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List of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah characters

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Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah (Translation: Taarak Mehta's Inverted Spectacles) is India's longest running sitcom serial.[1]

Groups & Categories[edit]

Gokuldham Members[edit]

Purush Mandal[edit]

It is the group of the senior male characters of the society. They sometimes try to have parties (which include drinking alcohol) hiding from their wives. They drink soda daily at Abdul's soda shop at night (All in One General Store). It includes Jethalal Champaklal Gada,Taarak Mehta,Aatmaram Tukaram Bhide,Sardar Roshan Singh Harjeet Singh Sodhi,Dr. Hansraj Hathi,Krishnan Subramanyam Iyer,Patrakar Popatlal Pandey and Abdul.

Mahila Mandal[edit]

The group consists of all senior female members of the society. Mahila mandal is the best friend they all love each other.They express love for all. They all are very intelligent, smart and beautiful ladies. The group includes - Daya Jethalal Gada, Anjali Mehta, Madhavi Bhide, Roshan Kaur Sodhi, Babita Iyer & Komal Hathi.

Tapu Sena[edit]

The Tapu Sena is a group of children residing in the society. It is providing a juvenile tone to the show. Usually, the group becomes a nuisance for the other members of the Society because of their mischievous activities, while at times, it draws praises from the members by virtue of some laudable activities performed by the children. Since the beginning of the show, the Tapu Sena has, with their childlike activities, characterized the typical frolicsome Indian children. With the growth of the five children to maturity and elegance, the stories have been tailored accordingly to suit the children.[2][3] It includes- Tipendra Jethalal Gada aka Tapu (Leader), Sonalika Aatmaram Bhide aka Sonu, Gulaabkumar Hansraj Hathi or Goli, Gurucharan Singh Roshan Singh Sodhi aka Gogi, Pankaj Diwan Sahay aka Pinku.

Gada Electronics Staff[edit]

Natwarlal Prabhatshankar Undhaiwala aka Nattu Kaka, Baagheshwar Dadukh Undhaiwala aka Baagha and Magan. All of them are very sincere, laborious and honest. Magan makes rare appearances and Nattu Kaka and Baagha are the main employees. Nattu Kaka handles the finance and Baagha specialises in repairing old mobile phones. Even though Jethalal constantly refuses to give Nattu Kaka and Baagha a hike in their salary despite their constant requests, they are still loyal to Jethalal and are dedicated to their work. Nattu Kaka and Baagha also celebrate festivals and take part in events with Gokuldham Society.

Main characters[edit]

Gada Family[edit]

The Gada family is the main protagonist of the series the show majorly revolves around Gada family.It consists of Jethalal Champaklal Gada, his wife Daya Jethalal Gada, his son Tipendra Jethalal Gada and his father Champaklal Jayantilal Gada. They are all uneducated with the exception of Tipendra (Tappu).

Jethalal Champaklal Gada[edit]

He is the owner of Gada Electronics and a Businessman who is from Bhachau, Gujarat. He is attracted to Babita, is often scolded by his father. He often uses the word nonsense and is disturbed by his family. Jethalal is the main male Lead and the most important character of the series.Jethalal is mainly the one who lands into problems happening in the series and more than half of the problems that happen in the society are mostly because of him and related to him directly or indirectly.He is called "jethiya" by Champaklal, "seth ji" by nattu kaka and bagha, "tapu ke papa " by Daya, "jethapra" by Sodhi and "jethabhai" by Dr.Haathi and the ladies. He is a late riser. He likes to eat Jalebi fafda.He is a big foodie and also likes to sleep a lot.He mostly gets in to problems due to his son Tipendra (Tapu),his wife Daya,his father Champaklal and his employees Natu kaka and Bagha.He dislikes his brother in law Sunder who also creates problems for him. When he gets in trouble, he consults Taarak Mehta, his close friend, whom he often calls as "Fire Brigade", as he solves the problems in Jethalal's life as fire brigade does. The role is essayed by Dilip Joshi.The show is a big success due to Joshi as he attracts majority of the audiences due to his fabulous comic timing and the problems he lands into are funny.The show can't go on without Joshi as he is the most popular actor in the show.His chemistry with his wife Daya is very much popular and loved by every one and one of the reason of the shows high trp ratings.

