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Michael Taillard
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Born (1982-11-22) November 22, 1982 (age 39)
Livonia, Michigan, U.S.
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Michael Taillard ( /ˈtælʊrd/ TAL-erd; born November 22, 1982)[1] is an American economist, consultant, and professional author.

Early life and education[edit]

Michael Taillard was born in Livonia, Michigan. Early-on he decided that he wanted to become a body piercer and worked for several years as a teenager before deciding to go to college to learn about business in order to open his own tattoo and piercing shop.[2] While in college he changed his career course to pursue economics. This included an Associate of Arts in Business Administration from Schoolcraft College, a Bachelor of Science in International Economics from Madonna University with cum laude honors and a School of Business High Achievement Award, a MBA in International Finance from Madonna University, a secondary graduate-level certificate in International Management from Madonna University, a PhD in Financial Economics from Northcentral University with magna cum laude honors, and a non-degree training program in Chinese Language and Culture for Business from National Taiwan Normal University.[3][4] Honor society memberships include Phi Theta Kappa, Kappa Gamma Pi, and Delta Mu Delta.


Michael Taillard has taught economics at multiple universities around the world, starting at Huijia in Beijing,[2][5] then moved-on to teach in the MBA program at Bellevue University.[6][7][8][9] He currently maintains a formal position at Bellevue University, and is a professor at Central Michigan University.[10][11]

Taillard also spent a short period in 2011 researching the likely outcomes of a zombie apocalypse, which attracted the attention of the industry. Subsequently, he was hired to appear as an economics expert alongside other contributors such as Noam Chomsky in an award-winning allegorical zombie mockumentary about labor markets entitled Dead Man Working.[9][12] After that he was asked to appear at the 2011 Seattle ZomBCon to give a panel on the findings of his research.[13]

The bulk of his work has been composed of private clients, non-profits and government agencies, however.[14][15][16] His work on the advancement of theories in military strategy has garnered the attention of universities, who have invited him to speak about his research [17], and has been praised in interviews for its innovative approach to conflict resolution.[18]

Michael Taillard was enlisted in the US Army Reserves and joined the 456th Movement Control Team as an 88N (Transportation Management Coordinator) between 2008 and 2014.[14]

Author and editor[edit]

Michael Taillard is a prolific author, with major publishers like Macmillan and Wiley,distributing his books globally.[14][15][16][19][20][21][22][23][24][25]

Taillard has appeared as a guest author on a variety of blogs, [26][7][27][28] and has also appeared in several newspapers,[29][30][31] writing on a variety of economic and financial topics.

He currently holds a position as associate editor and editorial board member for the academic journal Palgrave Communications.[32]

Economic views[edit]

Michael Taillard is a behavioral economist, indicating a rejection of mainstream theories like the efficient market hypothesis and rational choice theory.[20][21] As a result, he has stated that markets must be free to operate without intervention, but that they must function within a paradigm that selectively resolves market failures[22][33][34] and takes advantage of systematically irrational economic behaviors. He maintains active membership status with the American Economic Association.[35]

Fiscal restructuring[edit]

In several of his books, Taillard argues that the global economy has reached the limits of its current epoch, which began with the industrial revolution, and that a new approach will be necessary to sustain the global population.[19] His recommendation, described in his book Aspirational Revolution, fundamentally changes the dynamics underlying the current fiscal management of economic growth, and replaces them with a variation on Schumpeterian growth by taking the gains from technological advancements and directing them toward free market innovations and economic development. He has also been a strong supporter of open border and free trade, addressing the functions and benefits as being no different than domestic free markets, which are equally important.[22] He does note, however, that the benefits of both free markets and free trade are greatly diminished by the misallocation of resources generated through gains from trade, which he states will be resolved under his proposed restructuring of fiscal policy.

Criticisms of the financial sector[edit]

Taillard is extremely critical of the financial sector. He is on record strongly denouncing the predatory nature of credit lending,[23] the tremendously poor risk management at banks and other lenders,[21] the unscrupulous actions of financial advisers in the absence of a fiduciary rule,[20] and the dysfunctional nature of the insurance industry as a whole.[21][23] He has dedicated significant time in recent years to developing alternative models for a variety of financial products.

Political views[edit]

Taillard describes himself purely as an economist, interested only in what the data indicates rather than any political agenda or view, and is a strong proponent of data-driven policy.[2]

Cannabis legalization advocacy[edit]

As a member of NORML, Taillard remains an active and outspoken advocate of legalizing cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes.[27][28][30][36] He has written guest articles for a variety of high-profile blogs[27][28] and newspapers.[29] Taillard was one of several signatories on an open letter to the federal government on the economic implications of cannabis prohibition and legalization, alongside 3 Nobel Laureates.[36] He also heavily criticized the forceful closing of medical marijuana dispensaries in Benzie County, Michigan based on the lack of market availability for medical cannabis in a tourist-based economy during a period in time in which Michigan was utilizing a caregiver model of distribution rather than a dispensary model.[30]

Flaws of democracy[edit]

Taillard publicly laments the failings of democracy to facilitate informed voting and governance.[2] He states that the matter of modern economics requires a lifetime dedication to the field, and that the inability of everyone to pursue economic as a career has led to poor decisions in matters of fiscal policy.

Military reformation[edit]

Taillard has been an outspoken critic of current military operations, and proposes that the only way to end warfare is to find alternative means of winning conflicts that are more effective than physical combat.[14][37] He has helped agencies such as the US Chief of Staff of the Army's Strategic Studies Group and US Strategic Command to develop new strategies that utilize economic and psychological methods capable of preventing opposition forces from organizing conflicts before they can begin, seeing this as a more efficient and effective approach to national defense.[15]

Published works[edit]

Academic books (authored or coauthored)[edit]

  • Economics and Modern Warfare: The Invisible Fist of the Market (September 18, 2012) Palgrave Macmillan, ISBN 9781137033284 Search this book on Amazon.com Logo.png.
  • Economics and Modern Warfare: The Invisible Fist of the Market 2nd Edition (September 2018) Palgrave Macmillan
  • Psychology and Modern Warfare: Idea Management in Conflict and Competition (December 18, 2013), with Holly Giscoppa. Palgrave Macmillan, ISBN 9781137349613 Search this book on Amazon.com Logo.png.
  • Analytics and Modern Warfare: Dominance by the Numbers (December 17, 2014) Palgrave Macmillan, ISBN 9781137395634 Search this book on Amazon.com Logo.png.
  • Aspirational Revolution: The Purpose-Driven Economy (October 13, 2017), Palgrave Macmillan ISBN 978-3319617701 Search this book on Amazon.com Logo.png.
  • Market Insanity: A Brief Guide to Diagnosing the Madness in the Stock Market (August 2018) Elsevier ISBN 9780128131152 Search this book on Amazon.com Logo.png.

Economics textbooks[edit]

Books for a general audience[edit]

Selected academic articles[edit]


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