Sister Sercy (comics)

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Sister Sercy
Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
First appearanceGreen Lantern (Vol 4) #42 (August, 2009)
Blackest Night #0 (June, 2009, cameo)
Created byGeoff Johns
Philip Tan
Ivan Reis
In-story information
Alter egoSercy
Team affiliationsBlue Lantern Corps
PartnershipsSaint Walker
Notable aliasesSister Sercy.[1]
AbilitiesBlue Power Ring
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Sister Sercy is a fictional character created by Geoff Johns and Philip Tan and was a member of the Blue Lantern Corps. Sister Sercy is the Blue Lantern of space sector 4[2] , is chosen to be in the Blue Lantern Corps by Brother Hymm. She was fictional heroin that appeared in DC Comics and had a unidentified homeworld and was partners with saint walker and other members in the Blue Lantern Corps. Sister sercy was more like a church, than police force herself[3].

Origin History[edit]

Sercy was recruited by Brother Hymm and taken to Odym to be instructed by Ganthet and Sayd.Sercy’s homeworld had long been oppressed by Evil Star, an old foe of green lantern, and she was eager to use the blue light to stop him. During her induction, however, Larfleeze, the wielder of the orange light of avarice, sent his Orange Lantern Corps upon Odym to seize a Blue Lantern ring himself[4].


During the beyond hope, Sercy welcomes back Saint Walker, who has been away from Odym for some time. Sercy tells saint walker that all new recruits to the Blue Lantern Corps have been asking walker to see him. Suddenly the Blue Lantern rings detect warships coming. The warships are from the reach, who want to conquer the planet Odym and the rest of the universe. Sercy and her fellow blue lanterns try to defend Odym , but the reach are overpowering them.The blue lantern rings are only on defensive mode, and require a Green Lantern close proximity to be able to unlock their attack modes. Thus the blue lanterns retreat, and they start to create a shield around the central power battery. Saint walker then tells the blue lantern to break the shield and continue to fight the reach by freeing the scarabs of there hosts, but they fail to- there is too many scarabs attacking. The blue lanterns, nevertheless, still have hope, and at last Kyle Rayner the green lantern they needed to unlock their attack modes arrives. They attack the reach, but it’s too late; half of the planet Odym was already cocooned by the reach. Reluctantly, Saint Walker drags the blue lanterns away from Odym. Walker tells the blue lanterns to go somewhere that the reach can’t find them, and so they leave.

Powers and abilities[edit]

She possesses a blue power ring which gives her the ability to create force fields,energy blasts,flight,energy manipulation, energy constructs,and etc[5].The blue power ring also makes her immune to avarice and rage, she also has the ability to give hope to others and purge. Sercy has the ability to purge the red taint of rage within those who were gripped by red lantern power ring. She can turn individuals back to normal only if they possess another type of power ring at the same time otherwise individual would be killed in process. Her power ring also gives her the special ability restore or heal damage.[6] Her ring was also made to weaken the sinestro corpsman’s ring [3].


Sister sercy is appeared to be a female with a hoodie on her head and is known as a good character in the blue lantern corps. She was a religious character in the DC Comics and her homeworld was oppressed by Evil star. She was a blue lantern in sector 4 and she also appeared in Blackest night: Death Becomes us #0, as her cameo appearance[2], and her death was in Green Lantern: New Guardians #23 Keep hope alive. Sister sercy’s homeworld is unknown but she identified as a alien that joins the Blue Lantern Corps while her homeworld was being oppressed by Evil star, She never was notice or appeared in any tv shows only was known to appear in comics only.


Sister sercy needs to have a green lantern power ring, because without a power ring the user can only fly around and they cannot tap into access the power of the blue power ring. Her weakness is also when hope is not enough , When saint walker attempted to use hope on krona, saying “Those who do not have hope are blinded by it” the attack was unsuccessful because krona did have hope. Likewise, when Saint walker defended himself against Invictitus, his ring was ineffective against the higher being. Her other weakness is recharge protocol, formerly the rings needed to be charged after a period of 24 hours, regardless of how often it was used, like other blue lanterns her weakness can also be interference, as the continuing power of the rings connection of "universal hope", it has tendency to cause a form of interference to green power rings ‘ long-range communication[7]

In other media[edit]

  • Sister sercy has her own action figure. Her custom was #104895 , her toy series was Green Lantern.Her base figure was big Barda and her height of her action figure was 7.00 inches[8]


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