Daya Jethalal Gada[edit]

Also known as "Dayaben", the role was essayed by Disha Vakani from 2008 to 2017. Daya is the main female Lead protagonist of the show.She is the wife of Jethalal and the daughter-in-law of Gada family. She is from Ahmedabad and is popularly referred to as "Garba Queen" as she loves playing Garba, a Gujarati dance. She is a responsible and dedicated homemaker mostly busy in household chores. Dayaben is very innocent and naive and loves her family. She is also a very caring neighbour. Jethalal is fond of her culinary skills. Dayaben enjoys close bonding with her mother Jeevdaya (Jashodha) and brother Sundar, whom she calls "Sundar Veera". Dayaben is a devoted wife and never refers Jethalal by name, instead calling him "Tapu ke Papa" (meaning “Tapu’s father”). She is a little superstitious and believes in black magic, ghosts, bad luck, etc. Dayaben is very religious and worships Amba Mata. She usually says “Hey Maa, Mata Ji” holding her hands to her head, whenever she is surprised or forgets something or thinks some bad is to happen. She speaks in a typical high pitched Gujarati accent. She is always seen wearing a Gujarati sari with a traditional hairdo, except for some special occasions.Daya's comic timing and her chemistry with Jethalal is the main reason why the show is successful. The show is highly popular due to the unique comic timing between the two main protagonists of the show.

Champaklal Jayantilal Gada[edit]

Also known as Champak Chacha. The role is essayed by Amit Bhatt. He is the father of Jethalal who immigrated from ancestral village of Gada family, Bhachau, to live with the family of Jethalal in Mumbai. He is a widower and is eccentric and temperamental in nature. Despite being nearly 72 years old, he is more energetic than Jethalal. He performs Pranayam and Yoga and is an active member of Young Old Group, a small group founded by him and his friends. Champaklal loves his whole family and enjoys special bonding with his grandson Tapu. He always takes the side of Tapu and Daya whenever Jethalal scolds them. Due to his supreme decision-making authority, Jethalal is often sidelined in family matters. He loves Jethalal with his whole heart but shows it on very rare occasions. He always scolds Jethalal and angrily calls him babuchak and “akkal vagar jo dhandho”. He calls Jethalal as Jethiya, Tapu as Tapuda, and Daya as “Bahu”. He also has nicknames for the whole purush mandal as he calls, Taarak Mehta as Mehtoos, Popatlal as Dibba, Bhide as Bhindi Master, Dr. Haathi as “Haathida” and Iyer as “Iyerdi”. However, Champaklal is a fatherly figure for Gokuldham residents. He is always given immense respect and is involved in the decision-making process. Everyone calls him Chachaji and whole Tapusena calls him Dadaji. Champaklal always acts as a peacemaker in issues and verbal spats. He is also very fond of Daya's cooking skills and has Mehta be his troubleshooter when Jetha is not available.

Although his original character, as written in "Duniya ne Undha Chashmah" by Taarak Mehta, is rebellious, rustic and ever quarrelling, in the show he is loyal to Gandhian principles and abhors unethical practices such as theft, quarrels and corruption. He is strictly against alcohol and dislikes people who drink. Champaklal looks exactly like his father, the Late Jayantilal Bhimji Gada who in the show was a freedom fighter during the British rule.

Tipendra Jethalal Gada[edit]

Mostly known as Tapu. The role is played by Raj Anadkat (2017–Present) (who replaced Bhavya Gandhi (2008-2017)). He is the son of Jethalal and Daya.He enjoys close bonding with his grandfather Champaklal who always shields him from the wrath of Jethalal for participating in mischievous activities. He is the main Child protagonist of the series.He is the leader of Tapu Sena, the gang of society's children. Tapu is now grown up and college going teenager. Tapu is good in sports. In earlier episodes, he was shown to be very mischievous, often creating chaos and nuisance in the society which earned him ire of both Jethalal and the secretary Bhide.He is called “Tapuda” by Champaklal and “Tapu Dikka” by Daya.[4]Bhavya Gandhi who played the role of tapu in early episodes gave alot of popularity to the show.

