain Marvel Jr.[citation needed]

Adolf Hitler[edit]

Based on the Nazi Dictator Adolf Hitler. Führer of Nazi Germany, he was a member of the Monster Society of Evil. He ordered the creation of Captain Nazi, and caused many plots against America and its superheroes. Like his real-life counterpart, he probably committed suicide with his wife when the Allies were advancing to Berlin.

Amoeba Family[edit]

Only appearing in Marvel Family #27. Created by a scientist who thinks if everyone in the world was like him there would be no war. By studying amoebas he creates a serum that makes him split into two, and tells his duplicate to begin committing crimes. Captain Marvel captures him but he splits into two, Mary captures this duplicate, but the same thing happens, and the same with Jr. The captured duplicates multiply into 12 and break out of prison. Over the next few days hundreds of Amoeba family members are produced. The Marvels make an anti-fission formula and put an ad in the newspaper from Amoeba #56 to meet in the Grand Valley at noon, armed, to decide who should be leader. They argue and battle each other until finally only the original is left. The Marvels throw him into an anti-fission formula they created, stopping his splitting power, and then jail him.[1]


One of a trio of monsters summoned from the Netherworld in Marvel Family #21 which also includes a Satyr and Hydra. Argus has multiple eyes allowing it to see and dodge Captain Marvel Jr's blows, but he defeats it by using a pot of paint to blind him, and the monsters are then sent back to the Netherworld.[2]

Arson Fiend[edit]

George Tweedle was a fire insurance salesman who ingested a potion which transformed him into a demon-like larger being known as the Arson Fiend. The Fiend had the power to set anything he touched on fire and set fire to buildings that did not buy fire insurance. He also appears to possess superhuman strength and durability. He sends a note to Billy saying he will give him information about the Arson Fiend; when Billy gets to the area he invites him in, then knocks him out from behind with a club, ties him to a chair and gags him, then reveals himself, claiming to have discovered Billy's identity through unexplained means. He leaves him to die in a burning building, but Billy escapes when his gag slips off—enabling him to transform. After a battle on top of an oil tank, an explosion is caused and the burnt body of George Tweedle is later found by Billy. Originally a one-shot villain created for Captain Marvel Adventures #2 in 1941, the Arson Fiend was reintroduced in the 1990s Power of Shazam! series, where he gained the ability to shoot fireballs as well. Here he survives the explosion, but goes into a coma, and is given his powers back by Blaze, trying to take revenge on Ebenezar Batson, who wanted to turn off his life support machine.[3]

Attila the Hun[edit]

Based on the real Attila the Hun. One of the beings that give Ibac his powers, giving him Fierceness, and appears to him, summoned up by Lucifer. In Captain Marvel Adventures #20 is brought back to life by Doctor Sivana's reincarnation machine which gathers his atoms together and is shown to possess superhuman strength, breaking the necks of three tough men with a single blow. Cap defeats Attila with his far greater strength, then turns back to Billy to escape Beautia's affections. Sivana captures Billy by gagging him from behind, before tying him to a chair, and placing him in a cage. He also cages Beautia to prevent her interfering. He and Attila then attack the city. However Attila starts taking over from Sivana, he eats more food than ten men could, gives his horse Sivana's bed, and he even wants Beautia to marry him. Sivana frees Billy, who transforms into Captain Marvel and throws Attila back into the machine, where Sivana sends him back.[4]

Aunt Minerva[edit]

A criminal mastermind who looks like a sweet old lady, but has deadly accuracy with a gun and a desire to find a new husband after her first five died. She first appeared in Captain Marvel Adventures #59 where she tries to make Captain Marvel marry her, then Uncle Marvel.

Aunt Minerva in other media[edit]

Aunt Minerva appears in The Kid Super Power Hour with Shazam! episode "Uncle Dudley's Wedding Day."

Aunt Minerva appears in Legends of the Superheroes portrayed by Ruth Buzzi.

A character similar in appearance named Ms. Minerva appears in the Batman: The Brave and the Bold episode "The Power of Shazam," voiced by Laraine Newman. She is the owner of the orphanage that Billy Batson lived at.

Bart Bruto[edit]

Only appearing in Wow Comics #44. An escaped criminal who is seen by Lucy Lye, who mistakes him for a Witch, and kidnaps her. He captures Mary and Freckles when they go looking for Lucy. However Mary transforms and captures Bruto.


Created by Doctor Sivana to destroy Captain Marvel. Doctor Sivana creates a humanoid being with animal qualities, the strength of a gorilla, the speed of a snake, the fighting skill of a tiger, the cunning of a fox, the bravery of a lion, and the memory of an elephant. But the Beast-Ruler turns against Sivana, hating Man and wanting animals to rule. Captain Marvel is alerted to this and allows Sivana to get away while he goes after his creation. He receives news of animals attacking people and turns into Billy Batson to remain undetected in the long grass. However, he is captured by a polar bear which prevents him from speaking, and is knocked out by the Beast-Ruler. When Billy comes to he is in a cave with the Beast-Ruler who offers Billy the chance to become his spy. When Billy declines, he attacks but is foiled when Billy transforms. He uses a bomb to cause a cave-in while slipping through a small passage, but Marvel turns back and escapes. He meets animals who do not support the Beast-Ruler. With the help of those animals, he attacks the animal army and finally defeats Beast-Ruler by throwing him over a waterfall. Only appearing in Captain Marvel Adventures #3.[5]

Benito Mussolini[edit]

Based on Italian politician Benito Mussolini. He and the resources of Fascist Italy have assisted the Monster Society of Evil.

Ben Strang[edit]

A mean jock bully who subjects Billy and the other college freshmen to dangerous hazing rituals. Later reforms when Captain Marvel saves the fraternity boys from a runaway train, and helps Billy get a place on the football team so he can investigate a betting ring organised by the head coach.

Black Adam[edit]

An older Egyptian renegade protégé of the wizard Shazam, who was the first to be granted superpowers by the wizard. Adam eventually grew to abuse his power, and became a tyrant. Shazam returned to punish Adam with either exile to a distant Star (in the Fawcett comics) or death (in the modern DC Comics). He returns to Earth (or life) after Shazam appoints Captain Marvel his new successor, and was soon established as Captain Marvel's most powerful foe in physical abilities. Black Adam only appeared once in the Fawcett Comics era (in The Marvel Family #1, 1945) where he died after accidentally changing back, but was later reintroduced as a recurring villain in DC's Shazam! series of the 1970s. In later early-2000s DC Universe continuity, a reformed Adam joined the Justice Society of America, later quitting to stage a hostile takeover of his home country of Kahndaq. Black Adam was a featured character in DC's 2006-2007 52 comic book series, which followed his attempts to establish himself as a hero and create a "Marvel Family" of his own, which includes his super-powered wife Isis and her younger brother, Osiris. Isis and Osiris were murdered by a grand international conspiracy, sending Adam on a homicidal rampage which pitted him against the entire DC Universe and killed millions, chronicled in a 2007 miniseries entitled World War III. He later gives his powers to Mary Marvel (Mary Batson) after she loses hers, in an attempt to resurrect Isis, but it corrupts her during Countdown to Final Crisis. Isis is eventually brought back to life by Felix Faust, but she has become violent, and attempts to wipe out all life on Earth, meaning Black Adam gives up his power to bring Shazam back to life. He and Isis are then turned to stone by the wizard.

Black Alice[edit]

Black Alice is not a true Marvel Family villain, but she can manifest their abilities by siphoning the power of Shazam. Her true identity is high-school teenager Lori Zechlin who has the ability to draw on the magical powers of other mystical beings such as Doctor Fate, Zatanna and the magic-based powers of the Marvel Family.[citation needed]

Black Barnacle[edit]

An undersea fish-like pirate. When Georgia Sivana throws Mary into the sea, she is saved by mermaids and she meets Father Neptune, King of the seas. But she thinks it is a dream and she is in the last few seconds of life. When pirates riding giant lobsters, led by Black Barnacle, attack the palace, Mary captures them. She is given a Jewelled ornament to wear in her hair, but turns back due to underwater lightning, caused when clouds of warm water hit clouds of warm water. She wakes up due to two fishermen, who say they caught her in their nets. Thinking Father Neptune was a dream, she transforms and defeats Georgia Sivana. However she sees the ornament in her hair later that day and realises Neptune was not a dream.[6]

Black Beauty[edit]

The nefarious Black Beauty wrestled the underworld throne from gangster Bull Norton by murdering him in front of his men. She possessed incredible combat skills and called herself the World's cleverest woman. Out to prove her worth in a man's world, Beauty also took on Captain Marvel when he tried to stop her robberies and caused him undue embarrassment by playing on his chivalry, enabling her to escape. Captain Marvel defeated Black Beauty by convincing her that he had fallen in love with the femme fatale. Captain Marvel sprayed her with tear gas while hugging her and then rounded up Black Beauty's gang and turned her over to the authorities.

