Thorsten J. Pattberg

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Thorsten J. Pattberg
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BornJune 20, 1977
Hamm, Germany
🏡 ResidenceJapan
🏳️ NationalityGerman
🏫 EducationPhD, Peking University
💼 Occupation

Thorsten J. Pattberg is a German philosopher, publicist and political commentator on Chinese-Western affairs. His essays have been published in numerous newspapers, on blogs and websites.[1]

He is the author of several books, including The East-West Dichotomy (2009), Shengren - Above Philosophy and Beyond Religion (2011), Inside Peking University (2012), Diary of a Mad Imperialist (2014), and a German novel Die Lehre vom Unterschied (2019).[2]

Early Life[edit]

Thorsten J. Pattberg was born in Hamm, Germany.[3]

He earned degrees at the University of Edinburgh and Peking University. He has been a research fellow at Harvard University and The University of Tokyo.[4]

During his formation as an Asia specialist, Pattberg studied under Tu Weiming and Gu Zhengkun, whom he considers his spiritual masters.[5]


Pattberg is known for his writings on shengren, the Chinese sage.[6] In his dissertation of the same name, he argues that the term is its own category and part of original Chinese terminologies that cannot be adequately translated into European languages.

In other writings, Pattberg discusses his notions of The Competition for Terminologies, The End of Translation, and The Future of Global Language.[7]


Pattberg is the author of several books.[8] His best known is The East-West Dichotomy (2009), which has been republished by China‘s Foreign Language Press in 2013. In this book, he argues that East and West are two cosmic forces.[9]

In another book, The Euro-Tao (2016), Pattberg describes how Daoism doctrine found its way into modern European society.[10]

The Diary of a Mad Imperialist (2014) is a gloomy sketch about the German expat community in Shanghai.[11]

In Press Soldiers, the author describes how Western journalists aggressively subvert and destabilize China.[12]

In Die Lehre vom Unterschied (2019), the reader follows a group of disillusioned clerks who sabotage the narrative that imprisons them.[13]


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