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Majik Ninja Entertainment

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Majik Ninja Entertainment
Founded2014 (2014)
FounderTwiztid, George Vlahakis
GenreHip hop
Country of originU.S.
LocationLivonia, Michigan

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Majik Ninja Entertainment is an American independent record label based in Michigan that specializes in hip hop music.[1][2] The label was founded in 2014 by the horrorcore duo Twiztid and their manager George Vlahakis. The recording studio for the label is called The Dojo.[citation needed]


Continued releases and new artists (2015–2016)[edit]

In a mid April 2015 interview with Monoxide by NEHipHop, Monoxide stated that they are close to releasing the roster, but they are working out the remaining legal kinks. He stated that they are going to sign three from California, one from New York, and one from Detroit. He also stated that Twiztid will take a back seat after 2015 to focus on their label and roster. On June 3, 2015 it was announced that the label's new website was up and running.[3]

During Twiztid and Blaze Ya Dead Homie's 2015 GOTJ seminar on July 24, 2015 it was announced that Blaze Ya Dead Homie's album The Casket Factory will be released on January 15, 2016. It was also announced that R.O.C.'s album will be released in early 2016. Also it was announced that Twiztid's next album won't be released until mid 2016. Finally it was announced that they will release 2 artists signed to the label in the next 30 days or so. During Insane Clown Posse's 2015 GOTJ seminar it was announced that Boondox has left Psychopathic Records and signed with Majik Ninja Entertainment only to be confirmed later by Boondox himself that it was not true. In mid/late November 2015 it was announced that the newest artist on Majik Ninja Entertainment was Queens, New York rapper Lex "The Hex" Master. Master was featured on the second single (They Call That Gangsta - Blaze Ya Dead Homie ft. R.O.C. & Lex "The Hex" Master), released on December 23, 2015 and was accompanied by a music video, off of Blaze's second album (The Casket Factory) on MNE, set to be released on January 15, 2016.

In early 2016 Lex "The Hex" Master released his second single titled "Ninjas". Blaze Ya Dead Homie went on The Casket Factory Tour with Lex the Hex Master, The R.O.C. & Trilogy from February 4, 2016 through March 13, 2016. On The Casket Factory Tour, Lex "The Hex" Master released his debut EP on the label titled The Black Season. Also released on the tour was Blaze's EP The Casket Maker. In early/mid March 2016 it was announced that Zodiac MPrint will be releasing their debut EP titled Ride the Stars on May 20, 2016. In late March/early April Blaze Ya Dead Homie's second music video was released for the song "Who U Looking 4" featuring Boondox & Jamie Madrox. Also in late March/early April Twiztid released the title of their upcoming studio album, which will be their 11th, titled: "The Continuous Evilution of Life's ?'s", and released the first single from the album titled "Psychomania".

In an April 21, 2016 Force Five News interview with Blaze Ya Dead Homie and Boondox, it was hinted at that Boondox is going to sign with Majik Ninja Entertainment, when the reporter asked ("Now Boondox, I'm not saying anything about you signing with MNE right now am I"? - Boondox sits there smiling). On July 14, 2016 Majik Ninja Entertainment announced that on Monday July 18, 2016 they will announce the newest artist on the label and a music video as the official announcement. On July 18, 2016 at 4:00pm it was announced that G-Mo Skee is the newest artist on the label with the song "G" from his upcoming album My Filthy Spirit Bomb. On July 28, 2016 it was announced that a new album titled The Murder would be out soon. On August 19, 2016 Back On Da Block EP by Drive-By (Blaze Ya Dead Homie & Anybody Killa) was rereleased. On September 19, 2016 via Facebook, Lex "The Hex" Master announced that there will be a new VIP exclusive EP featuring him on the Spooktacular Horror Show Tour with Twiztid, Mac Lethal, Zodiac MPrint, Lex "The Hex" Master, Menace 2 Sobriety & Godz Of Kaos. Also it will be released on the Merciless Assault Tour with Scum & Lex "The Hex" Master. The title is unknown but the name of the group is Lex "The Hex" Master & The Unholy Trinity. The Unholy Trinity is composed of his producer Obsidian.K the man behind the dope beats on the tracks and his engineer from Las Roaches Suite DjNemoz. On October 10, 2016 it was announced from Monoxide Child that a new artist will be announced within the next 30 days, and after Twiztid and the crew return from the "Spooktacular Horror Show Tour" a second new artist will be announced. Also it was stated that Twiztid and Blaze Ya Dead Homie (Triple Threat) will possibly be recording their debut album soon. On October 16, 2016 during the MNE Seminar at the 2016 Rock & Shock concert it was announced that former Psychopathic Records artist Boondox has signed to the label.[4]