Black Jack[edit]

While Mary is staying with Freckles for the weekend, a telegram is sent for Miss F. Dudley from Higgs, Higgs, and Higgs Attorneys, saying she has inherited $1,000,000 from her Uncle Bart, being his favorite niece. Her father says it is odd, as Bart was always the black sheep of the family. Freckles calls the newspaper, though Mary says maybe she should wait until the letter comes through. Freckles next day gets the Grocer to send round a 100 baskets of food to her poor friends, and to charge it to her account, which he agrees to as he has read the news. Freckles then buys stuff for her parents, everybody is giving her credit as they have read the news. Mary becomes so overloaded she transforms, after which they go to get a refrigerating unit. Her parents think Freckles has not get anything for herself, but she shows a B-B Gun which she has wanted for months. She practices with it and even takes it to bed. That night, two criminals get into her bedroom through the window using a ladder, gag Freckles, the boss telling the other not to wake Mary, and take Freckles away. Next day Mary is worried as Freckles does not get up so early, and her parents think she is spending more money. A scruffy child gives them a note a man gave him, it is a ransom note demanding $10,000 or Freckles will ever come home again. It must be brought to the swamp, and the Police must not be told or else. Mrs Dudley is worried, as they have not yet got the money and she thinks her child will die. Mary transforms, and flies there, but hearing screams thinks Freckles is being tortured. She finds Freckles got loose and is using her B-B Gun against the crooks. One of them pulls a gun on her, but the masked boss tries to stop him. He still tries to fire his gun, but Mary stops him, and she takes both the crooks of, saying the Masked one could get leniency for trying to stop the other. He is revealed to be Bart, Mr Dudley's brother, who hearing of the inheritance decided to kidnap Freckles, hiring the other crook as a helper. Evidently he did not read the story properly, or he would have known she was supposed to have inherited it from him. He says he is still penniless, and a call from the Attorneys reveal the money was meant to be sent to another F. Dudley. Freckles thinks she ill have to give everything back, but a Policeman Freckles gives $1,000 for the capture of the other crook, revealed to be the notorious Black Jack. Wasn't it Mary who actually captured him? Freckles can pay for the stuff she brought, but by the end she is only richer by one penny, but Mary says she helped a lot of poor people, and that is worth more than all the gold in the world.

Black Magician[edit]

Only appearing in Marvel Family #2. After a poacher named Spike escapes from Mary Marvel after shooting a deer, he meets a magician, to whom he gives an idea that will make them a lot of money. They go to the Kid's picnic Mary is at and give all the children there animal heads, causing them to lose their memories. Mary is given an owl head and with all the others imprisoned in a hut. However, the spirits of the goddesses that give her power appear and show their names to her, causing her to accidentally transform, which makes her memory and normality return. She confronts the poacher and Black Magician, who are planning to exhibit the children in a freak show but have noticed her absence. The Magician tries to turn her into a swan and thinks he has succeeded, but Mary then appears and revealed she dived out of the way, and that it is a real swan that was struck by the spell. She then forces the Magician to restore the children, breaks his wand, meaning he will never regain his black magic powers, then gives the two crooks to the police, before thanking the six goddesses.[7]

Black Wizard[edit]

A wizard who used a magic dust that turned people into miniature statues. He turns a rich man's wife into a statue, and extorts money. His accomplices were a ruthless woman and a hunchbacked dwarf. He turned Freddy Freeman into a statue, but was defeated by Captain and Mary Marvel and the people was restored. This version only appeared in Marvel Family #51.[8]

Another version appeared in Marvel Family #70. While King Arthur is away at the Crusades the Black Wizard tries to take over the Kingdom, capturing Queen Guinevere, who has been left to manage the Kingdom. However, when Merlin brings Sterling Morris, a descendant of King Arthur, back to manage the Kingdom, the Marvels follow. They help Morris against the Black Wizard and bring Arthur's knights back, who defeat the Black Wizard.

Blaze and Satanus[edit]

Present only in modern-day Marvel Family stories, the demoness Blaze and her brother Satanus originally appeared in the Superman books in the early 1990s. They were later revealed in the Power of Shazam! series to be the illegitimate children of the Wizard Shazam, who was bewitched by their mother during his early superhero days in Biblical Canaan. Blaze has attempted to spread her evil influence throughout Fawcett City since the 1940s, requiring Shazam and his allies to work together to stop her. They are each rulers of parts of Hell. They each oppose the other and recently Blaze took control of Hell.

Bummy Bond[edit]

A former heavyweight boxer who has plastic surgery to look like Captain Marvel. At a theater with a show for Orphans from the Municipal Orphanage Billy finds from Beautia that Marvel has promised to appear. 'Marvel' appears, but kidnaps Katinka and the real Captain Marvel then appears and realizes the manager is Sivana who then escapes by slipping out of his coat. Captain Marvel is arrested for kidnap and finds out from an ambassador that Katinka is the princess of Mentonia. Marvel escapes and turns into, postmarked Toughtown. After he leaves 'Captain Marvel' appears and drives Beautia, making her suspicious as he takes 20 minutes to drive there while the real Captain Marvel could make it there much quicker. In Toughtown, under the pretense of putting on makeup, Beautia leaves the message 'Katinka' on the outside wall. Billy finds from the police another orphan, Maxim, is missing. In Toughtown Sivana reveals to Beautia this Marvel is really Bummy Bond and that they are going to ask for gold, jewels, and power over the people. Maxim then appears, revealing himself as Maxim the midget, who pretended to be a homeless boy as he found out about the scheme and wanted a share of the loot. Maxim says they must lie low and they need an outside man, so Sivana agrees to take him in. Maxim says they must fix Beautia also. Meanwhile, the real Captain Marvel makes the police follow, sees Katinka written, breaks down the door, and destroys Maxim's gun. When the police enter, Marvel proves who is real by beating up Bummy. The police arrest him and Sivana, but Maxim dives through a small hole in the floor. Marvel enlarges it, and when Maxim complains Marvel is larger than he is, he turns into Billy and defeats him. As Marvel he takes Maxim back, the gang is then jailed.[9]

Captain Death[edit]

The Captain of the ship 'Skull,' who with fake spiritualist Professor Skull plans to swindle families out of their money in 'one of the cruelest rackets ever devised.' Using a suction pump he drags people through the water while they are bathing, then imprisons them on the ship. Professor Skull uses his crystal ball, really a Television set turned to the yacht, to bring images of the 'drowned' people to their relatives, who pay him well. They plan to eventually kill their captives, as everybody thinks they are dead anyway the racket will get away with it. Captain Marvel captures the crew and Professor Skull and frees the captives.[10] In Whiz Comics #21 another Captain Death appears, who while having the same name does not resemble the original Captain Death. With Doctor Sivana, Nazi agent Herr-Geyer, and bandit "Biggy" Brix they try to kidnap Billy Batson, but instead capture his namesakes, Tall Billy, Fat Billy, and Hill Billy. Captain Death captures Tall Billy. They then lure Billy to the mill, where they gag and bind him, planning to finish all four Billy Batsons, wh oare tied to a log which is sent towards a buzzsaw. This leads to the formation of the Lieutenant Marvels when Billy removes his gag and all four yell Shazam so it can be heard over the buzzsaw, who crash the plane in which the villains try to escape. Although Sivana returns again, his accomplices are not seen again, presumably meaning they perished.[11]

Captain Nazi[edit]

Adolf Hitler's champion, created through science as the "perfect specimen" of a soldier, giving him superhuman strength and stamina. Obviously inspired by the events of World War II, Nazi continued to appear in classic-era Marvel Family stories until the 1980s. In the Power of Shazam! series of the 1990s, Nazi was brought back into action after having been in suspended animation for fifty years, and quickly became an enemy of the Marvel Family. Captain Nazi was responsible for crippling young Freddy Freeman in both Pre-crisis and Post-crisis continuity, leading to the character's eventual emergence as Captain Marvel Jr.

Captain Nippon[edit]

First appeared in Captain Marvel Jr. #2 (Dec. 18, 1942): Brutish Japanese equivalent of Captain Nazi. He was created by the Jamambux, sorcerers of the dark arts of medieval times, who answered directly to the emperor Hirohito. In his first appearance, Captain Nazi meets with Hirohito on a mission from Hitler to complain that the Japanese are not doing enough towards the downfall of America. Hirohito's answer is they are just completing the creation of Captain Nippon. Compounded of brute power, murder, hate, terror, lust and greed. Mind of a cunning spy, and strong enough to fight Captain Marvel Jr. toe to toe. His first act of strength, to prove to Hirohito and Captain Nazi of his power, was to snap a steel bar in his teeth. Usually goes about wearing a loose fitting soldier's uniform and carries a spiked club. Teamed up with Captain Nazi in his first appearance in Captain Marvel Jr. #2. When he lands a blow to Captain Marvel Jr. with this club he renders the superhero unconscious. Also in that first appearance uses a head of a "medusa look alike" to render Captain Marvel Jr. immobile. Escapes in a two-man sub in that first encounter with Captain Marvel Jr. Not to be confused with Captain Marvel's foe, Nippo, a member of Mr. Mind's Monster Society of Evil.

Chain Lightning[edit]

First appearing as a one-shot villain in World's Finest Comics #272 (1981), Chain Lightning is a metahuman who has the power to absorb and dispel electricity in the form of lightning bolts. As such, she can cause the Marvels to revert to their non-powered forms if she attacks them with enough of a charge. When re-introduced in the Power of Shazam! series in the 1990s, Chain Lightning was depicted as a teenage girl with multiple personality disorder, whose four personalities (her "actual" persona of Amy, the embittered Amber, her inner child, and her id) fuel her powers. Chain's Amy personality has an unrequited crush on Captain Marvel Jr., after he saved her (and "the others") from committing suicide.

