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List of Nobel laureates by secondary school affiliation

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The following is a list of Nobel Prize laureates by secondary school affiliation. To be listed, a high school must have at least one Nobel Prize laureate among its alumni. The list is highly biased, omitting for example all German laureats, of which there are many.

(Note: this list is very incomplete, especially for the many high schools that have one alumnus or alumna who is a Nobel Prize winner.)

Number of laureates by secondary school Class Name of laureate Award and year University
8 The Bronx High School of Science,
Bronx, New York City, NY
1947 Leon N. Cooper[1] Physics 1972 Brown University
1950 Sheldon Glashow[1][2] Physics 1979 Columbia University
1950 Steven Weinberg[1] Physics 1979 Cornell University
1949 Melvin Schwartz[1][3] Physics 1988 Columbia University
1966 Russell Hulse[1][4] Physics 1993 Princeton University
1966 H. David Politzer[1] Physics 2004 California Institute of Technology
1941 Roy Glauber[1][5] Physics 2005 Harvard University
1959 Robert Lefkowitz[6] Chemistry 2012 Columbia University
8 Lycée Louis-le-Grand,
Paris, France
1833 Frédéric Passy[7] Peace 1901 University of Paris
1870 Henri Becquerel[8] Physics 1903 École Polytechnique
University of Paris
1863 Alphonse Laveran[9] Medicine 1907 University of Strasbourg
1870 Paul Henri Balluet d'Estournelles de Constant[10] Peace 1909 University of Paris
1884 Romain Rolland[11] Literature 1915 École Normale Supérieure
University of Paris
1922 Jean-Paul Sartre[12] Literature 1964 École Normale Supérieure
University of Paris
1928 Maurice Allais[13] Economics 1988 École Polytechnique
École des Mines de Paris
University of Paris
1963 Serge Haroche[14] Physics 2012 École Normale Supérieure
Collège de France
5 James Madison High School,
Brooklyn, New York City, NY
1939 Stanley Cohen[15] Medicine 1986 Vanderbilt University
1940 Robert Solow[16] Economics 1987 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1943 Martin Lewis Perl[17] Physics 1995 University of Michigan
1947 Gary Becker[18] Economics 1992 University of Chicago
1940 Arthur Ashkin[19] Physics 2018 Columbia University
5 Phillips Academy,
Andover, Massachusetts
1900 George Whipple[20] Medicine 1933 University of Rochester
1931 William Vickrey[21] Economics 1996 Columbia University
1935 William Standish Knowles[22] Chemistry 2001 Harvard University
1958 George Smith[23] Chemistry 2018 Haverford College
1959 William Nordhaus[24] Economics 2018 Yale University
4 Abraham Lincoln High School,
Brooklyn, New York City, NY
1933 Arthur Kornberg[25] Medicine 1959 Stanford University
1943 Paul Berg[25] Chemistry 1980 Stanford University
1973 David Julius[26] Medicine 2021 University of California, Berkeley
1933 Jerome Karle[25][27] Chemistry 1985 City College of New York
4 Stuyvesant High School,
Manhattan, New York City, NY
1941 Joshua Lederberg[28][29] Medicine 1958 Rockefeller University
1954 Roald Hoffmann[29][30] Chemistry 1981 Cornell University
1944 Robert Fogel[29][31] Economics 1993 Cornell University
1963 Richard Axel[29][32] Medicine 2004 Columbia University
4 Lycée Saint-Louis,
Paris, France
1922 Louis Néel[33] Physics 1970 École Normale Supérieure
University of Strasbourg
1931 Claude Simon[33] Literature 1985
1949 Pierre-Gilles de Gennes[33] Physics 1991 École Normale Supérieure
University of Paris
1941 Georges Charpak[33] Physics 1992 École des Mines de Paris
University of Paris
3 Westminster School,
London, England
Edgar Adrian[34] Medicine 1932 University of Cambridge
Andrew Huxley[35] Medicine 1963 University of Cambridge
Richard Stone[36] Economics 1984 University of Cambridge
3 Lycée Condorcet,
Paris, France
1856 Sully Prudhomme[37] Literature 1901
1876 Henri Bergson[38] Literature 1927 École Normale Supérieure
University of Paris
1859 Ferdinand Buisson[39] Peace 1927 University of Paris
4 Lycée Henri-IV,
Paris, France
1865 Gabriel Lippman[40] Physics 1908 École Normale Supérieure
University of Paris
1889 André Gide[41] Literature 1947
dropped-out Patrick Modiano[42] Literature 2014 University of Paris
Esther Duflo[43] Economics 2019 École Normale Supérieure
University of Paris
3 Clifton College, Bristol, England 1936 John Kendrew Chemistry 1962 University of Cambridge
1922 John Hicks Economics 1972 University of Oxford
Neville Francis Mott Physics 1977 University of Cambridge
3 St. Peter's College,