It was also announced that Majik Ninja Entertainment will put on a convention in 2017, also a Majik Ninja Entertainment compilation album will be released in 2017. Also it was announced that there is one more solo artist and a group still to be announced at a later date, and action figures are being worked on. And finally Twiztid will be celebrating their 20th anniversary with big surprises.[5]

It was also announced that the debut Triple Threat album is being worked on, and R.O.C. (rapper)|The R.O.C. is working on a new Zodiac MPrint album. Finally it was stated that there will be 3 albums released before June 2017. On December 9, 2016 it was announced that the new artist would be announced on December 10, 2016 via the MNE Facebook page. On December 10, 2016 it was officially announced that Boondox has signed to the label, and his album The Murder (Boondox album)|The Murder will be released in 2017. That same day on the artist template on the label website, it was announced that a new artist was to be revealed "sooner than you think". On December 24, 2016 it was announced that the new artist on the label will be announced on December 25, 2016 at 3:00pm EST. It was also stated that the new artist already has a handful of songs recorded and ready for release, which they will be when the artist is revealed. On December 25, 2016 it was announced that the new artist is Gorilla Voltage. Their debut album is set for a February 24, 2017 release date. On December 30, 2016 it was announced via Majik Ninja Entertainment Facebook page that they will be announcing The Murder (Boondox album)|The Murder release date at 7:00pm EST on Boondox's official Facebook page. The Murder (Boondox album)|The Murder will be released on March 24, 2017. On December 31, 2016 at 2:00pm EST it was announced that a new ninja will be unlocked. At 3:00pm EST it was announced that the new artist is Axe Murder Boyz|Young Wicked.

Roster and plans (2017–present)[edit]

On January 1, 2017, Twiztid said to expect a full year of music and shows starting with their 11th studio album The Continuous Evilution of Life's ?'s on January 27, 2017, Gorilla Voltage's debut album Ape-X on February 24, 2017, Boondox's 5th studio album The Murder on March 24, 2017. Other albums that were released in 2017 are The R.O.C.'s 4th studio album Digital Voodoo, Axe Murder Boyz|Young Wicked's second studio album The Return of the Prodigal Son, Triple Threat's self-titled debut, Lex "The Hex" Master's 2nd album Beyond Redemption and Majik Ninja's Twiztid Presents: Year of the Sword compilation. On January 1, 2017 a invite to the Juggalo March On Washington was sent to all artists on Majik Ninja Entertainment. On January 2, 2017 Twiztid accepted their invite, while R.O.C. (rapper)|The R.O.C. respectively declined. On January 4, 2017 via Facebook, Majik Ninja Entertainment announced that Twiztid, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, The R.O.C., Lex the Hex Master, G-Mo Skee, Boondox and Axe Murder Boyz|Young Wicked will in fact not take part in the Juggalo March On Washington or in the free concert, but will take part in the 2017 Juggalo Day Show: Tales From The Lotus Pod. On January 18, 2017 Majik Ninja Entertainment announced the upcoming releases for the year. The list includes, The Continuous Evilution Of Life's ?'s from Twiztid on January 27, 2017, Cryptic Collection: Valentine's Day Edition being released on the Eat Your Heart Out Tour (February 10–22, 2017), Gorilla Voltage from New artist Gorilla Voltage February 24, 2017, The Murder on March 24, 2017, Digital Voodoo from The R.O.C. in April 2017. Other releases set for 2017 are from, Lex "The Hex" Master with his album Beyond Redemption (Lex "The Hex" Master album)|Beyond Redemption, The Return of the Prodigal Son from Axe Murder Boyz|Young Wicked, Chaly & The Filth Factory from G-Mo Skee. Also albums set for release are from, Axe Murder Boyz, Zodiac MPrint, Blaze Ya Dead Homie|Triple Threat. Also Twiztid will release an Abominationz|Abominationz Picture Book.