Captain Sharker[edit]

Only appearing in Captain Marvel Adventures #111. Captain Sharker made struck by attacking a ship in the China Reef. His hideout was in the mysterious "Eighth Sea," having gotten lost there a thousand years ago.[12]


A strongman in a Circus which includes beasts Sivana has exported from Venus to make money, in six thousand-mile a second ships. He is claimed to be 'more gorilla than man,' though it is unknown whether he is from Earth or Venus. Falling in love with Lovelina the aerolist, who tells her to marry him or he will kill her, but she refuses. While performing a high-wire act, the wire breaks and she falls into a cage containing sabre-tooth tigers. Clarence bends the bars to save her, but is knocked over by a tiger, enabling the beasts to get out. However Billy Batson is at the performance, he summons Captain Marvel, who stops both the tigers. Furious at Lovelina showing affection to him, Clarence decides to release all the animals and kill everybody. However Captain Marvel defeats the animals, even the ferocious Gorillalion (a centaur-like cross between a lion and gorilla) that Sivana releases, by dropping it from a great height. He then imprisons all the animals in the tent, and possibly in his first time shown flying he goes out over the Ocean and inhumanely drops the tent in. He then goes back to get Sivana, but the evil scientist is already going back to Venus. It is unknown what happened to Clarence, who is not seen after he goes to release the beasts. Either he got away or was jailed off-panel. He may have been killed by the beasts though.

Clem and Dubner[edit]

Only appearing in Marvel Family #57. Two owners of a canned goods store which is not doing so well in the town of Biddletown, which is well known for its fine fresh food, so they break into the post office and put something on the stamps to make people who lick them lose their taste. Sterling Morris and Billy Batson go to the town, but find the food is no taste. Billy transforms and stops a riot in the restaurant, realising that the food is delicious, but the people have lost their sense of taste. It happens all over the town, and the Doctor's office is swamped by people who could not taste overseasoned food or the difference between salt and sugar. Clem and Dubner starts a rumour of a man dying from eating poisoned food. People then say five died, then ten died, and decide to buy canned food, causing a riot. Captain Marvel hears them say people died of food poisoning, and hears Clem and Dubner talk about their plan. He hits them, claiming they coated the stamps with a taste-bud paralyzer and started the rumour, to which they confess. He then starts a barbecue with antidotes in the sauce.[13]

The Colour King[edit]

Only appeared in Mary Marvel #3. The Colour King is a criminal who after studying in Tibet can project different coloured rays which affected emotions, for example green calms people. He is captured by Mary Marvel.[14]

Comet Men[edit]

Only appearing in Captain Marvel Adventures #81. A race of aliens from a comet. They observe Earth for 2 years, then decide to colonise it. They release Mister Atom from his cell, hoping to use him to help them take over by telling him he can take over, then destroy him. They tell him to destroy a city to demonstrate his power, but Captain Marvel saves Fawcett City. The Comet meanwhile burns up. The Leader comments on how it would be pointless to conquer Earth now, angering Mister Atom who wants to rule Earth. He and the Comet Man fight, causing the spaceship to blow up. Later it is revealed Mister Atom was actually sent to 2053 by the explosion.


Only appearing in Marvel Family #17. Crabbetson is the descendant of a witch called Margaret Crabbetson. When she burnt to death after being captured by Joseph Batson she said by seven the Seventh Generation will perish in flames. Crabbetson tries burning down buildings he owns for the insurance. He captures Billy and Mary, seventh generation descendants of Joseph Batson, and leaves them to be burnt to death in a building. However Captain Marvel Jr. saves them and Crabbetson is killed when he falls onto a thermite flask.

Crazy Captain[edit]

Only appearing in Marvel Family #87. He uses a robot octopus to steal boats and then sells them at low prices, still making a profit. He captures the Marvels in their normal forms and throws them into a piranha tank. However they free themselves and he is arrested.[15]


The Crocodile-Men (also called Punkusians) race of humanoid crocodiles from the planetoid Punkus who were members of the Monster Society of Evil.

  • Herkimer - A Crocodile-Man who is Mr. Mind's second-in-command. He appears in Shazam #2, but has reformed and is working at a carnival. He tells Captain Marvel the city where Mr. Mind is preparing his plan, allowing Captain Marvel to defeat and capture the worm.
  • Jorrk - The greatest scientist of the Crocodile-Men and one of Mr. Mind's three lieutenants alongside Dr. Smashi and Herr Phoul. Killed in the explosion of an ammunition dump.
  • Sylvester - A Crocodile-Man and one of Mr. Mind's preferred gunners.

There were many unnamed Crocodile-Men who just acted as henchmen for Mr. Mind. One of them was one of Mr. Mind's Monster Professors while others were Monster Students.

The Hiss-Men are similar in appearance to the Crocodile-Men, but are not related to them since they existed many years ago.

Crocodile-Men in other media[edit]

Herkimer appears in The Kid Super Power Hour with Shazam! episode "The Circus Plot". He is shown as an attraction at Colonel Beauregard Jason's circus where he performs with Bunzo the Clown. When Talky Tawny is sent out again after a previous bad singing event, Herkimer advises him to make the audience stop booing at him and shoves him into the ring.

An unnamed Crocodile-Man that might be Herkimer appears in the Batman: The Brave and the Bold episode "The Malicious Mister Mind." He appears as a member of the Monster Society of Evil.

Three Crocodile-Men appear in Shazam! performed by Steve Newburn, Ned Morill, and an uncredited David F. Sandberg.[16] They are behind one of the many doors at the Rock of Eternity.

Crusher Jordan[edit]

Only appearing in Wow Comics #24. John Green, Construction Engineer, calls about strange accidents while he is building a Government Building. Uncle goes to the Building and tries to save some workmen from a falling steel girder. However Mary has got his message and becomes Mary Marvel. She stops the girder. Green says this keeps happening. They ask a workman if he saw what happened. He tries to crack Mary's ribs with a riveting hammer, but it breaks. However he refuses to reveal who he was working for, then pushes Uncle of the Building, and while Mary saves him from the 500 ft fall he vanishes. The crook reports the Marvels to his boss Crusher, a former crooked constructer, who says Captain Marvel once sent him up the river for 2 yrs. But he wants the contract. They go to Shazam Inc., where Mary is closing up for the night. They seize her, take her to Crushers Office and bind her hands and gag her. Then the workman, at Crushers orders, ties a bomb to her. She is put on rollers on a wire and shoved off. The thin wire stretches to the Building, which is how the workman got across. Now they hope the bomb will crash into the building and wreck it. However Uncle sees this and decides to use his secret invention, a Collapsible Rocket Motor to help him fly. He flies to Mary and pulls off her gag, enabling her to transform. The lightning explodes the bomb, saving the Building. Mary then defeats the crooks, and Green recognizes his rival, who went to jail for crooked work once before. She then saves Uncle, whose rocket struck something making him go backwards. Mary saves him, and they collect the pay in war bonds.

Dana Dana[edit]

Only appearing in Shazam #7. A millionaire who owns a private zoo and makes his money by Jewel smuggling. Captain Marvel finds two jewel smugglers coming off a ship, and despite guns in their violin cases he is able to capture them. However, he is unable to find the Jewels, meaning they are simply held for shooting at Cap. Tawky Tawny talks to the tigers on the ship and decides to investigate. Cap finds a cheque signed by Dana Dana with the men, so goes off to investigate, but turns to Billy Batson as he cannot just go in without a warrant. Tawney removes his clothes and moves towards a cage, but a lasso is thrown round his neck by a Keeper and he is kicked into a cage. He cannot roar as his vocal cords have been paralyzed. Tawny looks into the bottom of the cages and finds the smuggled Jewels there. Dana is showing Billy his animals, though when Billy asks how he made his fortune, and says he heard he was a Jewel trader, Dana gets nervous. He asks Billy if he wants to see his private collection, but when Billy is in the shed he is knocked out. When he comes to he is gagged and tied up. Dana pours Catnip on him as he cannot finish him off in cold blood...but one of his tigers can. He releases Tawky, who cannot control himself, though Billy recognises him. He is able to hook his gag on a tooth and transform just before Tawky bites his head. Tawny then realises his voice is back. Dana shoots at them, but Cap blocks the bullets and hits him. Dana is then arrested with and the jewels as evidence, the Commissioner claims he and his confederates will be behind bars for a long time. Tawny feels naked so wants to get his clothes back, but Cap takes him to get better clothes, as earlier on in the story he wanted them, so he goes to MR JULIUS MOD TOGS FOR MAN AND BEAST and gets better clothes.[17]

Daniel Daggert[edit]

Only appearing in Marvel Family #57. Mrs Wagner is unable to decide between two department stores, Maxon's and Daggert's, but leaflets then fall down advertising Maxon's Department Store, that delivers in minutes. She call for a coffee pot, and is told to give her address and it will be there in 3 minutes and 27 seconds. At first Freddy thinks it has failed, and a package wit ha parachute appears outside the window, wit ha coffee pot inside. Freddy and Ma see a blimp floating outside and realizes this is how it works. Freddy says Daggert will lose a lot of business, wonder who will be the villain? However the blimp starts heading for a building, so Freddy becomes Captain Marvel Jr. and stops Maxon's Sky delivery service crashing. He finds Martin Maxon inside, and a pilot reveals while he was looking out of the window something changed the controls. Jr. thinks it sounds like Gremlins, and is taken on a tour round the blimp by Maxon. Maxon laughs at how much business he will take from his rival Daniel Daggert, which makes him sound rather mean, but suddenly there is a gas leak. Jr. sees it looks like someone made a cut with a knife, but holds it with his cape. Jr. has a plan and transforms, deciding to be inconspicuous and pretend he is just a worker. He finds a worker pulling sabotage, but knocks a crate over accidentally, and is knocked out by the man's fist. When he comes to he is tied up and gagged, and the Workers claims the blimp will burn up due to the Inflammable crate he set on fire. He can jump out by parachute, as can the rest of the crew, but the blimp will be gone. Fredd removes his gag on a bicycle handlebar, transforms, and hits the man, knocking his mask off, and revealing Daniel Daggert, who knew his store would lose out. Apparently he did not mean to kill anybody since parachutes were always handy, though Freddy would have been killed if he was left on the blimp, though he may have been seen by the crew. However Daniel is going to jail anyway. Later Mrs Wagner is still unable to decide between things, and has bought both a red and blue dress from Maxon, planning to return one later.[13]


Appearing twice, her first appearance in World’s Finest Comics #278 and finally in Adventure Comics #491, Dora Keane is empowered by Satan in order to battle Mary Marvel.

