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Would like to rename article "QianLong’s Ivory Table Screen" to "Hotung's QianLong’s Ivory Table Screen". Article: QianLong’s Ivory Table Screen

Older name

(Please put a link)

New name of the page Reason* Done ? date This is the wrong Person. Jascha Vossel is a Web-Engineer, Jakob Szeiff the truly Person on this Article. The Name of the link must be Jakob_Szeiff and the name in the article must be changed.
QianLong’s Ivory Table Screen Hotung's QianLong’s Ivory Table Screen (Please leave a reason)⚠️
Sandbox The sandbox example
Dissgate of Ing-wen Tsai Thesis-Gate Scandal of Ing-wen Tsai To unify the term using when it's discussed. "Dissgate" means dissertation-gate, and basically both of them mean the same. Please see this page. Rejected
List of electric shocks on railways List of electric shocks from overhead lines on railways Bring focus of entries to electric shocks that occur from overhead lines. rejected, you have to create a section in the page for specific cases
Param Singh (property developer) Param Singh (executive) Align page name with wikipedia 2022-07-22
Jimmy Henstock Pendi Translations The name was wrong for the information because the service name changed Original page deleted
Kate Hardcastle Kate Hardcastle MBE Her British Honourary should always be in front of her name. 2021-02-20
N23152 N2315 Duplicate page was created 2022-07-22
Karolis Domarkas Miscris Accidentally made original name in artist's personal name, not artist name 2022-07-22
N23153 N2315 Duplicate page was created 2022-07-22
List of accidental electric shocks on railways in Romania List of electric shocks on railways Entries from any location can be included. 2020-09-10
List of electric shocks on stationary train carriages Entries where the electric shock occured on a bridge or railroad pole can be included.
Janosch Sadowski Janosch Kühn Person change their name 2022-07-22
Meredith Jones DeWitt Meredith DeWitt Remove middle name 2022-07-22
DBS Leoch Leoch Battery UK Company name change 2020-07-24