Mehta Family[edit]

It is also a Gujarati family from Bhavnagar that includes two members, Taarak Mehta and his wife Anjali Mehta. It is a properly educated, intelligent and well living family. They live in the ground floor flat in the Gokuldham Society. Taarak is known to be the advisor and peacemaker in society's important matters and is best friends with Jethalal. His wife Anjali is also of a caring and understanding nature and has put Taarak on a diet as she thinks he is getting fat.

Taarak Mehta[edit]

The eponymous character. The role, essayed by Shailesh Lodha, is based on the writer Taarak Mehta, on whose book the entire show is based. He is a writer and poet by profession. He works in a trading company. He rapidly thinks of a solution to any problem and excuses to tell his wife and boss. He is the best friend, mentor and troubleshooter of Jethalal. He is called "Fire Brigade" by Jethalal as he is always there for him when he needs him. He is aware of Jethalal's crush on Babita. Taarak's wife Anjali Mehta who acts as his dietitian strictly controls his diet chart. He is modern, open-minded and loves Anjali from the bottom of his heart although he really dislikes the diet food prepared by her and constantly tries to come up with excuses to avoid eating the diet food.

Anjali Taarak Mehta[edit]

Aka Anjali Bhabhi, Anjali Taarak Mehta. The role is essayed by Neha Mehta. She is sometimes called as ATM, the acronym of her name (Anjali Tarak Mehta). She is a dietitian and exercises regularly. She strictly controls the diet chart of her husband Taarak Mehta. Anjali is understanding and mature. She always cares about her husband's health. She is a good friend in ladies of Gokuldham. She can also be superstupid behavior in sometimes.

Bhide Family[edit]

This Marathi family originally hails from Ratnagiri. It is a family of three, Aatmaram Tukaram Bhide, Madhavi Bhide, and their daughter Sonalika aka Sonu.

Aatmaram Tukaram Bhide[edit]

The role is essayed by Mandar Chandwadkar. Bhos he is the secretary of the society, he proudly calls himself Gokuldham Society ka Ekmeva Secretary. Bhide is a very responsible, honest, principled and caring human being. He treats every problem of the society as his own. He always remembers to collectuuuuuuuy the maintenance cheques from all members and gets irritated when they don’t give the checks on time. As Bhide's modest income is insufficient to meet family needs, he actively gives tuitions to students who need help with studies. He also assists his wife in the business of homemade pickles and papads and also in household chores.He owns a yellow side sit scooter named 'Sakharam' gifted by his wife and considers it as a family member. He daily writes suvichar (daily thought) on the notice board of the society.He has a love-hate relationship with Jethalal. Bhide is often irritated by the irresponsible behaviour of Jethalal, mischief conducted by Tapu (his playing cricket and other mischiefs). However, both Jethalal and Bhide wholeheartedly help each other during the crisis period. While most people refer to him as Bhide, Iyer is the only person who addresses him by his first name i.e. "Aatmaram", Sodhi mostly calls him "Pidu", Dr. Hathi calls him "Bhide Master" while Champaklal always calls him "Bhindi master".

Madhavi Aatmaram Bhide[edit]

Aka Madhavi Bhabhi, the role is essayed by Sonalika Joshi.She speaks fluent Marathi.She is the wife of Bhide. Madhavi is an educated, intelligent homemaker. She too, like Daya, almost always wears sarees with a traditional hairdo and does not refer to Bhide by his name and instead calls him “Aaho” the word means calling someone in respecting manner in Marathi. As Aatmaram's modest income as a tuition teacher is insufficient to meet family needs, she domestically prepares pickle and Papadum for supplying in the market. She also tries making excuses without hurting him when Bhide starts telling her about his old days as she is bored listening to them every other time. Madhavi always mediates in verbal spats that involve her husband. She was called Annapurna of this show because of her cooking and Annapurna is the goddess of food in Hindu religion.

