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List of people who have done Reddit IAmAs

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The Reddit subreddit /r/IAmA has been host to a number of prominent individuals who have done question and answer sessions on Reddit. This is a list of individuals who have done multiple. Groups (i.e. bands) who have done multiple IAmAs are not included in this list, but if an individual has been part of a group IAmA in addition to their own IAmA, they are included.

Posts in /r/IAmA[edit]

The subreddit /r/IAmA is the primary forum that hosts Q&A's on Reddit. This list includes people who have done multiple Q&A's in this subreddit.

Rank Name Username Number Notes
Bill Gates /u/thisisbillgates 5[1][2][3][4][5]
Adam Savage /u/mistersavage 7[6] May 2016 IAmA was done in /r/maker. Notable for answering a large number of questions.
Edward Snowden /u/SuddenlySnowdenand /u/_EdwardSnowden 2[7][8]
Glenn Greenwald /u/glenngreenwald 3[9][10][7]
Gordon Ramsay /u/_Gordon_Ramsay 3[11][12][13]
Elon Musk /u/ElonMuskOfficial 2[14][15] Most recent one was in /r/spacex
Brian Driscoll /u/touchmyfuckingcoffee 9[16] Appeared on Reddit podcast Upvoted under pseudonym Jack. Notable for being an extremely popular IAmA multiple times.
Matt Damon /u/MattDamon_ 2[17][18]
Julian Assange /u/_JulianAssange 3[19][20][21] September 2014 IAmA was done on /r/technology and the January 2017 IAmA was accompanied by a Twitch stream.
Buzz Aldrin /u/BuzzAldrinHere 2[22]
Chris Pratt /u/ChrisPrattOfficial 2[23]
Bill Nye /u/sundialbill 6[24][25] One was a group IAmA with the original post posted by another account.
Keanu Reeves /u/_KeanuReeves 2[26]
Jared Polis /u/jaredpolis 5[27] United States Congressman for Colorado who announced his candidacy for governor on Reddit[28].
Neil deGrasse Tyson /u/neiltyson 6[29] June 2015 IAmA was in /r/Art.[30]
Lil Dicky /u/Lil-Dicky 3[31]
Anthony Bourdain /u/iamAnthonyBourdain 2[32]
Gary Johnson /u/GovGaryJohnson 13[33]
R.L. Stine /u/RL__Stine 2[34]
Daryl Davis /u/DarylDavis 2[35]
Jim O'Heir /u/JimOHeir 2[36]
Sean Murray /u/seanymurray 2[37]
Ken Bone /u/StanGibson18 4[38] January 2017 IAmA was done in /r/dankmemes.[39]
Denzel Washington /u/_DenzelWashington 2[40]
Oliver Babish /u/oliverbabish 2[41]
Kang Chol-hwan /u/KangCholHwan 2[42]
Leah Remini /u/TheRealLeahRemini 2[43]
Ron Perlman /u/RonPerlmanHere 3[44]
Jerry Seinfeld /u/_Seinfeld 3[45]
Kumail Nanjiani /u/kumalinanjiani 2[46]
Bassnectar /u/BassnectarOfficial 2[47]
Adam Conover /u/adamconover 4[48] April 2015 IAmA was done in /r/furry[49] and October 2016 IAmA was more limited in subject matter and was done in his own subreddit[50].

Posts in Other Default Subreddits[edit]


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