Doctor Allirog[edit]

Doctor Allirog is an intelligent gorilla that fought Captain Marvel in Special Edition Comics #1.

Doctor Allirog in other media[edit]

Doctor Allirog appears in The Kid Super Power Hour with Shazam! episode "Who's Who at the Zoo." It was mentioned that Doctor Allirog was trapped in a cave following his last battle with the Marvel Family. He got out and stowed away in a shipment of gorillas that were bound for the Fawcett City Zoo. Doctor Allirog is intent on making sure that animals are the more dominant species.

Doctor Riddle[edit]

A Bulletman foe but in Mary Marvel #8 he teamed up with the Weeper II, and battled Mary Marvel and Bulletgirl before being jailed. He is a hunchbacked criminal who leaves riddles as clues for his crimes. Riddle was apparently killed when Bulletman knocked him of a great height. He later appeared in Mary Marvel #8. Susan Kent (a.k.a. Bulletgirl) attends Mary Batson's high school graduation. While the two young heroines are walking a noose is thrown around Susan's neck from a second-story window. Susan is pulled into the window by her old enemy Doctor Riddle and his new ally, the Weeper II! Mary says her magic world, transforming into Mary Marvel, and saves Susan. Doctor Riddle leaves a riddle, luring them to an asylum where they are both captured and trapped in an airtight cell, however they are able to escape. Bulletgirl and Mary Marvel eventually apprehend the evil duo.

Doc Wunder[edit]

Only appearing in Captain Marvel Adventures #124. A circus comes into town, with claims of genuine historical heroes, which Billy thinks is fake. A wooly mammoth appears as well, but starts getting out of control, so Billy transforms and keeps it under control to get it to the circus. Doc Wunder claims he has a time travelling circus. He reveals a Time Ship, and says he will tour time. After leaving 1951, he will tour 1952, 1953, 1954 and so on into the far future. The 'historical' characters, such as Don Quixote are genuine, and Wunder claims it is the greatest circus of all time. Billy advertises for it, but then sees Don Quixote on his way home. Thinking a street car is a monster swallowing a fair maiden he tries to slay it with his lance, but Billy transforms and lifts him over. He hears the other historical characters have left, and is alerted to a sound which turns out to be Daniel Boone trying to shoot a lion, which Marvel informs him is made of stone. He finds a Native American chief chasing a thief to get his scalp, but his hair comes off as he is wearing a toupee. Cap stops the burglar with a single blow, then sees smoke ahead, and finds Oob the caveman cooking meat in the middle of the street. When Cap tries to stop him, Oob smashes his club over Cap's head, thinking he is trying to steal the meat, but Cap says he only wants to put the fire out, which he does, as he does not want it to spread. He tells Oog this is not One Million B.C, so he cannot build a fire in any place. When he tries to take Oob back, the caveman says they fled because Wunder is a cruel master who unwillingly dragged them from their own times and pays them nothing. Cap finds a wanted poster revealing Wunder is from the future and wanted for swindling, robbery and theft of time ship. This is odd as the mention of a time ship must have meant Wunder returned to his own period, or it took time for him to work the time ship and he took the poster with him. Cap says he will find Wunder, causing the historical figures' excitement as they like 1951 and want to stay. But Cap thinks it would be better to take them back to their own times, or they will drive everybody wild. Wunder tries to escape in the Time Ship, but the Mammoth knocks him away, Cap says 'Elephants never forget," in reference to the whipping. Later, Billy makes a broadcast saying Cap returned the visitors back to the past, and delivered Doc Wunder to the police in 2488.[18]

Dragon Men of Saturn[edit]

Only appearing in Captain Marvel Adventures #1. Billy receives a radio message from another planet about a race of Dragon men that have enslaved the humanoid population. Using a spaceship taken from an evil scientist (probably Sivana) he travels to Saturn, but the ship is hit by a weapon while over Saturn, so he uses his cape to parachute down. He finds a group of people who reveal a legend of a Thunder God who would one day free them from the Invaders, who are rumoured to come from another world. An old scientist Dharka reveals he sent the message to Earth. However a traitor, Ghoppo, tells of Cap's existence to the Dragon Men, who capture him with a paralysing ray. The Emperor sentences him to death, ordering the Executioner to split him in two, but the axe bounces off his body and strikes another Dragon Man, who is taken to the hospital. He is then sealed in concrete and when the ray wears off he is questioned by the Emperor. After hearing that not all men on Earth are like Cap, and that he is the mightiest of them, he decides to invade Earth. However, Cap turns to Billy Batson, enabling him to escape the concrete. Ghoppo sees him and alerts the Dragon Men, but after they return and find Captain Marvel still there as he had sneaked back, Ghoppo is executed. Captain Marvel then leads a rebellion and when a Dragon Man throws a bomb at him he throws it back, killing numerous Dragon Men. The Dragon Men are wiped out, but before returning he says Dharka should be leader.[19]


Only appearing in World’s Finest Comics #255, Dreamdancer was a woman whose dance could entrance men. She brought Captain Marvel and Bulletman under her hypnotic sway in this way.

Dr. Aloysius Lake[edit]

First Captain Marvel non-Sivana foe and only appearing in Whiz Comics #5. After five years of work, Dr. Aloysius Lake creates a machine with which he plans to take over the country. Billy Batson's investigation in Washington of $250,000,000 worth of jewels being stolen across the country leads him to a modern Fagin robbery ring when he follows a hypnotized looking boy, where he is briefly hypnotized by a strange machine before two thieves break him out of his trance when they attempt to rob the same jewelry store Billy has been ordered to rob. Captain Marvel then hypnotizes the rings leader after his magic lightning gets the boys out of their trances, and finds out Doctor Aloysius Lake is the leader and has rings in San Francisco, New York, and Chicago. He breaks up the New York, then Chicago ring, before finding out Lake is the leader of the San Francisco Ring. Under the pretense of joining the gang, Billy confronts the Doctor, summons Captain Marvel, then arrests the Doctor.[20]

Dr. Dwarf[edit]

Only appearing in Wow Comics #23. A short villain of high malevolence. Through unexplained means he captures Mary Batson, hoping to kill her as he thinks she is a friend of Mary Marvel. He ties her to a log in a saw-mill and gags her, then activates the engines. However just before she is killed Mary is taken to 2999 by some kids who were trying to summon Mary Marvel. They hope to revolt against the system there, where they are quickly educated by robots. Mary is given the pills that give knowledge and are now used for lessons. She transforms again to try stopping the revolt, but as Mary Marvel she feels sick and weak. She already possesses the knowledge the pills gave her so she has 'mental indigestion'. She is then captured by Dr. Dwarf, who was also sent to the Future. He takes her to a cellar where he has an Assembly of Robots planning to take over the Earth. They are clearly based on the Nazis here, giving the salute and saying 'Hail Der Dwarf.' Mary is then thrown into a Furnace where she is subjected to the heat of 1,974,230,469.989 Fahrenheit. However, when she can't last much longer the indigestion is baked out of her. She makes them think she is joining in with their revolt, and together they defeat the Robot revolt. Mary is then sent back to the Saw-Mill of the 20th Century. Dr. Dwarf is mistaken for a child in 2999 and in school, where the teacher thinks he is telling fibs when he says he is a crook of the 20th Century.