Sonu aka Sonalika Aatmaram Bhide[edit]

Mostly known as Sonu. The role was essayed by Nidhi Bhanushali (2012–2019) who replaced Jheel Mehta (2008-2012).Now this role is essayed by actress Palak Sidhwani (2019- present)

She is the daughter of Bhide and Madhavi. Sonalika is also an active member of Tapu sena and is in the same college as that of Tapu, Goli and Pinku. She is a bright student, who has always scored a good percentage and secured the first position in the class. Sonu is also very smart and judicious among whole Tapu sena. She has often shown her culinary skills by making delicious chocolates.She is also good at singing.[5]

Sodhi Family[edit]

It is a family is from Sikh religion and from Amritsar. This family consists of three people, Roshan Singh Harjeet Singh Sodhi, his Parsi wife who is also named Roshan, and their son Gurucharan Singh Sodhi, mostly known as Gogi. This family also well educated family in the society. They have their own garage name Sodhi garage. This family is one of the comedy family of the society.Both husband and wife share the same name "Roshan". This cute couple is always ready to help other society members and express their love for each other openly as they have a carefree personality. This is the most romantic couple of the society. They live in 2nd floor.

Roshan Singh Sodhi[edit]

The role is essayed by Gurucharan Singh (2008-2013, 2014–present) (replaced by Laad Singh Maan (2013-2014)). Roshan Singh Harjeet Singh Sodhi, mostly known as Sodhi, is very enthusiastic, optimistic, energetic and strong but naive. He is short tempered and lashes out anyone trying to mess with residents of Gokuldham Society and usually says “Main tenu chhadanga nai!” whenever he is angry. He owns a garage called Sodhi Garage and has a Jeep. He is a devout Sikh and always ready to help others. Sodhi is a man with a golden heart and he freely expresses his romantic feelings towards his wife who is also named Roshan. He is also very fond of his son Gurucharan Singh Sodhi aka Gogi and pampers him a lot. Sodhi enjoys drinking and always encourages the purush mandal to plan for secret parties. Sodhi is shown as a jaunty, lively and energetic man who often picks up others in his arms whenever he is excited. Sometimes, in rare cases, his is also shown as a dimwitted person who is unable to understand the obvious jokes. Also, Sodhi is the only person in Gokuldham Society who owns a four-wheeler (an open Jeep) and he often gives rides to the residents of Gokuldham to drop them where they need to go.

Roshan Daruwalla Roshan Singh Sodhi[edit]

Aka Roshan Bhabhi. It is played by Jennifer Mistry Bansiwal (2008–2013, 2016–present) (replaced by Dilkhush Reporter (2013–2016)). She is a Parsi woman. She is very innocent and beautiful. She loves dance singing poetry. She also dances very beautifully. In recent episode she dance in salsa style. She is very charming personality. She loathes her husband's drinking habits so much that she once even went as far as to leave their house. She also reciprocates her romantic feelings about Sodhi openly, but is sometimes shy. She is Very beautiful charming and intelligent women in the society. She Has best friend Bhide family. She go most in bhide family house. she is a modern lady. She has one son named Gogi. She is the member of gokuldham mahila mandal.

Gurucharan Singh Roshan Singh Sodhi[edit]

Mostly known as Gogi. It is played by Samay Shah. He is the youngest member of the society. He is similar to his father in nature. Gogi is also the member of Tapusena but is in the junior class. He is the most pampered child of the society and is very naive which is why he gets into trouble a lot. He is also comical and jokes even in the worst of situations.

Iyer Family[edit]

Iyer family consist of Babita and Krishnan Subramaniam Iyer. Both of them are educated, modern and smart.

Krishnan Subramaniam Iyer[edit]

The role is essayed by Tanuj Mahashabde. Iyer is a Tamilian and hails from Chennai. Iyer is a scientist and very intelligent. He is very protective about Babita and sceptic about intentions of Jethalal. Both Iyer and Jethalal publicly fight and indulge in the verbal spat with each other on many occasions. They both attempt to show off and make fun of each other in front of Babita. Iyer has given a lot of gifts and surprises to Babita and he always tries to keep Jethalal away from her. He is also the treasurer of Gokuldham Society. Iyer is the only person who addresses secretary Bhide by his first name i.e. "Aatmaram".

Babita Krishnan Iyer[edit]

Aka Babitaji. The role is essayed by Munmun Dutta. Babita is the wife of Iyer. She is from a Bengali family and belongs to Kolkata. However, she is very modern and not comfortable with household chores. She is fluent in Hindi, English and Bengali. Babita is a member of the Gokuldham Mahila Mandal. She treats both Jethalal and Dayaben as her good friend. She usually talks to Jethalal in the morning through her balcony. Babita is very conscious of her physical fitness. She keeps herself fit by indulging in exercising, jogging, yoga, swimming, etc.

