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European Union
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This article is part of a series on the
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Pro-Europeanism, sometimes called European Unionism,[1][2] is a political position that favours European integration and membership of the European Union (EU).[3]

Pro-EU political parties[edit]

Pan-European level[edit]

Within the EU[edit]

  • Austria Austria: Austrian People's Party,[4] Social Democratic Party of Austria,[5] The Greens – The Green Alternative, NEOS – The New Austria,[6] Volt Austria
  • Belgium Belgium: Reformist Mouvement, Open Flemish Liberals and Democrats,[7] Socialist Party, Socialist Party Differently, Christian Democratic and Flemish, Humanist Democratic Centre, Ecolo, Green, Democratic Federalist Independent, Volt Belgium
  • Bulgaria Bulgaria: Yes, Bulgaria!, Union of Democratic Forces,[8][9][10] Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria,[10] Democrats for a Strong Bulgaria,[10] Bulgarian Socialist Party (factions),[11][12] Volt Bulgaria, Republicans for Bulgaria,[13] Stand Up.BG, United People's Party, Bulgaria for Citizens Movement, Movement 21, There Is Such a People
  • Croatia Croatia: Croatian Democratic Union,[14] Social Democratic Party of Croatia, Croatian Peasant Party, Croatian People's Party – Liberal Democrats, Civic Liberal Alliance, Istrian Democratic Assembly, People's Party - Reformists
  • Cyprus Cyprus: Democratic Rally, Democratic Party, Movement for Social Democracy, Citizens' Alliance
  • Czech Republic Czech Republic: ANO 2011, Christian and Democratic Union – Czechoslovak People's Party,[15] Czech Pirate Party,[16] Czech Social Democratic Party,[17] TOP 09,[18] Mayors and Independents, Green Party[19]
  • Denmark Denmark: Danish Social Liberal Party,[20] Social Democrats,[21] Venstre,[22] Conservative People's Party,[23] Volt Denmark
  • Estonia Estonia: Estonian Social Democratic Party,[24] Estonian Reform Party, Estonian Greens, Pro Patria and Res Publica Union, Estonian Free Party
  • Finland Finland: Centre Party, National Coalition Party, Social Democratic Party of Finland, Green League, Swedish People's Party of Finland
  • France France: La République En Marche!, Democratic Movement, The Republicans, Socialist Party, Public Place, Europe Ecology – The Greens, Radical Movement, Union of Democrats and Independents, Volt France
  • Germany Germany: Alliance '90/The Greens, Christian Democratic Union, Christian Social Union in Bavaria, Social Democratic Party of Germany, Free Democratic Party, Die PARTEI,[25] Volt Germany
  • Greece Greece: New Democracy, Syriza, Movement for Change, Union of Centrists, Democratic Left, Movement of Democratic Socialists
  • Hungary Hungary: Democratic Coalition, Jobbik, Hungarian Socialist Party, Momentum Movement, Dialogue for Hungary, Hungarian Liberal Party, New Start, Civic Conservative Party
  • Republic of Ireland Ireland: Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil, Labour Party, Social Democrats, Green Party, Sinn Féin
  • Italy Italy: Democratic Party, Forza Italia, More Europe, Italia Viva, Volt Italy
  • Latvia Latvia: Unity, Latvian Development, Movement For!, New Conservative Party, The Progressives
  • Lithuania Lithuania: Homeland Union, Social Democratic Party of Lithuania, Liberal Movement, Labour Party, Freedom Party
  • Luxembourg Luxembourg: Christian Social People's Party, Luxembourg Socialist Workers' Party, Democratic Party, The Greens, Volt Luxembourg
  • Malta Malta: Nationalist Party, Labour Party (factions), AD+PD
  • Netherlands Netherlands: Democrats 66, People's Party for Freedom and Democracy, Labour Party, Christian Democratic Appeal, GroenLinks, Volt Netherlands
  • Poland Poland: Civic Platform, .Modern, Polish People's Party, New Left, Your Movement, The Greens, Union of European Democrats, Polish Socialist Party[26]
  • Portugal Portugal: Social Democratic Party, Socialist Party, People–Animals–Nature Party, LIVRE, Liberal Initiative, Volt Portugal
  • Romania Romania: National Liberal Party, Save Romania Union, Freedom, Unity and Solidarity Party, People's Movement Party, Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania, PRO Romania[27]
  • Slovakia Slovakia: Ordinary People and Independent Personalities, Progressive Slovakia, TOGETHER - Civic Democracy, For the People, Direction - Social Democracy, Christian Democratic Movement, Most-Híd, Voice – Social Democracy
  • Slovenia Slovenia: List of Marjan Šarec, Modern Centre Party,[28] Democratic Party of Pensioners of Slovenia, Social Democrats,[29] New Slovenia,[30] Party of Alenka Bratušek,[31] Slovenian People's Party[32]
  • Spain Spain: People's Party, Spanish Socialist Workers' Party, Citizens, Equo, Basque Nationalist Party, Volt Spain
  • Sweden Sweden: Swedish Social Democratic Party, Moderate Party, Centre Party, Liberals, Christian Democrats, Volt Sweden