Dr. Roy Durgan[edit]

A scientist who after 20 years work perfects a three-dimensional camera. Only appearing in Whiz Comics #9. It transforms a man's body into a three-dimensional negative in a gelatine-like substance, which when washed in a developing solution dissolves, leaving a miniaturized human. It can make a six-foot man six inches tall. After the Elban Crown Jewels, worth $50,000,000 disappear, Billy investigates and sees lines in the dust. Finding Dr. Durgan has bought a miniature airplane, Billy visits him, but is told to stay out by Durgan. Seeing a toy autogyro, he turns into Captain Marvel, who seizes it. Turning back into Billy Batson, he sees a tiny man inside who has stolen a gold watch. However, he is then captured by Dr. Durgan, who uses his hand to stop Billy speaking. Billy is then bound to a chair and gagged. Durgan demonstrates the process on his chauffeur Pete, then tells him to steal $10,000,000 of Elban bonds from the city bank. He then prepares to shrink Billy, then let a snake kill him. However, the first tiny man frees Billy. His hands freed, Billy rips the gag from his mouth and transforms. He then stops Durgan using his camera. However Durgan won't says how to restore people. Cap ties him to a chair in front of the camera. He shrinks Durgan down. The first tiny man fights Durgan, who reveals where an enlarger is, which Captain Marvel uses to enlarge the first man, who reveals himself as Elban citizen, Derek Morgan. Capt removes the jewels from a safe, then goes to the bank to find it has been robbed. He goes back, but finds a bound and gagged Derek, who when freed reveals Durgan and Pete enlarged themselves and the autogyro and are heading for the Mexican border. Captain Marvel makes their plane crash and captures them, returning their loot and sending the two to jail.[21]

Dr Roy Ralston[edit]

Only appearing in Marvel Family #87. Many years ago a Pharaoh is buried in a pyramid. Pa Potter later clears it out, thinking it is a dusty antique. Later, while cleaning, Mary says they should open it. Inside they find a muumy with a shrunken head. Pa reads the hieroglyphics and says the man was stricken by the Pinhead Plague, which caused the heads of living people to shrink. Mary thinks it must have died out, and Billy shuts the sarcophagus again. Pa's head starts shrinking down however, and the doctor says there is no modern remedy for it. He claims the patient, dying by inches, feels no pain and is a delirium of joy. The unknown germs are from 3000 B.C. Freddy is told, and claims in the newspaper he found out about Dr. Roy Ralston, who was deported last year, is doing medical research in Cambodia, near Anckor Watt. He is the only living expert on ancient diseases. The Marvel Family transform, but Ralston was deported and has no passport to re-enter, so he cannot be brought to America. Potter cannot be moved from his bed or house, one jar could be fatal, so the house is taken. They see Ralston being gored by a water buffalo and chase him away, but find Roy has no pulse and is apparently dead.

However Cap says hearts have been started up by electric shock. The lightning is used, and Freddy gives Roy artificial respiration. They tell him about Pa Potter and he begins work, examining the mummy. However a man of Asian appearance with two other thugs comes along just when Ralston has made plaguecillin, and tells Ralston to sell his discovery. Ralston tells Ivan Ching to go away, but he offers $50,000. He reminds him he was deported for trying new experiments on human who dies, so he owes America revenge. The youngsters hear the talk, and Billy says Ivan Ching is a notorious red agent. But the Doctor refuses, and when Ching says to his thugs they must use 'Persuasion,' the Marvel Family is summoned, and chases the agents away. Ralston says they went the Germs and Cure for bacteriological warfare, they could drop pinhead plague germs on America and millions would suffer, they could first inoculate their own people to safety. Ralston says he will purify the cure first, but that night a stone tower collapses, which could destroy all the ruins, crushing Pa and the Doctor. Mary and Jr. bring a Hindu idol which supports the tower, not thinking of merely pushing the tower away. They then find Ralston, and the Sarcophagus gone, and signs of a struggle, and realize the tower was a decoy by Ching, who is taking the plague, cure, and Doctor away on an elephant. Jr. says it is too dark to follow any trail, even an elephants. But Cap uses an Indian trick of sound carrying through ground. Jr. stops the elephant, Mary takes the Doctor and sarcophagus, and Marvel knocks the spies over. Ralston then administers the cure at dawn. But Pa has trauma reaction shock and needs a blood transfusion, so the kids transform, and it is revealed that Freddy has the wrong blood type. But the kids are then struck from behind with a plank of wood, and when they come to they are bound hand and foot, mouths gagged. They are on a giant stone drum ringed with spikes, with a huge stone idol holding a hammer above it. A voice says in ancient days they made sacrifices to this idol. A lever makes the arm and hammer swing down, to crush the victims like bugs. Billy thinks Ching is behind it as the hammer comes slowly, but steadily.

But Freddy uses his crutch to stand up, and making up for not giving blood to Pa, removes his gag on a spike and becomes Captain Marvel Jr. He then smashes the hammer, and frees the other two, who also transform. They find a scrawled message saying 'SPIES GOT ME, THIS WAY' under which is an arrow pointing to the right. The Marvels find the hide-out, with pictures of Mao Tse-Tung and Malenkov on it, but the spies surrender, and reveal they gave up trying to get Dr. Ralston. Pa is recovering, but the sarcophagus, plague, and Doctor are gone. Billy says he has a hunch they will find the thief in the ruins, but a trapdoor opens, plunging them towards a fire god idol's jaws, which connect to an underground pool of molten lava. The Marvels transform before they enter the jaws. The villain pushes a minaret towards the house, but it falls apart as it is hit. However Mary moved Ma and Pa Potter from the house, he can be moved safely since he got the serum. They find Ralston, and it is revealed he was behind it like Billy figured. He cured Pa as he knew Plaguecillin would be important, and turned down the money knowing he could get a million dollars easily from red agents. Mary says they should never have trusted anybody deported from America, and they throw the plague into the fire idol, and leave the bound Ralston for the authorities. They take the Potters back, but a doctor says it will take at least a year for Pa's shrunken head to return to normal size, so Billy and Mary leave, and move into Freddy's boarding house, owned by Landlady Mrs Wagner.[15]

Dr. Torpe Imposter[edit]

Only appearing in Captain Marvel Adventures #145. Professor Edgewise's Kiss-Of-Fire gun is being tested but instead aims at Billy and the Professor. Billy summons Captain Marvel who stops the blast. Because of this the army will not let Edgewise's Atomic Jet plane be tested as test pilots are not allowed, so Captain Marvel takes the position. However it crashes at 2000 mph, and Captain Marvel reveals someone deliberately sawed through several bolts. As Professor Edgewise was the only person working on it he is arrested as a spy. Cap tries to get him released, but is told by the General all the other men on the project have had their records checked and nothing suspicious was found. He invented a new detonator for H-Bombs, but after what happened to his other inventions nobody can be asked to test it. To prove Edgewise's innocence Cap volunteers. On a deserted island he arms the explosive to go off in ten minutes, but it goes off in a few seconds, shaking the whole island. Cap survives, though his uniform will need repairing. The technicians think this proves he is a spy, but Cap thinks it proves a saboteur is at work. Knowing a new Space Station of Edgewise will soon be tested, Cap tells the men to go ahead, as he has a plan to reveal the identity of the saboteur. The Professor is paroled in Cap's custody, and calls Edgewise's colleagues. Though there is no suspicion cast on them, he knows one of them is a spy. Dr. Torpe says he will not be accused of treason and says he will leave, though Cap says this is the only way to clear Edgewise's name, the others agree with him. But Cap takes the whole building to the Space Station and forces all the occupants on the Station which will soon become a satellite of Earth. Though Torpe says it is illegal to force them to go with him, Cap says he is getting off. But he becomes Billy Batson, thinking the real Traitor would not reveal himself if he thought Captain Marvel was around and sure to save him, and claims he was on the Space Station to do a broadcast when it started to ascend. Saying they are nearly 200,000 feet high, Dr Torpe says he planned for the Anti-Gravity spheres to come loose. Billy suspected him ((Sarcastic) What a surprise!), and knew the fear of his own death would make the saboteur tell the truth. He transforms as the spheres break and repairs them. While the others continue with the experimental flight he takes Torpe to the FBI. He confesses he took the place of the real Torpe to sabotage Edgewise's inventions. Edgewise has mislied his speech for this occasion, causing Cap to think that although he is as absent-minded as ever, 'there's no denying that he is a genius.'[22]

Doctor Sivana[edit]

Captain Marvel's very first and primary foe. Thaddeus Bodog Sivana, a bald, diminutive mad scientist, often attempts to take over the world or destroy the Marvels using his inventions. In Pre-Crisis continuity he was originally dismissed from the scientific community, as his inventions were called fakes, so he travelled to Venus. Sivana's teenage children Georgia Sivana and Thaddeus Bodog Sivana, Jr. often joined their father in his evil schemes; the three of them are collectively known as the Sivana Family. In addition, there are two other children of Sivana, Magnificus Sivana and Beautia Sivana, who are staunch friends of the Marvel Family. In current DC Universe continuity, Sivana was a mega-corporation head who was eventually ruined because of his early battles against Captain Marvel and implications in the deaths of Billy Batson's parents. Currently, he operates underground and heads the Fearsome Five, a team of supervillains, who have fought both the Teen Titans and the Outsiders.

