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Shark Remixes Volumes 1, 2, 3 & 4

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Shark Remixes Volumes 1, 2, 3 & 4
📅 Released26 January 2010
⏳ Length90:37
🏷️ LabelAsthmatic Kitty
My Brightest Diamond chronology
A Thousand Shark's Teeth
Shark Remixes Volumes 1, 2, 3 & 4
All Things Will Unwind

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Shark Remixes Volumes 1, 2, 3 & 4 is the second remix album from the American rock group My Brightest Diamond.


The double disc twenty-two track album was released on fifteen hundred issue limited edition compact disc that is signed and numbered by Shara Worden, and digital download, with Asthmatic Kitty, on 26 January 2010.[1] It is a remix album that features songs from My Brightest Diamond's second album, A Thousand Shark's Teeth, and a compilation of the four Shark Remixes EPs, released between 2008 and 2010. The first eight tracks on the first disc are remixed by Alfred Brown, from New York, and tracks nine through twelve by Son Lux, from Cleveland, Ohio. The first five tracks on disc two are remixed by Roberto C. Lange, from Florida, and tracks six through ten by DM Stith, a longtime collaborator with My Brightest Diamond.[1]

The woodcut sharks on the album packaging is designed by DM Stith.[2] The album draws comparison to the music of the electronic music duo Matmos, Welsh singer Shirley Bassey, the English composer John Barry, and Icelandic singer Björk's albums Homogenic, Vespertina, and Medulla.[2]


Professional ratings
Review scores
Consequence of Sound(8/10)

A review by Exclaim! writes that "each drastically manipulate tracks[,] and many of the tracks, like Son Lux's take on "Inside a Boy," can proudly stand on their own. Shark does the impossible and actually bests its source material."[3] Consequence of Sound says the remix of "If I Were Queen" the "album's longest and best track[,] close-mic'd acoustic guitars lap and ripple, bells shimmer, and computer-generated choirs rise up and down."[2]

Track listing[edit]

Disc one
2."A Thousand Stars Against a Dark Sky"3:14
3."In Vacuum"2:41
5."Of Fear and Wonder (I Found a Universe)"4:47
6."I'm Never Letting Go (Stars at Elbow and Foot)"1:58
7."The Loneliest Man in History (Looking Down from the Top of the World)"4:10
8."You Are Now Untouchable (Esto Perpetue)"1:50
10."The Diamond"5:29
11."Inside a Boy"5:46
12."To Pluto's Moon"5:11
Disc two
3."The Zircon Prince Edit"3:41
4."Estar Pluto"2:55
5."Brightest Outro"1:14
6."If I Were Queen"8:29
8."Ice & the Storn"5:40
9."From the Top of the World"8:08
Total length:90:37


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