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
1903 William Lawrence Bragg[44] Physics 1915 University of Adelaide
University of Cambridge
1916 Howard Florey[45] Medicine 1945 University of Adelaide
University of Oxford
University of Cambridge
1954 Robin Warren[46] Medicine 2005 University of Adelaide
3 Townsend Harris High School,
Queens, New York City, NY
originally Manhattan, New York City, NY
1933 Herbert A. Hauptman[47] Chemistry 1985 City College of New York
1933 Julian Schwinger[47] Physics 1965 City College of New York
1936 Kenneth Arrow[47] Economics 1972 City College of New York
3 Far Rockaway High School,
Queens, New York City, NY
1935 Richard Feynman[48][49] Physics 1965 California Institute of Technology
1942 Baruch Blumberg[49] Medicine 1976 University of Pennsylvania
1948 Burton Richter[49][50] Physics 1976 Stanford University
3 Harrow School,
London, England
? John Strutt, 3rd Baron Rayleigh Physics 1904 University of Cambridge
? John Galsworthy[51] Literature 1932 University of Oxford
1893 Winston Churchill[52] Literature 1953 Sandhurst
3 Lowell High School,
San Francisco, CA
1868 Albert Abraham Michelson[53] Physics 1907 United States Naval Academy
1892 Joseph Erlanger[54] Medicine 1945 University of California, Berkeley
1980 Eric Allin Cornell[55] Physics 2001 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
3 University Laboratory High School,
Urbana, Illinois
1940 Philip Warren Anderson[56] Physics 1977 Harvard University
1948 Hamilton O. Smith[56] Medicine 1978 University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign
1935 James Tobin[56] Economics 1981 Harvard University
3 Phillips Exeter Academy,
Exeter, New Hampshire
1929 William Howard Stein[57] Chemistry 1972 Harvard University
Columbia University
1940 Lloyd Shapley Economics 2012 Princeton University
Harvard University
1973 Paul Romer[58] Economics 2018 University of Chicago
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2 Taylor Allderdice High School,
Pittsburgh, PA
1974 Frances Arnold[59] Chemistry 2018 Princeton University
1977 Josh Angrist[60] Economics 2021 Oberlin College
Princeton University
2 Fasori Gimnázium,
Budapest, Hungary
? Eugene Wigner[61] Physics 1963 Technical University of Berlin
Princeton University
? John Harsanyi[62] Economics 1994 Stanford University
University of California, Berkeley
2 Akademisches Gymnasium Wien,
Vienna, Austria
1906 Erwin Schrödinger Physics 1933 University of Oxford
University of Vienna
expelled by the Nazis Walter Kohn Chemistry 1998 UC Santa Barbara, UC San Diego
1901 Lise Meitner almost University College of Stockholm
2 San Isidro,
Madrid, Spain
1849 José Echegaray[63] Literature 1904 Complutense University of Madrid
1933 Camilo José Cela[64] Literature 1989 Complutense University of Madrid
2 Colegio Nacional de Buenos Aires,
Buenos Aires, Argentina
1896 Carlos Saavedra Lamas Peace 1936 University of Buenos Aires
1900 Bernardo Alberto Houssay Medicine or Physiology 1947 University of Buenos Aires
2 Ann Arbor Pioneer High School[65][circular reference] 1932 Thomas Huckle Weller[66][circular reference] Medicine 1936 University of Michigan
1979 Eric Betzig[67][circular reference] Chemistry 1983 California Institute of Technology
2 Eton College,
Berkshire, England
1882 Lord Robert Cecil Peace 1937 University of Oxford
1951 John Gurdon Medicine 2012 University of Oxford
2 Brooklyn Technical High School,
Brooklyn, New York City, NY
1951 Arno Penzias[68] Physics 1978 City College of New York
1922 George Wald[69] Biology 1987 Harvard University
2 Cotham Grammar School,
(previously Merchant Venturers' Technical College),
Bristol, England
1918 Paul Dirac[70] Physics 1933 University of Bristol
University of Cambridge
1946 Peter Higgs[71] Physics 2013 King's College London
2 Döblinger Gymnasium,
Vienna, Austria
1918 Wolfgang Pauli Physics 1945 ETH Zurich
1918 Richard Kuhn Chemistry 1938 Heidelberg University
2 Erasmus Hall High School,
Brooklyn, New York City, NY
1919 Barbara McClintock[72] Medicine or Physiology 1983 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
1944 Eric Kandel[73] Medicine or Physiology 2000 Columbia University
2 Hastings High School (New York) 1951 Edmund S. Phelps Economics 2006 Columbia University
1962 Robert C. Merton Economics 1997 MIT Sloan School of Management
2 Hebrew University Secondary School,
Jerusalem, Israel
1951 Daniel Kahneman Economics 2002 Princeton University
1957 David Gross[74] Physics 2004 University of California, Santa Barbara
2 Kilmarnock Academy,