On January 5, 2017 Twiztid's flyer for their 5th Annual 420 Show revealed that Axe Murder Boyz are on the label. In late March or early April during Paul Methric|Monoxide's Brunch N Bake he said that everyone on the "Eat Your Heart Out Tour" caught a bug, which delayed him from recording his vocals for The Return Of The Prodigal Son, and may wind up pushing the album's release date back. In mid April the first Triple Threat single was released titled "R.I.P.". In late April 2017 it was announced that Axe Murder Boyz|Young Wicked's album was being pushed back from May 19, 2017 to June 30, 2017. Also in late April 2017 Lex "The Hex" Master announced that he will be releasing Mr. Ugly 2 (mixtape) on May 15, 2017. In early May 2017 Twiztid announced that a special CD will be sold by a special person mingling in the crowd and finding him and asking was the only way to purchase the CD on the Psychomania Tour. The special person was Detroit rapper, and former Native World Inc. artist Bake Lo. The special CD was the Triple Threat (EP)|Triple Threat EP with 3 songs taken from the Triple Threat full-length album by Triple Threat. In early June, G-Mo Skee announced that he has turned in his second album My Filthy Spirit Bomb. In an interview and social media, The R.O.C. has stated that he is working on the new Zodiac MPrint album. On July 3, 2017 it was announced by faygoluvers that King Gordy is working with MNE in some compacity, with nothing else being said.[6] On July 12, 2017 during Paul Methric|Monoxide's Brunch N Bake it was announced that 2 groups have been signed to the label, and will be announced on their next radio show.[7]

On July 14, 2017 via Majik Ninja Entertainment's official Twitter account, it was announced that Boondox is working on a follow-up to The Murder (Boondox album)|The Murder. On July 21, 2017 it was leaked that Twiztid and Majik Ninja Entertainment have trademarked Drunken Ninja Master Beer.[8] During the August 16, 2017 edition of Ashtrays & Action Figures it was announced that the new group signed to the label is called L.A.R.S.|Last American Rock Stars and consists of Detroit rappers Bizarre (rapper)|Bizarre and King Gordy. On October 13, 2017 Majik Ninja Entertainment announced the album, Twiztid Presents: Year of the Sword, composed of tracks featuring every single artist on the label, which they dropped on December 1, 2017.

On January 19, 2018 it was announced that Twiztid will be holding a 420 Weekend 3 date mini tour on the west coast for 2018.[9] The VIP package includes: A 420 themed flag, Blunts & Bongs: The Weed Collection, a vinyl sticker, and a VIP exclusive 420 basketball jersey.[10] On February 16, 2018 L.A.R.S. released their debut album Last American Rock Stars[11] peaking #6 on the US Billboard (magazine)|Billboard Heatseekers Albums chart.[12]

On March 6, 2018 via Instagram Monoxide was asked about who the newly signed artist was, and he responded "I don't even know where to begin on describing who we just signed. Just don't worry about it right now". On March 9, 2018 with the release of the music video "Still I Rise" by Young Wicked featuring Rittz and Jamie Madrox came the launching of a instrumental web store called:[13] Also it was announced of the "Still I Rise Challenge". On April 2, 2018 Axe Murder Boyz|Young Wicked announced that Playboy The Beast and Donnie Menace won the Still I Rise MC Contest. As of May 9th, 2018 on Twiztid's radio show "Ashtray's and Action Figures" it was announced that on May 14th, 2018, 1 of 2 (possibly both) new artists will be announced on their label. On May 14th at 12:00a.m. Twiztid announced their newest group to be The Underground Avengers a group consisting of Boondox, Bukshot & Claas. Monoxide Child (of Twiztid) said on a live stream that their second newest artist will be announced sometime in July of 2018. It was announced that the newest signee(s) will be performing at the Gathering of the Juggalos 2018, and will be officially announced after the event. On July 27th, 2018, Majik Ninja Entertainment produced a teaser trailer for their newest artist titled "Believe", and shows one member of Alla Xul Elu.