Outside the EU[edit]

  • Albania Albania: Democratic Party of Albania, Socialist Party of Albania, LSI, Libra Party, Social Democratic Party of Albania, Republican Party of Albania, Unity for Human Rights Party
  • Armenia Armenia: Armenian Democratic Liberal Party, Bright Armenia, European Party of Armenia, For The Republic Party, Free Democrats, Heritage, Liberal Democratic Union of Armenia, National Progress Party of Armenia, People's Party of Armenia, Union for National Self-Determination, Republic Party, Rule of Law, Sasna Tsrer Pan-Armenian Party, Social Democrat Hunchakian Party, Sovereign Armenia Party
  • Azerbaijan Azerbaijan: Republican Alternative Party[33]
  • Belarus Belarus: Belarusian Christian Democracy, BPF Party, United Democratic Forces of Belarus, Belarusian Liberal Party of Freedom and Progress, United Civic Party of Belarus, Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Assembly), Belarusian Social Democratic Assembly
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina: Social Democratic Party of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Party of Democratic Progress, Union for a Better Future, Democratic Front, Our Party, Independent Bloc
  • Georgia (country) Georgia: Georgian Dream, European Georgia, National Movement, Free Democrats, Republican Party of Georgia, Georgian Labour Party, Lelo for Georgia, Solidarity Alliance of Georgia
  • Iceland Iceland: Social Democratic Alliance, Bright Future, Reform Party
  • Moldova Moldova: Liberal Democratic Party, Democratic Party, Liberal Party, European People's Party, Party of Action and Solidarity, Pro Moldova, People's Party of the Republic of Moldova
  • Montenegro Montenegro: Democratic Party of Socialists of Montenegro, Social Democratic Party of Montenegro, DEMOS, United Reform Action, Democratic Montenegro, Socialist People's Party, Liberal Party, Social Democrats, Bosniak Party, Civis
  • North Macedonia North Macedonia: Social Democratic Union, BESA, New Social Democratic Party, Democratic Union for Integration, Alliance for Albanians, Liberal Democratic Party, VMRO-NP
  • Norway Norway: Conservative Party, Labour Party, Liberal Party[34]
  • Russia Russia: Yabloko, People's Freedom Party, Green Alternative
  • Serbia Serbia: Democratic Party, Social Democratic Party, Liberal Democratic Party, Movement of Free Citizens, People's Party, New Party, Serbian Progressive Party, Social Democratic Party of Serbia, Party of Freedom and Justice, Together for Serbia, Serbia 21, Civic Democratic Forum, Party of Modern Serbia, Movement for Reversal
  • Switzerland Switzerland: Social Democratic Party of Switzerland, Green Party of Switzerland, Green Liberal Party of Switzerland
  • Turkey Turkey: Democracy and Progress Party, Democratic Left Party, Democrat Party, Good Party, Liberal Democratic Party, Peoples' Democratic Party, Republican People's Party
  • Ukraine Ukraine: Servant of the People (disputed), Fatherland, European Solidarity, Voice, Self Reliance, Ukrainian People's Party, Our Ukraine, European Party of Ukraine, People's Front
  • United Kingdom United Kingdom: Labour Party (factions),[35] Liberal Democrats,[36][37] Green Party of England and Wales,[38] Plaid Cymru,[39][40] Scottish National Party,[41] Social Democratic and Labour Party,[42] Scottish Greens,[43] Women's Equality Party,[44] Alliance Party of Northern Ireland,[45] Green Party Northern Ireland,[46] Sinn Féin,[47] Mebyon Kernow,[48] Alliance EPP: European People's Party UK,[49] Left Unity,[50] Renew Party,[51] Volt United Kingdom, Animal Welfare Party[52]

Multinational European partnerships[edit]

  • Council of Europe: an international organisation whose stated aim is to uphold human rights, democracy, rule of law in Europe and to promote European culture. It has 47 member states, with approximately 820 million people.
  • Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe: the world's largest security-oriented intergovernmental organization, with 57 participating states mostly in Europe and the Northern Hemisphere.
  • Paneuropean Union: the oldest European unification movement.

See also[edit]

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