Kilmarnock, Scotland

1898 John Boyd Orr Peace 1949 University of Glasgow
Alexander Fleming Medicine or Physiology 1945 St Mary's Hospital Medical School
2 King Edward's School,
Birmingham, England
? Maurice Wilkins Medicine 1962 University of Cambridge
University of Birmingham
? Sir John Vane Medicine 1982 University of Birmingham
University of Oxford
2 Kyoto Prefectural Rakuhoku High School,
Kyoto, Japan
1923 Hideki Yukawa Physics 1949 Kyoto University
1923 Shin'ichirō Tomonaga Physics 1965 Kyoto University
2 Logan High School,
Logan, Utah
1958 Kip Thorne Physics 2017 California Institute of Technology
1970 Lars Peter Hansen Economics 2013 Utah State University
2 Lycée Janson-de-Sailly,
Paris, France
1888 Jean Perrin[75] Physics 1926 École Normale Supérieure
University of Paris
1898 Roger Martin du Gard[76] Literature 1937 École des Chartes
2 Malvern College,
Malvern, England
Francis Aston[77] Chemistry 1922 University of Cambridge
James Meade[78] Economic Sciences 1977 University of Oxford
2 Martin Van Buren High School,
Queens, New York
1967 Frank Wilczek[79] Physics 2004 University of Chicago
Princeton University
1967 Alvin Roth[80] Economics 2012 Columbia University
Stanford University
2 Nikolaus Lenau High School,
Timișoara, Romania
1971 Herta Müller[81] Literature 2009 West University of Timișoara
1978 Stefan Hell[82] Chemistry 2014 University of Heidelberg
2 Niles East High School,
Skokie, Illinois
1964 H. Robert Horvitz[83] Medicine or Physiology 2002 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1965 Martin Chalfie[84] Chemistry 2008 Columbia University
2 The Perse School,
Cambridge, England
? George Paget Thomson[85] Physics 1937 University of Cambridge
? Ronald G. W. Norrish[86] Chemistry 1967 University of Cambridge
2 St Columb's College,
Derry, Northern Ireland, UK
1957 Seamus Heaney[87] Literature 1995 Queen's University of Belfast
1955 John Hume[88] Peace 1998 St. Patrick's College, Maynooth, Ireland
2 Saint Mary's College,
Vigie, Castries, Saint Lucia
1929 Sir William Arthur Lewis[89] Economics 1979 University of the West Indies
London School of Economics
? Derek Walcott[90] Literature 1992 University of the West Indies
2 University College School,
London, England
? Oliver Hart[91] Economics 2017 University of Cambridge
Warwick University
Harvard University
1949 Sir Roger Penrose[92] Physics 2020 University College London
University of Cambridge
2 University of Toronto Schools,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
? John Charles Polanyi[93] Chemistry 1986 University of Toronto
? Michael Spence[94] Economics 2001 Harvard University
2 Urbana High School,
Urbana, Illinois
1938 Robert W. Holley[95] Physiology or Medicine 1968 University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign
1936 Edwin G. Krebs[96] Physiology or Medicine 1992 University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign
2 Walton High School,
Bronx, New York City, NY
1941 Rosalyn Sussman Yalow[47] Medicine and Physiology 1977 Hunter College
1933 Gertrude B. Elion[47] Medicine and Physiology 1988 Duke University
2 George School,
Newtown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania
1956 Mario Capecchi[97] Medicine and Physiology 2007 Antioch College
1952 Kenneth G. Wilson[98] Physics 1982 Harvard University
2 Germantown Friends School,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1937 Owen Chamberlain[99] Physics 1959 Dartmouth College
University of California, Berkeley
1977 Saul Perlmutter[100] Physics 2011 Harvard University
University of California, Berkeley
2 Realna i klasična gimnazija Osijek (today III. gimnazija Osijek),
Osijek, Croatia
1906 Lavoslav Ružička[101] Chemistry 1939 ETH Zurich
changed school in 1921 Vladimir Prelog Chemistry 1975 ETH Zurich
1 Pui Ching Middle School
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
1957 Daniel C. Tsui[102] Physics 1998 University of Chicago
1 Harrow County School for Boys ? Sir Paul Nurse[103] Medicine 2001 University of Birmingham
University of East Anglia
1 St. Joseph's College,
Hong Kong
Charles K. Kao[104] Physics 2009 University College London
Woolwich Polytechnic
1 Baltimore City College,
Baltimore, MD
1943 Martin Rodbell[105] Physiology or Medicine 1994 Johns Hopkins University
University of Washington
1 Bristol Grammar School,
Bristol, England
1943 John Pople[106] Chemistry 1998 University of Cambridge
1 Sir John Leman High School,
Beccles, Suffolk, England
1928 Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin[107] Chemistry 1964 University of Oxford
University of Cambridge
1 Fairfax High School,
Fairfax, Virginia
1978 Craig Mello[108] Physiology or Medicine 2006 University of Massachusetts Medical School
1 The Geelong College,
Geelong, Victoria, Australia
? Frank Macfarlane Burnet[109] Medicine 1960 University of Melbourne
University of London
1 Indooroopilly State High School,
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
? Peter Doherty[citation needed] Medicine 1996 University of Queensland
University of Edinburgh
1 Melbourne High School,
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
? John Carew Eccles[citation needed] Medicine 1963 University of Melbourne
University of Oxford
1 Newman College,
Perth, Western Australia
? Barry Marshall[citation needed] Medicine 2005 University of Western Australia
1 Mill Hill School, London 1930–34[110] Francis Crick[111] Physiology or Medicine 1962 University College London
University of Cambridge
1 Malden Catholic High School 1956[112] Eugene Fama[113] Economics 2013 Tufts University