Doctor X, Y and Z[edit]

Only appearing in Marvel Family #58. The Marvels are summoned to the Rock of Eternity by Shazam. Shazam on his Chronoscope shows a danger to civilisation. Leonardo da Vinci, who is called the greatest genius of all past ages, is shown in 1500 being attacked by a hooded figure who Shazam says they shall call Doctor X. He then shows the greatest scientist of 3000 AD, Master Zane, being attacked by Doctor Y, who has a Y on his hood. Then in 1951 Professor Bockberg the Mathematician is shown being attacked by Doctor Z. Shazam says these three men are the Greatest Geniuses of Human History, of the Past, Present, and Future. Doctor X, Y, and Z are planning to steal their minds. Shazam says he cannot tell any more, but they will conquer all civilisation for all time if they succeed. Jr. goes to the Past, Mary to Future, and Captain Marvel to Present. Jr thinks he is attracting too much attention so becomes Freddy again. He cleans up Da Vinci's studio while the genius works on a submarine. But Doctor X, with an X on his head, comes up through the floor using a trapdoor and knocks Freddy out. When he comes to he and Da Vinci are both tied to chairs and gagged. X has connected a device to the brain of Da Vinci which will record the convulations of Da Vinci's brain onto the mechanical brain. With the minds of the Geniuses he plans to make weapons to crush civilisation. When he finishes he throws a knife at Da Vinci but Freddy strains up out of his chair and cuts his gag off, allowing him to transform. He saves Da Vinci stopping the knife with hs hand. X escapes in a Rocket shp which is a Time ship, but Jr. holds it and is dragged through time. In 1951 the rockets are turned on knocking Jr. off, but it moves towards a cave, which Jr. follows it to. In 3000 Mary Marvel is sent out of Zane's lab as he is busy. She pretends to be his daughter Kitty as he is near-sighted. He completes invention 6,787, and she says he is the Thomas Edison of the Future. However Y then swings down and knocks her out. When Mary comes to she is tied on a chair and gagged, while Zane is strapped to a chair and the metal brain has taken his knowledge. Y sets the place on fire, but Mary sticks her face in the flames so her gag burns of and she transforms. She takes Zane out, then chases Y through time by hanging onto his ship. Again she follows him into a cave. Cap watches Bockberg for hours but distracts him so turns to Billy, saying he wants to hear about his new formula. Bockberg says his formula controls thought and they can build thought broadcasters someday like radio stations, but Billy is knocked out from behind by Z's gun-blow to the head. He and Bockberg are tied to chairs and Billy is gagged. Before Bockberg can be shot after Z has the recording of his brain, Billy gets his gag off by hooking it on the gun, transforms, stops the bullets, then unties Bockberg and chases Z to the cave, where he meets the other two Marvels. They fly in and Cap defeats Z, but they can't find the other two. Cap realises X, Y, and Z were the same guy. In answer to Mary asking how they could be fought at the same time, Cap points out they fought him in different times. Shazam says only the Marvel Family could have stopped the attack and Cap smashes the metal brain. Presumably the villain goes to jail.

Doc Younger[edit]

Only appearing in Mary Marvel #16. Doc Younger is released from prison after 40 years, 35 when arrested, 75 now. However, in the pharmacy he worked out how to make a serum that would make him young again. He gets to a hospital to steal the last ingredient Hormone-G. However Mary is working due to a shortage of work and seeing him, transforms and stops him. He pretends to have a heart-stroke and while Mary Marvel gets a Doctor he escapes with Hormone-G. He then makes the pills and takes one, taking 25 years off and making him 50. He thinks of selling them, but wants revenge first. On a bus he holds up Mary, but she transforms and takes him to the Police. But on the way he takes another pill, making him 35. At the station Mary sees a different man, not noticing he is wearing exactly the same clothes. Mary thinks she must have accidentally let go of his arm and grabbed someone elses. Doc Younger reads Alicia De Haven, the richest young debutante in the country wins high honours at May Flowers school, and decides to kidnap her. Next day he hides on campus and places a hood over her hood while she is walking with Mary and not at all guarded. Mary transforms and removes the hood, but the crook takes another pill and becomes 20, which nobody else notices despite all the students walking past him. He tells Mary he saw the Kidnapper run away, she does not notice he is wearing the same clothes. He decides to get Mary who has called Mary Marvel three times. He offers to carry her bags, then at a secluded spot near his car he hits her with her bookbag, knocking her out. When she comes to she is securely tied to a chair and gagged. He reveals who he is and about his youth pills. He decides to feed her one which will turn her into helpless little baby and removes her gag to give her one, enabling her to transform to Mary Marvel, who is not affected by the pill. He then decides to take his last two pills as a baby cannot be convicted. However he turns into a man of 90, as to many damaged the tissues. He is then taken back to prison for another 20 years.[23]

Dr Smashi, Dr. Hashi, and Dr. Peeyu[edit]

Three evil stereotypical Japanese scientists during the war and members of the Monster Society of Evil, who are all fanged. They claim to also be members of the Black Dragon Society of Murder, the Tokyo Torture Temple, and the Jap Jab-in-the-Back Club.

  • Dr. Smashi - A short Japanese scientist and one of Mr. Mind's three lieutenants alongside Jorrk and Herr Phoul. Killed when Captain Marvel destroys Mr. Mind's super-large cannon Great Big Bertha, which was intended to blow holes in America and Russia.
  • Dr. Hashi - A spiky-haired Japanese scientist.
  • Dr. Peeyu - A tall Japanese scientist.

With Mister Mind they try to lift the Great Wall of China using electrical forces, which will help the Japanese Invasion. Billy Batson finds them, but Mr Mind tells them what to do. They seize Billy, preventing him from speaking, then tie him up and gag him. At Mister Minds orders they attach him to the wires. They plan for the electrical force they are using on the Wall to kill Billy. Billy is electrocuted, but his gag is burnt off, and a second before he would be turned into a cinder he transforms. He then destroys the electrical device. While he is reporting to Station Whiz though, he does not notice Mister Mind, who quickly spins silk round his mouth to gag him, then spins round his whole body to create a cocoon. However Billy escapes in the next issue when Chinese children playing on the wall find him and free his mouth, enabling him to transform. He finds Smashi in Australia trying to stop the air force with a web-like substance. They escape to the Planetoid Punkus when Cap foils this.

As this was wartime, there were a lot of negative portrayals of other nationalities. However these portrayals have now been called racist.

Ebenezer Batson[edit]

The real life uncle of Billy Batson. When rich he threw the poor boy out to get his trust fund, as Shazam shows Billy in Whiz Comics #2. Eventually, he fell on hard times and he visited Billy at the radio station, hoping to get money from him, erroneously thinking that Billy must be rich being a famous boy broadcaster. Failing that, he gets the idea that as Billy's real uncle, he'd expose Uncle Dudley as a fraud and gain control over all the money that Shazam, Inc brings in. And, failing in that but succeeding in getting a job as a clerk for Shazam, Inc, he contrives a fake emergency at sea (that turns out to be real) to get Captain Marvel and Dudley out of the office while he robs the company safe (attributing it to a gang of thieves) and from there he searches Billy's apartment for his "riches". However, Dudley had stumbled on to his lies and plans and alerts Billy who summons Captain Marvel who retrieves the money and kicks Uncle Ebenezer out to never return, preferring his fraud uncle to his real one. In Post-Crisis, Ebenezar Batson only steals Billy's trust fund. However, he inures the enmity of the Arson Fiend.

Edward Smith[edit]

Only appearing in Whiz Comics #13. Billy is alerted when the Gnatzi Consul warns a U.S rescue ship of refugees may be sunk. Billy goes to Europe to stop this and on the way he prevents ann enemy plane destroying the aeroplane he is on. He finds out Edward Smith is in charge of the refugees and has over 200 of them in the building, he claims it is bomb-proof, but leaves for a meeting during an air raid. A bomb sets the building on fire, but Captain Marvel uses a barrage balloon filled with water to put out the fire and takes the Nazi propeller to suck the poison gas fumes out. He is suspicious of Mr. Edward Smith leaving and gets onto the ship the refugees are on. Billy hides and sees Smith use a flashlight message at night to contact a boat which takes him from the ship. A submarine then fires a torpedo at the ship, but Captain Marvel sends it back toward the submarine, destroying it. All the submarine's crew is rescued and Billy then reveals Smith is Nazi agent Doktor Hans Krauss who planned to kill the refugees. Five days later the ship reaches New York with the Nazis prisoners.[24]

Egbert Clayton[edit]

Cousin to the Clayton Family, heir to a large fortune after Mr Clayton's Uncle dies. After the father, mother, and son disappear, the family Lawyer asks Billy to get the Marvel Family to find them. Their cousin Egbert tells Cap they just ran away a few months ago. They find they bought a small launch and went to a small island, where they are living in a cave as hermits. They were driven there by a letter from some 'Killers,' as a few years ago, Mr Clayton was witness in a murder trial, giving the Killer the electric chair, and this letter seems to be from his friends. When eh went to the police, gunshots drove him away. The Marvel Family then bring the Clayton's inheritance to the island, including a castle, but the Killers have apparently followed the Marvels and shoot at the Claytons, then push a stone block from the Castle towards them, but Cap stops both attempts. He leaves the safe open, and when the criminals try to steal the money, Mary and Jr. drop a turret onto them. Their leader tries to escape in his launch which he arrived in, but Cap has been waiting for him and unmasks him, revealing him to be Cousin Egbert, who wanted to kill the Claytons to steal their fortune, and hired thugs so he could pretend it was Killers who wanted revenge. The Claytons say they want to continue living on the Island with the property the Marvels brought there, but Egbert becomes a hermit in a jail cell.