Attack Of The Ninjas[edit]

Attack Of The Ninjas 2017[edit]

In early 2017 Twiztid released cryptic messages saying that they will reveal a special announcement at their "Psychomania Tour" show in Salt Lake City, Utah on June 2, 2017. At the show it was announced that they will be putting on their own music festival titled Attack Of The Ninjas . The show will take place on August 26, 2017 at the Complex in Salt Lake City, Utah and will feature performances on the main stage from: Twiztid who will be performing their Mirror Mirror EP in its entirety, Triple Threat who will perform new and old songs for the first time as a group, G-Mo Skee, Boondox, Zodiac MPrint, Lex "The Hex" Master, Young Wicked, Gorilla Voltage and Insane E.[14] The second stage (Underground Stage) which will be hosted by Chuck Reeves, will feature performances from: Liquid Assassin, Damien Quinn, Razakel, Body Bag Syndikate, Andrew W. Boss, Troll (Slo Pain), ClaAs, Donnie Menace, Shadow D, Sik Ville Entertainment, Mista Ice Pick and Kraziak.[15] The third stage inside the Complex (Vertigo Stage) will feature performances from: Blaze Ya Dead Homie performing 1 Less G n da Hood in its entirety, The R.O.C., Axe Murder Boyz, Scum and Dienasty The Mexican Thuggalo.

Attack Of The Ninjas 2018[edit]

On May 23, 2018 it was announced through that night's episode of The Hookup that the second annual Attack Of The Ninjas will take place on August 24 and August 25 at Kokomo, Indiana.[16] Day 1 will feature sets from Dementid, Alla Xul Elu, Gorilla Voltage, L.A.R.S., G-Mo Skee, Boondox and Twiztid. Day 2 will feature sets from Higher Power, The R.O.C., Lex "The Hex" Master, The Underground Avengers, Axe Murder Boyz, Blaze Ya Dead Homie and Twiztid. On June 13, 2018 it was announced that a pre show party will take place in Kokomo, Indiana on August 23, 2018 and will be headlined by Drive-By and will also feature a set by Freddy Grimes, Jay Villain, Redd, Body Bag Syndikate, Ground Zero and Bulletproof & The Fool.[17]


Astronomicon 2018[edit]

On May 17, 2017 Twiztid announced via a short video that they will be putting on their own convention in 2018. The dates were announced for February 9, 2018 through February 11, 2018 at Wyndham Garden in Sterling Heights, Michigan. Guests announced for the convention were Twiztid, Mick Foley, Sid Haig and Kane Hodder.[18] However, Mick ended up cancelling due to scheduling conflicts. Other attendees included the entire Majik Ninja Entertainment roster, Dirk Manning, Anybody Killa (Saturday only), Bill Moseley,[19] Laura Slade Wiggins, Road Warrior Animal, Charles Wright, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Eric Bischoff, Ryan Hurst, Jason Mewes, Kevin Smith (Sunday only), Brian O'Halloran, Carla Harvey, Tony Moran, Tyler Mane,[20] Mr. Creepy Pasta,[21] Pixel Dan,[22] The Game Chasers,[23] Angry Video Game Nerd,[24] Ming Chen, Bryan Johnson, Booker T,[25] Dirk Manning,[26] Caroline,[27] Tate Steinsiek,[28] Roy Knyrim[29] amongst others

Astronomicon 2019[edit]

On February 21, 2018, the dates for the second annual Astronomicon were announced for February 8 through February 10 at Wyndham Garden in Sterling Heights, Michigan.[30] On June 23, 2018, it was announced that Twiztid, Bill Moseley, Sid Haig, Scott Hall, Ming Chen and Mike Zapcic would be attending[31]


Aside from normal merchandise (albums, shirts, hats, etc. MNE also has many different varieties of merchandise like sunglasses, body pillows of artists on label, also many different types of soda including:

  • Outrageous Orange[32]
  • Root Beer[33]
  • Madrox's Sour Apple Sludge[34]
  • Monoxide's Redrum Strawberry Soda[34]
  • Twiztid Scream Soda[35]
  • Graveyard Grape[35]
  • Scary Cherry[36]


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