University of Chicago

1 Loreto Girl's High School, Limuru 1959[114] Wangari Maathai[115] Peace 2004 Mount St. Scholastica College

University of Pittsburgh

1 Bedford School,
Bedford, Bedfordshire, England
? Archer John Porter Martin Chemistry 1952 University of Cambridge
1 Bolton School 1958 Harry Kroto[116] Chemistry 1996 University of Sheffield
University of Sussex
1 Thomas Jefferson High School 1950 Robert Curl Jr[117] Chemistry 1996 Rice Institute
1 Southwest High School Richard Smalley[118] Chemistry 1996 University of Michigan
1 Union Hill High School 1935[119] Frederick Reines[120] Physics 1995 Stevens Institute of Technology
1 Tichon Hadash, Tel Aviv Ada Yonath[121] Chemistry 2009 Hebrew University
1 The University High School, Melbourne 1966[122] Elizabeth Blackburn[123] Physiology or Medicine 2009 University of Melbourne
2 Ulstein Vidaregåande Skule[124] May-Britt Moser[125] Physiology or Medicine 2014 University of Oslo
Edvard Moser[126] Physiology or Medicine 2014 University of Oslo
1 Lycée Saint-Louis-de-Gonzague,
Paris, France
? Sean MacBride[127] Peace 1974 University College Dublin
1 Collège Stanislas,
Paris, France
Anatole France Literature 1921
1 Lycée Pierre de Fermat (fr),
Toulouse, France
1955 Albert Fert[128] Physics 2007 École Normale Supérieure
University of Paris
1 Lycée Henri Poincaré (fr),
Nancy, France
1971 Jean Tirole[129] Economics 2014 École Polytechnique
Paris Dauphine University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Toulouse School of Economics
1 Regis High School,
Manhattan, New York City, NY
1957 John O'Keefe Medicine 2014 City College of New York
McGill University
1 Robert College,
Istanbul, Turkey
1970 Orhan Pamuk[130] Literature 2006 Columbia University
1 Colegio Saint Francis,
San José, Costa Rica
1957 Oscar Arias Sanchez[citation needed] Peace 1987 Universidad de Costa Rica
1 Sydney Boys High School,
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
1933[131] John Cornforth[132] Chemistry 1975 University of Sydney
University of Oxford
1 Cleveland Heights High School,
Cleveland Heights, Ohio
1944 Donald A. Glaser Physics 1960 Case Western Reserve University
1 Monrovia High School,
Monrovia, California
1961 Thomas J. Sargent[133] Economics 2011 University of California, Berkeley
Harvard University
1 Jordan High School,
Los Angeles, California
1929 Glenn T. Seaborg[134] Physics 1951 University of California, Berkeley
University of California, Los Angeles
1 Garden City High School,
Garden City, New York
1966 Steven Chu[135] Physics 1997 University of Rochester
University of California, Berkeley
1 Greenwich High School,
Greenwich, Connecticut
1959 Christopher A. Sims[136] Economics 2011 Harvard University
University of California, Berkeley
