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The title screen of Petscop, the video game.
Hosted byThe narrator
Let's play
No. of episodes10
Original releaseMarch 12, 2017 – May 31, 2017 or present

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Petscop is a web series released on YouTube. The series follows an unnamed narrator exploring a supposedly "lost and unfinished" PlayStation video game of the same name developed by a company named Garalina.

The series ran from March 12, 2017 through May 31 of the same year.[1] It is currently unknown if the series is finished or on hiatus.[2]

Plot summary[edit]

An unnamed narrator creates videos of himself playing through the titular unreleased PlayStation game. In the game, the player character must capture strange creatures known as "pets" by solving puzzles. However, after inputting a code found on a note attached to the game the narrator received, he is able to enter a strange, dark, and hidden section of the game: the Newmaker Plane and the depths below it.[2] More puzzles are encountered, but it is slowly revealed that this section of the game was made by someone for a specific person to tell that person they know of something terrible that person has done, and that the narrator may just be that person.


Outside of the game[edit]

  • Narrator – Often referred to as "Paul" due to his choice in naming his file save,[3] the unnamed narrator of Petscop is a quiet and investigative person. Not much is known about his personality, other than his desire to uncover the secrets of the game.
  • Unknown – Throughout the series, the narrator uses the word "you" when talking, as though referring to a specific person. This is prominently shown in the first line he speaks in the series: "All right, so, this is just to prove to you that I’m not lying about this game I found."[4]
  • Rainer – Likely the nickname of the person in question, due to the name "Rainer" being referred to in quotation marks, Rainer is, or was, a person who had been in contact with the narrator, and the person who gave him Petscop.[5] He is also the signer of the note shown in "Petscop 9".

Inside the game[edit]

  • Player character – The player character that the narrator controls. It is a green animal-like creature of an unknown species.[2]
  • Tool – A large red object that the player can interact with and ask questions to. It is found under the Newmaker Plane.[2]
  • Marvin – A character mentioned by Tool when it turned pink, and the name that the narrator gives the strange green-faced creature in "Petscop 8".[6]


  • Care – A young girl found by the narrator under the Newmaker Plane. The narrator manages to "catch" her, as though she were one of the pets.
  • Michael Hammond (Mike) – A dead seven-year-old child whose gravestone in found by the narrator.[7]
  • Tiara – A girl mentioned by the Tool and in a note in "Petscop 5".[7]


  • Randice – A flower who exists in a symbiotic relationship with Wavey.
  • Toneth – A pet shown in a painting alongside Randice.
  • Wavey – A cloud who waters Randice to keep her alive.
  • Amber – A large sentient steel ball who enjoys staying in her cage.
  • Pen – A musically gifted pet.
  • Roneth – Presumably the child of Randice and Toneth. There is no known way to capture Roneth.