Everett Skink[edit]

Homer Drizzle is a life insurance salesman who is not doing very well. He is told by his boss Mr Jones that he has one last chance, if he can sell life insurance to Captain Marvel he will be made new sales manager. Skink, another employee, is upset as he thought he was going to get that job, so he complains, then when Jones says not even he can sell it to Cap, Skink goes of to try. Billy has finished his broadcast, and when Susy tells him about Homer Drizzle he thinks it is about the petition for beautifying the city zoo, which he promised to sign. He asks for the pen, but when Drizzle says he wanted Captain Marvel, he transforms and signs. Drizzle tries to explain, but thinking it would take too long because he is stuttering, Cap claims Billy Batson explained everything. Skink meets Drizzle, and decides to stop him, so takes him of for 'a celebration.' Meanwhile, a Woman with the real zoo petition has turned up, so Cap goes to find Drizzle. Skink has told the barman who wants the papers intact but he does not care what happens to Homer Drizzle. Skink tells Drizzle there is someone in the back room who'd like to meet Homer, and tells him he can sell him life insurance. When Homer asks 'Wh-Who is he?' he is told 'You'll find out!' Cap hears him being attacked, so leaps into the dark room and defeats the two thugs, though he recognizes Drizzle because of his stutter. Cap asks for the paper, not realizing one of the thugs is crawling away with it. When Drizzle tells him it is life insurance he does not believe him, and when Drizzle tries to find it, he cannot. Skink thinks Drizzle was knocked unconscious, but meets the thug who gives him the papers, and when asked what happened he falls over. Drizzle says Skink could have taken the policy back to the Office for him, and directs Marvel, who flies with him, back to the Office. Jones is amazed, and is told by Skink nobody can resist a sales talk from him. He says Drizzle got tossed out before him, and claims he told Cap he was getting older and weaker every day, not realizing Cap has flown in the window and is behind him. When he sees Cap behind him he faints. Homer hopes Skink is insured, but Cap says he never bought any life insurance from him and never intended to buy any insurance. Homer is leaving, but Cap says Homer Drizzle persuaded him he was wrong, and he will take the policy. Jones then makes Drizzle sales manager. Billy says Cap believes everybody should safeguard their future.[25]

Evil Eye[edit]

A member of the Monster Society of Evil. A one-eyed humanoid monster with the ability to hypnotize. When Mr Mind tries to write a book about himself, Mind Kampf, to convince people he should be their leader, Billy Batson meets a thug who is selling parts of it, and says he would like to come along to the printers. The thug says Mr Mind recently killed one of the staff in a fit of anger so Billy can take his position. When Billy gets there Mr Mind recognizes him and orders Evil Eye to hypnotize him. Billy then obeys orders to advertise the book over the radio, say Captain Marvel is bad, and compliment Mr Mind. Evil Eye is ordered to tell Billy to get to work but snaps his fingers at him, thereby releasing him from hypnosis. He summons Captain Marvel, who is apparently hypnotized as well. Mr Mind puts him to work printing new copies, but finds out too late that Cap was not hypnotized and what he wrote is criticizing Mr Mind.[26]

Ezekial Cobb[edit]

An inventor who invents a Fight Ray, which when directed on two people or two groups makes them start fighting. Cap stops two men fighting in the streets; they say they were perfect strangers and cannot remember why they were fighting. Cobb reveals himself, but Cap does not believe him, and thinks it is merely a hot day. Cobb decides to prove it, and after finding most of the police are in the W Side on a clean-up who targets the Sky and Everest Building in the East Side. An Office Boy fires a paper clip at the Everest Building, causing something to be fired back. This continues until a small war is on between the buildings. Billy wants to interview a man at the Sky Building, but finds stuff being thrown from the Everest Building. He flies in there and asks why they are throwing stuff at the Sky Building, to which he is told 'Because they're throwing stuff at us.' Captain Marvel realises this is a war between buildings and wonders how it started. Cobb sends a note to the Mayor saying he started the fight and will make the entire city fight unless he is paid $1,000,000 from the city treasury. Cap remembers Cobb and flies to a building where twin rays are coming from. He knocks out Cobb and smashes the machine, stopping the fighting. Cobb is jailed and in each building a collection is taken up to pay for the damage to the other building. The next day the two buildings have a grand picnic together.

Fake Flower Delivery Men[edit]

Only appearing in Mary Marvel #26. Mary hears there have been robberies around apartments, which the detectives are unsure about. She crashes into someone with an empty flower box and follows him. She follows him. He passes someone who calls him Shuffles, he calls them Sneezer. Mary asks for flowers, and they sell her some. She later follows Shuffle and asks the doorman where he went to. She flies into Mrs Sykes apartment and finds the delivery man robbing the place, while Mrs Sykes is tied to a chair and gagged. She defeats the thief and frees the woman. The thieves disguised themselves as flower delivery men to enter apartments. She thought the people weren't real flower-sellers as they sold her the wrong flowers.

Fake Martians[edit]

There is an apparent spaceship landing which Billy Batson investigates. Apparent Martians emerge and threaten to take over the world. Billy goes back to his hotel and is met by his sister Mary, who heard the news. Sivana then comes in, the two transform, but he says he wants to help them against the Martian. Mary flies him to his lab for a weapon he claims he has invented to fight the Martians. He says he needs lightning to power the weapon so Mary turns back. However Sivana then gags her from behind, binds her hand and foot, and reveals the machine is a fake, kicking it apart. Captain Marvel is told by the Martians they have captured Sivana and Mary. They attack the town in Tripods and use heat rays but Cap stops them. In the spaceship he is shown on a television Mary Marvel, who is chained to a spaceship wall and gagged. She is apparently disintegrated by the Martians weaponry. He is told this shows the Martians could kill him and ordered by the Leader to take a message to his Leaders telling them to surrender. However heb bravely attacks them instead and finds their weapons can't destroy him. Cap battles the Martians, and smashes their costumes, revealing human thugs. He finds Mary alive inside the ship. He ungags her and she reveals she is Mary Batson. Sivana forced her to dress up as Mary Marvel, and smoke was used to make it look like she was disintegrated. The Martian Leader is revealed to be Sivana.

Fake Santas[edit]

Only appearing in Wow Comics #9, Mary Marvel's first appearance in Wow Comics. Mary Batson invites Orphan children to her home for Christmas. She and her adoptive mother go to buy presents for the children. At a large Toy Shop a clerk acts strangely, saying he wants to hide a Toy Band so nobody buys it. When Mrs Bromfield asks if they have a Toy Band he says they are out of them, but they are wound up and march out. The clerk says they are not worth her money and not for sale. When she insists on buying them the Clerk takes out a bat, threatening to hit her. Mary wants to get help, then remembers to transform. She says the clerk should sell it, and when he hits her the bat breaks on her head. She throws him away then transforms. The Manager lets them buy the Band and discharges the Clerk, who tells a group of crooks who bought them, one says he was supposed to buy them like a customer. At the Bromfield House on Christmas Eve the orphans play then go to bed. Mary stays up to read, reading The Night before Christmas. Then a 'Santa' comes down the chimney and starts taking presents. Three more come down and take the Toy-Band players. Mary transforms to a Marvel, and has Machine-Gun bullets fired at her, which bounce off. She crumples the gun like tissue paper, not wanting the orphan kids to be woken. The crooks all attack her at once, but are knocked aside. One smashes a chair over her head, but she withstands that. The crooks leap out of the window with their loot, but she flies out and brings them back. However Mrs Bromfield has woken and calls to Mary. Mary is about to revive the crooks to ask why they want the Toy Band, but doesn't want Mrs Bromfield to know about the crooks or it would spoil her Christmas. She transforms behind a curtain to muffle the sound and says she knocked over a lamp. Mrs Bromfield says she'll go back to sleep and tells Mary not to stay up too late. However, when Mary goes downstairs again she is seized and prevented from speaking by one of the Santas. Mary is then tied to a chair and gagged, and one Santa decides she is a witness and must be taken care off. He prepares to cosh her, but other Santa come down the chimney who see what is happening. One reveals himself as Captain Marvel, who saves Mary, the other two are Mr. Scarlet and Pinky the Whiz Kid who stop two other crooks. Cap removes Mary's gag, and she says she is ashamed at getting caught and wants to handle the last crook herself. She transforms and defeats him. One of the Toys breaks open, revealing Jewels inside. She realises the crooks were Jewel Smugglers, who got Jewels past the police by hiding them in toys. However the rest of the house has been awaken. Cap sees it is 12 O'Clock, causing all the heroes to say 'Merry Christmas.' The crooks are presumably arrested.

Fingers Grogan[edit]

Only appearing in Captain Marvel Adventures #20. A criminal boss who steals the Horn of Plenty, trying to find the magic word which makes things come out. He accidentally stumbles upon the word and money starts coming out, however it begins to crush them, but Cap comes along and tries to stop it. Captain Marvel asks for flowers to come out, then caterpillars to eat them, then birds to eat these, then wolves to eat those. He thinks he may have to summon lions next, but Steamboat Willy, who earlier used the horns to make apple pies comes out, and stops it by accidentally making plenty of nothing come out. The word turns out to be plenty, but Cap buries it ten miles underground. Fingers is presumably jailed.[4]

Four Horsemen[edit]

Based on the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Four spirits of destruction that the Marvel Family are warned about by Shazam. They cause evil around the world, consisting of Famine, Fire, Plague, and War. They act through the actions of humans. Famine makes Famine by Corpo using a formula that give people incredible hunger so he can sell food for huge prices, which Jr. is tricked into drinking, though Cap gets the antidote. Fire causes Verndt (see below), an Oil Baron, to set fire to his dried up wells for insurance, which nearly leads to Mary Marvel's death by fire, though Captain Marvel rescues her. Plague is caused in an Eastern Province which makes people swell up by a strange gas, but Cap finds an antidote and defeats the one behind it. They realise they didn't defeat War, but Shazam reveals War thrives on the action of the other Horsemen. The Horsemen are finally defeated and that night the Marvels see them riding away from Earth.[27]

Germ People[edit]

