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Type of site
Web search engine
Available inMultilingual
HeadquartersLondon, U.K.
RevenueNon Profit
RegistrationMay 14, 2003
LaunchedNovember 28, 2018; 3 years ago (2018-11-28)[1]
Current statusActive
Written inJava, CSS, HTML5, Linux, Apache 2+ (mod_rewrite), PHP 7+, MySQLnd, MySQL 5+

SearchPal is multilingual Internet Meta Search Engine. It focuses on Safety[2][3], privacy[4] [5]and non-bias[6]. SearchPal differentiates itself from other Web Search Engines by its emphasizes on returning the finest results, rather than the utmost results, generating those results from over multiple separate sources, including crowdsourced sites such as Wikipedia, and other search engines like Bing. It blocks inappropriate websites, offensive content and harmful traffic that can slip through in other search engines even when "clean" search terms are entered. Offering the user, family, organization or company a good experience of Safe Surfing.The domain name was registered in May 14, 2003[7] and launched in Nov 28, 2018.The company is based in Greater London, United Kingdom and has 12 volunteers. The company name i.e. SearchPal is a reference to a search companion or search friend.


Web Search

The Web Search allows users search the entire web, using various filters such as Period, File Format and File type.

Images Search

The Images Search lets users search and preview images from the entire web. Image results can be filtered by Period, Aspect, Colour, Size, License, Type and Safe Search mode.

SearchPal Image Filters

Videos Search

The Videos Search allow users to search for videos on the entire web it displays the video length and view count.with filters like Duration, Quality or Period will that helps the user find the video he or she is looking for.

News Search

It allows the user to keep in touch with the latest unbiased news with the option to sort the search results of a given search term by relevance or date. With an option to change the geographic location of the News.

Restricted Mode - SearchPal allows the user to set a search mode from off to restriced mode.
Responsive Backgrounds


Your users will be greeted with one or more backgrounds every time they visit your website. Personalize your website and make them feel at home.

Dark Mode

Instantly change the website appearance from light to dark mode – great for low-light conditions like working on an airplane or at night.


SearchPal design supports desktops, tablets, phones and ready for all platforms.

Safe Mode

SearchPal allows the user to set a search mode from off to restriced mode.



SearchPal is designed for high DPI screens, full SVG iconography.

Autocomplete while typing


SearchPal suggests search terms while typing in multiple languages.

Voice Search

SearchPal hasn’t yet introduced voice search for users of the Google Chrome voice search extension.

Instant Answers

In addition to SearchPal’s Web, Images, Videos, News search results, SearchPal displays related searches results and Instant Answers, on top of the search page. The Instant Answers will be open source and will be maintained on GitHub in the near future.


Multilanguage with RTL Support Translation system.

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