Sarasaland (Empire)

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Sarasaland (Empire)
The four kingdoms of Sarasaland from the KC Deluxe Mario manga.
Mario location
Created byGunpei Yokoi
GenreVideo game
RulerPrincess Daisy
Notable locationsDaisy's Castle
Daisy Circuit
Daisy Hills
Birabuto Kingdom
Muda Kingdom
Easton Kingdom
Chai Kingdom
First appearanceSuper Mario Land

The Sarasaland (Empire) (サラサランド(帝国), Sarasarando (teikoku)) is a principality in Nintendo's Mario series. Sarasaland[1] is a location in the franchise, and is the main setting of Super Mario Land. It is uncertain if many areas in the Mario franchise are part of Sarasaland or the larger Mario universe. Sarasaland is neighboring land to the Mushroom Kingdom.[2] Sarasaland can be referred as an empire and sometimes a nation, since its made up of four different kingdoms. The kingdoms that make up Sarasaland is the Birabuto Kingdom, the Muda Kingdom, the Easton Kingdom, and the Chai Kingdom.



Sarasaland was developed and created in 1989, for Super Mario Land[3] and along with the new setting for a new Mario game, it also came with a Princess and a villain. Princess Daisy was made to be the princess for Sarasaland. The villain, also know as Tatanga[4], had intended to marry Princess Daisy and gain control of her realm. Mario had to rescue this damsel in distress by traveling through four different kingdoms in order to save Princess Daisy.

Government and politics[edit]

The Sarasaland Kingdoms is a principality ruled by Princess Daisy as head of state.[5][6][7] In the instruction manual of Super Mario Land in 1989, Daisy appears for the first time and is depicted as the princess of the kingdoms.[8] Later on in Mario Party 3, after crying about her loss against the opponent, it was mentioned by Princess Daisy that she had never lost to anyone, not even to her own father. This revealed that there is a King of Sarasaland and he is also is a ruler of Sarasaland. It was also revealed that Princess Peach is a cousin to Princess Daisy. This was revealed in prima guides for Mario Kart: Double Dash!! and Mario Kart Wii. Though this was revealed, Nintendo has never confirmed or denied this to be true. Since Princess Daisy's return, they have always been portrayed as best friends, but this information tells people otherwise.


Different species live within the four different parts of the Sarasaland Kingdoms. A minority of humans like Princess Daisy and her father live in the palace. Though most of the time she can be seen residing in the Mushroom Kingdom hanging out with her friends. Sarasaland is essentially populated by Batadons, Biokintons, Bombshell Koopas (relating to Koopas), Bullet Biffs (relating to Bullet Bill (Mario)), Chickens, Chikakos, Dragonzamasus, Flies, Hiyoihois, Honens, Ganchans, Gao, Goombos (relating to Goombas), Gunions, King Totomesu, Kumos, Mekabons, Nyoloins, Pionpis, Pakkun  Flowers, Pompon Flowers, Roketons, Suus, Tamaos, Torions, Yurarins, and Yurarin Boos.[9]


The Empire's most famous currency is the Coin which appears in several games throughout the Mario franchise. The coins can be in the form of several colors, and they do not have the same value. Similar to the Mushroom Kingdom's currency.


Princess Daisy's Palace[edit]

Princess Daisy's Palace is a large, orange, light yellow, and teal palace. It's is also features floral decorations. It remains a landmark of the Mario franchise. Inhabited by the princess and the Subjects of Sarasaland. Her palace first appeared in-game in Mario Kart Wii. This was the first time ever that Nintendo revealed her palace. Though, this may only be just one of her palaces, due to the fact that she rules more than one kingdom. Players can view this palace by playing "Daisy Circuit" the first track on the Star Cup. One of the most interesting details on the circuit, is the two big statues of Princess Daisy and Luigi dancing together. The second statue is their infant counterparts dancing as well.

Daisy Hills[edit]

Daisy Hills is the second course of the Mushroom Cup in Mario Kart 7. The course's name alludes to Princess Daisy and it is located in a village surrounded by green hills, mountains, and fields of flowers. Goats can also be seen in some parts of the course. It reappears in Mario Kart Tour starting with the New York Tour.