Hathi Family[edit]

This is a family from Bihar. All three of the members, Dr Hansraj Hathi, Komal Hathi and their son Goli are obese but decent and peace loving. They live in the ground floor flat in Gokuldham Society.

Dr. Hansraj Hathi[edit]

Aka Haathi Bhai or Hans or Hathida. The role was played by Nirmal Soni (2008–2009, 2018–Present) (replaced by Late Kavi Kumar Azad (2009–2018)). Hansraj Hathi is a doctor by profession. He is suffering from obesity. Dr. Hathi is a voracious eater. He is very kind, humorous and positive. His attention is always focused on food even during serious discussions. He often says Sahi Baat Hai (that's right) when he agrees with someone or something. He calls his wife Komal as "Komu". The actor playing this character, Kavi Kumar Azad, died on July 9, 2018, due to a sudden heart attack in Mumbai.[6] Later, Nirmal Soni was confirmed as a replacement of the deceased actor to continue the role as the new Dr. Hathi as he was playing the same role in 2008 when the show started. He came after 10 years of his work and 2.5 months after Kavi Kumar Azad's Death. While finding a replacement for Dr Haathi, In the serial it was said Hans has gone to Kerala for a health campaign.[7]

Komal Hansraj Hathi[edit]

Aka Komal Bhabhi. The role is played by Ambika Ranjankar. She is the wife of Dr. Hathi. Komal Hathi is a homemaker but is very protective of her family. She is confident, strong and funny. She dislikes her husband's eating habits but is not very hard on him. Komal Hathi is an active member of Mahila Mandal and gives ideas to make the society even better. She usually says "Oh come on". However, she gets a bit competitive at times. She is called "Komu" by her husband.

Gulabkumar Hansraj Hathi[edit]

Mostly known as Goli. The role is essayed by Kush Shah. He is an active member of Tapu sena. He is strong and very cunning. Goli wants to enter into his father's footstep and aspires to become a doctor. He is also a voracious eater like his father and loves the food prepared by his mother and Dayaben. He is also a little overweight. He is often seen making fun of Jethalal in various instances and drawing Jethalal's ire in return. Bhide mostly calls him Golya(गोळ्या) whenever he irritates him.

Pinku Aka Pankaj Diwan Sahay[edit]

The role is played by Azhar Shaikh. Pinku is part of Tapu Sena. He is 20years old. Pinku's real name is Pankaj Diwan Sahay which was revealed after 10 years. In the initial episodes, Pinku was shown living with his aunt and uncle in Gokuldham in A-wing, but he later moved to a nearby society called Gulmohar Apartment. His uncle now lives in Canada and Pinku lives in his house with the cook Ghevarchand (Ghevar; Ghevar Chacha) and the maid Kamla (Kamla Tai). His parents were introduced as secret agents of Government of India. His father's name is Diwan Sahay and mother's name is Deepika Sahay.

Patrakar Popatlal Pandey[edit]

This role is played by Shyam Pathak. He is a 43 years old bachelor, still hoping to get married, though his cynical nature often spoils his marriage aspirations. He is a news reporter in the newspaper Toofan Express, which according to him is an international newspaper despite being low profile. Popatlal describes himself as The Golden Crow Award Winner senior young journalist. He is from Bhopal. Popatlal is a miser and very stingy but always take a stand for society residents. However, he spends money wholeheartedly when it comes to marriage proposals. He often indulges in fights with Bhide and Jethalal over petty issues. Popatlal is a pessimist and often uses the word "cancel" and Duniya hila dunga (I will shake the whole world) whenever someone makes him angry regarding any issue. Popatlal always carries his umbrella, regardless of the weather and is very fond of it (he had celebrated his umbrella's 10th birthday aka ten years since he bought it).He is often shown visiting marriage bureaus and giving advertisements. Several times his marriage has been called off due to poor luck. He was previously involved in brief relationships with Sapna, Bulbul, Kavita, Kalavati, Senorita, Koyal, Kery, Mausami, Jhilmil, Bhootni etc. Popatlal is also a committee member of the Gokuldham Society. Sodhi calls him "Popu" and Champak Chacha calls him "Dibba" due to his pessimistic outbursts. He is the most beloved uncle of the Tapu Sena and often fights with Bhide for not allowing the children to play cricket or other sports in the society.

