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Rozina Negusei

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Rozina Negusei
Photograph of Rozy Negusei in 2021Rozy B Negusei.jpg Rozy B Negusei.jpg
Rozy at Kampala in 2021
BornRozy Brook Negusei
(1978-01-02) January 2, 1978 (age 46)
Wollo, Dessie Amhara Region, Ethiopia .[1]
🏳️ NationalityAmerican,Ethiopian
Other namesEstella Ihangwe[2]
🏫 EducationUniversity of South Florida,Bachelor in Business Administration
💼 Occupation
📆 Years active  2005-Present
🏢 Organization
Known forChocolate City (film)
TitlePresident and CEO
👩 Spouse(s)Akon
👶 Children2
👴 👵 Parents
  • Brook Negusei (father)
  • Astrat Hagos (mother)
Ruth Solomon

Meron Solomon
Naomi Solomon
Biniam Solomon
Natnael Solomon
Joseph B Negusei

Isak B Negusei
🌐 WebsiteBright Future of Ethiopia Inc

Rozina Brook Negusei (born January 02, 1978) widely known as Rozina Negusei and also known as Rozy B Negusei is an American Entertainment Entrepreneur, Investor, Casting Director, Producer, Good Samaritan and businesswoman.[3][4][5]

She was born in Wollo Dessie in Ethiopia and grew up in Tampa, Frolida in the United States to Brook Negusei(Father) and Astrat Hagos(mother) both Ethiopians. Rozy and her family relocated to the United States in 1989 during a political crisis in Ethiopia when she was just 11 years old.[3][6]

She is the President and Topmost Decision-making Officer of En-treeg Entertainment Group an American company dealing in Entertainment and Fashion. She is a wife to Akon a well-known international singer. Rozy and Akon have 2 children.[4][7][5]

Rozy entered the music business at a very young age, first as a self-made Casting Director and then came to be a Producer, creating a number of music videos in partnership with singers and other fellow creators that include: Jay Z, Usher, Mixmaster David, Karl Palmer of Star Kutt Records, Demarco, Lady Gaga,T-Pain under her Zanar Entertainment company which she started in 2006 and produced a full feature film Chocolate City. In 2009, she started another company called En-treeg Records with supply through KonLive/Universal to sign female singers.[3][5] [8]

Past and Family[edit]

Rozy was born on January 2, 1978 in Wollo,Dessie town found in the Amhara region of Ethiopia and grew up in Tampa, Florida state of America to Ethiopian father and mother. She is the Daughter of Brook Negusei and Astrat Hagos(mother) who are both still alive and living in Tampa Florida to-date. Rozy and her family moved to United States in 1989 when she was 11 years old. The family moved from home country without much choice of where to go and they luckily landed in the United States. As refugees running from a country affected by war, they felt privileged to be helped by Lutheran Ministries of Florida and placed in Tampa when she was 11 years.[3][6]


Rozy studied from University of South Florida and graduated with a degree of bachelor of Business Administration and Management.[3][9]


Starting the Music Business 2005 - 2006[edit]

A self-Made Casting Director[edit]

Rozy Joined the music business by accident when still at college. She could go to Miami meeting many singers and many of them always wanted her to appear in their videos. There was shortage of girls suitable for the singers’ requirements and because of that, she decided to approach the casting director suggesting to supply him with fitting girls. Rozy also informed the director that she was also a casting director like him then the director quickly accepted her suggestion and the two joined efforts and drafted business paperwork. Roxy then got very busy with her job as a self-made casting director and that's how she started the music business.[3]

Zanar Entertainment and Music Production[edit]

Rosy afterwards appointed a casting director who taught her casting and production skillfully at a 50% sharing condition, she then became his helper sitting next to him until she learnt everything including video production and then took over and started Zanar Entertainment LLC in 2006, and started directing and creating many music videos and a full featured movie Chocolate City together with: Gabriel Casseus, Robert Aaronson and LaMarre in 2015.[10] [11]

Starting Entreeg Record Label 2009[edit]

Having seen male singers abusing the young beautiful girls by first sleeping with them the time she was doing the casting job, Rozy got fade up of that injustice. She was convinced that the girls should not succeed at the cost of sleeping with singers. She then decided to start her own record label to sign the girls and give them an equal opportunity without sleeping with any artists in order to succeed. That is how Entreeg Records was started in 2009.[3] [4][5]

Investing in Uganda[edit]

Entertainment Sector[edit]

In January 2021, Negusei visited Uganda to discover business chances in the country. She met with Uganda's president, Yoweri Museveni who gave her the name Estella Ihangwe. She offered to invest $12Million in Uganda’s Entertainment, Cultivation, solar, and real estate, mainly focusing on connecting East Africa to West Africa businesswise.[3][12][13]

Akon City in Uganda[edit]

In April 2021, Rozy went back with her husband Akon to Uganda to discover business opportunities that she had cited on her first visit, they both met Uganda president , different government departments and Media houses and Akon Guaranteed to Build a Second $6Billion futuristic Akon City in Uganda, the Uganda Government offered them 2 square miles of land for the mega Investment.[14][15]

File:Rozina and Family in Kampala.jpg
Negusei and Family in Kampala during their business trip in May 2021


In 2021, Rozy mobilized fellow Ethiopians in the States and started Bright Future for Ethiopia, a charity organization focused at improving the lives fellow Ethiopians in the war affected Amhara Region. Her organization mainly focus on; Education, Healthcare and Agriculture.

They provide forums for making awareness and leadership to various topics of interest to Amhara Community of Ethiopia. The organization also tackles food insecurity through equipping the farmers with farming tools and essential education. It also advocates for reduced mortality and increase care for preventable diseases in Ethiopia.[16]

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