Birabuto Kingdom[edit]

The Birabuto Kingdom is the first kingdom in Sarasaland. It is a large desert area and the first world of Super Mario Land. In the backgrounds, players can see pyramids and palm trees, heavily resembling the Giza Pyramid. Enemies in this kingdom consist of Gaos. King Totomesu is the ruler of the Gao and the final boss of this world in Super Mario Land. The Birabuto kingdom highly resembles Ancient Egypt. The name "Birabuto" is known as "Piraputo Kingdom" in Japanese. "Pira-" comes from the word "Piramiddo" or pyramid and "-puto" comes from the word "Ejiputo" or Egypt.

Muda Kingdom[edit]

The Muda Kingdom is the second kingdom in Sarasaland. Its is a water area and the second world traveled through in Super Mario Land. It is set in a seaside area with many hills. In the game Super Mario Land, a UFOcan be seen, hinting that the area is based on the Bermuda Triangle. In World 2-2, the area begins to be more submerged into water before being completely taken over by it in World 2–3. The final level of the world starts to resemble a lost kingdom such as Mu or Atlantis. Enemies in this kingdom consist of mainly Yararins and Yurarin Boos. Dragonzamasu is the final boss of this area and resembles a large Yurarin. His guardian is a jellyfish named Tamao. The word "Muda" is known as "Myuda Kingdom" in Japanese. The word "Myuda" derived from the word "Bermuda." UFOs are seen throughout most of the entire kingdom.

Easton Kingdom[edit]

The Easton Kingdom is the third kingdom in Sarasaland. It is a sparse and rocky area and is also the third world in Super Mario Land. The kingdom has huge stone heads based on moai placed throughout the background. The setting looks loosely off the waterfalls of South Americaand the Caribbean. The enemies in this area are Tokotokos. Hiyoihoi is the final boss of this area and resembles a Tokotoko with legs. "Easton" is known as "Isuton Kingdom" derived from the Eastern Island[disambiguation needed].

Chai Kingdom[edit]

The Chai Kingdom is the fourth and final kingdom in Sarasaland. It has a far eastern style environment and appears to be based on mythical Ancient China. This is the final world in Super Mario Land and where Princess Daisy is being held by Tatanga. The setting is supposed to set in Eastern China's bamboo forests because of its high elevations and mountainous backgrounds. The enemies in this area are Pionpis. Biokinton is one of the final bosses of the Chai Kingdom. Tatanga is the final and true boss of Super Mario Land.



Sarasaland consistently features various objects. Dispersed across the land are brown brick blocks and golden "question-mark blocks", which may contain coins. One mode of transportation in the Sarasaland Kingdoms has been through Sky Pops and Marine Pops, or warp pipes. The range of these warp pipes can vary in length: some pipes merely travel a short distance such as over and underground, while some don't travel anywhere.

Sarasaland also features some power-ups and vehicles. Though, because we haven't seen Sarasaland in many years, it's possible that Sarasaland may have more items than what we seen in 1989. The Mushroom Kingdom once only had Super Stars, Super Mushrooms, and The Fire flower.

Items and Power-Ups[edit]

Sky Pop[edit]

The Sky Pop is a yellow airplane that appeared in Super Mario Land and reappeared in Mario & Wario. The Sky Pop is used in the World 4–3 in the Chai Kingdom, firing missiles and unlimited ammunition. It's primarily used to defeat Tatanga and other enemies in the level.

Marine Pop[edit]

The Marine Pop is a submarine used only in World 2–3 in Super Mario Land. Mario can travel throughout the water, shooting torpedoes to defeat enemies. It is also used to defeat the boss of the level, Dragonzamasu.

1-Up Hearts[edit]

the 1-Up Heart is a power up in a power up in Super Mario Land, performing the same function as the 1-Up Mushrooms, which grants the player one extra life.[10]

Super Mushrooms[edit]

The Super Mushroom is used to transform Small Mario into his Super Form. This allows him to take extra hits from enemies and break through bricks.[10]

Super Stars[edit]

The Super Star is a power up in Super Mario Land that temporarily allows Mario to transform into Invincible Mario. This also allows Mario to defeat enemies by touch also allowing him to become immune to all attacks.[10]

Superball Flower[edit]

The Superball Flower, also referred to as the super flower was first introduced in Super Mario Land and reintroduced in Super Mario Maker 2. The flower turns Mario into his Superball form. This gives him the ability to shoot superballs to defeat enemies.

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