1 Livingston High School,
Livingston, New Jersey
1968 Roger Y. Tsien[137] Chemistry 2008 Harvard University
University of Cambridge
1 Newark Academy,
Livingston, New Jersey
1963 Richard H. Thaler[138] Economics 2017 Case Western Reserve University
University of Rochester
1 Punahou School,
Honolulu, Hawaii
1979 Barack Obama Peace 2009 Columbia University
Harvard Law School
1 Plains High School,
Plains, Georgia
1941 Jimmy Carter Peace 2002 United States Naval Academy
1 Watchung Hills Regional High School,
Warren Township, New Jersey
1988 Adam Riess[139] Physics 2011 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Harvard University
1 Bartlett High School,
Anchorage, Alaska
1985 Brian Schmidt[140] Physics 2011 University of Arizona
Harvard University
1 Washington High School,
Portland, Oregon
1962[141] Linus Pauling Chemistry
Oregon State University
1 Hsinchu Senior High School,
Hsinchu, Taiwan
1955 Yuan Tseh Lee[142] Chemistry 1986 National Taiwan University
National Tsing Hua University
University of California, Berkeley
1 New Trier High School,
Winnetka, Illinois
1938 Jack Steinberger[143] Physics 1988 University of California, Berkeley
1 University School of Nashville,
Nashville, Tennessee
1931 Stanford Moore Chemistry 1972 Vanderbilt University
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Rockefeller University
1 The Lawrenceville School,

Lawrenceville, New Jersey

1958 George Akerlof[144] Economics 2001 Georgetown University

University of California, Berkeley

1 Edgbaston High School,
Birmingham, England
Malala Yousafzai Peace 2014 University of Oxford
1 St Paul's School,
London, England
Duncan Haldane Physics 2016 University of Cambridge
1 Magdalen College School Oxford, England 1961 Sir Tim Hunt Physiology or Medicine 2001 University of Cambridge
1 Doshisha Junior and Senior High School,
Kyoto, Japan
? Leo Esaki Physics 1973 University of Tokyo
1 Nada High School,
Kobe, Japan
1957 Ryōji Noyori Chemistry 2001 Kyoto University
1 Booker T Washington High School,
Atlanta, Georgia
1945? admitted to Morehouse in 1944 after 11th grade Martin Luther King Jr. Peace 1964 Morehouse College

Crozer Theological Seminary
Boston University

1 Dreher High School,
Columbia, South Carolina
1962 Kary Mullis Chemistry 1993 Georgia Institute of Technology

University of California, Berkeley

1 Milton Academy,
Milton, Massachusetts
1906 T. S. Eliot[145][146] Literature 1948 Harvard University
1 Bangor Grammar School,
Bangor, Northern Ireland
? David Trimble Peace 1998 Queen's University Belfast
1 Nalchik Secondary School No. 3,
1975 Andre Geim Physics 2010 Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

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