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Muntasir Billah Mahdi

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Muntasir Billah Mahdi
Muntasir Mahdi.jpg Muntasir Mahdi.jpg
Muntasir Mahdi
Born08 October, 1999
Mymensingh, Bangladesh
🏳️ NationalityMymensingh
💼 Occupation
Islamic Speaker, Actor, Director & YouTuber
Known forVideo Making & also for his Blog post, Acting, Directing & Islamic Speech

Muntasir Mahdi is a Bengali Islamic content creator and blogger. He makes Islamic videos in Bengali language on YouTube. He mostly answers questions from atheists. However, he also makes Islamic short films.her first short Flim name is Mitha . [1]

Early life[edit]

Muntasir Mahdi was born on October 8,1999. his full name is Muntasir Billah Mahdi.her father was a teacher and her mother is a house wife. [2]


Muntasir Mahdi attended Tanjimul Ummah cadet Madrasah from 2015 to 2017. then in 2017, he was admitted to Alim Class at darunnazat Siddikia Kamil Madrasah.After passing Alim from there, he is currently studying at Islamic Arabic University [3].


Muntasir Billah Mahdi has


1.[Answer to Atheist's Question] Is it scientifically possible for Adam to be 90 feet /60 cubits tall?

2.The black history of the English language - Why is English an international language?

3.The history of the creation of religion. Why so many religions in the world?


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