Supporting characters[edit]


The role is played by Sharad Sankla. He is the proprietor of a soda shop and general stores 'All In One General Store' situated next to the society entrance. He is the only Muslim guy in the show and the society members treat Abdul as a family member. Male members gather at Abdul's shop for interaction and enjoy soda at night after dinner. He is best known for his soda. He also sells toys, sports equipment and general store items, so that neither kids nor ladies have to go out to buy them. Abdul also offers the service of home delivery. He is disciplined and always ready to help others. He assists in making arrangements, decoration for all cultural, social and religious programs to be held in society along with Tapu sena and arranges for all types of workers and labours, whenever required. He wholeheartedly participates in every religious festival and celebrations. He is not a resident of Gokuldham but treats the society as if it is his own home.

Natwarlal Prabhashankar Undhaiwala[edit]

Mostly known as Nattu Kaka. The role is essayed by Ghanashyam Nayak. He is the manager of Jethalal's "Gada Electronics" shop. Nattu Kaka is very fluent in English and effectively handles operations of the shop. He often irritates Jethalal by using sophisticated English words despite knowing Jethalal's incompetency with English. He is from a village Undhai in Gujarat. He resides in Mumbai with his nephew Bagha as his wife stays in village. Nattu Kaka and Bagha have their dinner at Padmavati Bhojnalaya. He disturbs Jethalal with his perplexing offers and peculiar schemes. From several years, Nattu Kaka is demanding salary hike but Jethalal cunningly turns down his request each time. However, Nattu Kaka is very honest, intelligent and efficient in his work. He often addresses Bagha as “Bagha boy” and Jethalal as “Seth-Ji”. He also addresses Daya as “Sethani-Ji” and Champaklal as “Bapuji”.

Bagheshwar Dadu Undhaiwala[edit]

Mostly known as Bagha. The role is played by Tanmay Vekaria. He works at Jethalal's shop and describes himself as the assistant manager. Bagha is the nephew of Natu Kaka. He has his back tilted behind. He often annoys Jethalal by suggesting worthless schemes and offers for enhancing sales. His girlfriend and now fiancee is Bawri. Bagha is also very honest, hard working and intelligent but is very naive. He is an expert in repairing impaired mobile phones and other electronic items. He generally says jaisi jiski soch and "bade sayane kehke Gaye hai" which means 'as anyone thinks' and "the elderly told" Before playing the role of Bagha, Tanmay Vekaria has played various characters in the initial episodes such as kaamwali's bai husband, Tapu's school teacher and rickshawallah.

Bawri Dhondulal Kanpuria[edit]

The role is played by Monika Bhadoriya. She is the fiancee of Bagha. She is fair in complexion, tall and always clad in salwar kameej. Bawri hails from Kanpur. She is dim-witted and usually arrives at Gada Electronics at odd timings and working hours and disturbs Bagha which always annoys Jethalal. Bawri is very forgetful of people's names and misspells them (except for Bagha) and says haye-haye galti se mistake ho gayi which means I made a mistake by mistake when corrected.

Reporter Rita Srivastav[edit]

Aka Rita Reporter. The role is played by Priya Ahuja Rajda. She is a news reporter and works for 'Kal Tak' news channel. She also lives in Gokuldham Society, in the flat below Jethalal's balcony but makes rare appearances. Rita is often shown drafting news report on society's incidents. The programmes, games, tournaments and celebrations of Gokuldham Society are often covered by 'Kal Tak' news channel. Rita is a bachelor. Both Rita and Popatlal dislike each other due to their professional profile. Popatlal is from print media whereas Rita works in electronic media. She is intelligent, smart and a good-looking lady with generous and helping nature and wholeheartedly support social causes. Rita now appears rarely to telecast high-profile cases solved by residents of Gokuldham Society.