No.TitleOriginal air date
1"Petscop"March 12, 2017
An unnamed narrator records himself playing through a lost and unfinished Playstion video game entitled Petscop. He begins to play through it as normal, capturing pets and adding them to his collection, but after inputting a code attached to the game on a note, he enters a dark grassy world. After wandering this strange plane for some time, he encounters what appears to be a cellar door, and has no choice but to wait until it somehow opens.
2"Petscop 2"April 1, 2017
After the cellar door mysteriously opens, the narrator explores the dark depths below the grassy plane, stumbling upon many things, most notably, the grave of a seven-year-old boy named Michael Hammond, a crying girl named Care, a mysterious red object that answers questions and tells the narrator to "watch the windmill" that lies behind it, and the Quitter's Room.
3"Petscop 3"April 2, 2017
The narrator realizes there is an area of the depths he forgot, and discovers a strange area in which the player may input a face onto a canvas and be taken to a randomly generated bedroom of a child. After experimenting for a while with inputting faces, he soon realizes that the faces on Mike's gravestone and the stairway to Care can be entered into the canvas. He enters Mike's room, finding little out of the ordinary, but after entering Care's room, he finds a strange note attached to the back wall. After reading it, the narrator begins to realize that this strange section of the game was created for one person in particular. He attempts to explore further right from the building, but finds that said section of the game is unfinished.
4"Petscop 4"April 7, 2017
The narrator enters the upper grassy plane from a different way, and to the left of it, discovers a camera and a large grey plate roughly above where the windmill is. He explains that this plate is likely to represent the windmill.
5"Petscop 5"April 11, 2017
After asking the strange red object several questions, the narrator attempts to show some of its interesting responses, one of which reveals the name of the grassy plane to be "the Newmaker Plane", however, as he is about to ask the question "Who are you?", the object turns pink, gaining a new personality, and deflecting most of the narrator's questions. After turning red it reveals its name to be Tool.
6"Petscop 6"April 20, 2017
Following the Tool's instructions, the narrator films the windmill for four hours. During this time, a strange silhouette figure enters the windmill, the windmill reverses, and the figure walks towards the camera. After turning the camera around, it asks two questions, presumably to the narrator, spelling them out with wood block letters: "Where is my house?" and "Where is the school?". It then states it will follow the narrator, and the camera returns to focus on the windmill. After some more time, the windmill disappears. The narrator returns to where he previously found the camera, capture a pet the silhouette figure left behind, and asks the Tool the same questions the figure asked him, receiving less than satisfying answers. He then explains that he does not believe the game is haunted in any way.
7"Petscop 7"April 29, 2017
After waiting in the Quitter's Room, the narrator hears a strange series of tones coming from the left side of the room. After they stop, he checks a note attached to the right side wall, which now contains a message in bright pink reading: "COME HERE". The narrator believes this to mean that the Tool has turned pink again and proceeds to ask it more questions, once again, the Tool does not answer them, simply babbling nonsensically about a person named Marvin. The narrator then attempts to enter two faces into the canvas: Mike's face without eyebrows, and Care's face with Mike's eyebrows. Again, the first room contains nothing out of the ordinary, but the second room contains an item that the narrator deems needed to be censored. There is a warning of what may be censored in the future.
8"Petscop 8"May 9, 2017
The narrator is exploring a strange tunnel that cars come out of located near the entry areas of the depths under the Newmaker Plane, when suddenly, a strange green faced figure, the exact same shape as the silhouette figure, comes out of one of the tunnels. The narrator decides that this entity must be Marvin. He runs around in circles and into walls until floating up, as if walking up an invisible staircase. The narrator searches for him in the Newmaker Plane, but finds nothing. Later, he is head having a conversation with an unknown person about the game and its history.
9"Petscop 9"May 24, 2017
The narrator leaves the game running at its title screen, and a short demo of the game plays. The narrator returns to the area in which Care is found, but realizes that he can walk to the right halfway through the staircase, glitching his character and turning him into a silhouette. The narrator connects this to the silhouette that appeared while he was watching the windmill and goes to the grey plate that he believed to represent the windmill in in the Newmaker Plane. He finds that the windmill is now there, and enters it. Inside, he finds a face, and, after entering it into the canvas, he enters another room with a note, talking directly to the narrator about his experience of his friend and a windmill disappearing into thin air. He walks to the upper-right of the room and enters a room that appears to hold a birthday party. He opens two gifts: one containing a green key, and the other containing a red tetrahedron that disturbs the narrator enough to censor it. After exploring the edges of the room, he soon finds a third present, and, after opening it, he is warped to the Newmaker Plane, near a door that leads back into the starting area of the game, Even Care. There, he changes a switch from "0" to "−1", returns to where Care is, and captures her. He then drops her off at the strange collection of children's rooms, known as the Child Library, but soon regrets his decision and takes her back.
10"Petscop 10"May 31, 2017
The narrator once again explores Even Care, finding many things are different. The game crashes many times, and the narrator makes no progress in finding anything significant. He then asks the Tool two questions: "What month is it?" and "What year is it?". Both answers simply result in a model of a calendar being placed in front of the Tool. He then asks: "Where was the windmill?". The answer is censored.

Interpretations and cultural links[edit]

Petscop, the video game, is almost certainly not real in the way it is presented in the series of the same name, or, in other words, it is likely not a "lost and unfinished" PlayStation video game made in 1998, but rather one developed in 2017, likely by the host of the web series.

After the narrator discovers the both literally and figuratively dark areas of the Newmaker Plane and the depths below it, the game takes a near complete tonal shift. Throughout these sections there are many references to child abuse,[8] making it a recurring motif throughout the series. A common interpretation of the series is that it was made, at least in part, to draw attention to the issue of child abuse.

Cultural links[edit]

Candace Newmaker[edit]

Throughout the series, the word "Newmaker" appears several times: it is the name of the dark, grassy plane that the narrator discovers after inputting the secret code in Roneth's room, the note in "Petscop 9" is signed "— Rainer, Newmaker", and it is also the name, or possibly title, given to the player character and/or the narrator. In addition, there is an area known as the "Quitter's Room", which features a picture frame with the question "Do you remember being born?" written on it, and there is also a mention to a character named Tiara. These together are very clear references to Candace Newmaker and her death in rebirthing therapy.[7][8][9]

Daisy-Head Mayzie[edit]

During "Petscop 3", spelled out in large, blocky letters is the phrase "GOOD GRIEF AND ALAS". This is a quote from the book Daisy-Head Mayzie by Dr. Seuss. In addition, the character Care is seen crying underneath a large flower, which at first appears to be growing from her head, similar to how the titular protagonist of the previously mentioned book had a daisy grow out of her head.


Petscop has received coverage from many large news sources and blogs, such as The New Yorker and Kotaku: Kotaku's Patricia Hernandez wrote "if this is an internet story / game, then I am in awe of how elaborate it is,[8] and for The New Yorker's Alex Barron, it is "the king of creepypasta".[2]

The YouTube channel the series is uploaded to currently has over a hundred-thousand subscribers.[1]


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