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Chidalu Fortune Tony (Socket)

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Early Life and Background:

File:Socket wearing a black suit 0162.JPG
Background information
Birth nameChidalu Fortune Tony
Born14 February 2003
Owerri, imo Nigeria
GenresHip-hop, R&B
OccupationsBusiness Owner
Years active2018-active
LabelsSocket Entertainment

Chidalu's Fortune Tony, professionally known as Socket, stands as a prominent Nigerian artist originating from the city of Owerri in Imo State. Born on the 14th of February 2003, his journey in the realm of music commenced in 2018, marking the inception of a career characterized by a fusion of hip-hop rap influences and a distinctive lyrical approach. Socket's artistic trajectory includes the release of two albums, with particular acclaim directed towards his notable work titled "RARE[1][2]."

Musical Genesis (2018):

Socket officially embarked on his musical journey in 2018, a period characterized by the emergence of a new wave of Nigerian artists pushing the boundaries of conventional genres. The rap landscape, in particular, witnessed a renaissance with artists like Socket infusing fresh perspectives and narratives into their work.

The Rise of Socket[3]:

Socket's rise within the music industry was swift, propelled by his distinctive style and compelling lyricism. The term "gangstar artist[4]" encapsulates not only his musical genre but also the raw and unfiltered nature of his storytelling. His lyrics often delve into societal issues, personal experiences, and reflections on life in contemporary Nigeria[5].


Socket's discography serves as a testament to his creative evolution. Two albums stand out, with "RARE" being a pinnacle release that garnered significant acclaim. This top-tier album showcased Socket's ability to seamlessly blend various musical influences while maintaining a cohesive and engaging narrative throughout. Each track on "RARE[6]" contributes to a larger tapestry, reflecting the artist's commitment to crafting a nuanced and comprehensive musical experience.

The "RARE" Album:

Released on the 29th September 2023, "RARE" marked a turning point in Socket's career. The album's title itself implies a departure from the commonplace, and indeed, the musical content reflected this sentiment. The thematic depth of "RARE[7]" resonated with audiences, addressing contemporary issues in Nigerian society, personal growth, and the artist's perspective on the world around him.


Musical Style and Versatility:

Socket's artistry is marked by its versatility. The artist seamlessly fuses various genres, creating a sound that is uniquely his own. Whether it be the rhythmic cadence of gangstar rap or experimental blends with other musical styles, Socket's sonic palette showcases a willingness to explore and innovate.

Impact on the Nigerian Music Scene:

Socket's impact on the Nigerian music scene extends beyond his individual releases. His dynamic performances and engaging stage presence have made him a sought-after performer at various events[8] and festivals. The artist's influence is not confined to a specific geographic location, as his music resonates with audiences nationally and internationally.

Contemporary African Music Landscape:

Socket's emergence as a compelling voice in Nigerian rap contributes to the broader narrative of contemporary African music. The global recognition garnered by artists from the region reflects a growing appreciation for the diversity and vibrancy of African musical expressions. Socket's ability to navigate and contribute to this evolving landscape positions him as an influential figure in the ongoing dialogue between tradition and innovation within the music industry.

Chidalu's Fortune Tony's Impact on the Music Industry

Chidalu's Fortune Tony's influence extends beyond his own musical endeavors. As the founder of Socket Entertainment[9], he has played a pivotal role in supporting and nurturing numerous music artists within the industry. Socket's commitment to the growth and development of emerging talents is reflected in the opportunities provided through his label.

socket musical artist
socket musical artist

One of the key ways in which Socket has contributed to the music landscape is by actively assisting other artists. Through Socket Entertainment[10], he has created a platform for aspiring musicians to showcase their talent and receive guidance in navigating the complexities of the music industry. This mentorship role underscores Socket's dedication to fostering a collaborative and supportive environment within the Nigerian music community.

Furthermore, Socket Entertainment's commitment to distributing quality sounds is a testament to the label's emphasis on artistic excellence. By curating and promoting music with a focus on quality production and meaningful content, Socket has not only elevated the standard within his label but has also contributed to raising the overall caliber of music in the industry.

The distribution of quality sounds by Socket Entertainment serves as a gateway for artists to reach broader audiences, both locally and internationally. Socket's discerning approach to the selection and promotion of music underscores his desire to contribute to the cultural richness of Nigerian music while also positioning artists for success on a global scale.

In summary, Chidalu's Fortune Tony's impact on the music industry extends to his role as a supporter and mentor for emerging talents. Through Socket Entertainment, he has created a platform that not only helps artists navigate the industry but also ensures the distribution of high-quality music. Socket's multifaceted contributions solidify his standing as an influential figure not only in his own career but in the broader narrative of Nigerian music.

Chidalu's Fortune Tony and Socket Entertainment

Socket Entertainment logo
Socket Entertainment logo[11]

In addition to his accomplishments as an artist, Chidalu's Fortune Tony has extended his influence within the music industry through the establishment of his own record label, Socket Entertainment. Founded with a vision to nurture emerging talents and contribute to the broader music landscape, Socket Entertainment has quickly become a notable player in the Nigerian music scene.

A significant milestone in Socket Entertainment's trajectory is its strategic partnership with Believe Music. [12]This collaboration reflects Socket's astute business acumen and commitment to elevating the label's reach and impact. Believe Music[13], a global leader in digital music distribution and artist services, brings a wealth of experience and resources to this partnership, amplifying the potential for Socket Entertainment artists to reach a wider audience.

The synergy between Socket Entertainment and Believe Music is evident in their shared goals of fostering artistic growth and expanding the footprint of Nigerian music on the global stage. This partnership not only provides a platform for Socket's own artistic endeavors but also opens doors for emerging talents under the Socket Entertainment umbrella.

As the collaboration between Socket Entertainment and Believe Music continues to evolve, it positions the label as a key player in shaping the future of Nigerian music. The combined expertise of Socket's artistic vision and Believe Music's industry know-how creates a formidable force, signaling a new era for Socket Entertainment and the artists it represents.

Socket's foray into label ownership and strategic partnerships underscores his dedication to creating a lasting impact in the music business. By building bridges with industry leaders like Believe Music, Socket Entertainment stands at the forefront of innovation, contributing to the ever-expanding narrative of Nigerian music on a global scale.


In conclusion, Chidalu's Fortune Tony, known by his stage name Socket, represents a distinctive voice in the Nigerian music scene. From his roots in Owerri to the release of albums like "RARE," Socket's journey is one of artistic evolution and social reflection. His impact extends beyond the realm of music, encompassing societal engagement and a commitment to broader community narratives. As Nigeria continues to produce influential artists on the global stage, Socket stands as a testament to the richness and diversity of the nation's musical contributions, solidifying his place in the ongoing legacy of African music.