Inspector Chalu Pandey[edit]

The role is played by Daya Shankar Pandey. He is the inspector of Goregaon Police Station Mumbai. He is an honest, strong and courageous police officer. His frequent catchphrase is Mera Naam hain Inspector Chalu Pandey, jhoot bologe to padenge dande (means 'My name is Inspector Chalu Pandey, on lying you will be treated with sticks). He abhors anyone disobeying the law. Chalu Pandey is often irritated by Gokuldham Society who themselves solve the cases immediately after his arrival. Jethalal usually erroneously calls him as Chaluji (which means Mr. Cunning) which annoys him. He is afraid of his wife Basundi, who has not made an appearance but is talking to Chalu Pandey of phone and is annoyed that he does not have free time for her from his work.He has also played many other roles in the show,such as The Commentator of GPL 2.


The role is played by Mayur Vakani. He is the younger brother of Daya and brother-in-law of Jethalal. He lives in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Sundar is considered as a caring brother by residents of Gokuldham Society. He always travels to Mumbai via taxi and cunningly draws fare from the pocket of Jethalal. Only Jethalal and Taarak Mehta are familiar with his true colours. He often comes up with new businesses ideas but abandons them due to his temperamental nature. Daya is not aware about the cold war that exists between Jethalal and Sundar. Mayur Vakani is brother of Disha Vakani in real life too.

Recurring characters[edit]

Shewar Bhai[edit]

He is One of the many miscellaneous characters of the show. He is often shown to be loitering around the Society. He even pays his maintenance on time.

Asit Kumarr Modi[edit]

He plays the role of himself. He is a film and television producer, who sometimes visits the Gokuldham Society and is friendly with the society members. In early episodes, Asit Kumarr Modi also used to play various characters.

Sunita (Sabjiwali)[edit]

The role is played by Madhusree Sharma. She is a very kind Marathi woman and comes to sell vegetables in the Gokuldham Society and all the wives of Gokuldham buy their vegetables from her. She shares a great bond with Gokuldham Society's Mahila Mandal. Her onscreen appearance is very rare.

Diwan Sahay[edit]

Pinku's Father who is working as a secret agent in The Government of India along with his wife,Deepika Diwan Sahay,Pinku's Mother.

Deepika Diwan Sahay[edit]

Pinku's Mother who works in The Government of India as a secret agent, Along with Diwan Sahay, Pinku's Father.


He is the assistant of Inspector Chalu Pandey and appears rarely.


He is a staff member of Gadha Electronics and usually takes care of the stock of electronic items. He is the one who looks after the shop in the absence of Jethalal, Natu Kaka and Bagha. His onscreen appearance is very rare.


He is a Dry Cleaner and Popatlal does his laundry at his shop. His shop named Chamko Laundry is next to Abdul's shop near society entrance.


He is also an Inspector working under Chalu Pandey.Also played many role like Shani Dev on Television

Santhosh New Milkman in Gokuldham society

Other characters[edit]

Mr. Chandaramani[edit]

The role was played by Raju Kher. Mr. Chandaramani is a rich NRI who resides in Singapore. His flat is occasionally used for miscellaneous purposes.

Rasik bhai a Parsi man and Babu bhai a man originating from Uttar Pradesh and living with his wife whose head is always is in Ghungat


Mohanlal aka "Matka King" was shown as a rich man residing in Gokuldham Society. He was a corrupt businessman who earned money through illegal activities.

Inspector Patni[edit]

He was another inspector. He always used to say a line main hoon Inspector Patni, muzrimon ki banata hoon chatni meaning ' I am Inspector Patni, who crushes criminals'.


Simple Kaul has played the role of Gulabo. Jethalal along with friends went to Kashmir for celebrating last days of his bachelorhood. Due to immense craze for acting, Jethalal volunteered to appear for a marriage scene with Gulabo as her groom in a movie. Unfortunately, the movie never got released and Jethalal returned to Mumbai. However, Gulabo's life was ruined due to this incident as she was forced to remain spinster. Once again, the poor luck of Jethalal brought Gulabo to his doorsteps. She then claimed Jethalal as her legal husband. Jethalal then challenged the authenticity of this fake marriage in court. Sensing his defeat, Jethalal cunningly feigns renouncing public life and Gulabo admits the fact behind their fake marriage. She then tied the nuptial knot with Pyare Mohan - the lawyer of Jethalal, thus bringing the track to an end.


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