April–July 1941, Captain Marvel Adventures #2. Sivana's latest scheme is to shrink Billy Batson/Captain Marvel with a formula while he pretends to be selling sodas and giving a free one for every customer, and throws him in a potted plant before he shrinks down to microscopic size. Beautia happens to come in and protests, so dear old dad shrinks her too. Captain Marvel saves Beautia from an insect-like germs, but is then forced to turn to Billy to escape from a giant carnivorous plant Sivana tricks him into diving into. In this world of giant plants and strange creatures, Billy and Beautia meet up with a humanoid race that call themselves the Germ People, who revere Sivana who visits and teaches them, making them the masters of the microscopic world. Beautia is taken as a slave to the chief's wife, while Billy is forced to fight for his life against the chief's champion, a magician with a whistle given by Sivana that summons all sorts of creatures. While he as Captain Marvel defeats the creatures and kills the chief when they attack him, Beautia finds the potion that Sivana uses to grow himself after his visits in the chief's hut. She and Captain Marvel then take it, and return to their normal sizes, Captain Marvel defeats Sivana. Unfortunately for the Germ People, once her normal size, Beautia sprays the potted plant with some old fashioned germ killer.[3]

Ghost Gordon[edit]

A crook who faced Captain Marvel and used smokescreens to make his escape. He later returns in Shazam #13 where he tries to make the members of the Mary Marvel club think their clubhouse is haunted. He fires bullets that form ghostly figures while supplying the voices, and uses compressed air to blow out the candles. Mary realises the ghosts smell of phosphorus, she flies outside and captures Gordon, then ties him up and reveals how he caused the happenings. She checks under the clubhouse and finds loot from Ghost Gordon's crimes were hidden there, he wanted to scare the club away so he could get the loot back.[28]

Ghost of the Bell Tower[edit]

1944, Captain Marvel Adventures #40. John Larch was the bellringer of the western town Chimeville, announcing births, deaths, weddings, etc. He accidentally falls and dies from a broken back, and subsequently buried at the base of the bell tower. Later, Chimeville is plagued by mysterious deaths and a "ghost" ringing the bell, announcing each death. Billy Batson is sent by the radio station to investigate and he comes across a strange and agile hunchback claiming to be the ghost and seems to vanish without a trace. Ultimately, Captain Marvel captures and reveals the hunchback as Larch himself who had gone mad when found buried alive and was killing off those who buried him.[29]

Ghost of the Deep[edit]

Appearing in the 1941, America's Greatest Comics #1. Al Spriggins, radio broadcaster for W.T.E.L. kills the inventor of the invulnerable Z-metal, the scientist known only as Hugo who has been working for weeks on it, and steals the secret. He then builds a suit of armor which he hid under black robes and hood. The Ghost plans to attack Navy ships in his indestructible submarine, leaving messages in which he accepts responsibility, and broadcasts threats on radio, planning to become a dictator. He seems to have a diving suit concealed in his costume, as he is able to swim underwater without discomfort. The Ghost ruthlessly kills henchmen that fail him, emerging from the water to murder them and dragging them down. He captures Billy at the Panama canal, jumping from a boat and dragging him down. He orders his henchmen to bind and gag him and give him artificial respiration. He escapes the Ghost when one of the henchmen removes the gag while mocking him by asking if he wants pie, but then not giving it to him to mock him. The Ghost, after the submarine is torn open kills the two henchmen. After a full-blown knock-down fight, Captain Marvel manages to bust open the submarine and armor and capture then unmask the Ghost, who fires at a General in anger, but the bullet bounces back of Captain Marvel and kills the Ghost.[30]


Appearing in the April 1946 (?) issue of Captain Marvel Jr. #37. In 1846, a man is sent to prison for a 99-year sentence. While there, he reads and studies every book on crime as well as exercising and keeping his body in tip top shape so that a century later, he is released from prison having served his entire term. Armed with a sword cane and having a long bushy graybeard he takes over a gang and puts his prison education to work. His crime wave brings him to the attention of Captain Marvel Jr, but even Junior has trouble outsmarting the old crime lord. In fact, at the end of #37, the Graybeard was still on the loose.[31]

Great Red Brain[edit]

Only appearing in Marvel Family #80, the Great Red Brain was used by Tong to devise strategies to defeat the American forces during the Korean War. It even used its telepathy to halt the Marvel Family. The Marvel Family managed to defeat the Great Red Brain by breaking its protective casing. As the Brain fell out of its casing, it seemingly crushed and killed Tong, but Tong survived to battle the Marvel Family another day.[32]


Only appearing in Marvel Family #76. While the Marvels are watching Operation Atom, an atomic plant in the desert, they come across Gremlins. The Marvels first think they want to damage the weapons, then the Gremlins say they want Operation Atom to succeed. Later, when the Marvels are in their civilian forms and riding a truck, Mary is first knocked out with a spanner, then so are the other Marvels. They are bound and gagged by the Gremlins, who reveal they are from another world and want to steal the Atomic weapons. They are thrown into the desert by the Gremlins, who hijack the truck. The Marvels first think they will die from the heat, but are caught in a sandstorm, but Billy removes his gag on a dead cactus, transforms, rescues the Marvels and the driver, and goes back to protect the atomic devices. The Marvels foil the first attempted robbery, but the Gremlins escape. In their ship, they bury the workers' homes with sand to lure the Marvels away, then steal the weapons and take the cadmium control rods from the atomic pile, meaning the Marvels have to let them escape to stop the Dynamo's boiler from exploding using cadmium rods to hold it together. They follow rocket smoke to the planet Zorkia, where it is revealed the mastermind is Glozzk, a former munitions maker of atomic bombs, who went bankrupt when war was outlawed. He plans to use the inventions to win the atomic fair, then manufacture more of them, starting an atomic monopoly. The Marvels use the atomic inventions to win the fair, saying they will send the blueprints later. Glozzk drops an atomic bomb toward the fair, but is found by atomic radar, the weapon is stopped, and he is presumably jailed.[33]

Gypsy Joe[edit]

Only appearing in Whiz Comics #116. Billy is taking a poll to find out how many people in a village tune into Station Whiz, it having no radio station of its own. He finds a gypsy troupe, including dancing, then a knife-throwing act. They attract most of the townspeople, but seem to be involved in shady activity. Billy tries several houses but no one answers. However he sees someone inside one of them. Gypsy Joe and two others are looting the empty homes while the show keeps the town occupied. Billy transforms and runs at the thieves, knocking them over. Joe's knife bounces off, so he cuts a telephone wire, which Cap holds to stop a fire enabling the Gypsies to escape. It is an hour before he is free again, and by then the camp is gone. The Wagons and Horses are inside a trailer truck, meaning as Cap searches the only main road leaving town he cannot find them. At the next town he tries taking the poll, and finds the Gypsies again. He flies to the swankier section of town, but finds the Burglars are Women, who Cap feels he cannot strike, which the Gypsies planned. However, with the ashcans he barricades the Women on Main Street, hoping to run them to the Police. However one hurls a knife at a truck's tyre, and while Cap stops the truck, the troupe leaves town. They must be very quick. Cap uses the tyre-marks to deduce that they hide the Wagons and Horses inside a large trailer. He follows it to the next town and knocks down Gypsy Joe. Gypsy Joe says Cap cannot prove robbery unless he produces the loot as evidence. Cap cannot find the loot, and Joe tells 'Grandma' that Cap is leaving. Wonder where the loot is hidden? Cap, once out of earshot, turns to Billy to spy on them. Billy sees Women's wigs on the line, but trips over a stone, crashing into Grandma who oddly enough does not move or make a sound. But Billy is suddenly grabbed by one of the Gypsies who stops him from speaking. The Gypsies gag Billy and tie him to a tree, and Joe starts throwing his knives closer and closer. But one knife slices the gag apart, enabling Billy to transform. He fights the 'Women,' realising from the wigs they were men posing as women. He subdues the gang and finds they are not gypsies under their swarthy grease-paint, just a gang of thugs. And the loot is inside the Grandma dummy. The gang is jailed, and Billy finds from a Woman that she listens to Whiz every day and especially likes Billy's voice.[34]

Gus Crummly[edit]

Only appearing in Captain Marvel Adventures #133. Gus is the neighbourhood loafer. When Billy moves into a new home he meets Gus, who pushes past him. He transforms to Captain Marvel. To escape, Gus sets fire to the clothes line Ma Potter is putting clothes on. Cap saves her and a boy uses a gun that fires a pellet that gives off foam and puts out the flame. The boy introduces himself as Dexter Knox, and says he likes inventing things. Cap becomes Billy Batson to make friends with Dexter, who reveals his parents are poor and the device will make money. He reveals who the thug from before was. They decide to get the gun patented. When they go into the shed they meet Gus, who knocks out, then binds and gags the two. He reveals he started the fire to see how the gun worked, and wants to make money himself. He sprays a pellet at both of their faces to suffocate them. But Dexter uses his feet to activate the helical fan he made, which blows away the foam. Billy then removes his gag on the fan, transforms, and frees Dexter, asking where Gus lives. Dexter goes outside to show him, but sees his house is on fire. When the firemen come, the villain says he will put it out with his Quench Gun, but Cap knocks him out, realising he started the fire to show the gun. The real inventor puts it out. Gus goes to jail and the fire department will apparently pay well for the gun. That night at Haven House Billy feels he will like this neighbourhood.[35]


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